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Global Information System Corporation’s (Gis Corp) principle is to build a company which always stands side by side with you in such areas as: Industrial electricity, Automation, Telecommunications and Information Technology. We are capable of providing solutions, devices, installation and implementation as well as perform warranty, customer services and we stand side by side with you throughout. Everything that Gis Corp builds is for your benefit, the constant development of your company and the harmony of benefits, products and services provided by Gis Corp always have high quality, optimized for your needs and that meet local as well as international standards. Gis Corp always has to try its hardest and endeavor to create the best working environment, have a high and stable professional staff, partners providing the best products and especially, customers’ trust. Prestige and quality are the work ethics of each Gis Corp’s staff member.

Whether your business is in telecommunication and information technology area, electricity or any other business come to Gis Corp and you will be satisfied. We have clear and unchanged business purpose: high professionalism, selected products and perfect services. You can completely trust, and be satisfied, when letting us provide a package solution or any option such as: consulting, designing, providing, installing, operation development, training technology transfer, maintaining, servicing or post customer services.

Gis Corp, you can put all your trust in! Come to us to experience and it will be proved once again!

Cooperate Together – Develop Together

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