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Elys Rahayu Rohandia Misrohmawati, S890906004. 2011. English Language Teaching Management in International Islamic School (A Case Study of SDII Al-Abidin Surakarta in 2007). Thesis. Consultant I: Prof. DR. Joko Nurkamto, M.Pd. Consultant II: Dr. Ngadiso, M.Pd. English Education Department, Graduate Program, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta.

The idea of the study ELT (English Language Teaching) Management is the need of well managed ELT institution that will help the students to achieve their success in learning English. This study was carried out in SDII (Sekolah Dasar Islam Internasional/Islamic International Primary School) Al-Abidin Surakarta in 2007. There were two questions answered through studying this school, How is the application of ELT Management in SDII Al-Abidin Surakarta in 2007? and How is the impact of ELT Management applied in SDII Al-Abidin Surakarta in 2007 to the quality of ELT? ELT Management in this school was studied through case study research strategy namely descriptive case study. The design of this research is holistic single-case study. The sources of the data of this research are documentation, archival records, interviews, and direct-observations. Then, the data were analyzed using pattern-matching strategy to generate the theory about application of ELT management and its impact to the quality of ELT. From this research it was found out that SDII Al-Abidin in 2007 carried out ELT Management in the fields of organizational management, curriculum management, and classroom management. The application of ELT Management gave the positive impact to the quality of ELT namely positive teaching-learning environment, qualified teachers, and suitable teaching materials. In carrying out ELT Management, SDII Al-Abidin should pay attention to the evaluation process by making a tool prepared in the planning process with some criteria mentioned to measure how successful the program. For related policy makers, there should be institutions focusing their programs to the development of ELT Management for assisting the people who run business in ELT to be able to manage their organization well through trainings or consultation service. For the future researchers, it is recommended to use this study as the starting point to run effective ELT institution or as the evaluation of running program in ELT. It is also recommended to study specific aspect of ELT Management to be able to capture the detail aspects of ELT Management accurately. Keywords: ELT management, language teaching, school, organization, curriculum, classroom, quality of ELT, and case study.