Here Comes the Judge

“Service, generous endless service, only true reverence will suffice.”1 giving kindness, even sacrifice, keeps me calm and not to be nervous. Yes, friendship’s cost I sometimes lament, it demands much and can be painful; and, often makes me cross and woeful. Such false self-love in that moment. No, that moment calls for self-giving and expects self-ease to suffer much; and, this denial puts me in touch with how bearing loss is transforming. “Listen, unless one hates their own life one can never be my follower. Walk with me to be my follower. and fully embrace the joy of strife”2 Aggh, giving all tugs at my heart strings; and, a complete letting go of self. When I put me on rejection’s shelf, then, do I see what that moment brings. Truth is: grace is not ours to possess. It’s Beauty’s choice with which we are blessed. So, I give my all, and don’t protest; it’s in service I have happiness.

1 2

Father Judge Meditations p136: line 5 Lk. 14:26- 27

May 31, 2011

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