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Biznet InterCity Network

Biznet InterCity Network provides connectivity between major cities located in Indonesia. These cities are connected with high capacity Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure to support data, voice and video transmission. Biznet Networks represents one of the industry's most advanced deployments of digital optical technology, it allows us to upgrade the network capacity and offers a broader range of higher-speed data transport services to content providers, enterprises, and service providers. Biznet InterCityWAN Service Biznet InterCityWAN Service is an inter-city loop service offered by Biznet using NG-SDH (Next Generation - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) equipment to support SDH and Ethernet based service technology. It supports point-to-point and hubbed configuration options across a wide range of bandwidth options and interfaces. Proven Performance Biznet InterCity provides you with a superior network design to deliver top performance network. We guaranteed 99.8 percent Service Level Agreement (SLA) uptime with the lowest packet loss and latency. World-Class Premiere Care Biznet Premiere Care is the heart of our proactive support service to our customer. Network performance constantly monitored 24x7 at Biznet Global Network Operating Center facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. With multiple support level system to ensure all the issues resolved quickly and effectively to minimize downtime for you and your customer satisfaction. Coverage Area
Features Hundreds of kilometer (KM) of intercity route in Indonesia and expanding Directly connected with Biznet Metro Ethernet and Biznet Metro FTTH Network, with ability to access more than 100 on-net buildings Diverse with no single points of failure Multi-conduit, high-fiber-count infrastructure Proactive Premiere Care support 24x7 at Biznet Global Network Operation Center (GNOC) 99.8 percent uptime guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) Benefits Deliver high speed Intercity backbone using end-to-end optical connection Stay focus on delivering service to your end customer without having to build and operate Fiber Optic Network Removing hassle from managing project construction Port Connectivity Options SDH* STM1 (155 Mbps) STM4 (622 Mbps) STM16 (2.5 Gbps) STM64 (10 Gbps) Ethernet* 10 Mbps 100 Mbps 1 Gbps 10 Gbps
* Port availability may vary by each POP

Additional Services Biznet Internet Exchange (BIX) Colocation DNS management Global IP Transit IP Address allocation Secure real time usage monitoring (MRTG) Web/Email Hosting Biznet Networks
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