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CEP 260 Dynamics in Personal Adjustment

The topic of this 45-minute presentation can be one that elaborates upon an adjustment issue discussed in this class, or one that has not been covered. Pick a topic that your group is genuinely interested in and that will provide relevant information to the class. Groups are to present accurate information that is congruent with present, up-to-date literature, as shown by citing the appropriate source while talking or in writing. Groups are encouraged to use a variety of visual aids (posters, videos, powerpoint, etc) while detailing how the information is applicable to our lives. Get the class involved, make it interesting, and connect the activity back to course concepts. The presentations are scheduled for the last two class sessions. Groups will be assigned in class and a brief (2-3 sentences) summary of the topic chosen should be written up and put in the Angel drop box by March 5th. Group Grade criteria (95 points) 1. Accurate presentation Information presented should be concise and congruent with present, up-to-date literature, as shown by providing me a list of sources used in your presentation. It is recommended that you look for journal articles or other sources to supplement text material. Only credible websites are appropriate to include as a source. 2. Visual Aides and Examples Use of visual aides/ clear examples that make the presentation understandable and interesting (e.g. poster, guest speaker, video, etc.) Though many students use powerpoint to present information, I would recommend that you use this only minimally. 3. Make Connections Ability to make the connection between the theoretical perspective (the way we view issues based on what we read about in the text) and the applied perspective (how these concepts are seen in the real world). 4. Activity An important part of giving a presentation is engaging the audience. You need to come up with some kind of quiz/activity/game that will inform the audience of the material while still being engaging. 5. Clarity and Organization The presentation should provide overall clarity and organization of material. Individual Grade (15 points) Each member of the group will give an overall score to every other member of the group. A total of 15 points will be given based on effort during presentation, participation and attendance of group meetings, and general ability.

Group Presentation Rubric

CATEGORY Introduction (10 points) Excellent The introduction is engaging and provides an overview of the presentation. Good The introduction clearly states the purpose and topic of the presentation but is not particularly engaging to the audience. Group is at ease with expected answers to all questions, but fails to elaborate. OK The introduction states the main topic, but does not adequately preview the structure of the presentation nor is it particularly engaging. Needs Work There is no clear introduction of the main topic or structure of the presentation

Accuracy of Presentation (20 points)

Groups demonstrates full knowledge (more than required) by answering all class questions with explanations and elaboration. Balanced use of multimedia materials; properly used to develop thesis; use of media is varied and appropriate

Group is uncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questions.

Group does not have grasp of information; students cannot answer questions about subject.

Visual Aides and Examples (15 points)

Use of multimedia not as varied and not as well connected to thesis

Choppy use of multimedia materials; lacks smooth transition from one medium to another; multimedia not clearly connected to thesis

Little or no multimedia used or ineffective use of multimedia; imbalance in use of materialstoo much of one, not enough of another

Making Connections (25 Points)

There is a clear and engaging connection between theory and application of topic. Many course concepts are accurately applied.

There is a clear connection between theory and application of topic but is not engaging. Activity is relevant to the topic but does not fully engage the audience.

No clear connection between Group did not attempt to theory and application. make connection between theory and application.

Activity (15 Points) Activity is relevant to the topic and fully engages everyone in the audience.

Activity is somewhat relevant Activity is not relevant to to topic and does not engage the topic and does not audience. engage audience.

Clarity and Organization (10 Points)

Thesis is clearly stated and developed; specific examples are appropriate and clearly develop thesis; conclusion is clear; shows control; flows together well; good transitions; succinct but not choppy; well organized

Most information presented in logical sequence; generally very well organized but better transitions from idea to idea and medium to medium needed

Concept and ideas are loosely connected; lacks clear transitions; flow and organization are choppy

Presentation is choppy and disjointed; does not flow; development of thesis is vague; no apparent logical order of presentation