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SILA Individual Membership Application
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Professional Qualifications & Affiliations

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Membership Application (Please tick accordingly)
persons who have been a MEMBER for an uninterrupted period of 8 years and who satisfy the Council that they have been demonstrably advanced the standards of landscape architecture; demonstrated their devotion and service to the institution and have brought honour to the institution and profession.

Membership Type


persons who possess a recognised Degree in Landscape Architecture and who have been a GRADUATE of the Institute for a minimum of 3 consecutive years and who have satisfied the Council of their relevant, varied experience in the practice of landscape architecture in the manner as set out in the Institutes Handbook, OR who are fully qualified and practicing members of an IFLA recognised Landscape Architectural Institute and have been professionally engaged in the practice of Landscape Architecture in Singapore for at least 1 year.

GRADUATE: A person who possesses a recognised Degree in Landscape Architecture and who is working in
a SILA Recognised Practice and/or under the Mentorship of a nominated SILA Member with the objective of gaining sufficient experience in the wide range of disciplines required to apply for full membership.

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