Vishuddhi Chakra

Deity: Shri Krishna (Shri Radha), Shri Vishnumaya, Shri
Yeshoda Physical counterpart: Cervical Plexus (thyroid) Looks after: Neck, arms, face, tongue, mouth, nose, teeth Qualities: Diplomacy, collectivity, witness power, fun, self respect, brother/sister relationship. No of Petals: Sixteen (16) Day: Saturday Colour: Blue/Grey Element: Ether Gem: Sapphire Symbol: Timewheel The Vishuddhi Chakra represents the point at which mankind finally moved away from the animal kingdom and lifted its head up to the stars. This transition to Homo Erectus was pivotal in the formation of society and civilisation, and hence it is fitting that the Vishuddhi should have such a powerful influence on all aspects of communication and community. Quality Detachment and a sense of perspective are important features of the Vishuddhi Chakra. The ability to determine what is really important in our lives, and realise that problems are usually simply a creation of our own conditionings and fears. As a result we become stronger and more able to handle things which at first glance appear to be traumatic but in fact are nothing more than events we must pass through on our way through life. Existence is about evolution through challenge, whether it be the law of the jungle or the ways of the world .After our Realisation we learn how to become comfortable with this fact. The Vishuddhi also embodies those qualities which govern our relationship with others. Lack of respect for others and for ourselves (i.e. guilt) are important and can hinder our progress towards the Spirit. Through our meditation we learn to stop feeling guilty, face up to our weaknesses and do something about them. The affirmation for the left Vishuddhi is ‘I am not guilty’. It is this centre also which governs our collectivity, how we relate to one another and to the Universe as a whole. As we progress in our meditations we find that we become more compassionate towards others and more able to give where giving is due. The Hamsa Chakra, which is also a part of the Vishuddhi, provides us with that all important sense of discrimination and discretion which let us determine the right course of action in our everyday lives. Mythology The presiding Deity (or role model) for the Vishuddhi Chakra is Shri Krishna. He represents God in His aspect as the detached Yogi. With complete detachment he watches the Play (or Leela) of life and death, the cosmic drama. He is also the Master of Yoga, and the guide who leads us on towards oneness with the Spirit and the Universe. Gross Physical Aspect This Chakra looks after the throat, mouth, face, teeth and so on. In order to avoid problems with this Chakra we should take proper care of our teeth, avoid pollutants such as tobacco which can damage the throat and generally take precautions in extreme climates. We should try and respect everything we do to communicate with others, talk sweetly, avoid ugly gestures and grimaces and try to demonstrate our open heart through our communication. The Vishuddhi Chakra is also very important for our awareness of Vibrations, as the nerves which register the ‘cool breeze’ pass through this centre. Causes of problems with the Vishuddhi Chakra Left Side: Guilt, immorality, foul speech, sarcasm, lack of self respect. Right Side: Disrespect for others, aggression, domination Centre: Lack of detachment or collectivity. Looking after the Vishuddhi A weak Vishuddhi may show up as : excessive colds or sore throats, coughing or symptoms with the ears or nose. If we feel guilty we can experience sore or tense shoulders and find ourselves talking harshly for no reason. To help clear any problems of this Chakra we can: Use the elements. Candle treatment around the left and centre throat area. Nasal breathing exercises (Bastrika – Hatha Yoga) Affirmations Mother, please make me part and parcel of the whole Mother, I am not guilty of anything at all (for the left side). General Advice Always protect the throat against the cold weather with a scarf or similar. Use a salt water gargle for sore throats if necessary. Brush the teeth regularly. Drops of oil in the ears or throat, or taking honey, can also help problems. Do not speak sarcastically or harshly to others. Also if possible avoid arguments, or even excessive conversation. Massage your neck and shoulders with any vitamin enriched oil if there is pain.