CD 1- Mushy, Gushy, Lovey-Dovey Songs

1. She Thinks She needs Me Andy Griggs I put this song on here because it says it all… you think you are the lucky one, but for once in your life, you couldn’t be more wrong! 2. Don’t Think I Can’t Love you Jake Owen This one is on here because I’m not very good at many things, but never doubt my ability to love you 3. Lady Little River Band “Don’t be thinkin’ that I don’t want you, ‘cause baby I do” 4. Time and Confusion Anberlin Lyrics make this song self explanatory, ”I hold it all when I hold you”, among some others, it’s up to you to decipher 5. Crazy Love Pepper It’s hard to explain, so just listen 6. Kentucky Rain Elvis Presley Yes, I would walk through cold Kentucky rain from town to town just to find you, get back to you, or to reunite us for any other reason 7. Why Don’t We Just Dance Josh Turner Fahgetaboutit, lets just push the couch outta the way and dance all night long, that way I can feel like I’m in heaven, since you think im going to hell 8. Contagious Trapt I wasn’t ready to let anyone in, ever, but I let you in and you infected me, can’t get enough of you (I inserted the lyrics because I’m clever) 9. Lay Me Down (ft. Rome)

Then Brad Paisley Yeah. like I still get around you 17. I’m very lucky Knees of My Heart Jimmy Buffet I know you don’t like him. 13.Dirty Heads We always talk about running away together. but you really do bring me down to the knees of my heart. you didn’t listen 11. Plus. I do find new reasons to love you every day. call it gay.Why Don’t You and I Santana It says be together forever. not kiss your life partner 12. just like I love you. River of Love George Strait SO catchy. love this song. so let’s pretend the sheriff’s posse is on our tail and flea to a beach somewhere Love Song 311 If you don’t get this one. so clearly this is just the beginning 16. so it’s on here. . so grab your innertube and lets go floatin’ down the river of love (don’t forget the cooler of buds and the bug spray) 14. but its completely heterosexual since it says kiss the girl. Just Got Started Lovin’ You James Otto Forever is a long time. Guys Like Me Eric Church Guys like me don’t get girls like you. I love you baby doll! 15. it talks about how nervous he gets around a girl. Kiss the Girl The Little Mermaid Remember how nervous I was to give you a kiss goodnight? This song played in my head. 10.

7. if I leave for the Army. She’s a Hottie Toby Keith Do I really need to explain this one? 3. and I wouldn’t change one second of it 2. Calling You . Keep Me in Your Heart Warren Zevon “If I leave you it doesn’t mean I love you any less”. I expect to still be your man forever 4. Close Enough to Perfect Alabama Just to remind you that you’re the only perfect girl out there. I hope I have set you free and am living up to your expectations 8. Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Bad Company See explanation for Song 2. since Alabama only found girls that were close enough 6. Waiting 311 I waited for so long. hope you enjoy the catchy melody! 5. Set You Free The Black Keys Anthem when I was there for you through the _ _ _ _ thing. but to me it strikes me as a long distance relationship that they are singing about.CD 2.Songs That Make Me Think of You (clearly not all of them because I don’t have that many cds) 1. so yeah. so please baby. Fool in the Rain Led Zeppelin I’m pretty sure this is about a break up. Disc 2.

11. I hope it will always be the two coins of your love. but you get the picture) 13. no way I DARE you to try (not really. But I don’t know why this makes me think of you. Summer of Love 311 I spent the best summer of my life so far with you. That being said. Two Coins Dispatch Another one that’s hard to explain. people liked California girls. . 14. Dave Navarro) Shwayze Just an all around good song. Strokin’ Clarence Carter Just listen to it . Keep You Much Longer 16. 17. fun fact for the day. but when I reach into my pocket and grab some small change.Blue October This song is PERFECT for how I feel about you. but it does. If you miss the lyrics please read them 9.) California Girl Lucky 7 Prior to Katy Perry. 10. Flashlight (ft. 12. you’re the bomb (haha) and I love you sooo much Can’t Stop My Heart From Lovin’ You Aaron Neville Nope. Whenever I see you your eyes glow like a flashlight. Wish You Were Here Incubus Duh. 15. and I expect a lot more Daisy Cutter 311 The daisy cutter was a bomb about the size of a vw bug used during the Vietnam War to clear LZs for helicopters.

bad friends.Bad mood music 1. etc… this song is a great “this would be on the soundtrack of my life right now” song 5. If I get to fly Apaches will be playing in my cockpit as I shoot missiles at terrorists. Close Friends Adema You know how you always say you think of songs for how the other person would feel. well this one is perfect for you-know-who when she realizes she lost an amazing friend 4. she’s not your friend (you’ll get it after you listen to the lyrics) 6. Down With the Sickness Disturbed Lets play this and bash some skulls. Eyes Wired Shut Edgewater When you think you’re going insane from the stress of school. it will set the mood 2.Akon “You will always be my girl and you can quote me on that statement” CD 3. Lie to Me . F*** Off Song Reel Big Fish Play this in the background when you have your talk. Wish I May Breaking Benjamin She wishes she was. with your picture taped to my control panel so I can picture you doing the “oo ah ah ah ah” 3.

Destroy Everything 13. no real lyrical meaning Twisted Transistor KoRn I LOVE KoRn. find them and see if you are correct 14. Bulls on Parade Rage Against the Machine Basically just an adrenaline driver for when you’re angry. Nuff said. you said you liked it… go for her knees and give her neck a squeeze… wow too violent. I’m not even listening to these songs and I want to punch all of the people that have hurt you/us Blood on the Ground Incubus There are a few lines in the song that remind me of your passive aggressiveness… your goal. 7. 8. I recommend checking it out on a bad day Bitches ICP I played it in the car.12 Stones Life Soundtrack when you feel betrayed. You could probably break that window then 9. Prob one of my favorite mashups ever. The original Coming Undone by KoRn is sick to. Du Hast Rammstein Did I ever tell you how badly I want to learn German? Well partly because when I’m pissed off or just want to get amped up I LOVE raging out to Rammstein… if you’ve seen xXx w/ Vin Diesel they are the band at the beginning . 12. disc 3. absolutely love them. 10. Silly World Stone Sour See explanation for song 4. When you feel like no one understands you. Coming Undone Wit It KoRn & Dem Franchise Boys HAD to follow TT up with this one. just remember the music does 11.If you’re pissed off. . put this song on and turn the volume up.

big and small. 17. someone may be important. 15. it all means the world to me. 16. Just know I am honored to be your boyfriend. I hope you enjoy these songs and my often corny explanations of why I put them on these cds. and I am 100% okay with that. be a part of your life. and based on the song I don’t think it would fit in with the lovey-dovey mushy songs. Ladies and Gentlemen Saliva Not really a bad mood song. You are my number one supporter and I hope I can return that to you as you chase your dreams. you are extremely beautiful inside and out and I am blessed to have you in my life. I truly love you and care about you more than you will ever know. I love you Lucy B. you said you liked it in the car Walk Pantera Tell “her” to hit the road Done With You Papa Roach Pretty self explanatory when someone betrays you Famous Last Words My Chemical Romance Yeah. Kuhna. but if they treat you like poop don’t be afraid to keep on living 18. but you are the girl that I am head over heels in love with. You are not only my BEST friend. rather. because as I chase mine. I figured you might like it for doing abs or something. Thank you for all you do for me. you always seem to appear in them.Hatebreed Went pretty heavy on this one. actually a good mood song for me. Baby doll. Christopher The M is for Morihlaxbro Morihlatko .

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