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Augustine Academy
130 South Wells Road Ventura California 93004 805-672-0411 Fax 805-672-2365 e-mail
Board of Governors President Louise Warnert Secretary Robert R. Orellana, Esq. Treasurer Michael C. Collins Members Thomas Ellis Abel Montiel Jeff Schuberg Michael F. McLean, Ph.D.

November 4, 2011 St. Charles Borromeo

Dear Students, Faculty, Parents and Families:

Please sign and return REPORT CARDS.

Thank you for your help! Lots of items are coming in, we received a few more ads, and the event registration cards are arriving. We still have two Sponsorship Tables left, in case you know anyone who can help us underwrite the evening. Also my friend who has printed our Gala Program in the past has moved to Wyoming, so I am without a printer (well, a FREE printer) this year. I am hoping someone can help this year.

Headmaster Michael J. Van Hecke, M.Ed.

Board of Advisors Mr. John W. Blewett Wanderer Forum Foundation Hon. Jeremiah Denton Former U.S. Senator Mr. Nicholas J. Healy, Jr. President Ave Maria University Dr. Ronald P. McArthur Co-founder Thomas Aquinas College Mr. Roy S. Rohter, S.F.O. Founder St. Augustine Academy Fr. Michael Scanlan, T.O.R. Chancellor Franciscan University Mr. James Stenson Educator and Author

Someone who has access to a high yield color printer. Please call or e-mail Mr. Van Hecke ASAP. 302-6716 or [Program is 8.5 tall and 11 wide, typically 32 pages made up of four faces per sheet of paper, so 8 pieces of paper in total 275 copies] THANK YOU, EVERYONE, AGAIN!
Now for something totally different, and fun . How well do you know your flock of birds a gaggle of geese or school of fish terminology? Try these:
aerie ambush bevy bloat bob bouquet business cartload drove dule of of of of of of of of of of hawks tigers swans hippopotami seals pheasants ferrets chimpanzees sheep doves exaltation hover huddle muster rabble raft tidings tower wrack zeal of of of of of of of of of of larks trout penguins peacocks butterflies otters magpies giraffes rabbits (young) zebras

And my favorite, a CONGRESS of BABOONS (Honestly, that is what they are called!)

FOCUS ON LEARNING - Weekly WCEA/WASC Chapter 1 School Community Profile: This chapter describes the school community. It contains statistical data from test scores to budgets. However, most importantly, it attempts to describe the unique characteristics of the community we serve at St. Augustine Academy. I will include another attachment today which presents a few particularly poignant examples of our community description, following the Mission Statement. Also, please fill out and return CATHOLIC IDENTITY SURVEY to include in our statistical data. Nov. 5th Nov. 6th Nov. 18th Nov. 19th Nov. 22nd Nov. 23-27th Pro-Life Swing Dance (High School) 6:00- 10:00PM End of Daylight Savings Time Fall Back One Hour Sun 2 AM (Saturday night) Progress Reports home in blue Envelope GALA Dinner/Auction 6:00-11:00 PM Reagan Presidential Library Classical Activities Day Noon- 2:30 Thanksgiving Recess

SPITIUAL BOUQUET We are enclosing a flyer for a spiritual bouquet for David Caviezel who underwent surgery this week. Please be generous in the best gift we can provide anyone from our St. Augustine family, prayers. SCARECROW WINNERS Great job, everyone. Congratulations to Yoda (lower school winner), Steve Jobs (middle school winner grade 6) and Willy Wonka (high school winner grade 9)

Thanks Student Council: We want to thank the student council for a wonderful All Saints Party the contest, the games, and all the treats. Also, thank you for planning todays Rec Day. AP Environmental Science If any students might be interested in beefing up their science resume by taking an AP Environmental Science class in a club format, to prepare for the AP Exam, please tell Miss Dillon. PRO-LIFE CLUB NEWS: See todays envelope for a homily on life by Bl. John Paul II. Pro-Life Swing Dance (High School), Nov. 5th 6:00- 10:00PM, SAA.

Enclosures: ProLife Homily, Spiritual Bouquet, WCEA/WASC Facts, Catholic Identity Survey. Ora Pro Nobis: Let us remember to pray for one another. For a special intention. For Anita Ramirez, great aunt of the Sandoval girls, who is battling cancer. Let us pray for the health of David Caviezel, and Tom McLaughlin. Finally, remember to pray for our country, our soldiers, and for all priests and religious, especially our Archbishop Jose Gomez and Holy Father, Benedict.

WEEKLY GALA UPDATE NOTE: Many wonderful items are starting to show up in the office keep em coming! Most importantly, please RETURN INVITATION REPLY CARDS ASAP so we can start our planning. And PLEASE spread the word to others we want this to be a real banner year for our event. We need SPONSORS and PROGRAM ADS, so help push those items to friends, businesses, etc. The forms can be found on the St. Augustine Website under the Events Section.
Post Office Box 4506 Ventura California 93007 805-672-0411 Fax 805-672-2365 e-mail

Mission Statement
In fidelity to the truths of our Holy Catholic Church, the mission of Saint Augustine Academy is to assist parents in their duty of fostering within their children growth in the theological, intellectual, and moral virtues. We strive in every task to inculcate in our students the profound insight of Saint Augustine: You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

Students at St. Augustine Academy

The school pulls students from the greater Ventura County area and from all social and economic categories. The student body is diverse but is united in a desire to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church. Many of the students have been previously home-schooled and St. Augustine Academy represents their first experience with an institutional school environment. St. Augustine Academy honors the trust that home school families place in the school by maintaining a highly personalized educational experience. The influx of home-school students into St. Augustine Academy creates a unique demographic not found in most other schools. Simply accessing the students initial needs is challenged by the fact that most have had no standardized testing. Academically they run the gamut from well-prepared to struggling. St. Augustine Academy is dedicated to meeting the needs of the parent and assisting them in their duty to educate their children. This means that we must accept the child where they are and gently encourage them to reach their greatest potential. We do not turn students away because they are ill-prepared for their age-appropriate grade level. The students are exceptionally poised and confident yet deferential to adults and authority figures. Because of the small class sizes, there is little problem with cliques forming or students being ostracized for being a little different. Every student is valued by the staff, faculty and fellow students. Scholastically, 4th through 12th graders have historically scored in the top 25th percentile on national standardized tests administered annually. The average SAT score for our graduates, historically, is above 1900. During the last few years, graduates of St. Augustine Academy have chosen to continue their post-secondary school education by attending a variety of schools and colleges including Ventura College, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, United States Military Academy at West Point, CSU Channel Islands, University of Dallas, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, Loyola and Marymount College in Los Angeles, Ave Maria in Florida, Wyoming Catholic College, Cal Lutheran, Christendom College in Virginia.
Post Office Box 4506 Ventura California 93007 805-672-0411 Fax 805-672-2365 e-mail