Other planning outputs Historical information Organizational policies Constraints Assumptions

Project Planning Methodology Stakeholder skills & knowledge PMIS EVM

Project plan Supporting details Organizational policies Preventive action Corrective action

General Management Skills Product skills and knowledge Work Authorization System Status review meetings PMIS Organizational procedures

Project Plan Development - Tools

Project Plan Development - Input

Project Plan Execution - Tools

Project Plan Execution - Input

Project plan Performance reports Change requests

Change Control System Configuration Management Performance Measurement Additional Planning PMIS

Product description Strategic plan Project selection criteria Historical information

Project Selection Methods Expert Judgment

Integrated Change Control - Tools Integrated Change Control - Input

Initiation - Tools

Initiation - Input

Product Description Project Charter Constraints Assumptions

Product Analysis Benefit/Cost Analysis Alternatives Identification Expert Judgment

Scope statement Constraints Assumptions Other planning outputs Historical information

WBS Templates Decomposition

Scope Planning - Tools

Scope Planning - Input

Scope Definition - Tools

Scope Definition - Input

Work results Product documentation WBS Scope statement Project plan


WBS Performance reports Change requests Scope management plan

Scope Change Control System Performance Measurement Additional planning

Scope Verification - Tools

Scope Verification - Input

Scope Change Control - Tools

Scope Change Control - Input

WBS Scope statement Historical information Constraints Assumptions Expert Judgement Activity list Product description Mandatory dependencies

Decomposition Templates

Precedence Diagram Method (PDM) Arrow Diagram Method (ADM) Conditional Diagram Techniques

Activity Definition - Tools

Activity Definition - Input

Activity Sequencing - Tools

Activity Sequencing - Input

Discretionary dependencies External dependencies Milestones

Network templates

Activity list Constraints Assumptions Resource requirements Resource capabilities Historical information Identified risks Project Network diagrams Activity durations estimates Resource requirements

Expert Judgment Analogous Estimating Quantitative Reserve time (contingency)

Mathematical Analysis Duration Compression Simulation

Activity Sequencing - Tools

Activity Sequencing - Input

Activity Duration Estimating - Tools

Activity Duration Estimating Input

Resource pool description Calendars Constraints Assumptions Leads and lags Risk Management plan Activity attributes Project schedule Performance reports Change requests Schedule management plan

Resource leveling heuristics PM software Coding structure

Schedule Change Control System Performance Measurement Additional planning PM software Variance analysis

WBS Historical information

Expert Judgment

Schedule Development - Tools

Schedule Development - Input

Schedule Control - Tools

Schedule Control - Input

Resource Planning - Tools

Resource Planning - Input

Scope statement Resource pool description Organization policies Activity duration estimates

Alternatives Identification PM software

WBS Resource requirements Resource rates Activity duration estimates Estimating publications Historical information Chart of accounts Risks

Analogous Estimating Parametric Modeling Bottom-Up Estimating Computerized tools Other Cost Estimating Methods

Resource Planning - Tools

Resource Planning - Input

Cost Estimating - Tools

Cost Estimating - Input

Cost estimates WBS Project schedule Risk management plan

Cost Estimating Tools & Techniques

Cost baseline Performance reports Change requests Cost management plan

Cost Change Control System Performance measurement EVM Additional planning Computerized tools

Cost Budgeting - Tools

Cost Budgeting - Input

Cost Control - Tools

Cost Control - Input

Quality policy Scope statement Product description Standards and regulations Other process inputs

Benefit/Cost Analysis Benchmarking Flowcharting Design of experiments Cost of quality

Quality management plan Quality control measurements Operational definitions

Quality Planning Tools and Techniques Quality Audits

Quality Planning - Tools

Quality Planning - Input

Quality Assurance - Tools

Quality Assurance - Input

Quality Control - Tools

Quality Control - Input

Work results Quality management plan Operational definitions Checklists

Inspection Control Charts Pareto Diagrams Statistical sampling Flow charting Trend analysis

Project interfaces Staffing requirements Constraints

Templates Human Resource Practices Organizational Theory Stakeholder Analysis

Quality Control - Tools

Quality Control - Input

Organizational Planning - Tools

Organizational Planning - Input

Staffing management plan Staffing pool description Recruitment practices

Negotiations Pre-assignment Procurement

Project staff Project plan Staffing management plan Performance reports External feedback

Team Building Activities General management skills Reward and Recognition Systems Collocation Training

Staff Acquisition - Tools

Staff Acquisition - Input

Team Development - Tools

Team Development - Input

Communications requirements Communications technology Constraints Assumptions

Stakeholder Analysis

Work results Communication Skills Communications management plan Information retrieval systems Project plan Information distribution systems

Communication Planning - Tools

Communication Planning - Input

Information Distribution - Tools

Information Distribution - Input

Project plan Work results Other project records

Performance Reviews Variance Analysis Trend Analysis Earned Value Analysis Information Distribution Tools

Performance measurement docs Product documentation Other project records

Performance Reporting Tools Project reports Project presentations

Performance Reporting - Tools

Performance Reporting - Input

Administrative Closure - Tools

Administrative Closure - Input

Project charter Organizational risk management policies Defined roles and responsibilities Stakeholder risk tolerances Organization's risk management template WBS

Planning Meetings

Risk management plan Project planning outputs

Documentation reviews Information gathering techniques

Risk Management Planning - Tools Risk Management Planning - Input

Risk Identification - Tools

Risk Identification - Input

Risk categories Historical information

Checklists Assumptions analysis Diagramming techniques

Risk management plan Identified risks Project status Project type Data precision Scales of probability and impact Assumptions Risk management plan

Risk Probability and Impact Probability/Impact Risk Rating Matrix Project Assumptions Testing Data Precision Ranking


Risk Identification - Tools

Risk Identification - Input

Qualitative Risk Analysis - Tools

Qualitative Risk Analysis - Input

Quantitative Risk Analysis - Tools

Quantitative Risk Analysis - Input

Identified risks List of prioritized risks List of risks for additional analysis Historical information Expert judgement Other planning outputs
Risk management plan Risk response plan Project communication Additional risk identification and analysis Scope changes

Sensitivity Analysis Decision Tree Analysis Simulation

Project Risk Response Audits Periodic Project Risk Reviews Earned Value Analysis Technical Performance Measurement Additional risk response planning

Quantitative Risk Analysis - Tools

Quantitative Risk Analysis - Input

Risk Monitoring and Control - Tools Risk Monitoring and Control - Input

Scope statement Product description Procurement resources Market conditions Other planning outputs Constraints Assumptions

Make or Buy Analysis Expert Judgment Contract Type Selection

Procurement management plan SOW Other planning outputs

Standard Forms Expert Judgment

Procurement Planning - Tools

Procurement Planning - Input

Solicitation Planning - Tools

Solicitation Planning - Input

Procurement documents Qualified seller lists

Bidders Conferences Advertising

Proposals Evaluation criteria Organizational policies

Contract Negotiation Weighting System Screening System Independent Estimates

Solicitation - Tools

Solicitation - Input

Source Selection - Tools

Source Selection - Input

Contract Work results Change requests Seller invoices

Contract Change Control System Performance Reporting Payment System

Contract documentation

Procurement Audits

Contract Administration - Tools

Contract Administration - Input

Contract Close-out - Tools

Contract Close-out - Input

Project Plan Supporting detail

Quality Improvement Acceptance Decisions Rework Completed checklists Process adjustments

Work Results Change Requests

Role and responsibility assignments Staffing Management Plan

Quality Control - Output

Project Plan Development - Output

Organizational Planning - Output

Project Plan Execution - Output

Organization Chart Supporting detail

Project Plan Updates Corrective Action Lessons Learned

Project Staff Assigned Project Team Directory

Project Charter

Performance Improvements

Organizational Planning - Output

Project Plan Execution - Output

Staff Acquisition - Output

Integrated Change Control Output

Team Development - Output

Initiation - Output

PM identified and assigned Constraints Assumptions

Input to performance appraisals

Scope Statement Supporting detail Scope management plan

Communications Management Plan

Team Development - Output

Initiation - Output

Communication Planning - Output

Scope Planning - Output

WBS Scope statement updates

Project records Project reports Project presentations

Formal Acceptance

Performance Reports Change Requests

Information Distribution - Output

Scope Definition - Output

Performance Reporting - Output

Scope Verification - Output

Scope Changes Corrective Action Lessons Learned Adjusted baseline

Project Archives Project Closure Lessons Learned

Activity List Supporting detail WBS updates

Risk Management Plan

Administrative Closure - Output

Scope Change Control - Output

Risk Management Planning Output

Activity Definition - Output

Project Network Diagrams Activity list updates

Risks Triggers Inputs to other processes

Activity Duration Estimates Basis of estimates Activity list updates

Overall Risk Ranking for the project List of Prioritized risks
List of risks for additional analysis & mgmt.

Trends in qualitative risk analysis results

Risk Identification - Output

Activity Sequencing - Output

Qualitative Risk Analysis - Output

Activity Duration Estimating Output

Project Schedule Supporting detail Schedule Management Plan Resource requirements update

Prioritized list of quantified risks Probabilistic analysis of the project
Probability of achieving the cost & time objs.

Trends in quantitative risk analysis results

Risk response plan

Schedule Updates Corrective Action Lessons Learned

Residual risks Secondary risks Contractual agreements Contingency reserve amounts needed

Quantitative Risk Analysis - Output

Schedule Development - Output

Risk Response Planning - Output

Schedule Control - Output

Inputs to other processes Inputs to a revised project plan

Resource requirements

Workaround plans Corrective action Project change requests Updates to risk response plan Risk database Updates to risk identification checklists

Cost Estimates Supporting detail Cost Management Plan

Procurement Management Plan Statements of Work

Risk Response Planning - Output

Schedule Control - Output

Risk Monitoring and Control Output

Resource Planning - Output

Procurement Planning - Output

Cost Estimating - Output

Cost Baseline

Procurement Documents Evaluation Criteria SOW Updates

Revised Cost Estimates Budget Updates Corrective Action


Solicitation Planning - Output

Cost Budgeting - Output

Solicitation - Output

Cost Control - Output

Estimate At Completion (EAC) Project closeout Lessons Learned

Quality Management Plan Operational Definitions Checklists Inputs to other processes


Solicitation - Output

Cost Control - Output

Source Selection - Output

Quality Planning - Output

Quality Improvement

Correspondence Contract Changes Payment Requests

Contract File Formal Acceptance and Closure

Risk management plan List of prioritized risks Risk ranking of the project

Avoidance Transference Mitigation

Contract Administration - Output

Quality Assurance - Output

Contract Close-out - Output

Risk Response Planning - Tools

Risk Response Planning - Input

Prioritised list of quantified risks Probabilistic analysis of the project Probability of achieving time & cost objs. List of potential responses Risk thresholds Risk owners Common risk causes
Trends in qualilty & quantitative risk analysis results

Acceptance (with fallback/contingency)

Risk Response Planning - Tools

Risk Response Planning - Input

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