Heart to Heart Beloved One, I do so adore you (Us). I love you beyond any measure.

Breathe that in lovely One! From my Heart to Yours, which is the same Heart, feel my love, my compassion, my pure and simple love for myself (You)! Take a deep breath Beloved One, deeply into our Heart breathe. Breathe so deeply, and deeper still go within that sacred space of you. Sink within us Beloved One. Heart to heart breathe. Breath by breath dive within, gently and slowly sink within our sacredness. Breath by breath let yourself go. Breath by sweet breath experience the sweetness, the sacredness of you (Us), for we are truly one, and in this, your own sacred moment of no time we experience our love, our pure and simple love. This love is the basis, the foundation of all things, love of Self - true love! This is no mind based love, no duality/fear based mere emotion. This experience comes from the Heart - the true heart of all I am, and all that you are. This is true love, the experience of total and complete acceptance with no agenda however well hidden those agendas may be at times. You darling one are open and pure, simple in our love, complete in our compassion. Take a deep breath Beloved One, for you are indeed the Beloved, the Beloved of One - your own Self. Your true Heart beats in the rhythm of love, the pure and simple flow of true love, for the true Heart pumps and circulates the fluid of life - true love. This love is indeed not something that can be defined, for this is beyond the mind, beyond any definition or limit the mind would attempt to impose. This is the pure flow of true Love. This experience as you sit and write is the flow of your Heart, the flow of true Love. Heart to Heart we do speak and in the language of true Love we flow. Heartspeak it is truly, and can be felt in its pure essence which is the reason the tears flow from your eyes in this experience. Tears in this case are the physical manifestation of the flow of your Love. The flow of true Love will produce tears, but with no emotion involved, for this is beyond emotion, and as you know so well emotion is simply a mind game, just a tactic of mind programming to attempt to trick itself into believing it can really sense and feel, which it cannot! As you also well know emotion and true feeling are two totally different experiences. True feeling is beyond any emotion. Your true voice is a feeling experience and each one knows their own feeling on some level, it is only for you to become aware of the experience in this dimension. Everyone knows his/her own voice and each voice is different and unique, each voice is as individual as each human. It is only to connect with your unique voice and to allow yourself to sense/feel your own sweet voice once more. It is only to allow yourself the experience of loving you so much that you trust your own voice, that you come to once again feel the sound of your own Heart. Thus we speak Heart to Heart with the flow of true Love. As you breathe in your true love it opens the pathways so long clogged with neglect. The pathways are there, and there is truly nothing you have to do to build any pathways, it is only for you to allow your breath to open and clear the Ways within you. As you breathe your true love consciously you allow this to occur. There is no work needed, only the allowing is the missing ingredient, and the more you breathe consciously the more your pathways are cleared. So take that deep and conscious Loving breath, fill your Heart, the center of you, and allow the breath to flow back out, washing away the grime that has clogged those pathways. That is the way to become a clear channel of your own Heartspeak, to breathe deeply and consciously into your Heart so that you may once again feel your own voice, and allow it to flow out within your creation. Do this for you Beloved Ones,

love yourself! For no one else do this, for when you do anything to appease or please anyone else it is merely mind based manipulation, and we are far beyond the mind within this sacred space of your own Heartspeak. Your true Heartspeak has no agenda or manipulation, it is the compassionate expression of your true Essence. Your Beloved Souls voice is your true Heart speaking. Breath by breath, beat by beat of your true Heart you flow in the rhythm of your own Love. Breath by breath you connect, breath by breath you go deeper. Breath by sweet breath you experience your Love until all that is left is the flow of your love. Breath by breath is your experience deepened and truly this is all that matters, the experience of your own love. As I've stated, this is the foundation of your experience, your own love of Self - not love of others, but the love of your own Self. The mind would try its wiles once again to convince itself it is in true love, but the mind is incapable of true love, for true love comes from the true Heart of all you are. Your very core is your true Heart. The mind was programmed to trick and deceive, to think it can truly love, but being based in duality and only having programming thus based, it is incapable of experiencing or expressing true love. It is as if you are trying to run an incompatible program on one of your computers, it just will not work, that is until the mind is reprogrammed. And that is indeed what you are doing when loving yourself truly from your true Heart. With the deep and conscious loving breath you allow the natural process of reprogramming to occur. For your breath of love goes into that mind to write the new code based in true love. You are overwriting your mind from the duality based operating system to an unlimited true Love based operating system and indeed it is no system at all, this new operating system of your new mind, for it is beyond duality, it is the operating system of the new human. As you breathe consciously the reprogramming occurs as long as you allow and receive the process of transformation. The deep conscious, and loving breath is the catalyst of the transformation. This is no mind game, this is real! Your reality is in your breath, within your own Love flows all. Within the love of Self is the key to your abundance, the key to all is your Self Love. As you breathe deeply and consciously and lovingly you unlock the doors of your flow of abundance, and as you continue breathing deeply and consciously the doors open to allow your abundance to flow in joy. I would stress continuing to breathe, for if you cease breathing consciously and lovingly you put a dam in the flow, you close the doors again when you cease to breathe consciously and lovingly. Breath by breath your abundance flows with no agenda, for when based in true love your river will flow. Once again, this is beyond any old programming of the mind. When you love yourself enough to breathe in your love you begin to allow the doors to open. In the past the mind has tricked you to believe your abundance is attainable through some system it has developed, but when you use a mind/duality based system to receive your abundance you will only get mind/duality based abundance, or you get nothing at all. You do not get the real thing from a duality based system or technique for duality and all it produces is but an illusion. So if what you are doing is not working for you in the way you desire it may be that your 'work' is duality based. Duality based systems and techniques will not work in new energy, and try as you might, struggling to get them to work only leads to frustration. You, Beloved Ones are the new humans, you can not use the old limited dualistic concepts and have them work for you. You, being true Heart based and unlimited can use your own unlimited non systems and non techniques to bring in your abundance and this is what will work for you. Your

true abundance is based in the new, and from the new it flows. It is only for you to connect with your true Heart to receive. You cannot do it from the mind, abundance is not in the mind, yet the mind tries to say it is. And you know this, but it is time for you to experience it, and experience it you shall when you consciously allow yourself to totally and wholly love all that you are. And again, breath by breath you love yourself. So take that deep and conscious breath, sink deeply into your Love, saturate every cell of you with your breath. Love that body, love that mind, don't discount or fight the mind, it is only for you to saturate the mind with your true Heart Love! So fill that mind with your breath! Feel this, that your breath of true love is the catalyst of transformation, the reprogrammer of the mind. So if you want to truly get out of duality and transform the mind from its fear base to its real base of true love - just breathe! Its simple, its pure, its your answer you put here for yourself, and its a process, for if the mind transformed in an instant of 'time', being originally based in duality, it simply could not handle it and would literally blow every circuit, then you would be walking around with a non functioning mind which is of no service to you at all. So it is for you to be aware of the process of transformation of the mind and that it occurs breath by conscious breath. Always feel Beloved Ones, do not even remember, for memories are duality based, and you are beyond duality now into the realm of true feeling based in the Eternal Now, and expanding. So I say not to remember but only to allow your true feelings which are Heart based to come forth, for this is your reality. The old mind based emotion and thinking are merely games you have played, fading pictures of your true reality. Its time to release the games and move into the authentic. So always feel Beloved Ones, feel your own love, breathe your love of Self, for you are the Beloved of you! and I am that I am Breath by breath Eternal..... as are each of you!

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