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Management: Management has been defined from a number of view points but a gener ally accepted definition must be that by the American Society of Mechanical Engi neers which described it as "The art and science of organizing and directing hum an effort applied to control the forces and utilize the materials of nature for the benefit of man". Management is thus the total task of welding into a single working force men mon ey, machinery, material, and methods. Management has been defined by Harold D. K oontz as "The accomplishment of desired objectives by establishing an environmen t favorable to performance by people operating in organized groups. Some writers consider management as a series of actions which are taken to achieve a goal de termined in advance. In the words of E.F.L, Breach, management is "Asocial proce ss entailing responsibility for effective and economic planning and regulating o f the operation of an exercise, in fulfillment of a given purpose". Sometimes, management is used in wider sense to include all the factors in the d irection, guidance and control of all the business activities.Function of manage ment. The chief functions of management are given below: There are six functions of management i.e. 1. Planning 2. Organizing 3. Staffing 4. Direction 5. Motivation 6. Control

As a process, management refers to a series of inter - related functions. It is the process by which management creates, operates and directs purposive organiza tion through systematic, coordinated and co-operated human efforts, according to George R. Terry, "Management is a distinct process consisting of planning, orga nizing, actuating and controlling, performed to determine and accomplish stated objective by the use of human beings and other resources". As a process, managem ent consists of three aspects: Management is a social process - Since human factor is most important among the other factors, therefore management is concerned with developing relationship am ong people. It is the duty of management to make interaction between people - pr oductive and useful for obtaining organizational goals. Management is an integrating process - Management undertakes the job of bringing together human physical and financial resources so as to achieve organizational purpose. Therefore, is an important function to bring harmony between various f actors. Management is a continuous process - It is a never ending process. It is concern ed with constantly identifying the problem and solving them by taking adequate s teps. It is an on-going process.

It is the constant process of leading the business activities in the pre determ ined course. Human factor is the most sensitive factor of production. It activates other f actors of production in the Managemnt is a process. physical and financial r esources. directing and controlling becomes essential to make that group activity successful. methods an d money to achieve organizational goals. the management is a continuous process. Management continuously identifies the potential areas of trouble and implements corrective measures before they become crisis in business. Management integrates the factors men. .answers. When there is an activity to be performed by a group all managerial functi ons such as planning organizing. ii) Integrating process Every business requires the right combination of human.Read more: http://wiki. materials. They are important in every form of organization whether it is social. iv) Universal process Management functions are not restricted to business alone. religious or cultural organiza tion. Therefore it is essential that the managem ent deal with human factor with care and skill. machines. iii) Continuous process Since business is a continuous activity. It involves verifying results at every stage with the targets set. as it includes the following components: i) Social process The main function of management is to deal with the human element in the busines s.