Srihi Katandethi Varadharajan Koil Puranam.

My Ellu Tha Tha H H Katandethi Andavan Swamigal Belongs to this place, This is a small village situated near Thiruthuraipoondi . To reach this place you have to catch a bus to Mannargudi from Kumbakonam, then after reaching Mannargudi take any bus going to Thalainair or Thiruthuraipoondi and alight at Katandethi Then it is very small village . There is no proper temple They have kept the Moola Vigraham of Sri & Bhoo Devi Sametha Varadharajar and also the Vainatheyan in Dhanya vasam and I an given to understand that they are planning to construct a new temple (that will take its own time and here I am not making any appeal for donation etc.). I was eager to know the Sthala Puranam etc of the place. Even thought H H Katandethi Andavan hailed from here no body has any details about his ancestral house and other details. H H Katandethi Andavan is Grand father for both my Maternal Grandfather and Paternal Grandmother. I was trying to find out the details about him since last so many years, His life history published in 1932 by a good soul is with me . It is very old book and you imagine the condition of it, how it will be. His name in Poorva Ashram was Kavi Kunjaram Sadha vadhani Varadha Vedantha Char. He lived in Balaya Awastha in Katendethi and then he travelled to Mysore for learning Tharka Shastra under Akki Alwan a Raja Pandit in then Mysore Samasthanam, He married at the age of 35 and travelled widely and He was adorned the Raja sathas of Travancore,Cochin,Baroda,Gadwal,Kalahasthi etc. It is told that Kalahasthi gave Two Villages named Jangampalli and Valisambedu as Manyam .Then he went and lived in Tirumala and Thirchanoor, He was gifted a house at Thirchanoor by Lakshminarsimha Panthulu , He celebrated his Shasthithapoorthi at Tirupathi. Then came and settled in Thirukudanthai, He brought a house in Thirukudanthai in Sarangapani Koil Sannidhi Street. ( Present House # 35, which is in right side of temple and it is adjacent to Temple ). Then he took up Sanyasam of Srirangam Andavan Ashram and his Sanyas Name was H H Srinivasa Ramanuja Maha Desikan in year 1905 and went to Srirangam and attained Moksham in the year 1909 and his Brindavan is at Srirangam Chinna Ashram. I was searching for the history and roots of my Great grandfather; I went couple of times but did not succeed much. In Katandethi Anaya Devatha temple is there , I was given to understand that There is a small Varadha Raja Temple. The Idols were retrived from Village Pushkarini and it is in safe custody of Some Good soul. The Priest of Anya Devatha Temples are taking care of the idols and also some nivedyam is done. Then two years back I went to my Mama’s place and I came across a old book About the Annya Devatha of Katandethi in the end it was written a detailed book about Katandethi Maha Shastha Puranam is available, then I thought why not try my luck and decided to contacted the address given in Katandethi Village and purchase the book , and I forgot about it, one fine morning

after 6 months I received a VPP parcel in form of that book , then I took the delivery , then quickly went through the chapter headings, then I stumbled upon the Chapter named “ Varadharajar Perumals History” . Then in the month of March 2008 I received a Mail from My cousin brother Sri K.Ravi Ranganathan of Reliance Industries Ltd, Mumbai ( He is doing lot of Kainkaryam at Balaji Temple , Dombivilli) that some body from Katandethi Village wanted Build a temple for Varadharajar. Then I also thought that I should also contribute my mite towards it. It is my Aim and dream that I should a Temple for Varadharajar , Then also install my Ellu Tha-tha’s Idol and also Open a Old age home at Katandethi exclusively Sri Vaishnavas . This I should do with my money only , But it is going to take long time . But I am sure Perumal and Andavan Tha-tha will bless me to achieve this goal. I now want to share with you the Brief history / Sthala Purana of Katandethi Varadharajar. I have scanned the pages from Book “Katandethi Maha Shastha Puranam” Written by Sri.P.Shivandanda Shivacharya. I am thankful to them and This scanned pages is their Courtesy.

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