Leigh Blackall

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Career Objective
To gain full time employment in a dynamic organisation that draws on my strengths in research, innovation, teaching and policy in social media, online communications, networked learning and education.

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Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Over the last 12 years, my employers and colleagues have noted the following skills and attributes: ● Challenging, ethical, left field, critical thinker; innovative change agent; able to link practice with theory; good communicator, verbally, written and online; strong commitment to tasks, getting things done. ● Technical strengths in online networked learning and teaching; digital information literacy; media design and production; and the development of open education and research practices. ● ● 6 years social media experience. Has taught many people, from community workers to senior executives, how to consider the contemporary Internet in their work. For example, open education and research practices at Otago Polytechnic and University of Canberra. ● ● ● ● 6 years copyright policy experience. Wrote the copyright policy for Otago Polytechnic, stimulating a PR success story for the organisation, helping to make it a world leader in open education. 12 years media production experience. Video documentary for the This Is Not Art (TINA) festivals. Numerous educational media productions from training CDs and animation, to crowd sourced Wikibooks and Wikipedia projects.

2010 - Doctor of Philosophy - in progress 2004 - Certificate 4 in Small Business - Hunter Business and Enterprise Centre 2003 - Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment - Hunter Institute of TAFE NSW 2002 - Diploma in Education, secondary school visual arts - University of Newcastle 1998 - Bachelor of Arts/Visual Arts - University of Newcastle 1994 - Associate Diploma in Fine Arts - Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE NSW

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Work History 2009 - 2011 Learning Commons Coordinator, University of Canberra

Responsibilities ● ● ● ● ● ●
Staff development in social media and Internet skills Funding applications and project management Undergraduate teaching, post graduate research supervision Maintenance of the Faculty website Presentations and papers Working on a PhD about networked learning

1. Production management: The History of the Australian Paralympic Movement (HOPAu). Crowd sourcing research and resource production through Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikibooks. Australian Paralympic Committee 2. Curriculum development: Business, Politics and Sport (BPS2011). An online, open and flexible unit of study for the University of Canberra, Sport Management degree 3. Curriculum development: Adventure Studies. Initiated a partnership between the University of Canberra, and Thompson Rivers University 4. Event management: UC IP mini conference. Convened a mini conference for the University of Canberra's review of their intellectual property policies 5. Event management: Recent Changes Camp (RCC) unconference on wikis and online collaborative development in 2010 and 2011 6. Public speaking: Panelist at Critical Animals, This is Not Art 2011, discussing the role of archives and museums in preserving online cultural heritage 7. Committee member: Greater Access, Choice and Flexibility. University of Canberra's key strategic theme working group 8. Public speaking: Making Sense of Social Media in Education, Government, and the Enterprise. Panelist at Athabasca University's Conference 9. Supervisor: Laura Hale’s PhD studying sport fandom online

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2006 - 2009 Educational Developer, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Responsibilities ● ● ● ● ●
Educational research and development, training and policy Staff development Funding applications and project management Undergraduate and post graduate teaching Presentations and papers

1. Event management: The Future of Learning in a Networked Learning. An international unconference funded through a partnership of several New Zealand educational institutions 2. Policy development: Lead role in the development of Otago Polytechnic’s policy on intellectual property 3. Curriculum development: Facilitating Online and Flexible Learning, two open, online and flexible courses for journalists, educators, event coordinators and professional facilitators. 4. Production: Sustainable Business Text Book. A wikibook funded by New Zealand Ministry for the Environment's Sustainable Management Fund 5. Production: Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations. A wikibook funded by New Zealand Ministry of Education’s Ako Aotearoa Regional Hub grant 6. Consultation: Anatomy and Physiology of Animals. A wikibook production funded by Otago Polytechnic’s Projects Fund 7. Consultation: New Zealand Ministry of Education. Second Life Education in New Zealand (SLENZ) project. New Zealand Ministry of Education 8. Presentation: Models for Open Education - a summary of works at Otago Polytechnic. The seventh annual Open Education Conference in Vancouver 9. Presentation: Deconstructing Behaviorism within Social Constructivism. Ascilite and Desire2Learn 10. Keynote: The Disconnect Between Education and Learning. Skills Tasmania 11. Keynote: SecondLife and Virtual Worlds in Society and Education. Webstock NZ 12. Elected to Wikieducator Council

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2003 - 2005 Consultancy and production of Internet based, and social media

● ● ● TAFE NSW, Hunter Institute TAFE NSW, Western Sydney Institute Surf Life Saving Association Australia

1. Production: Training CD for Surf Life Saving Australia. Resource included interactive videos and extensive Flash development. 2. Production: BlendedChocolate.com, a multi media training resource for TAFE NSW, Hunter Institute 3. Project Management: Institute Teaching and Learning Innovations Centre (ITALIC). TAFE NSW, Hunter Institute 4. Teaching: Hadleighs Ways. Internet skills for men in rehabilitation. TAFE NSW, Western Sydney Institute 5. Teaching: Blacktown Yoof. Digital photography for ‘youth-at-risk’ in the Blacktown area. TAFE NSW, Western Sydney Institute 6. Event Coordination: TALO Swap/Meet 2005 unconference. Hosted by TAFE NSW, Western Sydney Institute 7. Keynote: Networked Learning. Tasmanian Learnscope Showcase 2005 futures - a proposal for action research. Knowledge Tree. Ed 7 9. Consultation: Showing private training organisations around NSW how to use the Internet for online training. Australian Flexible Learning Framework 10. Consultation: How to use wikis in Outreach programs. NSW TAFE Outreach Exchange. 11. Presentation: Using free and open source software to create free and open courseware. Australian Flexible Learning Framework. 12. Facilitation: Teach and Learn Online (TALO), a weblog and email list providing support, information and training resources to teachers around Australia. 8. Writing: Digital literacy: How it affects teaching practices and networked learning

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“I am delighted to write this recommendation for Leigh. We have worked together for two years at the University of Canberra but my links with him go back a decade. I believe he has made an immense contribution to the theory and practice of open access. His work is constantly invigorating ... and constantly challenging. He has been a vital guide in my thinking and practice. What a colleague to have!” July 27, 2011 Keith Lyons, Professor of Sport Studies, the University of Canberra managed Leigh at University of Canberra. Keith.Lyons@canberra.edu.au +61417144117

“Leigh is a dynamic and articulate forward thinker who has very original and innovative ideas and knowledge, particularly in the areas of: social networked learning and teaching; digital information literacy, educational design and development and open education practices. He is also very skilled at communicating his ideas to influence change - both at the coal face (practical teaching and curriculum design) and also at leadership level where his persistence led to a significant change in the strategic direction of the organisation. Leigh has had a significant impact on the educational approaches used at Otago Polytechnic. He is also very influential globally via his professional blog and the education networks in which he is actively engaged. Leigh also publishes widely, and his views and philosophical discussions about education are actively sought after and cited.” July 28, 2011 Bronwyn Hegarty, Educational Developer, Otago Polytechnic worked directly with Leigh at Otago Polytechnic Dunedin, New Zealand. bronwyn.hegarty@gmail.com +64021735438

“Leigh is a full-on – enthusiastic developer and change agent – his abilities are wide and varied – from ‘educational technology inspirer’ to ‘sustainability provocateur’ – I would definitely recommend Leigh as a part of any team considering future technologies – he is not only an evangelist for the future of social networking– but also an avid thinker and communicator Leigh walks the talk.” July 27, 2007 Alistair Regan, Group Manager - Creative Technologies and Technology and Science, Head of Department- Design, Otago Polytechnic Dunedin, New Zealand. Managed Leigh indirectly at Otago Polytechnic Dunedin, New Zealand. alistairr@tekotago.ac.nz +64021735490

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“I came across the TALO (Teaching and Learning Online) group about 5 years ago. I had been a member of other online communities and networks, but quickly came to appreciate TALO's enthusiasm for discussing innovative ideas and engaging in challenging debate. Leigh Blackall is the founder of this group. Leigh is one of Australia's most challenging thinkers about education, and his concern that education be principled, intelligent and innovative is evident in TALO discussions and events, and the many other platforms Leigh uses to share his thoughts. That education be principled, intelligent and innovative may seem obvious things to say about an educator, but Leigh is always urging people to examine the motives and philosophy that drive what they do. And if we truly, honestly pay heed to the answers to those questions we are all better off.” July 31, 2011 Michael Coghlan, eLearning Facilitator, TAFE SA. Worked directly with Leigh at TALO. mikecogh@gmail.com +61417899912

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