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God's children of the Present, came to the Faith thru

the efforts of the Chief-Apostle, the Apostles and all the .
servants in the House of the Lord. They were permitted
to come to the knowledge, that in their faith and trust
to those Messengers sent by the Lord, they were not
deluded or misled, for they took unto themselves the
Divine Blessings and complete Redemption. And there-
by became living witnesses of the Resurrected One.

There are many who do not recognize the Gifts of

Grace which are offered them in the New Apostolic
Church, who seek to prove by the Holy Scriptures, that
the New Apostolic Doctrine is something which is un-
godly. Therefore the necessity has presented itself, to
take from the unlimited proofs in the Bible, the most
important places, in order, by a double testimony, on
one side the notes of the Holy Scriptures and the per-
sonally made experiences on the other, to bring thereby
proof of the authenticity of the New Aposotolic Doc-

This booklet contains, firstly, a proof of the Means of

Grace instituted and presented by the Lord Jesus to
His Church, by which it becomes comprehensible that
the Doctrine of the New Apostolic Church is in full
harmony with that of the Early Church. Added to
same, we find a short chapter that deals with the
Apostolic Office in the Last Period and a Parting Word.
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It should especially be noted that in this year (1930) THE OFfiCES OF THE CHURCH
a hundred years have passed since the second outpour-
ing of the Holy Spirit. (See page 30.) After the Lord Jesus left this earth, His Work of
Redemption had to be carried on by other persons. He
By this act God has fulfilled His promise that He had, before His Ascension, been concerned and had
shall send the Latter Rain. ( Hosea 6, 3; Joel 2, 23; opportunely provided for the regulated establishment
Zechariah 10, 1; James 5, 7.) of His Church, in that He selected and commissioned
His Apostles, and acquainted them with the plans for
said establishment, so that they all, the Apostle Peter,
foremost of all, in conjunction with the offices called
into existence by them, could offer mankind the neces-
sary Help and Redemption. Subsequently we desire to
speak first of the "Gifts of Offices."
These "Offices" we find again in the New Apostolic
Church, endowed with the same Power and Commission
as in the Early Church.


The New Apostolic Church possesses as visible Head
and Leader the Chief Apostle, with whom the Apostles
and all office-bearers of the Church are bound together
into a centralized Official Body.
In the early Church the Apostle Peter assumed a
prominent, and by the Lord accurately characterized
position, which the following verses of Scripture undis-
putedly prove: Matthew 1-6,18-19; Luke 2.'2,32; John
21,15-17. Conformable to these decisions of the Lord
Jesus, the Apostle Peter was more prominently placed
than the other Apostles and equipped with a special
commISSIOn. This special selection of the Apostle Peter, In the original text as well as in the Lutheran transla-
executed by the Lord Jesus, came unmistakably to the tion, Epaphroditus is designated as an Apostle. This
fore in its effect, after the death of the Son of God. information is given and may be read in all old editions
Acts 1,15; 2,14; 15,7. of the Bible.
A detailed discussion, that the Chief-Apostleship is In the newer, later editions of the Bible, for some unu-
desired of God and necessary, we possess in the pam- sual reason the word messenger is substituted for the
phlet, "Is The Chief-Apostleship A Divine Arrange- word "Apostle." Furthermore, according to the per-
ment?" formance of Ananias, whom the Lord sent to Saul,
THE APOSTOLIC OFFICE (later the Apostle Paul), we must absolutely conclude
The Calling of the first Apostles by the Lord Jesus is that he also was a bearer of the Apostolic Office.
perceptible in the following verses of Scripture: M at- In Acts 9,17 it states: "Brother Saul, the Lord, even
thew 10,1.5; 28, 19.,20; Mark 8, 14.15; 16,14.15; Luke Jesus that appeared unto thee in the way as thou
6,13; John ,'20,21.2,2. camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy
sight and the Holy Spirit." Herein Jesus held to the
In Matthew 10, 2-4 are given the names of the first
Way and Regulations laid down by Himself and dis-
Apostles. Thru the development of the Christian
Church, there followed, in the course of time, the nat- pensed the Holy Spirit to Saul thru Ananias. As to the
ural necessity for the further calling of other Apostles. personal characteristics of the Apostles, the Holy Spirit
Frequently it is taken for granted that the number of does not leave us in the dark. The chosen Apostles were
the Apostles in the Early Church was just twelve. The men from out the masses and missed every special
Holy Scriptures state that in reality besides those first training which was necessary according to human stand-
chosen by the Lord there were others at hand or exis- ards or conception. They did not preach with human
wisdom and wit, but served the souls with the Holy
tent. The following Apostles are also mentioned:
Spirit which they had received (Mark 13,11; 1 Cor. 1,
Matthew: Acts 1,26; Barnaba,s: Acts 13,2.3; 14,14; Gal.
26-29). Paul was the only Apostle, who stood out from
2,9; Paul: Acts 9,15.17; 13,2.3; 14,14; Romans 1,1;
among the rest as one who had an especial education.
1 Cor. 1,1; ,2 Cor. 1,1; Gal. 1,1.15; Eph. 1,1; Col. 1,1;
1 Tim. 1,1; 2 T1:m. 1,1; Titus 1,1.
But he, himself, wrote that this knowledge is not neces-
sary for a bearer of the Apostolic, and goes so far
Andron'icus, Jun'ia, Romans 16,'7; Ja,mes: Gal. 1,19; as to say that it even may be harmful (Phil. 3 ;8.9). The
Epaphroditus: Phil. 2,25. following scriptural passages will give more information
6 7
regarding the first Apostles. Math. 4,18.~1; 9,9; Mark Moreover, from out of the various commissions en-
1,16-~O; ~,14. Luke 5,9-11. trusted to this Apostolic Office by Jesus, its importance
The Apostolic Office was given to mankind by the becomes self-evident and comprehensible. Of this the
Lord Jesus for the carrying thru or execution of a com- following bear testimony: Math. 10,1. 5-8.16; 13,11-12;
plete Redemption. If the Apostolic Office had been 16,18-19; 18,18; 28,18-20; Mark 16,15-18; John 14,26;
superfluous Jesus never would have called it into 20,21-23; Acts 1,8.
existence. The worth or value that the Lord attributed The verses in John 20, 21-23, prove that the forgive-
to the Apostolic Office the following passages attest:
ness of sins without the possession of the Holy Spirit is
Math. 10,40; John 13,~O; 17,18.~3; ~0,21.
absolutely impossible. Otherwise the Lord Jesus, when
The necessity of this Office for the establishment of He gave His Apostles the powers of binding and loosen-
the Church, we find in Eph. ~, 19.~0 and Romans 1, 4.5. ing, would not have first bestowed upon them the Holy
The various names conferred upon this Office also be- Spirit. THE APOSTLES, AND THEY ONLY HAVE
speak the worth of this divine Gift. RECEIVED FROM THE SON OF GOD THE
The Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5,18). POWER AND COMMISSION TO FORGIVE SINS.
The Ministry of Grace (Eph. 3,~).
The Ministry of the Spirit (2 Cor. 3,8). The commission to upbuild His Church, the Apostles
The Ministry of the New Testament (2 Cor. 3,6). had received from their Sender, Jesus Christ. Their
The Ministry of the Keys (Math. 16,19) Luke 11,52). main commission existed therein, to offer mankind the
The bearers of the Apostolic Office were also desig- divine blessings and be helpful towards mankind's
nated as: redemption. Concerning this, the following chapter,
Ambassadors for Christ (Romans 15,18; 2 Cor. 2,10; "The Three Sacraments" gives clearer information.
5,20; 11,2). Moreover, they (the Apostles) especially had the re-
Reapers, Fishers of Men (Math. 4,19; Luke 5,19; sponsibility of supplying the separate congregations
John 4,38). with the necessary pastoral needs, these will be more
Light of the World (Math. 5, 13.14). fully described further on.
Salt of the Earth (Math. 5, 13.14).
Steward of the Mysteries of God (1. Cor. 4, 1). Striking is the fact in the High Priestly prayer of the
Master Builders of God's Spiritual Temple (1. Cor. Lord Jesus, that He did not pray for the world, but
3,10). only for His Apostles and for those also who shall believe
8 9
on Him thru the Apostles' word. (John 17,9.20.) tions took it upon themselves to sustain him with the
natural necessities (Phil. 4,14-19). Many believers of
Often one hears that the Apostolic deify their Apos-
our time, are of the opinion that the Apostolic Office was
tles and even place them above Jesus. Such an assertion
only given for early Christianity and that for our time
contradicts the facts. The Apostles of the Lord Jesus
it is unnecessary, hence there could be no true Apostles
are the instruments of blessing, whom the Lord uses for
of Christ in the New Apostolic Congregations. Upon
the deliverance of mankind.
the preceding statements there comes to light, that the
An Apostle is a person just as any other, but the Gifts, establishment of the Apostolic Office should be a perma-
which the Lord laid into this person, can be to other nent one. Just the fact, that besides the Twelve, other
persons eternal gain. Therefore, we honor and respect Apostles are mentioned by name in the Scripture, fur-
this great divine "Gift." The Apostle Paul wrote as nishes the evidence to that effect. Early Christendom is
follows in Gal. .~,H, that he was received as Christ Jesus unthinkable without the Apostolic Office. What once
was received. was indispensable, is also indispensable today. God
holds fast to His Regulations. Furthermore, everyone,
Furthermore, he designates himself as Father, who who closely observes the work of the Apostles, and its
had begotten those souls who came to the Belief thru effect, will notice that in the New Apostolic Congrega-
his word (1. Cor. 4,15). The present Apostles do nothing tion the flow of the Holy Spirit is active, that the signs
without their Sender, Jesus Christ. They act entirely of an Apostle were wrought and the souls collectively
by His commission and in the might handed down to are epistles of Christ, read of all men (1. Cor. 9,2; 2. Cor.
them by their Lord. The servant is never greater than 3,2-3; 12,12; Ro~ans 15,18).
his Lord, nor the Apostle greater than the Son of God,
Who sent him (John 13,16). He who esteems the divine The children of the Lord have been permitted to
Gifts, which the heavenly Father has given, esteems realize the words of the Lord: "My doctrine is not mine,
and honors thereby the Donor. Therefore, we know but His that sent me. If any man will do His Will, he
positively, that we have taken unto ourselves the Love shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or
of God, because we have accepted and received His whether I speak of myself." (John 7,16.17).
In addition it may be mentioned that the Apostle
Paul on account of his great journeys, was not able to After the Apostles of the Lord had begun the building
earn a livelihood for himself. Therefore, the congrega- of the Church, it soon became evident that they alone
10 11
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could not perfonn all the Pastoral duties themselves. Prophet (Acts 15,32; 21,10; 1. Cor. 12,28; Eph. 4,11).
As it is stated in 1. Cor. 12,28 and Eph. 4,7-14, it was Bishop (Acts 20,28; Philippians 1,1; 1. Tim. S,1-7;
the Lord, Himself, thru the Apostles, who gave the Titus 1,7).
Church the other Offices. We further find in the various Epistles of the Apostles
The Apostles transacted the commission of their Lord allusions to office bearers, but without any distinction
correspondingly. The Apostles are thereby commis- as to grade: Romans 16,1.S.9.10.21; 1.Cor. 16,10; Eph.
sioned to call and instate office-bearers. (Acts 6,6; 6,21; Col. 4,

Jesus pointed to this activity of the Apostles in

Matthew 9,37.38. The choosing of the following desig-
nated assisting-offices is therefore not a human estab-
lishment but one desired by God (1. Cor. 12,28; Eph. 4,
10.11). The sphere of activity of the various offices is
briefly given in Eph. 4,11-14.

The first office, given by the Apostles was the office of

deacon. On account of the growth of the Church, the
necessity of choosing more office-bearers came of itself.
The Holy Scripture gives us information concerning the
following Offices, of the early Christian Church.

Deaconess (Romans 16,1. 1. Timothy 5,9).

Sub-deacon (1. Timothy 3, 8-10).
Deacon (Acts 6,5.6; 1. Timothy 3,8-13; Philippians
Pastor Teachers (1. Cor. 12,28; Eph. 4,11).
Evangelist (Acts 21,8; Eph. 4,11) .
. Elder (Acts 14,23; 15,2; 15,.f23; 20,17; 21,18; 1. Tim-
othy 4,14; 5,17.19; Titus 1,5; 1. Peter 5,5; James 5,14).
12 13

THE THREE MEANS OF GRACE mission to baptize all nations (Math. 28,19: Mark 16,15.
16). The Baptism is: the Covenant of a good conscience
SACRAMENTS with God (1. Peter 3,21). The Rebirth of Water (John
3,4.5). The Confirmation or Seal of the Demonstrated
The dear Lord does not desire that even one person Faith (Acts 8,37.38).
shall be lost. In order to attain this goal, He gave, be-
sides the Offices, the three Sacraments. The Scripture In Matthew .'28,19 it becomes evident that all man-
informs us of three Sacraments: The Holy Baptism of kind have the possibility of taking unto themselves the
Water, the Holy Communion and the Holy Sealing. Baptism of "Water. Therefrom, even in the face of every
Other Sacraments are not cited in the Bible; and neither other opinion, the children are not excluded. Nowhere
does the Holy Scripture give any evidence that there in the Scripture can there be found the passage wherein
were less than three instituted. it states that the Baptism of children is inadmissible or
The three above-mentioned Sacraments belong in- forbidden. Often the attempt is made to bring two
separably together; not one of these may be missing, if proofs against the Baptism of children. First: That
one desires to come to the fullest enjoyment of the Jesus had conferred upon His Apostles the commission
Divine Promises. Proof of this are the words of the to first teach and then baptize the children. With
Apostle John in 1. John 5,7.8. The witnesses of the adults there naturally must preceed a course of instruc-
Early Church held that the three Sacraments were tion and the Belief must be a preliminary condition to
absolutely necessary in order to enter the Kingdom of the Baptism. Second: It is often cited that children
God. have no comprehension or understanding in regards to
the Baptism. But a child surely enjoys the benefits of
Thru the institution of the Sacraments, the Lord natural foods, given it, although it does not possess a
paved the way upon which alone the goal of Glory may comprehension or understanding of same. In spite of
be reached. That which the Lord regulated and held this, this food serves the child in the preservation and
was good and beneficial for the early Christians, is also upbuilding of its body, the parents bear the responsi-
indispensable for our time. We would fear to withstand bility for the care of the child. Once, the Lord Jesus
the Will of God and not follow in His regulations. called the little children to Him and laid His hands
upon them. With the laying on of hands, the children
positively received the blessing from the Lord Jesus,
The Lord Jesus conferred upon His Apostles the com- although they had no comprehension or understanding
14 15
regarding same (Math. 19,13-15). Furthermore, in the Communion to children is as precisely justified as the
old Covenant, the male children were circumcized the dispensing of the Holy Baptism to them (see preced-
eighth day after their birth (1. Gen. 17,10.11; Leviticus ing paragraph, page 15).
12,3). The circumcision was a sign of the Covenant . THE HOLY SEALING
between God and the people of Israel, and had, full
validity, although the children at eight days after their The Holy Sealing is the dispensing and reception of
birth did not know that an act had been performed upon the Holy Spirit. To Seal means to solemnly confirm,
them. The true servants of the Lord will not close the definitely unite, fortify and lock. In the Holy Scrip-
Kingdom to little children and forbid them the blessings. tures it is named:
'The baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire (Math. 3,11;
Mark 1,8; John 1,33; Acts 1,5).
The Holy Communion was instituted by our Lord, The Holy Annointing (2. Cor. 1, 21.22; ,1. John
Who also commanded us to be partakers of same (Math. 2,20.27).
:26,26-."28; Mark 14,22-."24; Luke 22,19.20; 1. Cor. 11, The Spiritual Re-birth (John 3,5.6) .
.'23-25). The worth of the Holy Communion is given us
The Seal of the Kinship of God (2. Tim. 2,19; Rev.
in John 6, 53-58; it is the food wherewith the Spiritual
Life is nourished and preserved. By partaking unwor-
thily of this Sacrament the Body and Blood of Christ The Consumated Election to Grace. (John 15,19; 2.
become our damnation (1. Cor. 11,29). The early Chris- Peter 1,10).
tians knew how to appreciate or esteem the Holy Com- The Bestowal of Citizenship to the Heavenly Jeru-
munion and laid great stress upon the partaking of salem (Eph. 2,12.19).
same. (Acts 2,42.46; 20,7; 1. Cor. 10,16). The Security for Redemption and Future Glory. The
Covenant of Complete Mercy or Grace (2. Cor. 1,21.22;
In what manner the Holy Communion should be
5,5; Eph. 1,13.14).
celebrated we find in Luke 2.'2,17-20; and 1. Cor. 10,16.
The partaking of the Holy Communion is preceded by The various passages of Scripture given above tell us,
the forgiveness of sins (Math. 26,28). what value the Gift of the Holy Spirit has. Jesus spoke
On page nine in the chapter "The Apostolic Office," to Nicodemus: "Except a man be born again, he cannot
there has already been written regarding the "Commis- see the Kingdom of God" (John 3,5). Moreover, the
sion" of forgiving sins. The dispensing of the Holy Apostle Paul says: "Now if any man have not the Spirit
16 17
of Christ, he is none of His." (Rornans 8,9). Good himself on the way to Damascus, and here on this occa-
works, prayers and alms can in no way compensate for sion the Lord could have bestowed the Holy Spirit upon
the possession of the Holy Spirit (A.cts 10, him (Acts 9,17). Thence it is established or proven that
the Apostle Paul wrote of the office which gives the
The Lord Jesus was the first to receive the Holy Seal- Spirit (2. Cor. 3,8). Along this trend of thought the
ing from God the Father (Math. 3,16). Then after Apostle Paul also expresses himself to God's children,
Ascension, the Apostles received the Holy Ghost at as father. (1. Cor. 4,15: Gal. 4,19). If it were possible
Pentecost and consequently the Holy Ghost was dis- to receive the Holy Spirit just thru simple faith, it
pensed by the "Laying on of hands," by an Apostle would not have been necessary for the Apostles Peter
which is readily proven by the following scriptural pas- and John to go to Samaria in order to dispense the Holy
sages (Acts 8,17-19; 9,17; 19,6; 1. 'Tirn. 5,22; 2. Tirn. Spirit unto the faithful (Acts 8,14-17). So also when the
1,6). One single apparent exception God made at the Apostle Paul came to Ephesus he found the disciples
Sealing of the Roman captain Cornelius and his house who came to the Belief but had not as yet received the
(Acts 10, In this case God had to proceed Holy Spirit. Only then when he laid his hands upon
in this manner, because the Apostle Peter as a former them did they receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 19, 1-7).
Jew, held to the opinion that the Gentiles were not Naturally, the Holy Spirit cannot be dispensed with-
worthy of receiving the Holy Spirit. The Lord first out further ceremony; thereunto certain preliminary
made clear to him in visions at Joppa that that which t;onditions must be complied with. The Apostle Peter
the Lord hath cleansed, he (Peter) should not call com- said: "Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the
mon, and so also the Gentiles are found worthy to re- name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye
ceive the Holy Spirit and become members of the shall receive the Holy Ghost (Acts 2,38).
Church of Christ. Only then, when Peter was present,
could the Holy Ghost be dispensed to Cornelius and his
house, but indeed thru the Apostolic Office of Peter, by
the efficacy of the Word. God could have dispensed the
Holy Spirit to Cornelius, when the angel of the Lord
appeared to him, but the Lord held strictly to the way
of His Established Regulations, which the dispen.sing of
the Holy Spirit to Saul (afterwards Apostle Paul)
clearly shows. The Lord appeared to Saul as .he found
18 19
THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT referred to these spiritual Gifts many years ago. (Joel
2,28; Acts 2,16-18).
The Holy Spirit seeks continually to utilize His
bearers as good instruments. He manifests Himself thru THE PROPHECIES
various gifts which are admirably written down in 1. The Prophecies in early Christendom were not a rare
Cor. 12,1-14. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit differentiate occurrence, this is proven by many scriptural passages,
from the fruits of the Holy Spirit as love, joy, peace, which speak of them. (Romams 12,7; 1. Cor. 11,4;12,10;
long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, 13,2.8.9; 14,; 1. Thessalonians 5,20; 1.
temperance, diligence and charity. (Gal. 5,22; 2. Peter Tim. 4,14; 2. Peter 1,21; Revelation 19,10).
rrhe Gifts of the Holy Spirit are prophecy, visions,
dreams, divers tongues, songs of praise, wisdom, dis- The Gift of Visions was already existent in the Old
crimination of spirits, the power of healing and per- Covenant; examples of this we find in Gen. 15,1 ;46,2;
forming wonders. Concerning the three Gifts which Numbers 12,6; Psalm 89,19. But first, in the New
most frequently present themselves, a few short expla- Testament, after the dispensing of the Holy Spirit, did
nations are given with scriptural texts. this gift develop itself. (Acts 7,55; 10,10.11; 11,5; 16,9;
18,9 as well as the complete Book of Revelation.)
In early Christendom these Gifts became evident, al:l
resultant, thru the reception of the Holy Spirit (Acts Thru visions the dear Lord revealed, first, to His
10,46; 19,16). l:lervants and Apostles, various conditions in the congre-
gations which required correction or He revealed unto
If in early Christendom the Gifts, following the out- them things of the future.
pouring of the Holy Spirit, became manifest, it cannot
remain inevitable in our time, that with the Bearers of DREAMS
the Holy Spirit, these spiritual Gifts also make their The dream sphere embraces a wide domain. There are
appearance again. These spiritual Gifts are necessary divine, human and satanic dreams. That which the dear
for the revivification, admonition, discipline, edifica- Lord discloses in dreams, shall fulfill itself; for He does
tion, consolation, apprehension, revelation, for the not disclose anything for naught. With human dreams
praise of God, for the glorification of Christ, for the it is so, that which a person has experienced reflects itself
attestation of the Divine Future, and for the evidence in dreams, also the mental and bodily condition playa
of the spiritual activity. Even the prophet Joel had decided part (Ecclesiastes 5,3 ; Ecclesiasticus34,1-8) Satan
20 21
--- - - - ------------

seeks by dreams, begotten by himself, to lead mankind OUR GOAL

upon sinful ways. The dear Lord has warned us of false Many believers are of the opinion that when the Lord
prophets who work by or thru satanic dreams. Jesus again appears on earth, He will come for the Last
(Jeremiah 23,25-32). Herein we shall only treat with di- Day of Judgment, wherein all mankind shall be judged
vine dreams. In the Old Covenant, God already revealed according to their works. The shallow Christian is satis-
many things thru Dreams. (Gen. 20,3; 31,24; 37,5.9; fied with tnis assertion, but the Holy Scripture teaches
Numbers 12,6; 1. Kings 3,5). The prophet Joel re- that the Promises of the Lord sound altogether differ-
ferred to this (Joel 2,28). God seeks thru these dreams, ent. The Lord Jesus shall come again, first of all to take
by Him given, to direct mankind to the Redemption, unto Himself His Bride who was prepared thru His
also beneficially influence them or to awe them. In this Apostles (Rev. 7,3).
manner He desires to protect them from harm and keep
them upon His way (1. Kings 3,5; Math. 2,12). When This is the first Resurrection. When the Lord appears
we expect revelations from God thru dreams, the sup- for the first Resurrection, He will take unto Himself,
position is that we must allow ourselves to be found in first the "Overcomers" from out of the "Realms of the
an attitude that is acceptable to God. For example, Dead;" and after that He will come upon the earth in
when Saul disobeyed the Lord's commandment, the order to transform the still living Faithful, and with His
Lord manifested Himself neither in dreams nor other Bride, as the Scripture tells, celebrate the Wedding in
signs. (1. Samuel 28,6.) Heaven. (1. Cor. 15, 51.52; 1. Thess . .4-,13-17). The
Not all of God's children possess the Gift of Dreams, Lord has not left His Children in the dark, regarding
for the Holy Spirit gives unto whom He will. (1. Cor. the first Resurrection. A series of Scriptural passages
7,7; 12,8-10; 1. Peter 4,10). In 1. Cor. 12,8-10 we read prove the truth of the Belief on the first Resurrection;
that the distribution of the Gifts is very dissimilar. Math. 25,1-13; John 14,3; Acts 1,11; 1. Cor. 15,23.24;
Rev. 3,5; 12,5; 20,1-6. The Apostle Paul wrote to the
Corinthians in an unshakable conviction of Faith: "F'or
we know that if our earthly house -of this tabernacle
were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not
made with hands, eternal in the Heavens." (2. Cor. 5,1).
After [he first Resurrection there follows the "Thousand
Year Reign of Peace," in which Christ shall reign with
His first-born, as a royal and priestly generation (Rev.
22 23
20,1-6). The Bride of the Lord Jesus we recognize in THE APOSTOLIC OFFICE IN THE END-PERIOD
the designation of the 144,000, who stand on Mount
Zion with the Lamb (Rev. 7,4; 14,1-3). After the Thou-
As already stated in the Chapter "The Apostolic
sand Year Reign of Peace, there follows the second
Office," it is the Will of the Lord, thru this Office of
Resurrection, the Last Day of Judgment (Daniel 7,10;
Grace, by Him given, to complete His already begun
Math. 10,15; 11,22.24; 12,36.41.42; Romans 2,5.6.16;
Work of Redemption. In Luke 19,13 the Son of God
1. Cor. 6,2.3; 15,23.24; 2. Cor. 5,10; Rev. 20,4.11-15.
gives the advice "Occupy till I come." From out of this
The goal of God's children exists therein, to become there goes forth, that the work of the Apostles should
worthy, so that they may be allowed to take part in the continue until His return.
first Resurrection, but to this there is required a thor-
ough preparation and transformation of mankind to the In Mark 13, the Lord speaks of the End-Period of the
image of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. (Romans Christian Church and in the fifth verse gives the admo-
8,29.) No one can say when the first Resurrection will nition: "Take heed lest any man deceive you." A proof
take place; the Son of God has expressed Himself re- that also in the End-Period Apostles must be at hand,
garding same as follows: "But of that day and hour otherwise the Lord would not have given such an admo-
knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my nition and in the same chapter, tenth verse, it further
Father only." (Math. 24,36.) Further evidence we find states: "And the Gospel must first be published among
in Math. 24,42; 1. Thess. 5,1.2; 2. Peter 3,10 and Rev. all nations." The Apostles of the early Church were not
3,3; 16,15. At all events, thru the first Resurrection, able to carryon and complete this Work alone. It was
every hope of all those faithful enduring children of impossible in so short a time as their natural existence
God, shall fulfill itself, as the Scripture tells us: "Eye to acquaint all nations with the Gospel of Christ. This
hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into Work was reserved for the Apostles of the End-Period,
the heart of man the things which God hath prepar- but at this time as it is written in the ninth verse, the
ed.for them that love Him." (1. Cor. 2,9; Isaiah 64, Apostles shall be delivered and beaten and brought be-
4; Rev. 21,6.7; 22,3-S.) fore rulers and kings for the Lord's sake. If this proph-
ecy shall fulfill itself then there must be Apostles at
hand, and their Works become evident.

Also in the parable of the foolish and wise virgins, can

be found an allusion to the Apostles, who were to be
24 25
-~~-~--~-- ---.

called in the End-Period to bestow upon the souls which with the earnest intention to serve and to follow their
belong to the Bride of the Lamb, the necessary Gifts Lord and Master Jesus Christ. With the death of the
(Math. 25,1-13). In the ninth verse, the foolish virgins founders, the greater number of these movements had
are referred to the Apostles, who are in a position to dis- reached their highest point. By degrees there again be-
pense the oil (symbol of the Holy Spirit). Here also is came evident a deterioration and separation, resultant
to be seen that the work of the Apostles (dispensing of in a considerable number of denominations and sects
the Holy Spirit) should not only be confined to the early coming into existence. A division such as this is not
Church. In Rev. 3,18-19 the Work of the Apostles, at according to the Will of God, who always manifests
the end of the Christian Household Period, is character- Himself as a God of Unity, Who has sent word that He
ized and according to Rev. 18,20 the Apostles and shall gather His people and not scatter them. (Math.
Prophets are asked to rejoice. .'24,31.) Always thru these movements, in course of the
centuries, there was attained a certain freedom in belief
These are all proofs that the Lord did not complete and freedom of mind, and the dear Lord strode to the
His Work of Redemption at the Sending of His Apos- fulfillment of the prophecies of the Prophet Isaiah, to
tles of the Early Church, but He desires, thl'll this again restore the Judges and Counsellors as at the
Office of Grace, given by Him, to effect a thorough and beginning (Isa'£ah 1,26). By the end of the eighteenth
complete Redemption of Mankind, from eternal death century the Reformation which had taken a mighty
and destruction. Historically, we find that after the beginning came to a complete standstill. The spiritual
decease of the first Apostles, a deterioration of the life almost everywhere became luke-warm and indolent,
Spiritual Life began. The Light of the Divine Truth and in the course of time a general debility took place.
could not enfold itself any more, as the Dispensers of On the contrary, in England and Scotland there ap-
Blessings were taken by death, and thru this, mankind peared active life. To be sure these conditions, likewise,
fell into wrong ways or paths. did not remain but the unbelief did not become so
We do not expect that the Father of Love will allow manifest as it did elsewhere, and in the individual con-
the Work of His Son to be lost. He actively carries out gregations the Divine Truth was sought for. To this
His Will and Decree. History informs us just how far period was credited the establishment of various mis-
the Church has advanced during the period she was sionary and Bible societies, who took upon themselves
without Apostles. Some men recognized these condi- the task to spread the Gospel and to acquaint the
tions,gathered others who were likeminded and sepa- greatest number of persons possible with the Means of
rated themselves from the existent religious system Grace. These were existent in the early Church thru
26 27
the Activity of the Lord and His Apostles. Many The Gifts and Powers of the Holy Spirit which were
Christians recognized that thru these agencies the Apos- existent in the Early Church, thru the result of its
tles' Work of Deliverance was not performed, and there- activities, presented themselves here also, and the en-
fore the call and supplication for the Regulations of the treaties and supplications of these honest and upright-
early Church became audible. One occupied oneself in eous souls, had their results. Prophecies, strange
eagerness with the searching of the prophetic scriptures, tongues, and wonderful healings of the sick presented
and thereby came to the conviction that the religious themselves, thru which the Work of God was visibly
life, as it existed, did not correspond with the promises recognized. However, thru all this the Church of Christ
of the Lord. A few sober and religious minded men was not, by far re-established, but the Beginning to the
banded themselves together, and met for the first time glorious Spiritual Temple was made thru the Second
in the year 1826, in Albury, England, at the residence of Outpouring of the Holy Sp'irit in the spring of the year
one of their members (Henry Drummond) for the pur- 1830. Prophetic powers became manifest, thru which
pose of searching the Prophetic Books. In the course of the Lord hinted that He had planned great things and
time the membership increased. High personages, cler- desired to re-establish His Work of Redemption on
gymen, laymen of various beliefs, took part in same. earth in its primal state.
The Spiritual Manifestations produced material for
Thru these investigations and meetings, one came to the bitterest revilings and conflict and many sought to
the conclusion that it is the duty of all Christians to brand God's activity as a delusion of satan. Thus it
petition the Lord for the Holy Ghos~ and all the spir- also happened to the Christians of the Early Church.
itual Gifts connected therewith, so that the spiritual When the Spirit of the Lord was poured out upon them
temple, of which the Apostle Paul wrote in 1. Cor. 3,16, at Pentecost, and they commenced, in the power and
come to completion. This calling and petitioning was fullness of this Spirit, to speak and testify, it was said
answered, for already in the gatherings, there pre- of them: "These men are full of new wine."
sented themselves, revelations, which were recognized Nevertheless the scorn and ridicule could not check
by those present as manifestations of God. Independent the activity of the Spirit, on the contrary, those souls
of these men, there also gathered in Scotland, souls who ()nly occupied thE;m$elves superficially with the
seeking and longing for Salvation and the Truth, who SpidtualManifestations, w~re fOrc~d to. takeil. stand,.
likewise petitioned the dear Lord for the outpouring of for or against, the Cause of the Lord, so that only those
His Holy Spirit. who earnestly strove to work out their soul salvation
28 29
--------------- -------

remained steadfast. Thru the diversity of opinions of in prayers and supplications before the Lord, so that He
the outsiders regarding these separate meetings, the would give again, that which the early Christians pos-
men of the Albury circle came to hear of the Spiritual sessed, and wherewith they became heirs of the heavenly
Manifestations that took place in Scotland. For critical Kingdom: The Apostolic Office.
examination of the happenings, they sent several of
their members to Scotland, who sought to thoroughly
investigate, whether the manifestations were truly of
God. Upon the result of their observations they came
to the conclusion, that it was the Lord, Who there
manifested Himself thru persons with the Gifts of the
Holy Spirit. With this result they returned to Albury
and consulted with the members of the Albury circle.
In the course of time a joining together was effected.
A large number of the members of the Albury Circle
consisted of theologically educated men, several of
whom were active clergymen of various churches. They
now brought testimony of the Lord's activities, to their
congregations. But this came to the ears of the superior
church authorities and after the Powers of the Holy
Spirit had manifested themselves strongly in these con-
gregations, they were relieved of their office. Most of
the members of their congregations joined them and
henceforth they held meetings in other appointed places.
In these meetings the call became more distinct and
impressive: "Lord send Apostles."
In the beginning, one had not given this call the
necessary regard and attention, but when thru these
gifted persons, the reference to this Office of Spirit and
Grace became more forcible, there developed a unity
30 31
APOSTOLIC OFFICE the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. God, therefore, bestowed,
The Lord, the Beginner and Finisher of His Work, first of all, the prophetic Gifts upon a few persons and
has, in the End-Period of the Christian Household, need allowed through these chosen instruments, the Apostles
of the Offices, Gifts and Powers which were present in to be called into office. That the Lord first of all
the early church, so that the saints may be prepared for bestowed only the Spiritual Gifts, the way was paved
the Work of the Ministry (Eph. 4,12). By this time, the for the Apostles and a foundation for their Work of
Lord had completed the preparations in so far that He Redemption was at hand. Jesus had, while on earth,
could again establish the Church-Body in its original first chosen His Apostles and after the outpouring of
form. On November 7th, 1832, John Cardale, a prom- the Holy Spirit, they (the Apostles) selected the further
inent member of these circles, was called and ordained offices and dispensed the Holy Spirit, wherewith the
thru the Prophecy, as an Apostle. This calling repeated Spiritual Gifts were awakened. rfhe Prophetic Office
itself, also in other congregations, thru other persons. also came forth thru the Apostolic Office, but in the
In the beginning, Cardale, who was conscious of the Church of the End-Period, the Lord, in order to pave
great responsibility and weight of this office, held him- the way for the Apostles, was compelled to first awaken
self aloof from all official functions. A long time after- the Spiritual Gifts and give again the Prophetic Office,
wards, he chose a young man, by the name of Caird, thru which He, in vigorous spiritual attestations, called
whom the Holy Spirit designated, thru the prophecy to the men chosen by Him to the Apostolic Office. The
the Office of Evangelist, and endowed him with the chosen Apostles withdrew themselves with their co-
necessary authority. To this act, there followed later workers to Albury, in order to prepare themselves for
further appointments to office, so that in the course of the duties which their offices called for. They drew up
time, those offices were again given, in the like manner, and prepared a testimony which they sent to all reli-
as they were existent in the Early Church. gious and secular potentates in Christendom. Therein,
upon grounds of scriptural evidence, was laid clear and
Thru further "Callings," which ensued thru various distinct the plan of God's Decree and earnest reference
persons and at various places, the twelve-fold Aposto- was made regarding the re-establishment of the Church
late or Apostolic Office came to completion and the of Christ. Then, to each Apostle was allotted his field
Church henceforth was again in possession of the Apos- of activity, wherein he should become active in bringing
tolic Regulations, as they were existent in the Early to mankind, God's plan of Redemption. To Cardale
Church. The will of the Lord, to again give the Aposto- was allotted England; to Drummond, Scotland and
lic Office, could only be made known thru the medium of Switzerland; to King-Church, Holland and Denmark;
32 33
to Perceval, Italy; to Armstrong, Ireland, Greece and Holy Spirit. In the year 1860 a gathering took place in
the Orient; to Woodhouse, Southern Germany and which the six still living Apostles took part as well as a
Austria; to Tudor, Poland; to Dalton, France; to Car- few office-bearers. In this gathering the Lord called
lyle, North Germany; to MacKenzie, Sweden and Nor- Bohm to the Office of Apostle for Germany and Caird
way; to Stillwell, Spain and Portugal; to Dow, Russia. as Apostle for France. The Apostles recognized also,
according to their doctrine these callings, but after a
These meetings and deliberations in Albury lasted a
conference, they suddenly declared that they would not
year. After the expiration of this time, the Apostles
accept other Apostles than those already called and
entered upon the journey to their allotted fields of
designated those last called by the Lord, co-adjutors
activity, with the commission to make an exhaustive
(assistant Apostles). Upon his return from Albury, the
investigation of the conditions in their respective coun-
Prophet Geyer visited Bishop Schwarz, who at that
tries. In about three and one-half years, they all
J'eturned to Albury. time was active in Hamburg, and there acquainted him
They united, all congregations, under the name of with all these occurrences. Later, when the Prophet
Catholic-Apostolic Church. The designation "Catholic" Geyer accompanied Apostle Woodhouse on a journey,
in this combination signifies "Universal," "All-embrac- the Elder Rosochasky was called as an Apostle. Bishop
ing," and has nothing whatsoever in common with the Schwarz as well as the Prophet Geyer and the congrega-
Roman Catholic Church. In May, 1847, the Apostles tion of Hamburg recognized this call as a divine one,
performed the first Sealings or Annointings and at which corresponded thruout with the Apostolic Doc-
Christmas, 1847, the first manifestations of the Holy trine. The English Apostles retained the position or
Spirit took place in Germany (Frankfort a Main). The attitude which was contrary to their Doctrine, but the
Apostles had recognized and in their testimony defi- Lord did not stand still, but called for the furthering of
nitely concluded that the re-established Spiritual Office His Work, as many Apostles as were necessary. Now
should remain until the Son of God come again to take Priest Preuss was called to the Apostleship and in 1836,
unto Himself those souls who have been prepared. When Bishop Schwarz. Apostle Schwarz was designated for
several of the Apostles died and other men were called Holland and journeyed to Amsterdam that very year
to the Apostolic Office in order to fill said vacancies, so to take up his activities there.
that God's Work which had been started, should not
suffer interruption, suddenly those men who before The Lord acknowledged Himself to the work of these
were permeated with the Holy Spirit, resisted this same men and to these activities were bound success and
34 35
---- -----_~------

great blessings. The English Apostles refused to follow furt, in the presence of all European Apostles and a
the Holy Spirit and would not allow Him to lead them. gathering of 2000 Office Bearers and members of the
The last English Apostle (Woodhouse) died in 1901. congregations, ordained him as his successor to the
The dear Lord did not allow Himself to be retarded or Chief-Apostleship. The Apostles who are sub-ordinate
held back in His Work of Redemption, but thru further to the Chief-Apostle, see in him the God-given Leader,
"Callings" gave the necessary Apostles, who with their and in this unity, God's children are led and prepared
followers united themselves into the New Apostolic for the day of the Coming of Christ. The Church of
Church, in which the Holy Spirit gloriously manifests God spreads out further from year to year, the Lord
Himself and where thru the activities of the Apostles gives opportunely, the necessary Workers, so that the
the Faithful are led from one enlightenment into another Work of the Lord can advance unhindered. Surely,
and from one degree of perception to another. After the persons have at all times opposed and hindered the
death of the Apostle Preuss (1878), the leadership of the Divine Work of Redemption, but thru the constant
German congregations was invested in the Apostle increase and extension of the Church of Christ, as well
Schwarz, after Apostle Schwarz's death in the year as thru the Work of the Apostles and those faithful
1895, the mantle fell upon the Apostle Krebs. There Brethren in Office, upon the hearts of God's Children,
were other Apostles existent during the Leadership of the proof is forthcoming, that this Work is not of man,
the Apostles Preuss, Schwarz and Krebs, who were but that we stand in God's Cause (Acts 5,38-39).
active in the districts allotted to them, but the main
control or supervision actually lay in the hands of a
man who was destined by God to the Office of Chief-
Apostle, (Biblical references regarding the Office of
Chief-Apostle are found in the first Chapter of this
Booklet). In the year 1898, Apostle Herman Niehaus
was appointed or called to take over the Chief-Apostle-
ship after the demise of Chief-Apostle Krebs, who died
January 21st, 1905. Apostle H. Niehaus assumed the
office of Chief-Apostle on January 24th, 1905. On
October 10th, 1920 in a Divine Service at Bielefeld, he
chose Apostle Bischoff as his assistant and in December
14th, 1924, in a great solemn Divine Service at Frank-
36 37

Taking into account all the foregoing declarations

and explanations, it should be clear to every reader of
this booklet, that the New Apostolic Doctrine does not
only acknowledge certain parts of the Scriptures but
that everyone of its dogmas are grounded firmly upon
the Holy Scriptures and respond in every detail to the
Doctrine of the Early Church. Our joy and happiness
exists therein, that the Lord has again re-established
His Church in its primeval state, for our Salvation, and
that the New Apostolic Doctrine is firmly grounded
upon the complete Holy Scriptures. For the therein
unto us manifested Love of God, we are deeply grateful.
Glory and Honor be to the Father, to the Son, and to
the Holy Ghost.