Artificial Intelligence Question bank

1. What is intelligent system in AI? 2. Highlight different applications of AI. 3. Define agents and specify roles of different agents. 4. Define concept of rationality in terms of agents. 5. Define problem solving. 6. Define various search methods and explain various search strategies. 7. Differentiate between various different classical search techniques. 8. What is game playing? Explain min-max search algorithm. 9. Define planning and its need. 10.How A* algorithm is used for solving puzzle. 11.Explain min-max search procedure with alpha-beta pruning using TicTac-Toe. 12.What is unification algorithm and what is its need. 13.Explain constraint satisfaction problem. 14.Define syntactic analysis and semantic analysis in NLP. 15.Explain language model and various different steps in NLP. 16.Define expert system and its components. 17.Explain various forms of learning. 18.Explain the concept of learning using decision tree. 19.What is hierarchical planning? 20.Explain logic programming language. 21.Explain concept of knowledge engineering. 22.Define forward and backward chaining. 23.Explain various structures for representing knowledge.

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