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Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Highlights from 2010 - 2011 Board of Directors and Staff Parent-Child Home Program Success by 6

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Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Highlights from 2010 - 2011
During the 2010 - 2011 school year, Family Connection... * organized the first St. Luke’s Vision Van visit for the Easton Area School District * offered the first Parents Are Awesome, Too! parent education workshop at Paxinosa Elementary School * completed a kindergarten transition plan for the Easton Area School District * presented a workshop at the Parent-Child Home Program national conference and served on a panel at Northampton Community College’s first annual peace conference * provided family support and case management to over 250 families, helping them to save $176,500 by increasing utilization of public and community services * provided afterschool academic support for 105 students and preschool education for 39 students * served over 4000 nutritious snacks after school at Cheston Elementary School * conducted 1950 home visits for preschool age students and their families * provided over 100 holiday meals to families in need and distributed holiday gifts to 250 children * hosted field trips to Lafayette College, the Easton Area Public Library, and the Easton Firehouse * hosted family nights including Lights on Afterschool and a Dr. Seuss night * held our 4th and 5th annual summer arts camps, serving a total of 24 students * held the 2nd annual Kindergarten Kickoff Carnival * hosted kindergarten transition visits for 120 preschool students * provided four Parents Who Care parenting education groups for 20 families
Family Connection of Easton has been the family center in the Easton Area School District since 1998. We help students be successful in school by: developing positive family - school community relationships; supporting and engaging families; removing barriers to learning; and providing extra learning opportunities. Our vision: Creating a compassionate community where all children and families have the opportunity to achieve academic and personal success Our mission: Family Connection is a catalyst for change within families, schools, and communities. Through a team approach that includes families, the Easton Area School District, and community organizations, we improve academic performance, the quality of life, and the strength of our community.

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors:
Rev. Lori Kochanski, president; pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Patricia Hunter, vice president; executive director, Spring Garden Children’s Center Julie A. Bator, secretary; Health Choices - managed care coordinator; Northampton County Children, Youth, & Families Jacob Ruggles, treasurer; financial advisor, KMJ Financial Debra Bohr; service learning coordinator, Northampton Community College Stephen T. Furst; director of teaching and learning, Easton Area School District Rev. Joseph Grasser; pastor, Christ United Methodist Church Janelle L. Howey, Strengthening Families program facilitator, Valley Youth House Tracy Piazza; principal, Cheston Elementary School Lucas Repka; attorney, King, Spry, Herman, Freund, & Faul, LLC Krista Yetter; teacher, Cheston Elementary School

Jessica R. Dreistadt, executive director Tiffany L. Theadford, finance and administration coordinator Lisa Bedoya, Family Support coordinator Cathy Ziegenfuss, Parent-Child Home Program coordinator Anita M. Hunt, Success by 6 (r) transition coordinator Kim Piergallini, Cheston Cougars Learning Club coordinator Freda Fries, educational support coordinator Cheri Albertson and Ana Jimenez, family support specialists Susan Neith, dental health assistant Rubenia Magana, Marci Nunez, Margie Pearsall, and Heather Hershey, family literacy specialists Sandy Le, afterschool program assistant Angelo DeRaymond, Lynn Nguyen, Allyse Salandy, Sydnee Theadford, and Melissa Vicenty, afterschool program aides

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Parent-Child Home Program

The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is a research- and evidence- based program that prepares students and families for school success through 100 home visits over two years, family literacy events, and referrals to community services. The preschool age children who participate develop literacy, math, communication, problem solving, motor, and personal-social skills while parents learn how to engage their child through books and other educational materials. PCHP was funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley. During the 2010 - 2011 school year: All families have indicated that PCHP helped them and their child be better prepared for school and that they use the books and educational materials in-between home visits. * thirty-nine (39) families participated in PCHP * sixteen (16) students graduated * our four (4) home visitors conducted 1950 home visits * most students met or exceeded benchmarks in communication, problem-solving, motor, and personal-social skills * most students are demonstrating proficiency in personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, the arts, and physical development and health * all students who graduated were able to describe the pictures in a book using words or sentences; most students were able to express pride upon completion of an activity and appropriately express strong positive or negative feelings * most parents of graduating students were able to clearly verbalize expectations, encourage their child to act independently, and show approval of positive behavior

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Success by 6 (r)
Success by 6 (r) is a community-wide effort to prepare students, families, and schools for a successful transition from home or preschool into kindergarten. Through this initiative, Family Connection was able to: * distribute over 400 school readiness bags to students at kindergarten registration * assess the school readiness of the class of 2024 through a parent survey * systematize the transfer of student information from preschools to kindergarten teachers * develop a kindergarten transition plan, which was approved by the Easton Area School District school board in May 2011 * facilitate ‘big school’ visits for 120 preschool students * hold the second annual Kindergarten Kickoff Carnival; 77 families representing all seven elementary schools in the Easton Area School District participated * provide support during school-based summer pre-k programs and kindergarten orientations

Family Connection is very grateful to have been selected by Crayola as the beneficiary of the Great Volunteer Challenge organized by the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley through our affiliation with COMPASS at United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley. Crayola volunteers helped Family Connection pack kindergarten readiness bags, printed flashcards and educational materials for the bags, organized a craft activity for a Project L.E.A.P. preschool transition visit, and organized a coloring activity at the Kindergarten Kickoff Carnival.

Most people (97%) who attended the Kindergarten Kickoff Carnival felt that it helped parents feel better prepared for their child to start school; everyone (100%) agreed that the event helped their child feel better prepared to start school.

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Family Support and Case Management
Family Support and Case Management is a school-based initiative through which our staff strengthens connections between families, the school, and the community so that students can be successful in school. Our family support specialists are community resource liaisons who coordinate services needed by students and families, ensure that families have enough information and support to be effective and engaged members of the school community, act as an advocate and support system for families, and help develop and monitor progress toward family goal plans. We served a total of 264 families this year, including 166 with completed intakes. We provided ongoing case management for 132 families this year. Twenty-four (24) families received public benefits as a result of participating in our family case management program. The total value for these benefits for this fiscal year is $51,693. In addition, families received over 230 different products and services from the community as a result of participating in family case management. The total value of these products and services for the current fiscal year is $124,861. We helped families save an average of $1338. We provided 570 referrals for families this year, a 7% increase since last year. The highest number of referrals (94) were for healthcare. We had a total of 2629 contacts with families including meetings at school, meetings at home, and telephone conversations; this is a 33% increase since last year. We attended 100 school meetings with parents and contacted government and community agencies on their behalf 371 times. Most families (97%) reported that they were very satisfied or satisfied with the amount and type of information they received and with the amount and type of support provided by our staff. Ninety-three percent (93%) stated that their involvement with Family Connection has helped their child in school this year. Ninety-eight percent (98%) stated that they would recommend Family Connection to another family. Family Connection provided family support and case management services to families at Paxinosa, Cheston, March, Palmer, Forks, Shawnee, and Tracy Elementary Schools as well as Easton Area Middle School and Easton Area High School.

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Parents Who Care

Parents Who Care is a six-week family wellness and positive parenting group. Four sessions were held at the Family YMCA this year: two six-week groups in English and two four-week groups in Spanish. Twenty-eight (28) families participated and 20 completed the group. Parents Who Care was funded by Two Rivers Health and Wellness Foundation and the Rider Pool Trust.

At the end of every group, parents have the opportunity to share what they learned. Some of their comments included: “Our whole outlook on parenting has dramatically changed for the better. I learned things about myself that I wouldn’t usually think about or was able to recognize on my own. I feel that this class has...very much improved the communication between my child and I as well as between me and my husband.” “I learned how to deal more calmly with my child in some situations and how to speak in the right tone.” “I learned to be more patient with my children.” “I’ve learned to look at situations through a child’s point of view. I’ve learned that it’s OK to explain what I expect from my child and what they should expect from me.” “The class is a great learning experience. You get to be around other parents who have the same issues as you and together have the opportunity to find the resolution.”

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Health and Wellness

Through a grant from Two Rivers Health and Wellness Foundation, Family Connection supports the Easton Area School District’s dental health initiative. In addition to tooth fairy visits, Family Connection provided assistance during 12 visits with the St. Luke’s Dental Van at Paxinosa and Cheston Elementary Schools, hosted an insurance sign-up night, distributed over 467 dental health education packets, distributed toothbrushes and other dental supplies at community events, and coordinated the first visit of the St. Luke’s Vision Van.

Family Connection provides toiletries such as soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and lotion to families as needed throughout the school year. A bag full of toiletries was given to 21 families this year. River of God Fellowship provides a monthly contribution to help Family Connection stock the toiletry closet.

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Cheston Cougars Learning Club

Cheston Cougars Learning Club (CCLC) is an afterschool academic enrichment program serving 105 students in first through fourth grade at Cheston Elementary School. This program helps students develop academic skills through instruction and interactive activities with certified teachers. Students also receive homework help with tutors from Lafayette College, Easton Area High School, and Northampton Community College. CCLC is funded by United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley. According to a classroom teacher survey, the majority of students demonstrated improvement in most areas. These included completing homework to the teacher's satisfaction (88%), academic performance (74%), self-esteem (69%), getting along with other students (66%), volunteering in class (58%), participation in class (57%), motivation (56%), and turning in homework on time (55%). Parents also indicated that CCLC had a positive influence on their child’s attitude toward school (91%), reading skills (88%), math skills (84%), and school attendance (95%). All families (100%) felt that the program improved their child’s self-confidence.

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Thank You to All of Our Generous Supporters
Barry and Cheri Albertson Jesus Alfaro Catherine Almond Anonymous Antonella’s Amazing Cakes Joan Baldwin Jamie Balliet Paul Barclay Barnes and Noble Julie A. Bator Mr. and Mrs. John Bator Tiffany Bator Henry and Ann Bedoya Victor and Lisa Bedoya James Belton David L. Biggs Andrea Birdsall Bounce U Blanket Bunnies Jeff, Debra, and Jordan Bohr Boscov’s Valdemar Bowman Claudia Boye Alisha Boyer Eric Brockman Chip Brown Kathie Bunucci John Cantalupo Jeff and Cathy Carlton Cheston Elementary School Christ United Methodist Church Sherri Clifford Daniel and Nancy Cohen Pat Cook Cosmic Cup Crayola LLC Jackie Cudzil Christa Daukshus Terri Dech Ali Delsem Kathy Dietrich Mark Dilts E. Claire Dixon Dollar Tree Sue Donaldson Jessica R. Dreistadt Drive Locker Jean Dubbs Kendra Durrah Easton Area Anti-Violence Task Force Easton Area High School Future Educators of America Easton Area Public Library Easton Area School District Easton Weed and Seed Tom and Marsha Eichelberger John and Vicki Elder Barb Ellis Judy Everett Family YMCA of Easton, Phillipsburg, and Vicinity Kim Febbo LouAnn Fehr Mark and Carrie Fellon James and Dorothy Ferri Kent, Debra, and Anna Field John Fleck Michelle Fleck Freda Fries Forks Elementary School students Liz Fox Alayne Galley Elizabeth Gee Lori Gerlach Michelle Gifford Irene Gilbert Denise Gingold Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant Carol Golden Green Pastures Community Church Chris Gross Leilani Grossbauer Jennifer Hall Gene J. Havens Linette Hazuda Maryann Heck Jennifer Hellgren Carolyn Hershey Heather Hershey Roger Herstich Tammy Hetzel Theresa Hogan Hotel Bethlehem Dawn Hough Janelle Howey Keith Hubbard Anita M. Hunt Patricia Hunter Jim Hurley Sally Hutnik Michael Illick Karli Israel Gwen A. Jacobs Keith Jaworoski Gabriel Jimenez Tyrone Johnson Julie Jones Junior League of the Lehigh Valley Christine Kennedy Yoselyn Khoury Kathy Klingfield Pastor Lori Kochanski and Scott Fackenthall Maureen Koehler Marie Kophazy Iris Koshar Patricia Ann Kozicki Sue Kufrovich LHS Construction Lafayette Ambassador Bank Jerry and Brenda Lazarus Phuong Le Sandy Le Vanessa Le Susanne Llewelyn Dee Lohman Jennifer Loprete Joyce Losee Margaret Luancing Manuel Luquin Omar Luquin Osbaldo Luquin Donna Lukachek Lisa Magidow Evelyn Manos Leeann Marakovitz Nancy Marsac Janet Matthews James McCall Thomas McDonald Mark Mearhoff Fran Melhem Lori Metz Millenia Salon and Spa Bryon A. Minotti Theresa Mondello Mike Mulicka Jose Najera Susan Neith Elaine Nesbit New York Life Foundation New York Life Insurance Co. Purls of Hope Nancy Nicholas Clark Nicolaisen Jeffrey Norris Marci Nunez Carole T. O’Connell Filemon Ojeda Roman Ojeda and Anayeli Jimenez Nina Olieman Option-8 Graphic Design Studio Orchard Voice Studio PPL Patty Pados Sherri Palmer Palmer Kiwanis Club Palmer Trophy and Awards Kristeen Pangaio Kevin Patori Leon Paulus Michael L. Pearsall Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Philly Pretzel Factory Tracy A. Piazza Thad Picone Adam and Kim Piergallini Pino’s Pizzeria Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Plantone Orpha Poupore Bobbi Jo Powell Bridget Pruett Mike Queen Bonnie Reese Lucas and Kelly Repka Rodney and Jeannine Repka Raymond Reyes The Rider-Pool Foundation Wendy Riedi Rip Van Winkle’s Pub Kim Ritter River of God Fellowship Kimberly A. Robertson Ed and Nancy Rowlands Jake and Janel Ruggles Roger Ruggles Allyse Salandy Sam’s Club Dana Schaffer Trisha Schoeneck Richard Seiple Senior Corps RSVP Laurie Shoemaker Stacey Shotko Richard Siegfried Joyce Simpson Sheri Slack Wally Smith Sarah and Toni Snyder Sodexo Phillip and Mary Jean Spaziani Susan Spaziani Wayne Stamets Sue Stellato Steve’s Pizza Lisa M. Stitt Suburban EMS Suddenly Samantha Sullivan Trail Assisted Living Center Arlene Swindell Target Stores Lanny Taynton Joe Theadford Sr. Joey Theadford Sydnee Theadford Tracy Elementary School PTA Lawrence and Ginni Truglio Two Rivers Health and Wellness Foundation UGI Utilities, Inc. United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Shirley A. Utts Gregorio Valdivia Donna VanNorman Joseph and Dorothy Vassa Joan Vogel Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley Maryanne West John Williamson Jamie Wilson Krista Yetter Jeff Young Cathy Ziegenfuss Pat Zieris Zippy’s Car Wash Dorothy M. Zito Suzanne E. Zito Paula Zumas


Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Superstar Supporters

New York Life Insurance Companyʼs Purls of Hope Club donated many lovely handmade hats and scarves, resulting in a corporate contribution to recognize their volunteer efforts. We also received and distributed handmade hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and pencil boxes from the Blanket Bunnies and Senior Corps RSVP. Tracy PTA donated winter coats to us for families in need. Barnes and Noble selected Family Connection as the recipient of its annual holiday book drive. We received and distributed hundreds of new books through this community effort. A fourth grade student at Forks Elementary School organized a school-wide book drive for Family Connection and collected over 700 books! The Future Educators of America at Easton Area High School also organized a very successful book drive. The Vacation Bible School at Christ United Methodist Church collected school supplies for the Parent-Child Home Program. Bounce U donated a bounce party for CCLC students. Many groups helped us reach out to others during the holiday season: Paxinosa Elementary School staff, Palmer Kiwanis Club, Sullivan Trail Assisted Living Center, and Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley.

We held the first annual

Cook with a Book
fundraiser in April 2011. Guests enjoyed a meal based on the childrenʼs book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We appreciate all of the guests and donors who helped to make this event a success!

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Financial Reports



Balance Sheet As of June 30, 2011 Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Grants and contracts receivable Equipment Total Assets Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Accrued wages Accrued vacation Payroll liabilities Total liabilities Net assets (unrestricted) Total liabilities and net assets $92,306.00 56,750.00 3,994.00 $153,050.00

Statement of Activities July 1, 2010 - June 20, 2011 Support and Revenue Grants and contracts In-kind contributions Contributions Special events Interest Total support and revenue Expenses Salaries Payroll taxes Employee benefits Advertising Communications Program consulting fees Depreciation Dues and subscriptions Insurance Occupancy Office supplies Printing Equipment usage Professional fees Program supplies Professional development Travel Total expenses Change in net assets $366,426.00 26,000.00 7,214.00 5,839.00 1,028.00 406,507.00 280,632.00 26,862.00 16,735.00 1,658.00 7,914.00 12,435.00 1,533.00 1,010.00 4,020.00 18,000.00 7,724.00 2,338.00 8,000.00 18,453.00 18,696.00 3,968.00 10,638.00 440,616.00 (34,109.00) 176,652.00 $142,543.00

$5,478.00 2,805.00 1,971.00 253.00 10,507.00 142,543.00 $153,050.00 $353,357 $62,627 $24,632

Breakdown of Expenses: Program Services 80% Administration 14% Fundraising 6%

$24,632 $62,627


Net assets, July 1 Net assets, June 30

! ! ! !


Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Get Involved
Family Connection welcomes the support of our community. There are many ways that you can help us educate, inspire, and empower students and families: * volunteer as a tutor, office assistant, or board member * tell families in your community about the services that we offer * donate your used cell phones and printer cartridges * make a contribution or attend one of our fundraising events * invite us to speak with your community group * organize a collection of school supplies, coats, or other items for families in need For more information about how you can get involved with Family Connection, contact Jessica R. Dreistadt, our executive director, at (610) 250-2551 ext. 24075 or

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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Family Connection of Easton, Inc.
the family center in the Easton Area School District since 1998

723 Coal Street Easton, PA 18042 (610) 250-2551 ext. 24075

Family Connection of Easton, Inc. Annual Report 2010 - 2011

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