GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH A B S T R A C T Roads & Buildings – Common SSR for all Engineering Departments – Fixation of Cement and Steel

Rates for the month of September 2011 (1st month of 2nd quarter) – Orders – Issued. - TRANSPORT, ROADS AND BUILDINGS (R.I) DEPARTMENT G.O.Rt.No. 1056 Dated:08.11.2011. Read the following: 1. G.O.Ms.No. 94, T.R & B, (R.I) Dept., Dated: 16.04.2008. 2. From ENC(I.W) I&CAD Lr. No. ENC/IW/P&M/ EE.III/DEE10/ AE/13305/11/Vol.13 Dt. 26.08.2011. *** O R D E R : In terms of orders issued in G.O 1st read above, based on the recommendations of the Board of Chief Engineer with regard to fixation of cement and steel rates, for the month of September 2011, furnished by the Engineer-in-Chief (IW) I&CAD, in his letter 2nd read above, Government hereby fix the rates of cement & steel for the month of September 2011, as detailed below:Sl. No. 1. STEEL 2. 3. 4. Material Cement Rates fixed for September 2011 Rate for 1 MT. Rs.5,300/-

6 mm M.S.Rods Rs.40,500/M.S.Flats Rs.40,000/Mild steel, structural steel, i.e Rs.41,000/Angles channels & I-sections 5 TMT /HYSD bars a. Fe-415 Rs.42,500/b. Fe-500 Rs.43,000/6. M.S.Plates Rs.44,000/7. P.C.drawn steel wire/H.T. Wire 3 mm Rs.52,000/8. P.C.drawn steel wire/HT wire 4 mm Rs.51,500/9. H.R.Sheet in coils 1.6 mm Rs.44,500/10. H.R.Sheet in coils 2.0 mm Rs.43,000/11. 5.5/6.0 mm M.S wire rod coil Rs.40,000/12. Foundry Grade Pig Iron (2.00 to 2.24) Rs.31,000/(Excluding Taxes) 2.All the Heads of Departments/Corporations, Universities, Agencies dealing with PWD works shall take action accordingly. 3. This order issues with the concurrence of Fin. Dept. vide their U.O. No.28170/1022/Expr.PW/A2/11, Dated: 03.11.2011. (BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF ANDHRA PRADESH) S.P.SINGH, PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT To: The Engineer-in-Chief (IW), I & CAD Dept. (P&M Cell), Hyd. The Engineer-in-Chief (R&B), Admn. & NH, Hyd. The Director of Works Accounts, A.P., Hyd. //FORWARDED BY ORDER// SECTION OFFICER AGP

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