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1. Name of the company : DLF Ltd. Real Estate 1946 2600

2. Nature of the Company/ Industry: 3. Year of Establishment 4. Number of employees : :

5. Annual turnover of the company (Rs) : 4,053.30 Crores/- (2006-2007)

6. Approximate annual budget for corporate social responsibility or corporate citizenship : 7. Current CSR Projects :

While DLF continues to create world class infrastructure through out India it has not lost sight of its responsibilities as a change agent for accelerating the pace of social and economic transformation across various segments to Government . At DLF we are committed to building complement the efforts of the India from the grassroots and

enriching and enhancing the quality of life of its people by creating sustainable economies and by finding globally accepted environment friendly solutions to local problems. All social interventions by the DLF Group are conceived and identified keeping in mind the

need , requirement and the benefit which they likely to give to the community where they are intended to be implemented . DLF social interventions : 1.Rural Development Programmes (RDP) . • Primary Health Centres: In June 2007 DLF partnered with Deepalaya-an NGO for setting up DLF Rural Medical Primary Health Centres. These Primary Health Centres will provide free medical consultancy,health checkups and subsidized medicines . The first such centre is being set up in Village Shikohpur, District Gurgaon catering to all the residents of Shikohpuir as well as adjoining villages. It is proposed to set up 6 such Primary Health Centres in the current financial year . • Rural infrastructure development works including interalia a) internal road construction work in villages Wazirabad and Chakarpur , District Gurgaon b) electrification in villages Chakarpur and Nathupur, District Gurgaon c) construction of additional rooms in the Chakarpur Village School and civil works in the Nathupur Higher Senior Secondary School etc. 2. • Urban Community Development Programmes (UCDP) Facilities for Construction Workers: At DLF it has been our constant endeavor to improve the living conditions of our construction workers by providing them all the basic necessities at the site itself by efficient and effective space management. The labour hutments set up at various DLF Laing O Rourke construction sites are a mix of cemented family rooms and dormitories with electricity, fans, beds and linen facilities and a separate washing and toilet block –all easily approachable by paved roads.The contract for housekeeping including sanitation for the area is being taken care of by an independent agency.

Moreover, facilities like a subsidised canteen, 24-hour ambulance on site and medical help, and organisation of mobile crèches to take care of the children - eight hours a day - are all part of the setup. One such site also houses a residential non-profit school in carpentry and masonry for training potential employees. This is an ongoing project currently being executed in over 17 construction sites benefiting approximately 20,000 construction workers. • Retail Space Utilisation DLF has given free space to a few NGOs like Khusboo Welfare Society, India Vision Foundation and Rashtriya Blind School in the DLF Shopping Malls to enable them to exhibit their products for awareness and to create awareness for the causes they espouse. 3.Education: • Besides running a formal school called the Summerfield School in DLF Phase-I, which caters to 1800 students of the area. DLF also runs an informal school for the underprivileged called the Swapana Sarthak School. This school manned by trained volunteers conducts classes for the children who are ill equipped to join regular school or who cannot afford to do so. All children are enrolled and provided with uniforms, mid-day meals and learning material free of cost .At present the total number of students in this school is 200. • DLF Learning Excellence Centres: To facilitate education in 25 villages in the state of Haryana, in May, 2007 DLF has partnered with Pratham, an NGO that will organise DLF Learning Excellence Centres in each of these villages by involving the government schools, community teachers and introducing innovative teaching learning material. This is an ongoing project likely to benefit 900 students over a period of one year

4.Environment Programs: • Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has consistently over the last seven years awarded DLF with ‘Excellence in Horticulture Preservation’. A total of 47 awards have been received under various categories. • DLF has installed one of its kind gas-based power generation system at the Infinity Tower. Co-generation is also a part of this installation as we are utilising the waste heat for air-conditioning and are in effect saving about 25 per cent of power. • This year (July-August, 2007) DLF initiated an plantation drive in 21 villages of Haryana by involving the Government school children and the local Panchayats with support from the Forest Department . • DLF is in the process of switching its street lighting system to 36 watts CFL with electronic choke thereby saving 15-20 watts per street light.

8. Describe your company’s social initiatives in maximum 500 words:

Prepare an interesting case study that clearly specifies the target group, project location, issue, stakeholders, socio-economic impact, national significance of the issue, budget, and future sustainability of the project
(Additional Sheet Attached) (Some examples of Issues are: Environment Conservation, Rural/ Urban Development, Women and Child Health Care, Street Children, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, Primary Education, Women Entrepreneurship, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) for Development, Old Age Homes, Mentally and Physically Challenged Persons, Employment to SC and ST’s, any others

Name: Chairman
Mr K.P. Singh ………………………………………………………

Address/Tel/Fax/Email: DLF Ltd. DLF Centre, Parliament Street New Delhi-110001 Tel: 42102030 Passport size picture Signature………………………………………

Name: Group Executive Director
Mr Rajeev Talwar ………………………………………………………

Address/Tel/Fax/Email: DLF Ltd.. DLF Centre, Parliament Street New Delhi-110001 Tel: 42102124 Passport size picture Signature………………………………………

Case Study (Max 500 words) While DLF continues to create world class infrastructure through out India it has not lost sight of its responsibilities as a change agent for accelerating the pace of social and economic transformation across various segments . Even though there has been tremendous improvement in construction technology and quality it is distressing to note that the people who actually make all the glitzy buildings are a neglected lot and are often required to do so in inhuman conditions. The sight of construction workers and their children living in jhuggies without even the basic facilities at most of the construction sites is not uncommon. At DLF it has been our constant endeavor to improve the living conditions of our construction workers by providing them all the basic necessities at the site itself by efficient and effective space management. DLF seized the initiative in this respect and became a pioneer in providing all necessary facilities to its construction workers on site when it tied up with Laing O Rourke for construction projects. As a pilot project the site selected was an area of approx. 42 acres in village Silokhera District Gurgaon where an IT Park of 10 million sq feet was to come up. The construction on this site is slated to be completed by 2010. The total work force currently deployed at the site consists of about 6000 people. Out of this 5500 are essentially construction labour, with 500 supervisors . Further 1500 no. of people are with families and 3500 are single. There are a total number of 4200males , 1800 females and 2000 children

Before commencement of the construction a suitable location was identified on site for construction of hutments to house the workforce for the entire duration of the project. Instead of constructing makeshift or temporary accommodation a budget of Rs 6 crores

was sanctioned to build a mix of cemented hutments and dormitories for the workers . The entire area was paved to ensure easy access even during the monsoons and the work of sanitation and housekeeping was outsourced to a third party namely M/s Lion Services. All the residential accomodation is provided with electricity, water, fans, beds and linen and separate areas have been provided for toilets and washing. In order to take care of the children of the workers mobile crèches have been made available on site through a strategic tie up with an NGO- .A subsidized canteen manned by a third party has also been made available on site to ensure hygienic and good quality food on site. Medical help is available on site along with a 24 hour ambulance to take care of emergencies. In order to improve the skills of the workers as well as train potential workers on site a non profit residential “Apprentice Training Centre” for imparting skills in carpentry and masonry has also been constructed . This model is being replicated in 17 sites all over India catering to a workforce of approximately 20,000 workers. It is proposed to extend this model to all future sites being developed by DLF. If all construction companies were to adopt a similar approach then the construction workers would not be forced to live in inhuman conditions on site for the duration of the time they spend in creating the infrastructure which becomes the pride of the nation.


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