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but in almost every language is clamoring for a “How To Do Business With Chinese Businesses or Chinese business men” Know Today W hat People Will Buy Tomorrow 1. The world. head over to the membership side and watch how we use the Google Wonder Wheel to set up the Wordpress site to get tons of free traffic. so when we see billions of searches on how to do business in China we stand up and take notice... CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. no hassle on this idea based on massive search volume. While the first online guides for Chinese business went into how to get products from China into the United States. Want to build a list of people that want information and tips on doing business with the Chinese. We don’t like to guess on any of our product ideas.Internet The Time Machine.“I don’t know” then you are like hundreds of . or . etc. Chinese Web Traffic Secret Exposed! One of the most asked questions we get is “What about China?” Whether you are on Wall Street. Once you watch this video. Main Street. a MP4 interview series as an added bonus or up sell. this question will affect your life. not only in English. no shipping. the do’s and don’ts s of dealing one on one with a Chinese company or business man. millions of people out there searc hing everyday for a product on how to answer this question. a video series as an up sell. No inventory. What are the best ways to sell a product to China or deal with Chinese business men? If you said. and a continuity program with monthly updates and tips for dealing with Chinese business men and consumers.. So many people are turned off by dealing with physical products that it will be easy to set up electronic courses dealing in this matter. For a small investment of a few hundred dollars one could start and eBook. . the expectations and customs of starting talks with a Chinese business. the real easy money can be made by looking at Chinese search volume and the phrases around the word “China” and “Chinese” . An eBook on Chinese business culture. Your business is either being challenged competitively by China or there is a world of new consumers looking at your product. Ventura Boulevard.. how about an optin that gives away “5 Free Secrets To Meeting Chinese Business Men”? Do you think that list would be interested in a coaching club from a Chinese native or maybe a video series on people telling their good and bad stories about doing business with Chinese companies or consumers? We think so.

The problem however is that there is intense competition when it comes to developing new social media games. Some of the most popular social media games are Farmville. there are many social media games on Facebook that are extremely popular with Facebook users. Take a look at the video above to see just what the Internet Time Machine software can let you in on. we showed you here at the Internet Time Machine how you can still make money in marketing big name products and brands even if the market is already flooded with people trying to get into the same industry. Facebook. but they are getting there quickly. here is even a better one. we noticed a trend forming for Facebook niche marketing and it relates to the social media games that can be played on the website. since the Iphone is becoming a popular device for in car GPS. without very little effort of money invested? That’s right. there is a boat load of money waiting to be made with this new niche that is Know Today W hat People Will Buy Tomorrow 2. For those of you who don’t know. affiliate marketing and product development. We followed the niche closely and saw it explode.. What we found is that while the social media gaming development sector is too flooded to become very successful in. . we are going to show you a new niche that is showing up in the Internet Time Machine and this one relates to Facebook..Internet The Time Machine. there is a huge demand growing for social media gaming cheat sheets. when a lot of other people were wasting their time concentrating on the over saturated market of Iphone applications. Using the Internet Time Machine. This gives you the opportunity to start developing cheat sheets for these games or e-books with inside secrets that social media gamers will be aiming to get their hands on. here at the Internet Time Machine. These cheat sheets are similar to ones you can find and buy for Playstation.. While this is a great thought. Nintendo and web developers all over the place are trying to come up with the best new social media game to lure in this niche audience. However. what if you tracked what the 5 biggest social media games are that are gaining popularity with users? These are social media games that are popular but have not yet quite exploded into what a Farmville has become. X-Box and Nintendo cheat sheets and people pay big bucks for them. What we are referring to is an Iphone niche that started showing up in the Internet Time Machine software that relates to Iphone car holders. In this video. We have found the next five up and coming social media games and we’re sharing them with you right now to give you the opportunity to use them for SEO. Secret Facebook Niche Worth Millions. When niche marketers think about Facebook. a lot of the same opinions come into play as they did with Iphone applications because the Facebook market is also quite saturated since it’s a popular social networking website.. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. What if we here at the Internet Time Machine told you though that there is still room to get in on this million dollar niche. A while back. Mafia Wars and Fishville.

. is a growing niche area that is getting national attention.Email Shelly at Waveshield to get a bonus pack for Internet Time Machine readers. less than 10 years. Finland. The search volume as this subject gains more press and as more politicians get involved it will become an election rallying cry. The biggest study to date into the effects of mobile-phone usage on long-term health was launched on Thursday. This subject. “Research to date has necessarily mainly focused on use in the short term. cell phone radiation. A spokesman for Britain’s Health Protection Agency. Ericsson and Huawei surpassed $1 trillion for the first time in 2009. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.. since cellphones have only been widely used for about a decade. “The Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Imperial College is one of the best research centers in the world for this type of study. It hopes 90. director of research and sustainability at industry body the GSM Association. Sweden and Denmark through mobile carriers. while welcoming the planned study. an independent public body. aiming to track at least a quarter of a million of people in five European countries for up to 30 years. through the country’s four top carriers: Vodafone. In Britain. according to technology research firm iSuppli. Global spending on wireless equipment and services provided by companies such as Nokia. They have also been shorter.” he said. 232 had signed up. 20 or 30 years.and whether they use hand-free kits.” said Jack Rowley. Cell Phone Radiation . said organizers might have trouble finding enough volunteers. a UK body funded by a variety of government and industry sources and run by independent experts. said the study had the potential to give very reliable results. 15 years for the symptoms to appear. The COSMOS study forms part of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Program (MTHR). 10. “One of the limitations of research to date is that when you ask people about their mobile phone use say five years ago there’s a lot of error. The study will examine all health developments and look for links to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as cancer. And with long-term monitoring there will be time for diseases to develop.4 million mobile phone users to take part.000 will agree. Might be time to test some Waveshield in Europe on PPC networks with super cheap clicks..HUGE GROWING NICHE! This story just came out on the weekend of 4/25/10. which foundered on privacy concerns. “The COSMOS study will be looking at long-term use. COSMOS will announce its findings as it Know Today W hat People Will Buy Tomorrow 3. T-Mobile and Orange.. .000100.Internet The Time Machine. the Netherlands. The COSMOS study is recruiting participants aged 18-69 in Britain. citing a previous attempt to carry out a similar study on a smaller scale in Germany in 2004. Rowley. The Cohort Study on Mobile Communications (COSMOS) differs from previous attempts to examine links between cellphone use and diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders in that it will follow users’ behavior in real time. mostly university academics. COSMOS is inviting 2. Email takensave@aol. Professor Lawrie Challis from MTHR said: “Many cancers take 10. By late Thursday afternoon. O2. It will also take account of how users carry their phone -for example in a trouser or chest pocket or in a bag -. So we’ve got to address the question: Could there be something out there that we need to look at?” TRILLION-DOLLAR INDUSTRY The GSMA’s Rowley estimated that more than $100 million had been spent so far around the world on research into health risks from mobile phone usage. com and just put “The Internet Time Machine” in the subject line and he will email you a marketing package that is prefect for content and review sites on cell phone radiation.” principal investigator Professor Paul Elliott of the School of Public Health at London’s Imperial College told a news conference. It will use data from volunteers’ phone bills and health records as well as questionnaires. Most other large-scale studies have centered around asking people already suffering from cancer or other diseases about their previous mobile-phone use.” he said.

Internet The Time Machine. Quinoa Is Here . .quinoasuperdiet..php Could you get in on the quinoa niche? CLICK HERE TO LEARN Know Today W hat People Will Buy Tomorrow 4..Acai is so 2008! We couldn’t believe the search trends for this little wheat from Brazil! This super food looks like it could be the new acai and affiliates can check out our resources page at the www. we noticed how quickly this supply and demand curve was growing and realized that it can be the next BIG super food! We also helped develop information for this product at www. BUT it could be bigger because quinoa has no sugar and even the United Nations considers it a super food! Here at the Internet Time Machine.quinoasuperdiet.

With the historical clutter that permeates the web (not all of the html pages are clutter. and have concerned themselves with making the most valuable of these new daily additions available to the public on a minute by minute.Internet The Time Know Today W hat People Will Buy Tomorrow 5. news resources etc. CLICK HERE TO LEARN with a much lower advertiser competition ratio than found on any other search engine. and users of PPC Advertising campaign where advertiser competition for a services on these search engines have hence specific set of keywords changes by the minute become a target for massive levels of spending it’s based on the most recent information coming incurred as a result of there being a serious lack into our databases by the minute. the Internet Time allows users of its PPC campaigns to access the wealth of its resources dating back . is also a high powered search engine that we have opened up to the public. Yahoo!. We monitor millions of sources and feeds to give you the most up to date and pertinent information on your subject. Users of the top of their search interfaces. but much of it is irrelevant now) we decided to set up a complex system of filtering and algorithms to give you just discussions and information about your subject for the past 14 days only. the advertising media NowRelevant. Contemporary Search Engines including the likes of Google. day to day basis.NowRelevant.. chrolonoligally to exactly 14 days from the time of their’s search facilities will be able to retrieve a specific subset of information dating back on 14 days. NowRelevant. AskJeeves and BING have all been presenting the internet masses with most recent ‘additions’ to the web PPC engine will therefore be being based purely on keywords input by users at able to reap the benefits of a highly focused PPC the time of the search. Such valuable resources include the latest running media information from is the link to our backend search engine that give you every written word about a subject for the past 14 By using advanced cloud computing algorithm. Each of these search engines has set their own criteria to evaluate the desirability of a piece of information on the web. Users of NowRelevant. allowing them to immediately benefit from the most up to date Search Engines are hence able to run PPC engines on and recently mentioned information. so there’s no of a ‘targeted’ and more ‘focused’ PPC engine that chance of the same CPC levels staying for more allows users to maximise on their PPC exposure by than a minute either! choosing keywords that they know are in demand. or have received considerable mention on the internet. New Search Engine . This enables both the viewers of search results as well as PPC advertisers to target their PPC campaigns to a specific set of keyword phrases that are bound to receive public attention no matter what. when flipped around. NowRelevant. criteria being assessed through various search algorithms and other assessment algorithms such as the proprietory Google PageRank algorithm.. enabling advertisers to compete better on NowRelevant.

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