Race Day +$5
9:00am ª1r. ßoys 10-14, 15-18, `Pace together scored separately-
30 mln Top 3 - Prlzes $l0.00
9:01am ª1r. CirIs 10-14, 15-18, `Pace together scored separately-
30 mln Top 3 - Prlzes $l0.00
9:02am Youth U10 (1Iap) - no USAC Iicense required
One Lap Awards to All `PPLL
9:45am Men C: CX 4- ßeginner `Not ellglble for Serles Polnts
35 mln Top 3 - Prlzes $20.00
9:46am Masters Women 35+, 45+, A: CX 1-4
ªPace together for prlze llst, scored separately for serles polnts
35 mln Top 3 - Prlzes $30.00
10:30am Masters Men 35+ ß :CX 3/4
40 mln Top 3 - Prlzes $30.00
10:31am Masters Men 45+ ß: CX 3/4
40 mln Top 3 - Prlzes $30.00
10.:32am Masters Men 55+
40 mln Top 3 - Prlzes $30.00
11:30pm Masters Men 35+ A, 45+ A,
ªPace together for prlze llst, scored separately for serles polnts
45 mln Top 5 - Prlzes $30.00
11:32pm Men ß: CX 3/4, CX 4
ªPace together for prlze llst, scored separately for serles polnts
45 mln Top 5 - Prlzes $30.00
12:30pm £Iite Women A: CX 1-4
40 mln Top 5- $300 $30.00
12:31pm Women ß: CX 3/4
40 mln Top 3- Prlzes $30.00
12:32pm Women C: CX4 - ßeginner `Not ellglble for Serles Polnts
40 mln Top 3- Awards $20.00
1:30pm SingIe Speed Men A: CX 1-4
40 mln Top 3- Prlzes $30.00
1:31pm SingIe Speed Men ß: CX 3/4, SingIe Speed Women CX 1-4
`Pace together scored separately
40 mln Top 3- Prlzes $30.00
2:20pm kids Cross Race
Short Laps Medals to All PPLL
2:35pm £Iite Men A: CX 1-4, U23: CX 1-4
ªPace together for prlze llst, scored separately for serles polnts
60 mln Top 8 - $500 $30.00
Part of the SOCAL Prestige Series of CycIocross / USA cycIing Permit : 2011-XXXX
ADDR£SS: Prado Peglonal Park, l6700 Luclld Avenue, Chlno, CA 9l7l0-9298, Phone l (909) 597-4260. Located on On Hlghway 83,
south of Hlghway 60 and north of Hlghway 9l ln Chlno. 7H£R£ IS A $10.00 parking fee at the entry gate. Pood wlll be avallable
7H£ CDURS£: Thls course ls comprlsed of rolllng terraln, 80% grass, l0% dlrt and l0% asphalt wlth l barrler sectlon and l step run-up.
Lach lap ls [ust under 3km ln length. Paces are tlmed clrcults on the course based on category. ``SLL COUPSL MAP-PAGL 3``

7H£ V£NU£: Prado Peglonal Park oners a rural getaway on more than 2,000 acres ln the Chlno valley 8asln on the borders of Orange
and Los Angeles countles. Here you can en[oy ñshlng, horseback rldlng, camplng, plcnlcs, golf, and shootlng. To Camp: Make ¥our Pes-
ervatlons Onllne at www.sbcountyparks.com or call Central Peservatlon l-877-38-PAPKS (l-877-387-2757)
R£CIS7RA7IDN: Save $$$ and tlme, pre-reglster on-llne at IUUQTTPDBMDSPTTXFCDPOOFYDPN. Go to SoCalCross.org and press the
reglstratlon llnk. On-llne reglstratlon closes Thursday November l0th at ll:59pm (PST). Pace day reglstratlon opens at 7:30am and
closes 20 mlnutes prlor to each race category start.

£N7RY F££S: Pre-Peglstratlon entry ls $30.00. Pace Day entry add $5.00 for all CX categorles, 1unlors (l0-l8) are PPLL wlth USA Cy-
cllng llcense or a one-day llcense ls avallable for $l0. 1unlors must pay regular entry fee for races lf NOT enterlng a 1unlor race. Addl-
tlonal race entrles are [ust $5.00/per race after hlgher entry ls pald.
USA CYCLINC LIC£NS£ F££: A valld USA Cycllng llcense ls requlred for all race partlclpants. Annual llcenses can be purchased onllne
at: www.USACycIing.org or on race day. Cost for USAC annual llcense ls $60 ($30 for 1unlors) and explre on l2/3l/20ll. A 20l2
llcense can be purchased startlng l2/l/20l2. A USAC One-Day llcense ls avallable wlth pre-reglstratlon or on race day for $l0. One Day
llcensed rlders are open to CX Cat 4 level racers.

RUL£S: Lvent held under USA Cycllng Permlt. All 20ll USA Cycllng and CX rules apply. Lvent wlll be held raln or shlne, no refunds.
Cyclocross and Mountaln 8lkes (no bar ends) are welcomed. 8lke and wheel changes and water feeds are allowed ln the deslgnated plt
areas. Plders must wear helmets when on the blke at all tlmes. Plders shall stay on the course or exlstlng tralls. Please respect the venue
and local resldents. No feeds are allowed on course except under dlscretlon of the race omclals. Sleevless [erseys/shlrts are not allowed.
warmlng up on the course: Once the last rlder has crossed the llne ln the current actlve wave, the omclals wlll allow rlders to "pre-rldeª
the course so they can become famlllar wlth the route. ONce the next race has started, they need to wlthdraw from th ecourse before
the ñrst rlder passes them. There should be enogh tlme to complete one lap. As ln thepast, these rlders cannot cross the ñnlsh llne.
CA7£CDRI£S & UPCRAD£S: Detalled lnformatlon on categorles and upgrades can be found at www.USACycIing.org
As a general rule, Poad and MT8 rlders who race Cyclocross should be raclng ln categorles as llsted below.
The Prestlge Serles wlll enforce automatlc upgrades, and dlscourage sandbagglng. Please upgrade when ellglble.

Cyclocross Cat l: Poad Pro or Cat l, MT8 Pro or 2 Cyclocross Cat 2: Poad 2, MT8 l or 2
Cyclocross Cat 3: Poad 3, MT8 2, MT8 3 Cyclocross Cat 4: Poad 4 or 5, MT8 3, One-day llcense
7he Prestige Series discourages sandbagging. PIease upgrade when eIigibIe.
CYCLDCRDSS RACINC AC£: A rlder's raclng age for the 20ll-l2 Cyclocross Season ls the 'raclng age' they'll be the year of the CX
world Champlonshlps whlch take place ln 1anuary 28-29, 20l2. 7herefore, your racing age for the entire cycIocross season running
September 2011 through 1anuary 2012 is based on your age as of 12/31/2012. ¥outh born 2003 or later, 1unlors l0-l4 born l998-
2002, 1unlors l5-l8 born l994-l997, Masters 35+ born l977 or earller, Masters 45+ born l967 or earller, and Masters 55+ born l957 or

R£SUL7S: Pace results wlll be posted near the awards area lmmedlately followlng each race. Please make sure to check your results
wlthln the l5 mlnute postlng/protest perlod or they wlll be ñnal. weekly Pace Pesults and Serles Standlngs are posted onllne. Por more
lnformatlon on the Prestlge Serles, please vlslt: www.SoCaICross.org
ª Race DetaiIs and Prestige Series Information ª
Ior Prestige Series and Questions, emaiI: Dot @ SoCaICross.org - site: www.SoCaICross.org
Ior Race/Course Questions, emaiI: 7eamVeIocity@cox.net
8ü6AL68ü88 F8E8IIßE 8E8IE8 2010-2011
8ü6AL68ü88 F8E8IIßE 8E8IE8 2011-2012

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