Interview Stuffs Set-3 1) Tell me something about yourself/Market Your Self?

Tell me some thing about you self. I think this is one of the best opportunities to show what you have. For these questions you need to sell your self in different manner. The Answers can be 1) Am the person with the strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along with the peoples. I enjoy challenges and looking creative solutions for the problems. 2) Besides the details given in my resume, I believe in character, values, vision and action. I am quick learning from mistakes, So that am having a confident that the various tests that you have conduct will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the job.

3) I attended GIET where I majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering. My hobbies include basketball, reading novels and hiking. I’m an easy going person that works well with every one. I enjoy being around different types of peoples and I always like to challenge myself to improve everything what I will do. 4) I went to GIET Mumbai where I majored in Electronics and Communication in Engineering. Afterwards, I started my career at Chennai as Software Engineer in Magna InfoTech. I’ve been there for 3 years now. I love solving riddles and puzzles and I also know about upcoming technologies. 2) What are your Strengths? Your answers can be:1) Am an hard worker and because of this ability, I can even work for additional hours to accomplish my tasks. I am commitment oriented and hence I always enjoy trust and support from my team mates which enables me to perform my duties very easily. 2) I am adaptable. So that I can handle any type of peoples and situations and also bring out the best from them in spite of conflicting situations or opinions. Am a quick learner, so I can learn any subject quickly and analyze my job and add value to its well as I can identify the problem and solve them faster and better.

3) My strength is that I have very strong values and ethics and have very good eye detail. I believe in strong relationships and have a very supportive family and very good friends. 4) I’ve always been a great team player and therefore I can work efficiently to produce quality work in a team environment. I can accomplish large amount of work within short period of time hence I get things done on time.

3)What are your weakness? Yours answers can be:1) One of my weaknesses as I perceive is occasional compromise on time for quality and perfection. 2) I feel, I am not very much detail oriented. I’m a person who wants to accomplish the work as much as possible. I realize this hurts quality and therefore, I am trying to hard to find a balance between quality and quantity.

3) At the times even when I need help. I’m working on knowing when it would be beneficial to ask for help 4) I’ve been told few times. Hence my immediate goal is to learn and become skilled in all aspects of marketing. 5) Could you able to say what’s the difference between Smart Worker and Hard Worker? Your answer can be:A smart worker always put things in right. I know I can help out by explaining things to some people and encouraging lazy peoples by reminding them of deadlines. So I strongly believe that you shouldn’t reject me for any of my weakness. I’m too much detail oriented. 2) I want to see myself as a software developer in your esteemed organization where by with all my skills and enhanced learned the basics of marketing during my first 2years and hence. I know its bad to be impatient. I do make it a practice of checking my work at least once or twice to make sure it’s absolutely accurate. but some times a person cant do the assignment due to incompetence and laziness. but I. 6) What are your Short Term Goals? 1) My short term goal is to find a position where I can use the knowledge and strength currently what I have. I want to be in a position where can I contribute what I have been learned through education to gain some practical experience and real life experience. 7) What are your Long Tern Goals? Your answers can be:- . I shall be able to make valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization. I get impatient and annoys. I am raring to take on challenging projects. But hard worker always do right things. should we reject you? Your Answers can be:Since I have identified my own weakness. 5) I believe one of my weaknesses is my impatience. I try to solve my own problems instead of asking a co-worker who might know the answer. The last five years of my career I have concentrated on learning and acquiring all the managerial skills. I understand if they are working hard and if their portion is difficult. This would save me more time and I would be more efficient. 4) Based on which weakness.m definitely working on it. But am confident in the near future most of my weakness may not be there at all. I feel I’m doing a diligent job by volunteering for extra work to gain more experience and hope to be in management position within a year or two. 3) My short term goal is to learn every thing about marketing. you may be assured that I am constantly working on them to get them reduced day by day. I. 5) My short tern goal is to get into a management position. I want to participate in the growth and success of the company I work for. Recently I’ve taken more responsibilities in management because I eventually want to become production manager. 4) My short tern goal is to be become a marketing analyst. Whenever I work in a team and any off the team members don’t perform upto the expectation.

I am passionately committed to producing truly class results. Many peoples fail to become a partner. I know opportunity knock the door of great workers and I’m going to try to be one among them. But that’s not going to stop me anyway from working hard and learning everything I can. I think working smart is important and I have many ideas. 2) After a successful career. I have always loved to teach and hence I would like to grow newer employees and help co-workers where ever I can. I am going to learning and gaining experience until that. I know it’s going to be touch. Yet I bring an additional quality that makes me the best person for this job. I’m confident. My education graph always kept roaring with time. But am smart and willing to work hard a lot. There are two reasons I should be hired a) My qualification and skills were perfectly matching for your company requirements. So after gaining little more experience in a particular field. . I see myself in management. 9) Why should we have to select you only? Why not others? Your answers can be:You should hire me because I’m the best person for this job. I se myself as a marketing manager. My passion for excellence. I shall be able to make up a valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization. 4) Five years from now. I want to be a senior analyst (Senior Software Engineer/Manager/Lead) I want to expertise direct impact of company in an utmost positive way. I believe my skills and abilities matches perfectly with the requirement and what makes me the unique candidate is my passion towards my work and industry. but am going to be working hard for the next five years. So. 100% 3) You should definitely hire me. I have a proven track record of success throughout my education.1) My long term goal is to be an instructor. 2) In five years. I realize that there are many other candidates who also have the ability to do this job. but becoming a partner is a long term goal of mine and I am going to work towards this goal throughout my career. I know it sound a little to ambitious. I am going to write a book. I want eventually to become a manager. I know there are lots of things to learn. 3) My long term goal is to become a partner for a consulting firm. I’ll be the best candidate for this position. 8) Where do you see yourself five years from now? Your answers can be:1) I see myself as a Senior Software Engineer in your esteemed organization where by with all my enhanced learning and skill. b) I am exited and passionate about this industry and the position and I will always give my best. 3) Although I really enjoy working as a Software Engineer. 4) My long term goal is to become director of company. and after learning many different aspects. I know a lot of hard work determination and patience is to be required to become a partner. This position requires someone who has the ability to solve the problems quickly and who can logically add value to the job. I want to continue gaining experience. I look forward to write a book on programming Language.

I’m very detail oriented. 12) Are you willing to take Risks? Your Answers can be:!) I’ m a risk taker.4) I am perfect fit for this position. So I believe that. I want to be a part of this business as it grows. I would rather want my addition to get improve it. am having a strong vision of viewing myself as an employee in your company. 2) I see myself as a risk taker. 10) Well Mr. plan the steps to achieve the goal. I have earlier worked with xyz Software Company and I was in charge of a team that was responsible for tha quality of there different applications. I have three years of experience in this technology and my skills enable me to develop better products in less time. 5) This position seeks a Quality Assurance manager. So I strongly believe that I’ll be the best candidate due to the combination of my experience. I always evaluate all other options and after careful considerations I would definitely take a risk if the rewards were high enough. I want to make more of an impact rather than just doing my job. I believe rewards belong only to those guys who go behind intentions to the place of actions. If I keep on facing new challenges and new things in this organization means. 3) Well I understand that. I keep my options open and if the reward justifies the risk. I’m confident I’m the best person for this job. and I organize my work and time very efficiently. 6) I believe I’m the perfect for this position. Product support and even some creative processes that will benefit a quality assurance team. my management skills. the team I would work looks terrific. I would hire myself because of the passion for this industry and my optimistic personality. I’ll be everlasting in this organization. On top of that I’m a great team player that gets a long with every one. Additionally. How long will you work in our Company? I’ll be here till I’ll face the new challenges and new things. (H R)But even though what makes you unique? If am there in your position. I don’t want to blend in within the company. abilities and my desire to provide growth in employees. this is a company on the way up. I don’t like to repeat the same work or routine work again and again. I would definitely try. and recently I studied and saw on of your website about the launch of several new products which is imminent. Xyz. 11) Why you want to work in our company only? Your answers can be:1) Since your company provides a Strong Core Competency. If I select you. very strong value systems and best practices. I have adapted knowledge in Quality assurance. But before taking any decisions. 13) How do you evaluate success? Your Answers :1) Success to me is to set a goal. I love mentoring junior employees since I believe in sharing knowledge to every one in the company who work with me. implement the plan and finally achieve the goal. 2) Your company has one of the fastest growth rates and turnover in the Industry and that would mean a faster growth rate for me as a professional. .

14) What wil you do If you are asked to give the bribe? If any one asked me to do so then. Therefore I believe both the result and the process should be great to cal something success. I would also like to work for an organization that gives me an opportunity to serve the organization. you definitely would agree that I have other qualities which appealed you. Positive result gives me the satisfaction and at home happiness in parent’s eyes gives me the satisfaction. 2) I seek there things from the job. but it is judged by its contents”. If the interviewer presses you hard to say either yes or no then you can say. A book is not judged by its cover. 3) I’m looking for a place to learn and a chance to improve my practicalities and thereby knowing about upcoming trends and Technologies. 17) What do you seek from a job? Your answers can be:1) Great learning opportunities. I can encash this towards my career promotions and growth. I can add some value to the organization. . Competence. However even if a condition comes to pay a bribe to get a good contract then I shall refer the case to my seniors for their valid suggestions upon which I can act. I will feel very uncomfortable to do so just in case the company has strong core competency. 3) Success to me means completing a task or assignment in an excellent manner and within the stipulated time. 15) Suppose I tell you I don’t like your face? Then why should I select you? Even if you don’t like my face. Challenging Roles and learning opportunities. b) I think its important to take some risks. Secondly If I remain in good books of my boss. because the experience and the growth from the risks are priceless. rational career progression and good job satisfaction. Then it’s a success. the society and above all my country. IO wouldn’t call that success. Challenging roles. best practices and strong value systems. So I strongly feel the company can do business purely on these merits and not through bribery or commissions. 16) If your Boss is taking all the credits for your work. If every one participated and worked together.2) Success to me means satisfaction for what ever I do. for that now you are interviewing me. I want a position where I can apply my skills and abilities at par so that. If I am at my work place. I would not mind because if I am good worker my contribution will be definitely noticed by the organization. Along with this Give me some Examples like:There is a saying “A man’s face is not including of his abilities”. But if it was a group project and say only two people did the work. what will you do? Your Answers can be:a) Even if my boss takes credit for my work. Going the extra mile in taking risks is worth even if failure is the result.

Wrong Answers:1) Don’t blame or sound angry with the company. They can never be isolated.Faithful 2) O. Your Answers can be:1) Due to a mass reorganization of the company.Optimistic 5) T. Therefore I would like to work independently towards a team goal. So I prefer to work both as an individual and as a Team player. 2) I would like to work in an environment where there is a blend of both. RASCAL. I’m eager to pursue other options in the local area. Working as an individual. 2) Don’t blame yourself 20) If I tell you. I can apply all that I have learned throughout the career.Intelligent 2) D. you are an IDIOT.Innovative 4) O. My function in the company was moved to a sit of 2000kilometeres away where I choose not to relocate.Truthful and Talented Fool 1) F. A man has to work individually and also as a team player. FOOL. The value to team work is the emergence of new ides and creative solutions as well as sharing work load. But I love working in a team because one thing is for sure gaining and sharing knowledge through experience.Optimistic . So I believe both have their importance and both are required to be successful in any field. my entire department was eliminated. Can you think anything positive about it? Your Answers can be:Idiot !) I.18) Do you prefer to work alone or as Team player? Your Answers can be:1) I believe both are two sides of same coin. It is always said “Two heads are better than one”. 3) I like working myself. It’s great working in teams while sharing and learning ideas with each other.Determined 3) I. Now I’m looking forward to exploring new options for employment 2) My company reduced its labour force to accommodate a major shift in business. but it’s also great to sit at my own desk and work hard productively. 19) Three Rules for explaining Lay off are? Try to end the answer to this question in a positive note by saying that you are looking forward to a new position with new responsibilities.

the content are always a surprise. 22) Tell me on the basis on which strength should we select you Your Answers can be:As an individual. you have to do so for all my strengths put together and not for one strength in isolation.Loyal Rascal:1) R.Religious 2) A-Adaptable 3) S. bubbling with enthusiasm. I am package of all my strengths that I have stated to you and I strongly believe that if you have to select me. How ever if you still insist that you would like to select me for a specific reason than the prerogative is yours sir. .Simple and Sober 4) C-Competent. I would believe that what ever the label on the can.Obedient L.One that has a variety of flavors. I would associate my determined attitude with the cans though exterior. Capable and Co-Operative 5) A-Adept 6) L-Loyal 21) If you were an animal/a can of soup/some other random object which one you would you prefer and why? You Answers can be:1) I would like to be a can of soup.3) 4) O.

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