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Creative Crest


We express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Anuja Mathur whose mere presence provided
immense support and without whose cooperation the present work would not have
been possible. She laid down such a strong base of Public Relations that helped us in
the completion of this project.

She always kept us on our toes and was a source of inspiration all through.

We are thankful to her for her continued guidance and invaluable encouragement in
the making of this project.

Thank you.

Creative Crest

1. OBJECTIVES……………………………………4
2. WHAT IS PR?........................................................5
4. CASE STUDIES…………………………………11
5. CONCLUSION…………………………………..25
6. BIBLIOGRAPHY………………………………..26

Creative Crest

1) To study the functioning of a Public Relations


2) To study how a PR firm performs various PR activities

for its clients

3) To understand the kind of expectations that clients

have from a PR Agency


Creative Crest

The term Public Relations was first used by the US President Thomas Jefferson
during his address to Congress in 1807.

One of the earliest definitions of PR was created by Edward Bernays. According to

him, "Public Relations is a management function which tabulates public attitudes,
defines the policies, procedures and interest of an organization followed by executing
a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance."

Examples/users of public relations include:

1) Corporations using marketing public relations (MPR) to convey information about

the products they manufacture or services they provide to potential customers in order
to support their direct sales efforts. Typically, they support sales in the short to long
term, establishing and burnishing the corporation's branding for a strong, ongoing

2) Corporations using public relations as a vehicle to reach legislators and other

politicians, in seeking favorable tax, regulatory, and other treatment. Moreover, they
may use public relations to portray themselves as enlightened employers, in support
of human-resources recruiting programs.

3) Non-profit organizations, including schools and universities, hospitals, and human

and social service agencies: such organizations may make use of public relations in
support of awareness programs, fund-raising programs, staff recruiting, and to
increase patronage of their services.

4) Politicians aiming to attract votes and/or raise money. When such campaigns are
successful at the ballot box, this helps in promoting and defending their service in
office, with an eye to the next election or, at a career’s end, to their legacy.

Today "Public Relations is a set of management, supervisory, and technical functions

that foster an organization's ability to strategically listen to, appreciate, and respond to
those persons whose mutually beneficial relationships with the organization are
necessary if it is to achieve its missions and values." (Robert L. Heath, Encyclopedia
of Public Relations).

Essentially it is a management function that focuses on two-way communication and

fostering of mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its publics.


Creative Crest


In a nation of over a billion people, PR has recently emerged as one of the significant
professions. Creative crest signifies the progress and triumph of the Indian PR
industry. Each activity of creative crest is keenly observed and emulated by many to

The quality of creative crest's solutions is an industry benchmark that most strive to
achieve. With a presence around the country, and a reach that spans across the entire
world, creative crest is one source of all PR requirements globally. The scale of
solutions and services, offered by creative crest, are some of the landmarks of the
industry not just in India but around the world.

Leading global networks such as Worldcom Group, Public Relations Global Network,
Bandwidth, and others have realized and validated the significant contribution of
creative crest in the Indian subcontinent. Their agency is the exclusive partner of these
networks. Over 100 more agencies from across the globe
have also forged a strong working relationship with


Creative crest has built significant experience across

many practice areas. Their team has extensive
experience in servicing clients across almost all
categories. Some of strong practice areas include:

Consumer Durables
Financial Consultants
Government & PSUs
And many more..


Creative Crest

Creative crest provides a whole gamut of solutions around PR. Each one of the
solutions is thoroughly developed and customized according to clients. Some of
popular solutions include:

Strategic Planning
Corporate PR
Advertising PR
Consumer PR
Internal PR
Online PR
Financial PR
Technology PR
Product PR
Industry Relations
Crisis Management
Public Affairs
Media Strategy
Content Development
Media Management
Event Management

And many more..


Some of their recent clients and campaigns include:


Creative Crest

Leading Public Relations networks, international PR agencies and domestic

companies have forged alliances with creative crest. Some of the global networks that
are associated with them include:

Many large international PR agencies have also done direct collaboration with them.
Some of their recent associations include:

In addition to these, creative crest has over 167 partners that they work in close
association with.


Creative crest has a strong presence in each part of the country. They also cater to
global clients and campaigns through their worldwide network.


Creative crest has a strong team that comprises of a wide variety of experts relating to
Public Relations. Their team comprises of best talents in the industry that combine
together to provide all the vital skills precisely required for each project and client.

Each member of their team is chosen to represent and visualize the true image of their
core values and ethics on the global platform. Based on the professional
qualifications, expertise and image compatibility of the client, the creative crest team
has been selected to match their standard as one of the leading names in the industry.

They have gathered the top names from all the major sectors to outline the services
desired to their specific requirements. With some of the biggest names from Media,
IT, Fashion, Corporates, socialists, Celebrities, etc, their board is a collective
panorama of senior practitioners dedicated to attaining constructive results for their

They have setup a special division of analysts and researchers dedicated towards
continuously evaluating and enhancing client campaigns.

Creative Crest

Creative crest works with a wide variety of clients across the world. Global
practitioners also regularly contribute to their team and campaigns.

A Brief Snapshot

Creative crest was established on September 27th, 1999. In little over 5 years, the
agency has emerged as one of the leading agencies in the region.

Core philosophy
"Yato Dharmah, Tato Jayah" - where there is dharm (truth), victory is there.

What makes them different?

Creative crest is a PR agency with a difference. They work with their clients as
partners rather than an agency. Their success has been attributed to the strong focus
towards success of their clients. They nurture each activity of a client with
compassion and care, and they grow with the growth in their clients.

They also extensively use IT to manage and synchronize activities around the world.

Creative crest has a strong presence in each part of the country. They also cater to
global clients and campaigns through their worldwide network.

They are keen to recruit both fresh and new PR professionals. They look for good
team players, fast learners, and those who can dedicate their lives for others.

Creative Crest



Client Brief:

Melitta is a German firm which is a world class producer of Coffee Makers and has
recently diversified into Vacuum Cleaners. The brand is well known and accepted all
over Europe and even in North America. However, it has also been bitten by the
Emerging India bug and is thus planning an entry to the Indian market. It plans to
begin by launching its brand in New Delhi.




Rs.1, 25, 000 per month/-

- 10 -
Creative Crest

Relationship with Creative Crest:

For the aforementioned purpose Melitta hired Creative Crest to carry out Market
Research for them.

What was done by Creative Crest?

Creative Crest’s CEO Mr. Kapil Rampal held a meeting with the concerned people
from Melitta to know more about the product that the company was willing to offer to
the Indian market. He understood the intricacies and specifications of the Coffee
Makers being offered. Melitta’s Coffee Makers were going to be a novelty for the
Indian market as they followed the process of grinding beans to prepare coffee. This is
totally different from the process used by the existing Coffee Makers which at the
moment are present in the Indian market as they do not grind beans but make use of
sugar, coffee powder, etc. to prepare coffee. As a result Melitta’s Coffee Makers
would be high priced according to Indian standards and would fall in the range of
Rs.16, 000-Rs.20, 000. Also Melitta as a brand was unknown even to the Coffee
Maker dealers in New Delhi and as a result Melitta also wanted to know their

The next step was the briefing held by Mr. Kapil Rampal for his employees at
Creative Crest. Mr. Rampal assigned three people the task of collecting primary
information by getting questionnaires filled from the target market. He explained the
concept of Melitta and its coffee makers to them and thus defined the target market
for them as the upper class of Delhi who can afford a Coffee Maker priced this high.
Since Mr. Rampal did not want to delay things, he gave them a week to perform the
job assigned. He also specifically emphasised that they should interview at least 200
people from different backgrounds with the condition that the respondents should be
affluent along with at least 100 dealers from all over New Delhi. He also assigned one
person to carry out the secondary research which he explained as searching out
information about the contemporary coffee industry in India. The employee was
suggested to compile this information using a wide variety of sources such as books,
official data compiled by confederations such as FICCI, the internet, Govt. data, etc.

As instructed by the boss employees started work the next day onwards. The first
group which had to collect primary information started out by drafting a questionnaire
each for both users and dealers and sending it over to Mr. Rampal for ratification. A
number of e-mails were exchanged since Mr.Rampal hardly took calls from his
employees and at last the final Questionnaire was drafted four hours later. On the
other hand the employee who was collecting secondary data went to the FICCI
headquarters in New Delhi to find out if any information was available on the coffee
drinking habits of urban Indians.

The first group now drew a plan as to what sections of the market would it target, i.e.
how would they segment the target market for the purpose of research. The sole
precondition they had in mind for the users was that the respondent has to be rich or
in other words should have the purchasing power required. They decided on the
following segments -:

1) Homemakers- 40

- 11 -
Creative Crest

2) Students- 20
3) Professionals- 40
4) Businessmen- 50
5) Senior Citizens- 50

No distinction was made with regard to the dealers.

These segments were then presented to Mr. Rampal who seemed content with this
break-up and gave the go-ahead. Meanwhile the other employee could not find any
relevant data at FICCI but was directed towards the website of the Coffee Board of
India. He was told that he should surf through their website to find all kinds of tables,
diagrams, forecasts, etc.

Following the ratification of segmentation the first group started getting

questionnaires filled. They went to the field to areas such as Priya Cinema Complex,
malls all over New Delhi and NCR, etc. They also used their personal contacts
(keeping the target market i.e. the economically forward strata of the society in mind
all the time) but ensured that at no point of time discrepancies creep in to their
research due to the non –seriousness of the respondents. Following is the
questionnaire which was used to interview the users.

Questionnaire (Users)

Q1. Which hot beverage do you take?

Coffee Tea Chocolate Malt Others _________ (please specify)

Q2. How often do you have coffee?

• Several times in a day
• Once a day
• Few times in a week
• Occasionally

Q3. Are you brand conscious?

Yes No

Q4. How do you like your coffee?

Filter Coffee Cappuccino Espresso Others _________ (please specify)

Q5. Which brand of coffee do you drink at home?

Nescafe Bru Tata Coffee Unbranded Others __________

Q6. Do you like Cold or Hot Coffee?

Hot Cold

Q7. Where do you have your coffee?

Home Outlet Office

- 12 -
Creative Crest

Q8. Would you try anything other than the coffee brand you are already loyal to?
Yes No Can’t Say

Q9. Do you use a coffeemaker (not a vending machine) at home/office?

Yes No

Q10. If yes, which brand?


Q11. What is your perception about coffeemakers?


Q12. Would you like to have a coffeemaker which would give you filter
coffee/bean coffee instantly?
Yes No Can’t Say

Q13. Which are your favourite coffee outlets?

Café Coffee Day
Costa Coffee
Others _____________ (please specify)

Q14. What comes to your mind when you hear: 'It's a German Brand '?

Q15. What comes to your mind when you hear the brand Melitta?


Q16. Do you use a vacuum cleaner?

Yes No

Q17. How often do you use your vacuum cleaner?

• Several times in a day
• Once a day
• Few times in a week
• Once a week
• Once a month
• Never

Q18. What kind of a vacuum garbage disposal bag do you use?

Disposable Reusable Don’t know

Q19. Which brand do you use at home?

Eureka Forbes
Others (please specify)

Q20. What does the word ‘Swirl’ mean for you?


- 13 -
Creative Crest

The other employee also kept at his work. He went on to the website of Coffee Board
of India and collected as much data as he could. He then edited and reformatted the
data as per the needs of the client. He also tried to find out some data from books and
went to the Delhi Public Library but could find nothing pertinent to the need.

After five days of hectic research the first group came up with 200 filled
questionnaires by users and 100 filled questionnaires by dealers presented them to Mr.
Rampal who seemed pretty happy with the effort. He now sat with them and directed
them on how the data is to be tabulated to bring it in a presentable form. A number of
tools were decided upon such as pie charts, bar diagrams, etc. A deadline of two days
was set by Mr. Rampal for this work. The secondary data collected in all this time was
also verified by Mr. Rampal who asked the employee to delete some information
which was not needed and unnecessarily cluttered the document. Mr. Rampal also
announced a performance bonus for all four employees for their timely work.


A couple of days later all the information collected were printed and couriered to
Munich, Germany. At the same time Mr.Rampal also called up the concerned people
at Melitta to inform them about the completion of the research and was informed that
the company would get back to him once they study the results of the research.

- 14 -
Creative Crest


Client Brief:

TolMol enables shoppers to compare and find the best deal on product and service
offerings from thousands of online and local sellers.

In single TolMol search, shoppers can find information on thousands of products and
services from popular shopping websites and local sellers across major cities in India.
Shoppers can compare product features and prices side by side. Unbiased product and
seller reviews and ratings further help shoppers make an informed buying decision.




Rs.70, 000 per month/-

Relationship with Creative Crest: wanted their launch as a website to be widely covered in the Indian

media for which they hired Creative Crest as their PR Agency.

- 15 -
Creative Crest

What was done by Creative Crest?

For the successful launch of Creative Crest took a number of steps. They

1) Inviting Media to the Launch or Pitching the Media

Creative Crest compiled a database which spelt out the people who covered
technology related news at various publications and news channels. All these people
were called up by employees at Creative Crest to invite them to the launch of the
website. They were also e-mailed the invitations which were prepared by the
employees at Creative Crest using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel
Draw. Adequate follow-ups were taken from those who confirmed and it was ensured
that a good number of regional as well as national publications and new channels
grace the occasion. Here is an example of such a pitch which was developed and
used -:

The development of information Technology(IT) and internet as a modern means of

mass communication has brought sweeping social and economic changes to our
society.IT enabled services are the “in” thing today. The Internet has ushered in yet
another tool to help people save time and money.Online shopping,once itself a
rage,has ushered in yet another tool to help people save time and money-
Catching up with this trend is is India’s first and leading
comparison shopping solution.In a single Tolmol search,shoppers can find
information on thousands of products and services from popular shopping websites
and local sellers across major cities in India.Shoppers can compare product features
and prices side by side.

Tolmol uses “web aggregation” technology,which undoubtedly is the success mantra

today.For those not clued in to what exactly web aggregation is,a service that
transparently collects information from multiple sources on the web and performs
useful analysis to add value to the collected information.Thus,in more simpler terms,it
brings home the required data of all products,vendors and attributes in the a simple
and clear way,easy for the consumer to understand,especially those not so tech savvy.

Truly,the USP of tolmol is the comparative aggregation it uses.Beign India’s first

comparison aggregator,Tolmol has become an intermediary between retailers and
consumers,that too in a market as big as India.

Comparative aggragation at Tolmol has largely benefited both consumers and vendors
at large.This technology of Tolmol has reduced search costs,increased product variety
leading to lower prices.In a country like India,where there are thousands of small and
big vendors,Tolmol has given the smaill and big ones a fair access to potential

The feedback too has been mind blowing.Vinod Sharma,a consumer has written in the
feedback section of the site that it not only helped him find air tickets quickly but
helped him save a lot of money.

- 16 -
Creative Crest

Tolmol has cashed on the comparasion aggregation and has been able to achieve a
distant dream-an open interaction between consumers and vendors across India.

2) Preparing Pre/Post Event Releases

The employees at Creative Crest wrote a brief about the event such as the itinerary,
the people behind the website, etc. and mailed it to all media houses as well as
individual publications. This generated pre-event publicity and also ensured that
adequate information is available with the concerned people.

After the event happened, Creative Crest wrote post event press releases and once
again e-mailed and faxed them to all sorts of media. This ensured that the event is
actually covered or published in media. Following publications/channels/websites
thus covered the launch-:

Publication/Chann Date
Nikkei (Japan June
Economic Edition
Amar Ujala 08.5.200
Sandhya Times 16.5.200
Uditvari 16.5.200
Bihar Observe 16.5.200
Headlines Today 15.5.200
DD News 09.5.200
Zee Business 09.5.200
7 12.5.200
7 13.5.200
7 12.5.200
7 11.5.200
7 12.5.200

- 17 -
Creative Crest 15.5.200
Cyber Media

3) Invitation to Chief Guests at the event

Creative Crest invited dignitaries, film stars, sportspersons, etc. to come and grace the
event. Invitations were sent by post, were emailed, and also delivered through phone
calls to ensure that the event does not fall short of any star power. Follow-ups were
taken timely from the guests too. Following is the letter and invitation card that was
sent to ministers-:


Honorable Minister,

The development of information Technology(IT) and internet as a modern means of

mass communication has brought sweeping social and economic changes to our
society.IT enabled services are the “in” thing today. The Internet has ushered in yet
another tool to help people save time and money. -COMPARATIVE ONLINE

Catching up with this trend is is India’s first and leading

comparison shopping solution.In a single Tolmol search,shoppers can find
information on thousands of products and services from popular shopping websites
and local sellers across major cities in India.Shoppers can compare product features
and prices side by side.

The USP of tolmol is the comparative aggregation it uses.Being India’s first

comparison aggregator,Tolmol has become an intermediary between retailers and
consumers,that too in a market as big as India.
This technology of Tolmol has reduced search costs,increased product variety leading
to lower prices.In a country like India,where there are thousands of small and big
vendors,Tolmol has given the small and big ones a fair access to potential consumers.

This idea has been incepted by Anuj Kanish, Co- Founder and CEO,Avake and
Ramna Sharma,Co-founder and president,Avake.Avake Technology Group,Inc. is a
leading information Technology company that’s serving its clients globally to meet
their business critical needs.

On the momentous occasion of its launch,we take great pleasure in inviting you to this
event.Your presence at the event will not only add to its glory but make it a affair to

The launch of is on the 9th of May,2007,10:00 a.m at TAJ

Ambassadors,New Delhi.We will be highly obliged if you decide to grace the

- 18 -
Creative Crest


Keenly awaiting your reply

Vikrant Chhabra
Creative Crest

Invitation Card

4) Arranging interviews/media coverage for the Top Brass of

A profile of the CEO of was prepared and e-mailed to all the media
contacts that Creative Crest had garnered over the years. Following is the profile that
was prepared.

- 19 -
Creative Crest

Anuj Kanish
Mr. Anuj Kanish is the Co-Founder and CEO of Avake Technology Inc., a Sacramento
(CA) based Technology Company.

At Avake, he is responsible for operations, finance, marketing and business

development; he builds the right team and also leads collaboration initiatives with
academic institutions. He sets the vision and keeps the team focused. \

Anuj has an MIS degree from University of Texas at Arlington

and BS from Delhi College of Engineering, India.

Anuj has over 12 years of industry experience in business

development and engineering positions; Earlier, Anuj was the
member of business development team of India Power
Partners (IPP), and successfully completed the
business development milestones for three power projects. Anuj also worked in the
customer support division of SABRE (American Airlines) where he got good
exposure to travel industry.

Based in Sacramento, California, Avake continues to bring a new age of e-Business

Products and Solutions with its innovative outlook towards the challenges and trends
of the business world.

Contact details:


Mobile: +91-9999105350

Also a half hour special was telecast on Headlines Today at 2130 hours about and what it means for the Indian
consumer and all this was arranged by
Creative Crest using its personal contacts in
the channel.

Conclusion/Impact: received large scale publicity.

Here are a few examples -:

- 20 -
Creative Crest

- 21 -
Creative Crest

All India Management Association (AIMA)

Client Brief:

The All India Management Association (AIMA) was created as an apex body of
professional management with active support of the Government of India and
Industry in 1957. AIMA is a group- a body to pool management thoughts in the
country, a forum to develop a national managerial ethos, an organisation to facilitate
the furtherance of the management profession in the country.




Rs.1, 25, 000 per month/-

Relationship with Creative Crest:

AIMA is one of the major clients of Creative Crest. The organisations have been
associated for a couple of years now. Creative Crest (CC) handles all the major
mandatory functions of maintaining relations with the various publics for AIMA’s
routine course.

What does Creative Crest do?

Creative Crest carries out a number of functions for AIMA. Some of them being:

1. strategy planning
2. corporate PR
3. online PR
4. media strategy
5. content development
6. event management

These can be explained as follows:

1) Strategy Planning

Formulating the basic Public Relations strategy that the organisation needs to adopt
with the media as well as the public. The communication of major decisions, newest
policies and added functions that the company decides to undertake. CC has provided
AIMA with a professional spokesperson who communicates all the above. This
ensures avoiding duplication in the message communicated, as well professionalism
in dealings.

2) Corporate Public Relations

- 22 -
Creative Crest

Devising and suggesting newer ways to maintain desired mutual relations with
different publics is the most crucial part of corporate PR. CC provides a basis for such
interaction by banking on opportunities such as events and seminars wherein
executives of AIMA can meet and be helped to promote their name and business.
Also, the public, in general, needs to be kept informed about all that is happening in
the organisation. They need to feel connected with the co.’s activities.

3) Online Public Relations

To promote online relations and take them a step further, CC suggested to AIMA that
they introduce new features in their website and make it more informative and
friendly for usage. Also, a blog is a good way to attract people and get them interested
in issues by starting discussions. An employee at CC also forwarded the idea that a
media news-space be opened, to which many other companies may subscribe. The
subscribers be sent regular updates of what is happening at AIMA, what are the major,
upcoming events etc. other such news.

4) Media Strategy

Devising the correct kind of media strategy becomes a major concern, for it is
extremely important to present the right picture to the public. And considering the
growing importance of the media, it is required that proper relations be maintained. At
events such as the AIMA national management event the PR agency takes up the
responsibility for inviting and ensuring adequate media coverage.

5) Content Development

Not only inviting the media to cover events and act as a bridge for communication but
also preparing the right kind of content for communication is a responsibility lying
with the PR firm. So CC develops the pre-event as well post event reports to be
published n the various newspapers/ magazines that are to carry AIMA
communication. The kind of advertisements, announcements, event publicity
declarations etc. need to be dealt with very professionally. And CC manages all this
for AIMA. Below is an example of one such invitation that Creative Crest drafted on
behalf of AIMA.



All India Management Association (AIMA) takes great pleasure in inviting you in a
Lecture Series on “Retaining Talent for Organizational Excellence” on June 20,
2007 at AIMA Auditorium, AIMA, Lodhi road from 6p.m onwards.

As business is gaining flesh and soul day by day; as only smart people are the
architects of the smart business; All India Management Association is all set to
break the ice on the hot topic of current scenario in Lecture series on “Retaining
Talent for Organizational Excellence”.

- 23 -
Creative Crest

AIMA has been making sincere effort to bring together such innovative ways to
come out with a unique solution for enhancement of managerial skills as well as
better employee retention.

Your Presence will be greatly acknowledged.

Media Relations;
Hemant Deswal
Head, Media Relations
Creative Crest
# 9910887244

6) Event Management

Inviting delegates from other companies, as well eminent people from the industry
and media, is all done by CC. They use their experience and appropriate contacts to
get the required, aimed-for coverage in the right newspaper/ magazine, at the right
time. Also the media at the event is handled by people from Creative Crest on behalf
of AIMA.

During the making of this project a number of unknown facts came to the fore. Firstly,
we pretty clearly understood that India is a long way from being called a mature PR
market. The reason for this is that the Indian client still expects a lot more from the
PR firm it hires in the form of event management, marketing, etc. and often mistakes
a PR agency for a Marketing or Ad Agency. For instance- Creative Crest did a lot
more for its clients than just manage PR. When asked about this the Creative Crest
employees said that this is essential for survival.

Another thing which struck us was the clinical professional which was on display by
Creative Crest. Professionalism in books was brought to life. However at the same
time one got to know that PR can never be a 9-to-5 grind. It is a 24*7 job as keeping
the client happy is all that matters and that too round the clock.

Finally as the industry is still in its nascent stage here in India so the margins are
understandably comfortable. In other words if you do well, you get paid well. But this
comes with a rider which says that the client must see value for the money he is
spending all the time.

- 24 -
Creative Crest

Following are the sources used for completing this project:


People spoken to

 Ms. Urvi Goyal, Ex-HR Manager, Creative Crest

 Mr. Hemant Deswal, Ex- Head, Media Relations, Creative Crest

- 25 -
Creative Crest

- 26 -