Request for Proposals for: Website Design and Related Services Issued: November 8, 2011 Submission Deadline: November

21, 2011 Neighborhood Progress, Inc. is inviting you to respond to this Request for Proposals for Website Design and Related Services. It is the intent of Neighborhood Progress, Inc. to select a contractor for the design, hosting, and ongoing maintenance of a company website.

I. A. NPI: Neighborhood Progress, Inc.


B. Bidder: an individual or entity submitting a bid to Neighborhood Progress, Inc. C. Contractor: one who contracts to perform work or furnish materials in accordance with a contract.



NPI is a private, nonprofit organization that serves as a local community development funding intermediary and invests in community revitalization work in the City of Cleveland. NPI's mission is to restore and maintain the health and vitality of Cleveland's neighborhoods and be a catalyst for change. To this end, NPI strategically invests in community development organizations, their projects and their vision for the future. NPI serves a unique function as it is the only local intermediary in the region and is proud to be nationally highlighted as a leader for engaging in best practices in various facets of nonprofit programming. NPI’s programming is intended to address the most critical issues confronting the entire community development system while also leading a process of system-wide transformation that is intended to result in a more stable and sustainable approach to neighborhood revitalization in order to achieve greater efficiencies and impact. NPI provides for programs and services in the


local community development system in order to implement neighborhood recovery strategies aimed at building community capacity, investing in physical development, growing partnerships to expand the players in community revitalization, and creating neighborhoods of choice that are increasingly able to attract residents and businesses throughout the region. Over the past six years, NPI has carefully focused resources to nine areas within the city that have strong locational assets, an engaged community, and effective community development corporations. NPI’s goal is for each neighborhood to build on assets, support residents in healthy living and positive options for housing and employment, and become neighborhoods of choice. At the same time, NPI has undertaken citywide agendas, responding to the economic crisis by offering neighborhood stabilization and foreclosure prevention initiatives and establishing a sustainability agenda geared towards vacant land reuse. The contractor awarded a contract with NPI will be required to design, host, and maintain a website as detailed in the Scope of Work, below.



Target Audience: The NPI website will draw an audience from the following demographics and each demographic will have differing needs when accessing the site as outlined below:  Funders, stakeholders and partners, including representatives of local and national foundations, government entities at the national, state and local levels, banks and corporations: Funders, stakeholders and partners will access the website for general information purposes. The website will also be used to draw the attention of national funders. Board members: Board members will visit the website for general informational purposes but will also need a secure “log in” to view confidential material not available to the public. Grantees, including local community development corporation staff: Grantees will access the website for both general informational purposes and to respond to specific requests for information and RFPs for funding. The website will need to have the ability to share form documents for this purpose. NPI staff: NPI staff will need to access a secure intranet that is not accessible to the general public. The intranet will serve to distribute internal documents such as reimbursement forms, vacation requests, schedule of events, etc. It will also be used to disseminate internal policy and procedures. Local residents: The website will draw visits from the general local population searching for information pertaining to a specific Cleveland neighborhood or development news. The website may also draw from an audience of local residents looking for assistance with home ownership, renovation, or other human-services related needs.
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 


National audience from community development industry: As NPI is recognized as engaging in best practices within the community development industry, the website will draw from a national audience of people representing organizations involved in similar work.

The target audience will have various comfort levels with technology and will have varying degrees of connectivity (modems, high-speed, etc.). Design Requirements: NPI has an established logo and color palette that must be incorporated into the overall site design. The site should have an overall professional feel that communicates the mission of NPI through both imagery and text consistently and cohesively. Functionality/Programming Requirements: The following is a detailed list of functionality and programming elements required by NPI:
       

Ability to add: blog content, dynamic/moving content, forms, video, audio, still photography, data files (maps, etc.); Ability to integrate content with third party sites; Calendar/schedule of events; Ability to market other social media ventures (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); Incorporation of Reimagining website (; Incorporation of Opportunity housing website (; Ability to accept financial donations securely; and Ability to store archived e-newsletters, press releases, and other news articles.

Content Management: Initially, NPI envisions working with the contractor to populate the information and data for the website. Following the initial launch, the website must allow for NPI to manage the content and information contained therein. NPI will be adding press releases, e-newsletters, and information pertaining to programming including, but not limited to, text, video, photography, data files such as maps, etc. Hosting Requirements: NPI requires that the bidder determine the appropriate hosting requirements for the new website and provide reasoning as to such determination in the bid package response.
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NPI requires that the host maintain appropriate ongoing maintenance that meets industry standards such that uptime is not interrupted for any significant amount of time. Site Size: NPI envisions working with the contractor to determine the appropriate number of HTML pages. Ongoing Site Maintenance: NPI requires the contractor to provide ongoing site maintenance and trouble shooting on an asneeded basis. Ongoing maintenance must be provided for a 3-year term at a fixed price, with the option of two 1-year renewals. Contractors must be willing and able to respond to maintenance needs in a timely fashion. NPI expects the contract to be able to respond to a maintenance need within two hours of notification, barring extenuating circumstances.



Bidders must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to be awarded the contract for services referenced herein: A. The contractor must have substantial experience in web design. B. The contractor must maintain a Federal Tax Identification Number. C. The contractor must maintain workers’ compensation insurance in accordance with Ohio law. D. The contractor must carry comprehensive general liability insurance with a minimum $500,000 per occurrence limit. E. The contractor must have sufficient licensing and suppliers in good standing in order to complete work in a timely manner. F. The contractor is required to furnish all labor, equipment, material and resources necessary to complete the services specified herein, unless otherwise specified. G. The contractor may be required to provide other services considered by NPI to be reasonable and necessary by industry standards to complete the services specified herein.

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H. The contractor will perform the services personally and will not subcontract or assign the services without prior written consent of NPI. I. The contractor will comply with all federal, state and local regulations. J. The contractor will be required to prepare any and all documentation needed to ensure the project remains on schedule and within budget. K. The contractor will cooperate with NPI throughout the duration of the project. V. BIDDING PROCEDURE

A. All questions or comments concerning the RFP should be addressed to Jennifer Grasso at 216-453-1453. All proposals are due to NPI by 3:00 pm on November 21, 2011. No faxed proposals will be accepted. Emailed proposals are preferred, but hard copies are accepted. All proposals should be sent to NPI at the following address: ATTN: Jennifer Grasso Neighborhood Progress, Inc. 1956 W. 25th Street, Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44113 B. All bidders must submit a complete Bid Package, attached hereto. C. All bidders must submit the following, along with a complete Bid Package: 1. Proof of workers’ compensation insurance; 2. Proof of general liability insurance; and 3. Completed W-9 Form. D. Proposals submitted will be considered firm for a period of 14 days following the due date. E. Proposals may be withdrawn by written notice prior to the due date. F. The following is a schedule of events for the bid review, contractor selection process and project completion: Request for Proposals Issued: Proposal Submission Deadline: November 8, 2011 November 21, 2011 by 3:00pm
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NPI Evaluation of Proposals: Finalists Interviewed: Initial Meetings: Wireframe Review: Beta Site: Quality Assurance Testing: Content Management Training: Proposed Site Launch:

Week of November 21, 2011 Week of November 21, 2011 Week of November 28, 2011 and ongoing as needed December 12, 2011 January 20, 2012 Completed by February 3, 2012 Week of February 6, 2012 February 20, 2012

Notification of Contractor Selection: November 28, 2011



Changes in scope or the schedule of services will be allowed by agreement of both parties.

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Request for Proposals for: Web Site Design Issued: November 8, 2011 Submission Deadline: November 21, 2011 BID PACKAGE All questions or comments concerning the bidding process should be addressed to Jennifer Grasso at 216-453-1453. All proposals are due to NPI by 3:00 pm on November 21, 2011. No faxed proposals will be accepted. Emailed proposals are preferred, but hard copies are accepted. All proposals should be sent to Neighborhood Progress, Inc. at the following address: ATTN: Jennifer Grasso Neighborhood Progress, Inc. 1956 W. 25th Street, Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44113

The following documents must accompany this Bid Package:

Bidder Certification Form Conflict of Interest Form Bidder Qualifications Questionnaire

W-9 Form Proof of workers compensation insurance Proof of general liability insurance

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BIDDER CERTIFICATION Bidding Company Name Address City Contact Information: Name Phone Email Title Fax State Zip Code

The undersigned certifies that he/she is legally authorized to make the representations stated in this Bid Package and documents attached hereto and that the information contained therein is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge and belief.

_ Print Name _ Signature

_____________________________ _

__ Title __ Date

_____________________________ _

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CONFLICT OF INTEREST The undersigned certifies that neither he/she nor any employee of the bidding company has a legal, financial or familial relationship to any employee of Neighborhood Progress, Inc.

_ Print Name

_____________________________ _

__ Title

_ Signature

_____________________________ _

__ Date

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Company Name: Address: City: Phone: Owner Name: State: Fax: Zip Code:

1. Federal Tax Identification Number: 2. Number of years business in operation: 3. Type of business:  Corporation  Partnership /  Sole Proprietor /

If corporation, date incorporated: 4. Annual gross revenue for web design for last 2 years:

5. Number of employees:

6. List any previous or pending lawsuits, bankruptcies, or IRS actions against the company:

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7. Describe 3 previous website design projects and provide references as follows: Project 1 Name/Website of Project: Reference Contact Name: Reference Contact Telephone Number: Contract Amount: Less than $5,000 $5,001-$10,000 Length of Time Serviced: Description of Work: Other Remarks: Project 2 Name/Website of Project: Reference Contact Name: Reference Contact Telephone Number: Contract Amount: Less than $5,000 $5,001-$10,000 Length of Time Serviced: Description of Work: Other Remarks: Project 3 Name/Website of Project: Reference Contact Name: Reference Contact Telephone Number: Contract Amount: Less than $5,000 $5,001-$10,000 Length of Time Serviced: Description of Work: Other Remarks:


over $15,000


over $15,000


over $15,000

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8. List all individuals who would be assigned to this project. Include their names, position, number of years in that position, and their responsibility as it relates to this project. Attach resumes or biographies of lead staff assigned to this project.


Position & Years Held


Resume/Bio Attached (X)

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9. Explain the process you will follow to build the website, addressing usability standards and testing and evaluation. Include a description of your preferred technology language or platform. Describe your SEO and SEM strategies. 10. Project Costs: a. Total project costs:

b. Break down costs by production hours, tools and functionalities as detailed in the Scope of Work (Section III).

c. Maintenance and Support: identify any costs that should be assumed as part of the site and ongoing costs for maintenance and support needed in the future.

d. Hosting fees: identify any costs required to pay to host the site.

e. Training and style guide: identify costs associated with training NPI staff to use site tools and content management options; provide a style guide.

f. Other: identify any other costs, expenses, consulting fees, etc., necessary to complete this project.

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