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The Influence of various advertising media on buying decisions among young women in India.
Author: archita


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1* Your age
16-21 31-36 21-26 36 1nd above 26-31

2* Your occupation

3* Your income
25k-50k 1lac-1.5lac 2 lac and above 50k-1lac 1.5lac-2lac

4* Which media gets your attention?

print word of mouth radio television

5* how does an advertisement affect you?

recall positive impression interest desire to purchase/explore

6* which form of ad creates a greater impact on you?

just the printed words words with sound

words with a visual a moving action oriented ad picture depicting a scene/story

7* how long does the impact of an advertisement last on you?

few hours one week more than a month one day one month

8* does an advertisement urge you to try a new brand?

yes no

9* how often do you buy the same article/garment design as you see in the ad?
always sometimes most of the time never

10* do you remember the hoardings if these are?

near the residence places visited frequently on the way to work bus stand

11* you prefer reading which newspaper?

the times of india the hindu the pioneer hindustan times the indian express

12* have you ever used discount coupons printed in magazines/newspaper/magazine?

yes no

13* how much time you spend on watching tv per day?

0 hour 3-5 hour 1-2 hour more than 5 hours

14* which aspect of television ad is important to you?

models background theme

punch line



15* does the picture of a famous personality in the tv ad make you think that?
the product is of high quality it must be expensive the company must be big the brand is facing intense competition it does not affect you

16* how often do you listen to the radio?

everyday only while travelling/driving occasionally rarely

17* do you find radio ads attractive?

yes no

18* does FM radio advertisement create an urge in you to try the brand?
strong influencer keep the name at the back of mind does not matter

19* do you refer to your friends and family before trying a new brand?
yes no

20* do you share and do your friends/family share shopping experiences?

always never sometimes occasionally

21* what is shared?

product price location

competence/courtesy of the shop personnel buying experience

22* are you aware of the brand MADAME?

yes no yes no

23* among the following which one dou you prefer?

madame w rage les femme

24* what is the reason for preferring a particular brand?

product range design of products width and depth of the products quality price range
Questions with '*' sign must be answered

Thank you. --End--

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