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Educational qualification is not needed for a candidate because if government set up that a candidate must have a degree, than 90 per cent of the population will not contest in election because they are not educated. A candidate or a politician must be honest, respective, should be full of enthusiasm, should have leadership qualities, etc. Than the country will be free from corruption. So I don't think that educational qualification is must for a politican or a candidate. I think majority of the politicans are uneducated. Even uneducated politicans elected for the assembely and parliment, they can go for training and learn to take india next step. ofcourse this will take long time to understand and to do better. We should only hope.


4. Proper education is restricted to a limited number of politicians, but unfortunately they hardly get a chance to use 5. The ratio of illiterate politicians to that of proper educated ones are to negligible to compare. 6. A complete degree will not make him a complete politician, unless he is not money minded, shady business, the person should not have criminal records. There were illitrates who worked for India's wellfare and there are litrates who are working to fill there own tommy. Education allone can't make politicians. We those who talk for the wellfare have the basics to become a politician but we are afraid. Breaking this fear is our qualification if we do that then we can also serve for the nation. Is anyone ready to do that? 7. A true leader need not be educated but sensitive, honest, is full of zeal and enthusiasm, readiness to serve in true spirit such qualities can make a person a political leader if you peep into past when janpads and mahajanpads were formed having chieftans to decide for their tribes or janpads they needed no academic qualification for it. Akbar the greatest and powerful Muslim emperor was an illiterate one I need not to write about his contribution to Indian society but to the world in terms of administration, human values, etc. So there is a difference b/w education and knowledge. A leader must have knowledge which can be possible without acquiring education. 8. In my point of view education play only 30% role in politics. Remaining 70% qualities are like sincerity, honesty, dedication towards the work, understanding the situations, facing the situations. These are very important qualities a politician should have. It is not only the politician should educated but also the people should be educated. Then only the people can choose the right person to rule the country.
it. But mostly dominated by the majority politicians we have no way of comparing politics with education.

At last in my point of view "only the education can't do anything, knowledge is also important". 9. No, Its of no use. Because if we look at our national politicians many of them are highly qualified even then there is no difference. They are facing more problems related to scams, black money-hoarding, illegal sexual relationship and many more. If the person has ability to read, understand and have strong leadership qualities along with honesty it is more than enough. As a politician one should not be greedy. Each and every politician must strive hard to be honest throughout his life. Friends if you look at the Educational qualification of "ANNA HAZARE" he studied up to the 7th standard, But the work he has done recently has given jolt to all our highly qualified politicians. So it is not the qualification that matters, it is the commitment that matters. Commitment for corruption free country. Politician means the representative of the people, means he should act according to their will and wish. But our politicians have changed the meaning completely. Even if anyone brings this qualification criteria ahead its of no use again the same politicians will come up or the others with similar attitude and motto. So I completely contradict the statement. 10. In 1947, Gandhi thought that every Indian should get the chance to rule the country- irrespective

of education, financial status, caste creed and community. His team mates-down right patriotsalso endorsed his views with out a long range perspective- despite witnessing the greed for power and money from the second line political leaders down. That was how the constitution of India was designed - with full of loop holes, enabling clever diabolical minded politicians to get unlimited power and to make unlimited money -with out speed breakers- or restrictive punitive clauses with the minimum of capital punishment- to hang the erring politicians misusing their powers or making money or wasting public money 11. Our politicians will be able to buy any degree !!! don't u think!!! There should be performance measure more than graduation or educational qualifications because many of our so called leaders have very good degrees! and the ones who don't - have very good brains! Like mayawati! She and I share the same birthday! But I for one cannot even connive one political move like her! I do feel from my heart about serving the country and making a difference, but who will hear us! Unless you have a good godfather like she did ... you cannot make it big in politics!
12. Is a minimum educational qualification necessary for politicians?

I believe that the point to be debated on here is what the minimum education qualification should be for a politician and not whether there should be any educational qualification at all. Education is a process that makes people more humane and teaches them a lot about the country, how to express themselves through effective communication and so on. History teaches them the changes the world has undergone, the relations with the rest of the world mistakes made by people in the past and so on. Geography tells them about the landscapes and demographics. Civics keeps them informed on the system of functioning of the government. Economics is important as it helps rationalize market failures and can be used for planning for economic stability. The importance of math and science cannot be underestimated as it is the foundation for rationality in life. The most important of all is the language used for communication to get across the point. All said and done, unless communication is effective, the most brilliant politician cannot get work done effectively. It is true that there have been great leaders who were uneducated, Kamaraj in India, for example. But, such gems are a rarity. In life, compromises must be made. Until an intelligent

and foolproof plan exists for electing such gems from the public, we must resort to what is best for the common man. An educated person is more likely to do a good job as a politician than an illiterate person. Imagine if President George Bush was illiterate. The most powerful country could fall into shatters. On the question of minimum educational qualification, the threshold must be fixed at something like tenth grade, by which time most people acquire the basic knowledge of the world. In the cases wherein an aspiring politician does not meet the minimum educational qualifications, he must be referred to a committee consisting of social activists, who have the interests of the common man in their mind. The committee must also look in to the level a politician is in and whether he/she can handle the office he is going to hold. However care must be taken to eliminate corruption in the committee. Universities must be set up across the country which must aim at imparting political education for young aspiring politicians. Such a college can do wonders, producing very capable politicians who can do a lot of good for the country. Such a political school exists in Chennai, India. Thus it is clear that an educational qualification cannot be a rigid criterion for choosing politicians. Though flexibility must exist, only capable candidates must be allowed to hold high offices. This must also be extended to the grass-root level, the lowest level of administration. 13. i m agree that there should be a qualification required for being a politician......but i am saying that there are so
many politician who are much educated but what they doing. they are involved in scams and many other cases so here the question is that we have to work honestly and not to be involve in any illegal cases. 14. one more thing i would share about this discussion is that Politics is for the people, and great leaders come only from people. These professional barriers should not stop them. If the person can't able to talk in front of people it doesn't mean that he can't serve people. May be he has some other capability. 15. i we take a look on qualifications of most of the cheif ministers of india all are MA political science degree holder .....govt has made this degree for the politicians ....but un fortunately this is the easiest degree among all......if any students cant have non med , medical or commerce......or if any person dont want to study there teachers give them subject named pol science......that is wat the qualifications of our leaders are.. 16. i tell one more thing that there is no actual connection between education and being a good politician other things like honesty and caring and common sense have more of a connection there is no reason to create any sort of educational requirements

17. How can our nation be strong if have such people are running the economy of the country with population of

over 1 billion people? Today if you need a job as a receptionist, clerk etc. in a multi national organisation you might have to go through at least 2-3 interviews, background check, may be a test to get a low level position, but to become a minister or a PM of India you do not need any qualification. Which century are we living in? WE have people like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mulyam Singh and many more ask them their CV, and you will realise how qualified they are, No organisation will hire them but they are the rulers of our GREAT nation. To know more facts on our politicians