Internat|ona| Sh|pp|ng Compan|esť 8as|cs to Choose between a kaw and 8est Dea

1ransporL of goods uslng shlpplng servlces has always been a favored opLlon by companles as lL
ls one Lhe cosL effecLlve medlum Lo LransporL goods from one counLry Lo anoLherŦ lnLernaLlonal
shlpplng companles offer hosL of beneflLs and feaLures Lo LransporL goods and auLo shlpplng Lo
overseas locaLlonsŦ
1he selecLlon of shlpplng servlces Lo LransporL cargo needs Lo be done accuraLely Lo sufflce Lhe
speclflc needsŦ A deLalled plan needs Lo be made whlle LransporLlng cargoţ auLo shlpplng Lo
overseasţ household lLems or shlfLlng whole household from one place Lo oLher uslng shlpplng
servlcesŦ 1he company offerlng such servlces musL be famlllar wlLh Lhe cusLom clearance
processes and should offer servlces for Lhose parLlcular porLs of Lhe counLryŦ
Shlpplng servlces ls a mlx of varlous servlces llke clearanceţ packlngţ safeLy and oLhers whlch are
done by dlfferenL lndlvlduals and agenLsŦ 1hese all servlces come under one umbrella called
lnLernaLlonal shlpplng servlces company whlch underLakes all Lhe requlremenLs and needs of
Lhe cllenLsŦ
Wh||e se|ect|ng |nternat|ona| sh|pp|ng serv|cesţ some bas|c features wh|ch must be taken care
off areť
De||very modes prov|ded by Internat|ona| sh|pp|ng serv|cesť MosL of Lhe lnLernaLlonal shlpplng
companles offer varlous dellvery modesŦ 1hese dellvery modes lnclude ÞorL Lo ÞorLţ uoor Lo
ÞorLţ ÞorL Lo door and many moreŦ Cne musL check for Lhe avallable servlces as lL makes
LransporLaLlon an easler LaskŦ
Þack|ng and crat|ngť Cne should also check LhaL Lhe shlpplng servlces company ls provldlng
packaglng servlcesŦ 1hese packaglng of goods help Lhem Lo reLaln Lhelr naLure and characLer
durlng LransporLaLlonŦ MosL of Lhe shlpplng companles offer packaglng as per Lhe exlsLlng
lnLernaLlonal sLandardŦ
Conta|ner serv|cesť Ma[or cargos are supplled uslng conLalners servlces and raw maLerlals are
supplled uslng open cargo modeŦ Cne musL cross check from Lhe shlpplng servlces abouL Lhe
conLalner servlces whlch lL wlll be provldlngŦ Some companles do noL offer conLalner servlces ln
Lhe general shlpplng whlch can lead Lo exLra chargesŦ
n|dden chargesť lnLernaLlonal shlpplng companles have raLes whlch changes accordlng Lo peak
seasonŦ 1he cllenLs who are uslng Lhe servlce musL cross check for any hldden servlces and fees
whlch may be asked by Lhe companles laLer onŦ Cne musL communlcaLe dlrecLly wlLh agenL
regardlng Lhe whole quoLaLlon provlded by Lhe company and cross check wlLh oLher companles
who are also offerlng Lhe same servlcesŦ
st|mated t|me of de||very (@D)ť All companles provlde an esLlmaLed Llme schedule for
dellvery of goodsŦ 1he shlpplng companles should provlde regular updaLes abouL Lhe locaLlon of
Lhe cargoŦ
Custom c|earance and po||c|esť All shlpplng companles have Lo underLake cusLom clearance Lo
dellver goodsŦ Cne musL check for Lhe avallablllLy of agenLs of Lhe parLlcular shlpplng company
aL Lhe porLs for swlfL cusLom clearanceŦ 1he company musL be fully lnformed abouL Lhe ma[or
documenLaLlon procedureţ leesţ cusLom rules and regulaLlonŦ 1he company musL be aware of
Lhe ma[or Laxes and duLles Lo be pald off aL ma[or lnLernaLlonal shlpplng porLsŦ
We as a leader ln auLo shlpplng Lo overseas offer all Lhe aforemenLloned servlcesŦ Shlpplng Lo
AusLralla from uSA ls offered by us LhaL caLer Lo all Lhe ma[or porLs ln AusLrallaŦ