The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India ASSOCHAM Corporate Office 1, Community Center, Zamrudpur, Kailash Colony

, New Delhi 110048 Tel: 46550555(Hunting Line) Fax:011-46536481/2 Website:

Filled in forms to be sent to

1. Name of the company/ Foundation - JINDAL STAINLESS LIMITED

2. Nature of the Company/ Industry - MANUFACTURING 3. Year of Establishment - 1970 4. Number of employees Approximately 2,500 regular employees 5. Annual turnover of the company (Rs.) - 5,300 Crores 6. A large percentage of the budget is being spent toward CSR activities

which include infrastructure development, programmatic interventions and other social issues. Toward this effort, JSL has constructed a 400 bedded multi-speciality hospital, which includes a Cancer wing currently in the process of being added to the main hospital, two schools, which includes a girls residential school, and a host of social intervention programmes
7. Current CSR projects - Education, Vocational Education and Training,

Health care, Environment Protection, Community development, Women empowerment and capacity building
8. Describe your company’s social initiatives in maximum 500 words:

Prepare an interesting case study that clearly specifies the target group, project location, issue, stakeholders, socio-economic impact, national significance of the issue, budget, and future sustainability of the project
(Additional Sheet Attached)

(Some examples of Issues are: Environment Conservation, Rural/ Urban Development, Women and Child Health Care, Street Children, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, Primary Education, Women Entrepreneurship, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) for Development, Old Age Homes, Mentally and Physically Challenged Persons, Employment to SC and ST’s, any others

Mrs. Deepika Jindal

Address/Tel/Fax/Email: 12 Bikaji Cama Place, New Delhi …………………………………………………… …………………………………………………… Passport size picture Signature………………………………………

Name: Corporate Social Responsibility Head
Brig Rajiv Williams, YSM (Retd)

Address/Tel/Fax/Email: 12 Bikaji Cama Place 011- 41462119 011- 26197391 011 – 26188340- 50 Passport size picture Signature………………………………………

Case Study (Max 500 words)

JINDAL STAINLESS LTD (JSL) - CSR INITIATIVE Jindal Stainless Ltd (JSL) CSR Initiative has focused its activities on two basic entities, i.e. the internal environment as also the community. Both these target groups have been addressed through various supportive programs toward sustainable development. In its endeavour, the Company for its social agenda has invested in infrastructure development and education programs, besides other social activities which are resource intensive and for which adequate funds have always been made available. The major initiative toward infrastructure development is the construction of a 400 bedded multi-speciality hospital at Hissar, Haryana, which provides health care to all staff of the Jindal Group at Hissar as also to the community. Assessing the requirements of the people and with little or no treatment available for cancer patients, a new ‘Cancer Department’ is being added to the hospital, which will serve a large segment of the population and lend towards achieving the National goal of ‘Health for all’. In addition to the hospital, two schools, housing 830 girls in one school and 3000 children in the other have been constructed at Hissar, where children for all social strata of society are being provided a holistic education volition with all modern facilities available like any other public school in the country. The Vidya Devi Jindal School is a girls residential school, while the other school, O.P. Jindal Modern School is a co-educational school. Besides health care and education, the CSR Initiatives include women empowerment through vocational education and training programs, reproductive child health care programs, medical health camps, environment conservation programs, promotion of sports and a host of extra curricular activities at local levels. The bottom line is beneficiary satisfaction and the list is tall and continues to spiral upwards. The N.C. Jindal Hospital, Hissar has 13 specialities and serves approximately 1000 patients daily with an annual budget outlay of approximately 10 crores. The two schools are affiliated to CBSE and the results encouraging. Toward education the CSR initiative has addressed the poor and the needy with adult education centres in the villages around Hissar, and the volunteering program has found favour with many employees, who volunteer their time and resources with the community. The women empowerment programs include skill development through various training programmes, promoting handicraft, beauty culture, dress designing, cookery, computer literacy programmes and a host of other interventions. Surprisingly the interest shown toward beauty culture even amongst some of the rather conservative families has been very substantial and it just brings out the point that beauty in different segments of society has a common denominator. Environmental conservation is being carried out in different ways, from tree plantation to town beautification and aesthetic promotion. Issues relating to industrial pollution are also being addressed in a very structured manner especially in the State of Orissa. To cater to the enthusiastic needs of the youth, sports tournaments are being sponsored regularly and teams from a cross section of society are encouraged to participate, giving life to the concept of ‘Unity in diversity’. It is with these interventions that JSL is making a difference in people’s lives, and is contributing toward the achievement of the social charter of corporate citizenship.

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