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Module 1: Manual Testing methodologies- Waterfall vs. Agile, QA Tester Role Development/Testing Methodologies, Test case, Test plan, RTM, Defect tracking, Types of Testing. Telecom, Banking, HealthCare, Supply chain domains. Module 2: HP Quality Center /ALM for Test management/Defect Tracking Module 3: SQL (Database/Back End Testing) Module 4: UNIX/Linux Operating System/Backend Testing Module 5: HP QTP (Quick Test Professional) for Automation Testing Module 6: HP Loadrunner for Performance Testing Module 7: CMMI, Six Sigma principles, Regulatory compliance Requirement (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA-Medical related) Module 8: Review project work on Manual testing concepts, Configuration Management, Change management, Metrics etc. Technical Interview Questions. General Concepts related to Business Analysis (BA) – Need this Info because QA team always works with BA team. How to prepare professional resume. Module 9: IBM Mainframe Testing Module 10: SAP Testing (Sales & Distribution (SD) or CRM Or any one of the module in SAP) Module 11: WebServices/SOA/SoapUI Testing, Concepts of what is ETL and Data warehouse Testing

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Module - 1 Manual Testing: Introduction to software Quality Analysis & Testing, Role of a Tester Why QA team is required. Testing Process(STLC), test cases , Test Data, Types of software Applications, Understanding SRS/BRD/FRD documents. SDLC, Different types of testing methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, Spiral, etc Types of Testing, Unit testing, functional testing, integration test,

about Project and Application architecture. Front end. This can be done manually also but when we discuss while doing Automation testing with multiple sets of Data. Prepare RTM and test matrices. Writing Test Data. Scope and Strategy of the test plan. Black Box Testing and White Box testing. Manual Testing. Cross browser testing. For example. Backend Testing. . we can discuss about Data Driven Testing.Group Discussion . Unit Testing. Data Driven Testing. Banking Project. while teaching QTP – Automation Testing. Sanity Testing. Entry and Exit criteria. Mobile/Telecom. What is clustering. Load Test etc. Load Balancer. Browser compatibility Testing. While Teaching “LoadRunner” we discuss different type of Performance Testing types like Stress test. Supply chain.Regression Test. etc. Validation vs Verification Few more types of testing types will be discussed based on the topics we discuss in this course. Middle ware. External Interface Testing and Functional Testing. HA Testing. Home Assignments and also Practice sessions in class. External Systems etc. Practice . Testing Techniques.Group Discussion Understanding the requirement document and writing Test cases in Excel. Smoke Testing. High Availability – HA Testing ( No other training center covers this topic with the fee we charge) Module2: Introduction to Quality Center Installation. Practice . Back End. Automation Testing and Performance Testing. Introduction to Quality Center(How to Manage testing Process using HP Quality Center). HP Quality center Installation Issues.. Domain related discussion on Banking. you can understand more detailed way. UAT testing.Advantages of Quality Center Over Excel . Boundary Value analysis How to write Test Plan >> Objective. Integration Testing. Security Testing. Healthcare Test Case Review-Telecom.

Keyword & Expert View Practice Plan/Create/Enhance Scripts Active X Controls Record and Playback Add-in-Manager .5 QTP-Automation Testing QTP installation Issues Benefits of Automation Testing Benefits of Manual Testing Introduction to QTP. Reports and Graphs.requirements Module.Net. using tool . logical. Interview Questions. Understand the requirement on project. Severity and Priority of defects. Test Cases and RTM – Requirement traceability Matrix. etc Active Screen Uses Parameterization Practice .Defects Module .RTM – Link the 4 Modules using Tool. Arithmetic.. Windows. Active screen. MainFrame. Based on the requirement write Test Plan. Understanding Requirement on Project by using QC tool(Write Requirement) Test Plan. How to execute Shell script. Recording types. What is log file and How to ftp log files to windows OS and send it to developers to track the defects Module . . What is front end and Back end ? Role of tester in SQL? Different types of Functions. Web. How to keep track on defects.Java. SAP..Sheet . What are types of SQL Joins and Execute Joins with examples?How to perform JOIN? Module – 4 UNIX / Linux Operating System Introduction to UNIX: What is UNIX Operating System? Tester role in UNIX What are the Important command in UNIX? What is Log file? How to copy the log files in the Working Directories? How to Analyse the Log file? What is FTP? FTP the files from one operating system to another System? Practice . Module – 3 What is Database? What is RDBMS? What are the RDBMS currently available What is SQL? What is Data Definition Language (DDL) What is Data Manipulation Language (DML)? SQL What is Data Control Language (DCL) and Statements. Write requirement Test Lab Module. etc. Based on Test plan execute the Test cases and file Defects.

VUGen. Stress Testing and other types of testing related to Performance . Load Testing . Discussion on Load Runner Insatallaton Issue. Write a small function and call the function in another script Practice How to Integrate QC to QTP and How to Execute QTP Scripts from QC Revision Interview Questions Practice Module – 6 HP LoadRunner – Performance Testing Installation Issues.SytemUtil.Run() Functions to open the application (Windows\Web) Work on Windows/ web Applications Keyword View & Expert View Regular Expressions Output Values Practice Check Points Object Spy Object Repositories Types of Recording Modes Practice Calling Existing Actions/ Splitting Actions Batch Runner(Multiple scripts can be executed in Batch Runner) Synchronization Practice Automation Framework Introduction to VB Script How to Enhance VB Script. What is Performance Testing and its types . Volume Testing .LoadRunner Components . Performance Testing Process . .