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Throughout our history, Knoll has helped to define the modern office chair by introducing iconic designs from such respected industry pioneers as Eero Saarinen and Richard Sapper. The tradition continues today with an ergonomically advanced, diverse portfolio of seating by innovators like Don Chadwick and Formway Design.

seat topper. center. and Light finish. Bluemarine Flex Back Net and Bluemarine Generation Fabric seat. with Dark finish. with Platinum Back Suspension Fabric (BSF) and Spinneybeck®. Light finish. in Silver fabric. Meteor Flex Back Net and Onyx Generation Fabric seat. On the cover: Chadwick™. 870 Dove Grey. shown here from left. with Dark finish. and Life®. Lemongrass Flex Back Net and Knoll Hopsack. Pebble Flex Back Net and Pebble Generation Fabric seat. right. Lime. seat. Generation. Sabrina leather. Office Seating | 1 .Generation by Knoll®. left.

a chair is more than the sum of its parts. < 2 | Knoll . a Knoll office chair represents our commitment to achieving continuous advancements in ergonomic comfort and product quality for our customers. We support our office seating with a 10-year. which is LEED® Gold. In addition. finishes and materials.The Knoll Approach to Office Seating At Knoll. 24/7. Attention to Detail Our heritage of design-driven leadership and meticulous attention to detail distinguishes our products from others. greenhouse gases at the site are offset with electricity generated by wind power. ISO 14001 and OSHA VPP Star certified. It is an adaptable tool that anticipates the challenges of tomorrow’s workplace. resulting in enhanced product quality and customer-focused logistics and service. We apply Six Sigma and continuous improvement strategies to our operations and customer engagements. Most of all. Pennsylvania. < Quality Research Our workplace research and use of pioneering technologies enable us to develop seating solutions that address users’ evolving needs. It is an opportunity to express a point of view through form. It is an interactive object that responds to a person’s movements throughout the workday. < < Sustainable Practices All of our office seating is GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® and can contribute to achieving LEED® credits. as well as in sustainable practices for our environment. Our chairs are manufactured using clean technologies in our Lubin Building in East Greenville. multi-shift warranty.

Distinctive Personalities > Partnering with unique and preeminent designers from around the world. so you can work safely. < Holistic Ergonomics < Materials With more than 130 KnollTextiles fabrics. Knoll seating can be specified to meet your particular aesthetic. efficiently and happily. Office Seating | 3 . < Responsiveness Our office seating responds to your movements and the way you work throughout the day. 25 Spinneybeck® leathers. environmental and workplace needs. Incorporating ergonomic design and leading edge technology. exclusive materials and a myriad of finishes and options from which to choose. our work chairs facilitate productivity and comfort. providing continuous support with minimal adjustments. we have developed a seating portfolio that is distinctive and diverse.

with Blackout BSF and Eclipse/Blackout knitted seat topper. left. is equally comfortable in a private office or a workstation. The advanced control automatically adjusts to the weight of the body. 746 Coffee Bean. seat and back toppers in an AutoStrada™ office. opposite. a slim silhouette and broad color and finish palette. Graceful curves define the Life back.Life® Designed by Formway Design With intuitive adjustments. providing personalized and effortless ergonomic support. Rated Sustainable Gold under the SMART© Consensus Sustainable Product Standard. Life exemplifies our steadfast commitment to the environment. 4 | Knoll . Life sets the standard for ergonomics and innovative design. with Chestnut BSF and Spinneybeck® Sabrina leather. Life.

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supporting the range of postures and work styles typical of today’s workplace.Generation by Knoll® Designed by Formway Design Generation by Knoll offers a new standard of comfort and unrestrained movement. Smoke. With its many finish options. can energize a space much in the same way it energizes its users. Pebble Flex Back Net and Knoll Felt. Office Seating | 7 . Lime. with Dark finish. The fluid. represents a contemporary expression of how people sit. opposite. progressive form of Generation. This revolutionary work chair reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability. having earned the industry’s first SMaRT© Sustainable Platinum rating. seat at a Propeller® conference table. Generation takes the idea of elastic design — where a product rearranges itself in response to its user — to a new level. seat. with Light finish. right. Lemongrass Flex Back Net and Knoll Hopsack. Generation.

in Platinum fabric at a Currents® workstation. in Silver. opposite. created a chair that embodies the best of his thinking with the finest principles of Knoll design. meeting or training. Chadwick is efficient in its use of materials and is rated SMaRT© Sustainable Gold. Chadwick Fabric. Chadwick is the office chair refined — and redefined.Chadwick™ Designed by Don Chadwick Don Chadwick. Whether working. left. Its Active Suspension™ technology responds to your body’s movements throughout the day with energizing comfort and a supportive ride. features an aerated elastomeric construction that conforms to the body. is refreshingly easy-to-use. minimizes pressure points and enhances comfort. From its streamlined form to its smart engineering. 8 | Knoll . Chadwick. an ergonomic design pioneer.

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785 White. right. rosette pleats and the designer’s signature red lever controls. Channel stitching. conference rooms and meeting spaces. 4058 Canadian Goose. in Spinneybeck® Forte leather. With its streamlined profile and comfortable. opposite. this iconic chair is well-suited to the most distinguished executive offices. make the Sapper Executive. a classic. sculpted upholstery. graces prestigious offices and boardrooms worldwide. in Spinneybeck® Sabrina. The Sapper Executive. Office Seating | 11 .Sapper™ Designed by Richard Sapper Sapper is an award-winning classic recognized for its elegant lines and hand-finished craftsmanship.

government agencies and call centers. An excellent choice for a laboratory setting. especially when paired with a high performance textile. 12 | Knoll . opposite. RPM comes in a high task version. in Pop. left. Olive. intensive use work environments like healthcare facilities. Down Pour.RPM® Designed by Carl Magnusson Engineered for durability and designed for ultimate comfort. ideal for the rigors of 24-hour. RPM. in Nonchalant CR. is a hard-working chair for the most demanding workplaces. RPM delivers unparalleled support and a full range of ergonomic adjustments.

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Office Seating | 15 . Highland. fully-upholstered back. seat. from the traditional to the progressive. with Charcoal Gray suspension back and English Accent. healthcare organizations and educational institutions. conference and side chairs that coordinate. The EWC Tech task. right. private offices and collaborative spaces.™ EWC Tech™ and EWC Sport™ — provide day-to-day comfort and accessible design appropriate for any workplace style. Essentials Work Chairs offer a range of practical solutions for businesses. features a wave-like. With task. supportive knit back. the Essentials Work Chairs family provides choice for workstations. opposite. EWC Sport task. is visually inviting with a plush seat and generous. with back and seat accents in EWC Sport Beige Taupe at a Dividends Horizon™ workstation.Essentials Work Chairs™ Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk A family of easy-to-use. in Harrison. Three styles — EWC Pro. Regal. comfortable and absolutely affordable chairs.

elegant counterpoint to any workspace. with Metallic Silver frame finish. Moment. With its clean lines and many finish options. with Trivalent Chrome frame finish. supporting today’s ever-changing work environments. A practical solution for the guest chair that most offices require. opposite. Moment complements our diverse portfolio of office seating and furniture and stacks 4-high. 16 | Knoll . Charcoal back finish and Knoll Felt. White back finish and Knoll Velvet. is a pure expression of the cantilevered form with connection points that have been visually reduced. Moment. Moment is manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes and is rated SMaRT© Sustainable Gold. seat.Moment™ Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk Taking its cue from the cantilevered form of the classic Tubular Brno chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. left. Smoke. Moment is a streamlined. Palomino. seat with a Generation by Knoll work chair in a Dividends Horizon™ private office. nicely complements our portfolio of task seating and furniture.

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Made using an innovative co-injection process that delivers light.Spark™ Series Designed by Don Chadwick Spark. seat pad. opposite. Spark is approved for indoor/outdoor use when non-upholstered and can stack up to 10-high on the Spark dolly. comfortable and efficient for general purpose use. stacking and storage. sturdy and easy-to-clean chairs. education. right. in Dark Grey with Knoll Hopsack. create and imagine. in Blue. Lime. left to right. are ideal for corporate. Light Grey and Citron with a Saarinen table. the Spark side chair. Red. A perfect balance of design and innovation. helps bring people together to meet. Office Seating | 19 . the chairs are pleasing to the eye. healthcare and café environments. a series of stacking side and lounge chairs. and the Spark lounge chair.

Knoll Office Seating Portfolio The range and depth of the Knoll seating line offers countless options to meet your needs. there is a solution for every need. versatile finishes. With diverse aesthetics. Polished Aluminum Base Light Finish Dark Finish High Task Task 20 | Knoll . and a spectrum of price points available. polished aluminum base option. synchronized recline • High performance elastomer back in nine colors • 270° of seat edge flex and 3" sliding seat depth • Two finish options. fabrics and materials. three arm options or armless Chadwick™ Features • Active Suspension™ technology with synchronized recline and tilt tension • Elastomeric suspension fabric in nine colors • Built-in variable seat depth and forward tilt • Three arm options or armless Polished Aluminum Base Grey Plastic Base Seat and Back Toppers Light Finish. Life® Features • Synchronized recline with auto-balanced tension • Knit Back Suspension Fabric in 14 colors • Flexing seatpan with waterfall edge and 4" sliding seat depth • Four base options and four arm options or armless Generation by Knoll® Features • Dynamic Suspension™ control with weightcompensated.

four conference and two side • Swivel tilt or synchronized tilt control options • 2. indoor/outdoor approved (non-upholstered) • Six finish options. four frame finishes • Finished underside of seat protects upholstery when stacked Trivalent Chrome Metallic Grey Sapper™ Features • Advanced knee-tilt control • Hand-finished channel stitching and rosette pleats • Sculpted.5" back height adjustment on EWC Sport task and EWC Pro task • Three arm options or armless Spark™ Series Features • Side and lounge chairs stack 6-high on floor. 10-high on Spark dolly • Waterproof. high-resiliency foam • Cantilevered arm or armless RPM® Features • asic or advanced synchronized control options B • Two knit patterns in 18 colorways • Retractable tension knob • 4" back height adjustment and five-position tilt lock • Two arm options or armless Essentials Work Chairs™ Features • Family of ten chairs: four task.Knoll Office Seating Moment™ Features • Stacks 4-high on floor • Five back finishes. UV-protected. non-upholstered or with optional seat pad Executive Management High Task Task Side * EWC Sport Task EWC Tech Task EWC Tech Side Side Lounge * Designed by Dragomir Ivicevic EWC Pro EWC Pro Mid-back High-back Task Conference EWC Pro Side Office Seating | 23 .

. Life® Generation by Knoll® Chadwick™ Chadwick™ High Task Sapper™ RPM® RPM® High Task RPM® Side EWC Pro™ EWC Pro™ Side EWC Tech™ EWC Tech™ Side EWC Sport™ Moment™ Spark™ Side Spark™ Lounge ® Printed in Canada. Comfort. All rights reserved. ergonomic advancements and environmental benefits complement your style. Inc. Knoll offers a full range of office seating for every organization and application.Office Seating Thoughtful Design. Our distinctive designs. workplace and budget. Choice. B-SEA10 ©2010 Knoll.

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