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North Alabama Society of the Archaeological Institute of America Volume 13, August 2006

In This Issue Christopher F. Amer

✾ Maritime Archaeology Head, Maritime Research Division, Univ. of South Carolina
✾ Ancient Rome
September 5, 2006 (Tuesday)
✾ Knossos, Crete
“The Shipwrecks of South Carolina”
✾ References for Upcoming Events
11:10 AM
✾ Membership Specials Wilson Hall 127, UAH
✾ Thank You
✾ Archaeofest
“Captain! Thar Be Whales Here: 16th-century
✾ Calendar of Coming Events
Basque Whaling in Red Bay, Labrador”
7:30 PM
Dr. Susann Lusnia Chan Auditorium, UAH
Tulane University Many of you will remember Chris
Amer’s previous visit to our AIA
October 2, 2006 (Mon) society when he gave an engag-
“Augustus, Mussolini, ing talk on the recovery and study
of the Civil War submarine, the
and Meier: The Ara H.L. Hunley. Amer, who is South
Pacis Revisited” Carolina’s State Underwater
Archaeologist, will be giving two
2:20 PM Continued on page 2
Roberts Hall 419, UAH
Dr. Donald Evely
“Usurping History: Knossos Curator, British School, Athens
Septimius Severus and
“Knossos: New Thoughts and
the Roman Forum”
Future Perspectives”
7:30 PM
Chan Auditorium, UAH November 9, 2006 (Thursday)
7:30 PM
Dr. Lusnia did her graduate work Chan Auditorium, UAH
at the University of Cincinnati and
has done fieldwork at Troy and Dr. Evely, who received his doctorate from
Carthage. During the afternoon Oxford, comes to us with a wealth of field and
seminar (open to the public) we will curatorial experience. He has been excavating in
be discussing the controversial new Greece since 1968 and has been Field Director
enclosure for the Ara Pacis, or Altar at Lefkandi since 2003 in addition to his re-
Continued on page 2 Snake Handler, Knossos Continued on page 3

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Lusnia: continued from page 1 Amer: continued from page 1
of Peace, which Rome’s first emperor Augustus set up on a huge sundial talks on maritime archaeology.
by the banks of the Tiber. Under Mussolini, archaeologists unearthed the For the UAH Honors Forum and the
Ara Pacis and it became a showpiece in his propaganda program. Recently, general public, Amer will present results
the mayor of Rome commissioned American architect Richard Meier, who of a multi-year study of shipwrecks
designed the Getty Museum in California, to design a new enclosure for off the coast of South Carolina, where
the Ara the water depth can often be less than
Forum, with Arch of Septimius Severus, Rome
Pacis. The 30 feet out to five miles. Among these
process wrecks are US military vessels, warships
by which from the Civil War, as well as a variety
Meier was of foreign ships. Amer and his team
chosen is conducted much of this research using
controver- state-of-the-art remote sensing equip-
sial, as is ment.
the final
At night, Amer will discuss the whaling
industry of his native Canada. Three
which was
hundred years before Herman Melville
wrote his whaling epic, Basque mer-
chants and ship owners in France and
In the evening, Dr. Lusnia will discuss the reshaping of the Roman Fo- Spain mounted regular seasonal expedi-
rum, a space that defined Roman civilization and might. In April A.D. 193, tions to the south coast of Labrador
Lucius Septimius Severus became emperor of Rome by declaring himself and the north shore of Quebec. They
ruler, with the support of his troops. He needed to establish his legitimacy,
but he also had to deal with a city that had been subjected to recent disas-
ters. Several buildings in the Roman Forum needed rebuilding, and Severus
took this opportunity to impose his own program on the historic center of
Dr. Lusnia suggests that by restoring some buildings and adding new mon-
uments to the space, Severus reshaped the lower forum and created the
atmosphere of an imperial forum, similar to the nearby Forums of Augus-
Shipwreck, Myrtle Beach, SC
tus or Trajan, but without actually having to acquire land and build a new
public square. Just as he had seized political and military power, so Severus set up seasonal camps along the coast.
usurped the age-old manifestation of that authority, the Roman Forum. One of the largest of these operations
occurred in Butus, now called Red Bay.
Between 1978 and 1985, the Canadian
Parks Service conducted underwater
archaeological excavations in Red Bay
Harbor. Archaeologists discovered
three Basque whaling galleons and
four small whaling craft, along with the
remains of shore operations for render-
ing the whale blubber and shipping the
whale products. This lecture covers the
history of the Basque whalers, recounts
the seven-year project at Red Bay, and
details the research that continues to
Diver at Red Bay, Labrador this day on one of the most compre-
hensive marine archaeological projects
ever undertaken in Canada.

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Evely: continued from 1
Special New-Member Rates
sponsibilities as the curator of the spectacular site of Knossos.
Knossos is well known in Greek mythology as the Palace of Minos, New members guarantee an infusion of new
where the Minotaur devoured youths and maidens from Athens. ideas and enthusiasm. You can become a
With its maze-like plan and abundant bull imagery, the legend member of the AIA and share your passion
seems to come to life. In the century since British archaeologist for archaeology with like-minded people. Join
Arthur Evans discovered the site of Knossos, research has contin- and reap great savings.
ued unabated. Dr. Evely will explore some of the work being un-
dertaken in current excavations as well as new research on objects Special rates until December 30th, 2006:
unearthed long ago. He will also discuss his role at this much-vis-
ited site and hopes to raise interest and demonstrate the need for Membership Regular Special
support as the British School endeavors to curate collections and Category Rate Rate
make them available to the ever-increasing demands made on them. AIA Basic $50 $40
AIA Basic & $66 $55
AIA Student $50 $19
AIA Student & $66 $25

Discount applies to first year only. Regular

fees apply for renewal. Student members can
be young or young-at-heart, with proof of
Bull Leapers at Knossos
current enrollment in a university, two-year
college or high school.

References for Upcoming Events North Alabama Society student members:

Shipwrecks and Red Bay (Chris Amer) watch for a special student event to be an-
nounced later in Fall. Thesis Publications
Membership applications are available from Underwater Archaeology Dr. Lillian Joyce,, or Cathie Interview Dunar, Red Bay
Archaeology and the Social History of Ships, Richard A. Gould, Cambridge Uni- Thank You
versity Press, 2000
UAH Humanities Center
Ara Pacis and Roman Forum (Dr. Susann Lusnia) Dr. Tom Elliott Anonymous cash donations
Representations of War in Ancient Rome, Sheila Dillon and Katherine E. Welch,
eds., Cambridge University Press, 2006. See Chapter 9 by Susann Lusnia
“Battle Imagery and Politics on the Severan Arch in the Roman Forum”. “Urban Planning
and Sculptural Display in Severan Rome” by Susann S. Lusnia on Ara Pacis
Knossos (Dr. Donald Evely) Site Virtual Tour
Knossos: Palace, City, State, Gerald Cadogan, et al, eds., British School at Ath- Ara Pacis Musem by Richard Meier, Rome
ens, 2005
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Archaeofest Calendar of Coming Events
Christopher F. Amer (Shipwrecks) Wilson September 5, 2006
Brushy Lake Campground
Bankhead National Forest Christopher F. Amer (Whaling) Chan September 5, 2006
Susann Lusnia (Ara Pacis) Roberts October 2, 2006
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Susann Lusnia (Roman Forum) Chan October 2, 2006
11:00 AM. to 3:30 PM
Donald Evely (Knossos, Crete) Chan November 9, 2006
Archaeofest programs and exhibits
will be family oriented and include The whole place seemed to awake awhile to life and movement. Such was the force of the
numerous demonstrations of illusion that the Priest-King with his plumed lily crown...and his fellows had stepped down
Southeastern Indian cultural activi-
ties. Brushy Campground is located
from the walls - passed and re-passed on the flights below.
—Sir Arthur Evans on the Grand Staircase of the palace of Knossos
on an archaeological site, with a
small-scale excavation, including test
units to show archaeological tools Excavate! is sent to AIA members
Excavate! is published seasonally by the
North Alabama Society of the
and techniques. “Living history” and those who have attended or Archaeological Institute of America
performers will wear costumes of expressed interest in our activities. President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lillian B. Joyce
early Southeastern Indians. There If you would like to add a friend to
E-mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Vice President. . . . . . . . Timothy L. Stephens
will be storytelling, a “hands on” our list of members and friends, so E-mail . . . . . . .
archaeology box for children, face that they will receive Excavate! and Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cathie Dunar
E-mail . . . . . . . . .
painting, beadwork, basket making, e-mail notice of events, let us know Local Sponsor. UAH Department of Art and
and a Southeastern Indian snake via snail mail (see return address on Art History
lore exhibit. Other features include the newsletter) or send e-mail to Phone Contact . . . . . . . . . (256) 824-6114
exhibits on Indian uses of plants
and animals, ancient sky watchers,
science and archaeology, and Indian
music. Also featured are programs Nonprofit Org.
on cave archaeology, rock art, the North Alabama Society, AIA U.S. Postage
Civil War in North Alabama, other Department of Art and Art History PAID
Huntsville, AL
local history, and information on Roberts Hall 313 35899
protecting the past. University of Alabama in Huntsville Permit No. 283
Huntsville, Alabama, 35899
Event is free to the public. For fur-
ther information, call 205-489-5111.

Bust of Septimius Severus

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