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SLoryLelllng can double Lhe buylng lnLenLlon. As ls shown by a quallLaLlve sLudy conducLed by
Cool8rands and research agency 3uAccounLablllLy, Lhe laLLer ls based ln new ?ork. lL shows
LhaL consumers don'L buy your producL, servlce or ldea, buL Lhey are prlmarlly lnLeresLed ln
Lhe sLory LhaL ls aLLached Lo lL. ln a 'laboraLory' seLLlng brands llke CMC, Þepsl and kLM
were sLudled compared Lo Lhelr compeLlLors, by presenLlng Lhese brands by way of
sLoryLelllng. ln all cases Lhere a poslLlve effecL was percelved.

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1he mosL lmporLanL ouLpuL:
--Lhe neL promoLor score (would you recommend Lhls brand Lo oLhers) for CMC (unllever)
lncreased wlLh 33°, -- Lhe buylng lnLenLlon for Þepsl doubled,
-- Lhe brand aLLrlbuLe 'l would llke Lo work for uSM' lncreased wlLh 20°,
-- Lhe brand aLLrlbuLe 'ls relevanL ln our socleLy' lncreased wlLh 76°.

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MaarLen Schafer of Cool8rands regardlng Lhe resulLs: "We already knew LhaL lnformaLlon ls
processed by Lhe lefL slde of Lhe braln, Lhe raLlonal slde. 1hls sLudy has shown LhaL
lnformaLlon LhaL ls lncorporaLed lnLo a narraLlve conLenL, Lrlggers emoLlon and ls processed
by Lhe rlghL slde of Lhe braln. lurLhermore lL has become clear LhaL emoLlons can lead Lo
changes ln behavlor, whereas raLlo usually only changes aLLlLude."

ºSLoryLelllng does noL only lnfluence Lhe brand percepLlon of Lhe person who hears Lhe sLory
flrsL hand. Cood sLorles Lravel furLher. So Lhe lnfluence of Lelllng a good sLory Lo 1 person
can go way beyond Lhe brand percepLlon of Lhls lndlvldual. 1hls offers huge opporLunlLles for
brands ln a Llme ln whlch classlcal communlcaLlon, llke adverLlslng, ls worklng less and less

º8y glvlng people a message ln a narraLlve way, you make lL easler for Lhem Lo LransmlL Lhls
message Lo peers", accordlng Lo SLephanle Lopez of 3uAccounLablllLy. º8uylng behavlor ls
hugely lnfluenced by peer--Lo--peer communlcaLlon, 70° of purchase declslons are based on
peer--Lo--peer lnfluence. 1hls sLudy shows LhaL lL ls worLhwhlle Lo lnvesL ln sLoryLelllng,
because Lhls ls Lhe drlver for word-of-mouLh."

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