Burning Man 2011 Rites of Passage

Guide to the Art

Compiled by Anarchist Jim With help from Patti Glenn and Reena Shah

This is meant to be distributed far and wide. Feel free to share it in any way you’d like. For questions, either about this years or being included in next years, please email jim@digitalanarchy.com


3 Is Land 6 Exsuscitare Traiectus 9 The Wet Dream 14 Titanoboa 15 JUNK Across the Pacific 19 Balloon Chain 21 Past Life Photo Booth 23 Georgie Boy: Fallen Queen of Broadway 28 Dust City Diner 31 The SuperConductor 34 Another Door 37 The Pier 40 The Serpent Twins 42 Tower of Transformation 43 Parallel Lives 46 "Burning Time" - The 1 Mile Clock Project 49 FIRE BIRDS OF THE FIFTH DIRECTION 52 HELLEVATOR 54 NIT WHIPS 56 The Right of Pezzage 60 Caged Pulse Jets Rev 2 63 Tympani Lambada 67 Charon 68 Rock Inferno 72 AURORA 75 Airship Victoria Prototype X3 77 Walkabout Woods 81 Vast 84 Merry-Go-Round 86 A Light Hazing 93 Chew My Balls 94 Garden of Rockets 95 Nelumbo Nucifera 96 Garden of Monkey Retrospectus 97 Billion Jelly Bloom 98 reOnion Project 101 Bapteme de Feu 103 Dragon Smelter 104 Rack Attack! Mutant Centipede Bike 105 Perpetual Motion 106 The Temple of Transition 112 Orgasm 113 City Lights 2011

Sarah Cockings orion fredericks Natalie Wright Charlie Brinson & crew Marcus Eriksen, Leslie Moyer Robert Bose Laurel May Mister Jellyfish Michael Brown, David Cole, John Berg and the Dusties Singularity Calen Barca-Hall, Paul Hempstead The Pier Group led by Matt Schultz Jon Sarriugarte, Kyrsten Mate Joe Arnold John Hagar Jim Bowers Charlie Smith Chris Callor Vincent Leclerc FJ Cava Christina Sporrong Flaming Lotus Girls Peter Hudson Dennis "Zoo Money" Lambe, Chris "Smokey" Lavelle, Charles Gadeken Kristian Akseth, Andrew Boyd, Stacey Reineccius Jonah Haas, Dominique Reboul, Jonathan Smith Quentin Davis Cara Deleon and Joe Hobson Matthew GT Liz Medina Christopher Schardt Michael Emery Iron Monkeys Rob Lord Zsolt Ádám Anton Viditz-Ward Danny Macchiarini Mark Melnick & Maya Lowry David Boyer Chris Hankins, Diarmaid Horkan, and the Art Megacrew Bryan Tedric


Is Land Sarah Cockings http://www.is-land.co.uk/wordpress2/

Audio Tour Script: Has a mysterious force ripped a chunk of land from the earth and set it adrift ignoring the laws of physics and gravity. An almost post-apocalyptic fantasy image generating visual delight and intrigue. Reassuring the notion, that to own or possess is just a man made delusion but also opening a portal into a para-time and place where Eden endlessly hovers above our heads. Increasingly the real is being flattened. Is Land turns that on its head. A chunk of fantasy dreamscape robbed from the 2D and dropped off in 3D. The Is Land will appear as a highly realistic floating land mass, an air born drifting microcosm or island, that will be walked around the site and momentarily tied to locations. As it floats above and amongst the citizens of Black Rock, the participants can also hold and parade the island whilst gazing up at its hovering surreality. Floating across the horizon it will create a surreal and dreamlike visual oxymoron, hopefully generating innate and sublime pleasure.

Vandalism Sounds pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately Is Land may not be shown at Burning Man. On July 24th, Is Land was being shown at the Secret Garden Party festival in the UK. Some vandals went out and cut the lines tethering Is Land... and since it’s filled with Helium it floated up and away. It has not been found. Luckily, the artists have received additional funding and are busy trying to create a second version. That will hopefully be at Burning Man. Art Vandalism is something that is fairly common at Burning Man. It really devastates the artist and prevents the rest of us from seeing the installation as it was intended. The artists devoted a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money into gifting these installations to us. The least we can do is respect their work. All of us here at Burning Man and the Artery ask you to respect the art and don’t deface or destroy it. If you see someone doing so, please ask them to stop or report it to a ranger. 3

Is Land was and still is a 7M floating island sculpture made to hover above the Cambridgeshire countryside at this years Secret Garden Party. being tossed by the wind or suspended silently. Gloucestershire with a large team of people contributing to its realisation. It took six months of maths. It was one of the core installations at the 2011 art-orientated festival. Now with all of our knowledge and experience the same team are willing to take on the re-make and see it float state-side.From the Artists Website: The original Is Land was finished in the Brunel Goods Shed in Stroud. It danced in limbo like a shaggy Eden. physics and creative DIY to get the huge structure aloft. 4 .

two in a dingy. can be repaired and go on to make its maiden voyage to the US of A. or if you think you see a new planet on your Easyjet flight to Portugal. but Black Rock City in the Nevada desert. leaving them completely deflated. the helium will have been slowly expelled over a long period of time. you know how important a balloon can be in allowing people to get to their dream destination. Preparation is now underway. meaning the island could have reached great heights. The daring £9000. The UK Civil Aviation Authority.com/3hevvrz 5 . but for these artists it’s not Paradise Falls. But what goes up must come down. However due to there being release valves on the balloon.It was about to make its final pilgrimage to Burning Man festival where it would float again in the Nevada desert. and attempts have been made to calculate the wind speed and direction around Huntingdon. due to the incredible kindness of Secret Garden Party. so the hunt is on. If what looks like a floating chunk of earth turns up in your Nan’s back garden. if found. Make a Donation! If you have ever seen the film ‘UP’. please don’t hesitate to get in touch. cut all five tether ropes holding the helium structure at 3am on the Sunday morning of the Secret Garden festival allowing it to float away. However it was cut down in its prime. local airports as well as chartered air spaces were informed. Any donations will go towards the decoration of the balloon for Burning Man as there is a shortfall and timing to get it over there has been much decreased by the unfortunate turn of events. any more accurate location updates will be published. Witnesses saw a small group of malicious festival goers. six month project by RCA graduates Sarah Cockings and Laurence Symonds simply floated off into the atmosphere. as opposed to rising quickly and rupturing. You can donate here: http://tinyurl.. Is Land is made of durable polyurethane with foliage décor and so. US. for building the new Is Land to make its voyage to the desert. Cambridgeshire at the time of its release.

from intelligent lights. cast bronze glyphs will also be hidden in the city for any daring adventures to recover. and fog. fire. The glyphs in bronze that adorn key. Runic treasure maps will be available to decipher 6 . All of your senses will have acknowledged transformation of passage. A much lager portal stands in the middle of the next bridge section. The first passage prepares you for the second. You need only to cross a simple line in the sand from the playa to the first step on the bridge. When fog or other vapors are released into the ring vessels (the outer vessels represent air and water) they will create a tangible wormhole effect that one may. The bridge then delivers you back to the playa in a different time. and evocative interaction. These rings represent fire. steam. The portals consists of several ring vessels that rotate around the bridge. These ring vessels have a enormous range of content. space. The sculpture consists of a long elevated bridge with three kinetic portals along its length. Holding these ring vessels is a structural arch that supports a crown of kinetic antenna for cosmic tuning. geometric elements describe the intent of energy being channeled. Your passage and cleansing of fire leads you further down the bridge to another smaller portal again containing a cleansing vapor representing air and water. This is monolithic reliquary that holds a sacred space for the passage of the astral and physical.net/current-events/kickstarter-exsucitare-triectus/ Audio Tour Script: The experience of this sculpture is that of awe. by experiencing your own evolution. The alignment of the sculpture is that it’s portal entry faces sunrise to further embody new beginnings. The sculpture is meant to communicate through physical reality the opportunity for anybody to take this passage and awaken to a new potential. Respecting its own cosmic alignment. This first step is onto a glyph that represents new beginnings. or may not choose to pass through. Some of the crucial.This sculpture provides a rite of passage through elemental transformation for everyone that discovers it. The ring vessels of this portal move at a slower pace but quicken with your presence. You are imbued with inspiration and reflection.Exsuscitare Traiectus orion fredericks http://orionfredericks. All of your senses will have acknowledged transformation of passage. and point of consciousness. intrigue. elemental properties and its ability to have a voice of its own. The experience of the sculpture is inviting with its long lines of a bridge that leads to the first of the portals. Participants are encouraged to take their time to re-discover themselves and others as they experience the myriad of senses provided by this sculptural passage.

These glyphs will be the keystone to its performance of true astral potential.for those that inquire with the druids of Exsuscitare Traiectus. 7 . A performance that summons the elemental wormhole of fire and water that one can choose to fearlessly travel.

8 .

They do not want this to be a heavy lecture. In the heat of the day it will provide shelter with the gentle audio of falling rain. as the rain lights are turning on/off. the primary large scale spines. the canopy of umbrellas will be fully fleshed out. The Wet Dream is uncanny. enclosing the space and supplying an evolving shade. remarkably similar to a star and thus easily comprehensible from below. At the beginning of the week. They believe as a team of architectural designers that it is very important for people to understand that architects should represent a framework for creativity rather than the top down. from a distance. only letting trickles of ‘rain light’ through to the space below. The artists see the Burning Man festival as a platform to communicate the importance of bottom up. At night. This ‘star’ shape will be enhanced from below by manipulating the lengths of the strings and thus the umbrella canopy above.com/ Audio Tour Script: “’The Wet Dream’ is an uncanny desert oasis. culminating in a downpour as a contrast to the fire on the Saturday night. its type of enclosure changing from a solid surface of umbrellas to demarcations through lights and tertiary rope structure.tumblr. Being under a canopy of umbrellas reminds one further of the experience of rain. the ‘raining’ lights will be a dripping spectacle. descending from different heights above. thus mentally cooling and calming them. and the occasional thunderstorm.The Wet Dream Natalie Wright http://warmbaby. To mark the changes of sun down/sun up. so they are taking a whimsical approach to communicate 9 . user led design through interactive art. the space will erupt with stormy weather. On Friday when the umbrellas are gifted away the rain light will increase. which relate in scale to the desert and enable the hanging of the ‘rain lights’ extending to the ground. In the day the neutral tones of the umbrellas will hover like glowing clouds. as such. For this period of time the LEDs and audio will act together as lightning and thunder. By Saturday the bones of the installation will be left. The skeleton of structure and lights will be revealed.The plan of the ‘skeleton’ will be in the form of an umbrella’s structure. By night the rain effect will be enhanced by a visual experience via white LED rope lights. opening up to the night sky and the site. sculptural and constantly changing. dictatorial approach that has become common in architecture. the strings and umbrellas below acting at a more human scale. On approach participants will see the hierarchy of structure. it tickles the senses but also provides a place to congregate and turn participants into active contributors through gifting. egocentric.

Participants should feel curious about what might happen when the individual elements of the piece are disrupted. During the week the canopy will be encouragingly disseminated. Revealing something about the relationship between the community of the festival and the spatial carapace they have built. As they disperse through the site so will our ‘architecture’. the canopy of which.their ideas & identity in a beautiful. 10 . memorable way. it will tickle the senses but also provide a place to congregate and turn any participant into an active contributor. are the gift. leaving a beautiful skeleton. Wet Dream is a stationary structure. Once gifted the umbrellas can be used through the day by individuals for sun protection and at night as a light. at the beginning of the week is full of our gifts. Umbrellas. our cultural/whimsical symbol of England. sculptural and constantly changing. Wet Dream will be uncanny.

11 .

rather than sun if rebuilt in England! 12 .Additional Info from the Artists Website: We believe this version of our concept is specifically tailored to the Burning Man Festival both in scale and theme but see no reason why it could not travel to other festivals with the correct assistance. There may be some beautiful contrasts exposed. such as the umbrellas being gifted to protect from rain.

This is basic cellular automaton. We would like to achieve a variety of scales of rain by recording from under different materials. 13 . Occasionally. The participants should feel calmed and cooled by the sounds of rain in the hot Nevada sun with the storms exciting people by night. Thus performances will constantly ripple across the units in the structure. The large structural piece will change over time dependent on the particpants’ participation. they may go quickly or slowly. The performance is provided by a series LEDs that flash on and off. The rain/shade contrast could be amusingly exposed through film! We would love to place it at the UK/Europe Decompression. The participation required for this will ensure the feeling of being an active contributor to the piece for any participant. The sound will generally be a subtle. it will perform and transmit a signal that will be received by its neighbouring units. Q’atar Film Festival and to the Japanese music scene. with only 3 or 4 claps throughout the day. only experienced when underneath or within apx 5m of the structure. a major physical element of our piece. A unit is built around a pic-chip powered by a 9V battery. and then hopefully be taken back to the homes of the participants in the far corners of the world.The beauty of our concept is that the individual components could be easily adapted for various scales of events. Although the version of the scale needed to achieve impact at Burning Man may be too large for other festivals this can be easily resolved through adjusting the connector pieces thus not requiring recutting of structural elements. tents. This would almost be like the lights were arguing or making out! If there were written words of personality inside the umbrella such as a suggestion that “Charlie flickers when he is aroused” or “Gabrielle flickers when she is angry” all kinds of games and personalities would be introduced in the singular umbrellas too. To encourage people to look after their umbrellas we would like to give them character and behaviour. We expect the storms to be more frequent at night. Each umbrella contains a ‘unit’ that can communicate with neighbouring units and perform. bringing out their primeval spirit. Heavy rainfall is expected to build before the storms. We have links at the East London Film Festival. gentle rainfall. if a unit receives a signal from a neighbouring unit. They will be stamped with a web address so recording their journeys will be possible post-event on an interactive web-map. The pattern of removal will also be the pattern of exposure of the structure and rain lights. they may be taken from the lowest points first and then participants may need to climb onto each others backs to remove the last few. although there could be freak bursts of thunder in the late afternoon. The pattern of removal is unpredictable. umbrellas. We will also consider a dust storm audio just in case. when there is a storm. The weather will be purposely orchestrated to contrast the heat. it is inherently interactive These small pieces of our project will be carried to the far corners of the Playa. We plan to pre record the audio in the UK by working with our sound designers to record rain and storms. People would then be more attached to “Charlie” or ‘Gabrielle”. Interactivity By gifting the umbrellas. They communicate with each other using simple infrared transmittors and receivers. We expect the rainfall to fluctuate throughout the day with downpours expected towards midday. the thunder audio may travel further. over a week or a day. As film media is a major component to much of our work we believe that the footage we would wish to take of our event (not necessarily our participants) could be reworked for various film festivals and video screened events. Working with this flat pack structure and regular re-usable components would mean that the heavy pieces could be re-bought/sold should another festival wish to exhibit it. cutting out transport/storage costs and harmful emissions. As it will not be a noise sustained over a long period of time it should not disrupt surrounding artwork although it may effect a quiet/restful piece. Sound Sound will be an intrinsic element to our piece. for example canvas sheeting.

Titanoboa is essentially quiet apart from the slithering sound of scales on the playa. It moves like real snakes do using several different modes of propulsion.Titanoboa Charlie Brinson & crew http://www. Red eyes will also be luminescent with motion or heat sensitive sensors to focus in on participants as they try to escape the massive serpent.charliebrinson.html Audio Tour Script: Titanoboa is an electromechanical reincarnation of the ancient 50ft serpent rendered extinct by past climate change. With an entirely electric power system. Participants will be drawn closer to discover how it could be true that such a large serpent slithers its way through the desert. Internal lighting will be visible though cracks between scales and through transparent scales causing the skin to essentially glow. A multitude of images. wireless nervous system and muscular system made up of dozens of hydraulic cylinders. It’s an enormous snake approximately 40 feet long and 2 ft in diameter. Some participants will cower in fear and some will be overcome with fascination and proceed for a closer look. and restores life to a terrifying beast the likes of which the world has not see for 60 million years. they will be mesmerized by the grace and stealth of Titanoboa. and to enable learning through the creation of a mesmerizing machine. participants will be able to see the detail of 100’s of semi translucent composite scales that make up Titanoboa’s skin. The project is a vehicle to provoke discussion. This lighting will be coordinated in patterns involving hundreds of LED’s that complement the snake’s motion at night. will the custom made aluminum backbone. Underneath. Once close enough to see detail of the serpent beast. provocative words and patterns will adorn the scales on it’s exterior. 14 . Dare to ride the snake and look towards the uncertain future of our beloved planet. Titanoboa experiments with mind-boggling modes of propulsion. Once up close. Titanoboa appears to be some sort of surreal illusion.com/snake.

we have had seemingly limitless land and neighbors to conquer. The fuselage of a 310 Cessna aircraft sits in the middle of the raft. Access to the deck of the raft is guided by posts and a rope rail made from braided plastic bags. 15 . The exploitation of natural resources in light of a growing global populace presents unprecedented challenges to the future..all of this will change in our lifetimes.000 plastic bottles. and acts as the cabin. 25 old sailboat masts as the deck. Participants are invited to step aboard and imagine themselves cast away and returning to land with a new vision of how we will build a better world. Until now. narrowly missing 3 hurricanes and risking life and limb to tell their story: The raft was made from the fuselage of a Cessna aircraft and 15. After 88 days at sea. and witnessing a steady flow of waste drift by.. sailors from the 5 Gyres Institute drifted 2600 miles across the Pacific Ocean from CA to HI on a homemade raft. There is also a 3 sided kiosk created from reused doors that have informaton about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Their purpose was to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans and that is also the purpose of the burning man installation: Junk Across The Pacific. and endless sea and sky to absorb our pollution.org Leslie Moyer Audio Tour Script: “As a rite of passage to float away from the models of society that engulf us.JUNK Across the Pacific Marcus Eriksen www.5gyres. The JUNK Raft is made of 40 small pontoons stuffed with plastic bottles. 5 Gyres has brought the JUNK Raft to the playa. two 18ft masts and a sail that has the name of the vessel “JUNK” emblazoned across the top.

“ The installation is interactive – there are two things participants can do: 1. and a live performance of Lillian. culture. For a moment. schools. to do the same. This is the opposite of the chaos you may experience in our normal world with all it’s information. sailors and scientists from 5 Gyres will interact with visitors. ABOUT 5 GYRES: Since the voyage of JUNKraft in 2008. And stationed at the JUNKraft.” 5 Gyres has a story to tell of a better future. In April 2011. impacting marine ecosystems and coastal communities around the world. Breathe. flows from land to sea through rivers and storm drains. 5 Gyres invite you to stand upon the bow of the raft. and market-driven. and dwindling natural resources. “Zero Waste” your life. inspiring listeners to contemplate the metaphor of plastic waste through music and poetry. Close your eyes and experience a moment of stillness. Standing atop the JUNKraft. and sharing ocean samples collected from all 5 Gyres. There is literally no room for waste in the world. Turn the bottled sea samples on the kiosk to watch plastic from the five oceans fall through the jar. we created The 5 Gyres Institute to research and bring awareness to the state of plastic in world’s seas. telling stories. and air and water to absorb our pollution. Recognize thoughts and let them be carried away. exploitive. war-tolerant. then help others. Discover your rite of passage from this chaos to your stability. aware that there is nothing to do and no place to go. a byproduct of our ignorance and overconsumption. Now imagine a fucking plastic bottle floating by. An information panel will guide the participant through a short meditative exercise. consider that all you can see and hear are wind and waves. “There is no longer room for waste. we find a new ethic. With tremendous integrity and compassion you can bring substance to people and the land and sea that nourishes us. concluding once and for all that plastic pollution is a global problem. Imagine an empty sea. government. Walk aboard the JUNK raft and stand on the deck. Ben Lear and his band will perform Lillian. Disposable plastic waste. as a concept or a place. business. 5 Gyres completed the first global study of plastic in the world’s oceans. breaking down into smaller and smaller fragments that are eaten by marine organisms. To create waste is no longer acceptable in any human endeavor. 2. and want to begin by bringing this message to Black Rock City. How might this affect human health? 16 . These are real samples the 5 Gyres Institute has collected during the last 2 years of sailing around the world. Plastic accumulates in the gyres. oceanic current systems called “gyres”. Let your mind drift just as a raft upon the vast sea. getting stuck in massive. expansive. answering questions.” There is no precedent for the challenges to sustainability that lie ahead. With global population density approaching 9-10 billion by 2050. through a resurrection of the JUNK Raft on the playa.

The journey of JUNK took 3 months. and personal narratives can show us the way. music. 17 . we will shoot a short film for viral distribution. singer/songwriter Ben Lear will perform his rock opera Lillian. engaging tens of thousands of people in understanding the problem of plastic pollution. narrowly missing 3 hurricanes and risking life and limb to tell this story: The world’s oceans are covered with plastic trash. and our broader perspective on fostering a new ethic in the 21st century that this concept of waste today is simply immoral. All of this is changing in our lifetimes. And Ben Lear’s Rock Opera Lillian provides the soundtrack.From the Artists Website: “There is no room for waste. and potentially impacting our own health. with 2 men on board drifting 2600 miles from California to Hawaii. film. harming marine wildlife. Art. We desperately need new stories to guide us towards a sustainable future. capturing people’s reaction to the problem. by bringing the JUNKraft to the Playa at Burning Man. and getting involved in solutions. as a concept or a place. lyrical narrative featuring a young man’s discovery of loss and love amidst the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. Atop JUNKraft. ABOUT JUNKRAFT: JUNKraft is a boat built from 15. The JUNKraft shows us that story.” There has always been new land and neighbors to conquer. We plan to bring these stories to new audiences around the world. and endless sea and sky to absorb our pollution. Here. their reflections on how to effect meaningful change. sharing the story of plastic marine pollution through a haunting.000 plastic bottles that sailed across the Pacific Ocean in 2008 to bring attention to the issue of plastic marine pollution.

What happens to the rest of it? Roughly 50% is buried in landfills. etc.. and designed products that would last. cup. This is the problem. Even fewer are truly recycled.what happens to your products when you’re through with them? Shift some habits as you go along. Know the lifecycle of what you buy. and paper. and supporting communities that demand better alternatives. Reducing our consumption and production of plastic waste. we packaged our products in reusable or recyclable materials – glass. and expendable products that have no value at the end of their short lifecycle. The short-term convenience of using and throwing away plastic products carries a very inconvenient longterm truth. Take a look around you. Though some products. and inspire others to do the same. and much of it remains “unaccounted for”. These plastic water bottles. and that current recovery and recycling efforts are inadequate. have a recovery plan. electronics. To-Go Ware. Support legislative efforts to manage waste in your local community. they make more durable products.a material designed to last forever. Plastic lost at sea is an environmental and potential human health hazard.and ultimately ourselves. bottle. we must manage production and recovery of plastic responsibly through legislation. community. Be a leader in your industry and community for sustainable living. ideas. Necessity and we are in need of a huge change! Our capacity to come up with smarter approaches. toys. and reduce the financial burden on municipalities and taxpayers paying to reduce waste. packaged. inaction is unacceptable. When businesses take responsibility (EPR) to recover products from consumers after use. This throwaway mentality is a relatively recent phenomenon. Knowing the impact of plastic pollution on the world. Learn more at 5gyres. some is remade into durable goods. Steel water bottles and cloth grocery bags. lost in the environment where it ultimately washes out to sea. and home to consider what they make and consume. cups. Businesses must continue reinventing the way we make and consume our products. Today. school.. our landfills and beaches are awash in plastic packaging. or use in any way comes packaged in petroleum plastic. The mother of invention is. and choosing cost-effective alternatives will go a long way towards protecting our seas. Bans and fees on disposable plastics are working to protect people and the environment worldwide. like plastic bottles.org 18 .. create less waste.. metals.commit to put your bags in the car.your voice must be heard! Bring your own bag. and materials is limitless. biodegradable plastics and green chemistry. to not use plastic bottles. Responsible legislation creates opportunity for these alternatives. We must demand zero tolerance for plastic pollution. Take it to a higher level Knowing that plastic pollution is an environmental and potential human health hazard. where the concept of “waste” has no place. and gadgets we dispose of daily are rarely recycled in a closed loop. drink. We currently recover only 5% of the plastics we produce. yet used for products that we then throw away. Be the change you seek Inspire your company. utensils. Just a generation ago. Take this challenge: Walk into any grocery or department store and try to fill a grocery cart with individual products that are not made from.most of what we eat.Nearly every food product we buy. helping to forge a more sustainable world. closed loop product lifecycles – these innovations and reinventions move us towards a more sustainable society. most do not. or labeled with plastic.

or over one mile long. Balloon Chain is assembled after dark. non-moving structure on the ground. At night. attached at regular intervals to tethered lines. So keep your eyes on the night sky. helium filled balloons.com Audio Tour Script: Strands of helium filled balloons wander the sky both day and night. to a roaming person.000 feet in length.Balloon Chain Robert Bose balloonchain. rise up into the sky.600 feet or more. the artist is inviting you to help create the longest Balloon Chain to date. stretching over 6. 17 inch diameter. hand made LEDs. The tethering point of the line to the ground can range from a static. on nights when the wind speed is low or whenever the wind dies down to a comfortable level. creating shapes in reaction to the changing wind conditions. run. or bicycle around the open playa with the balloon line in tow. Ballon Chain needs you! This year. who can walk. each balloon is illuminated by individually powered. If you see a line of balloons going up and feel like pitching in. 19 . feel free to drop by and do your part to create one of the many wonders of the playa sky. The strands of balloons can rise up to 500 feet high and the length of the line can reach 1.

20 .

(and possibly future) life-altering change. what graces might we grant those we now shun? This quirky. Unfortunately. but by many religions. what lessons from a hardscrabble past might we have forgotten? Imagining ourselves as historical underdogs. the name or occupation of a person from a bygone era. All visitors to the PAST LIFE PHOTO BOOTH will leave with a memento: a past life trading card consisting of a stylized photo rendering. like a regular photo booth. beckons Playa seekers to step inside. pull the curtain and with the snap of a flash bulb. every one of us is a work in progress – and all capable of instant.Past Life Photo Booth Laurel May www.com Audio Tour Script: When Visitors step inside this classic 6’ high photo booth. accomplished (and mostly glamorous) historic figures. the truth is. invites users to proudly claim a mediocre. Much like the flame of one candle lighting another. playful nudge toward personal growth. by some). 21 . The idea of reincarnation is intricately linked to action (called karma. momentous. also accept a friendly. but rather on the basis of their inner resources. But these aren’t regular photos! The concept of reincarnation is accepted not only by adherents of Eastern religions or modern ‘New Age’ spirituality. and that there are lives to come. To know that we have lived before. tongue in cheek ephemera will serve as both souvenir and physical reminder that no matter how humble our origins. are affecting this current go-round? Naturally. Once pressed each participant will receive a trading card ejected through an exterior slot. most people would like to believe themselves to have once lived as well-known. as well as a short. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain insight on how past life patterns. can be a source of great comfort for those who seek liberation not through the worship of deity. related (lighthearted. the essence of the new flame contains imperfections passed along by the initial flame. with this accumulated energy determining the quality of one’s next incarnation.pastlifephotobooth. The PAST LIFE PHOTO BOOTH. possibly very sarcastic) quip providing a little food for thought. It supplies the necessary ‘do-overs’ which we hope will eventually result in our ultimate liberation. a boardwalk cast-off both familiar and otherworldly. and it is these imperfections that are to be remedied before we earn release from the cycle of death and rebirth. that probably wasn’t the case. average or slightly villainous former incarnation and in doing so. In the relative ease of our 21st century lives. or karma. they’ll see a button that is awaiting their touch.

and run the gamut from hilarious.com. to touching.Card Designs From the Artist: All of the names and life lessons were crowd-sourced from www. Hitler’s Girlfriend: Don’t date assholes George Donner. Brickmaker: Good form leads to a solid foundation Noota. Caveman: Smash! Rock! Ouch! Mahakasyapa.pastlifephotobooth. Western Settler: It’s okay to ask for directions 22 . Monk: The process of awakening is irreversible Eva Braun. Here are some of my favorites: George H. Black. to bizarre to ridiculous.

in front of the viewing area is a garish pulpit that features a large. Some accuse me of obsessing over my mid-life crisis and forgone youth and fame as though they were Rites of Passage themselves. flash backs and crying jags.it also selects a brief theatrical vignette for the characters and I to perform from amusing categories such as arguments.what more could one want from an evenings entertainment. red button labeled ‘spin’. the artist. Mister Jellyfish. The cut-away viewing area allows you to see inside my shabby abode. I used to be a star on Broadway. a barbershop quartet of motel rats. ya brandy-swilling hack. all of whom come to life through participant interaction. Once participants are successful in restoring my name back in lights where it belongs. and crew that built my dilapidated diorama seem to find it humorous that I reside in a seedy.” 23 .com/Georgie_Boy. comedy/tragedy masks on the wall. dream sequences. animatronics and pneumatics but it’s all ‘geek’ to me. but now nobody wants to talk to a tired old queen. this is Georgie Boy. replete with all of my pretty things that used to decorate my penthouse in New York. You’ll see me lounging on my fainting couch in the finest silk pajamas. SP: “The only thing tragic is my empty dog bowl. lovely flowers and a few surprise guests. Smoochie Pooch. you ludicrous lay-about.” GB: “Silence. laments.” SP: “What the f**k to you want!?” GB: “Whell! As I was saying. especially when Smoochie Pooch joins in!” SP: “Shut the f**k up ya’ has-been show queen.Georgie Boy: Fallen Queen of Broadway Mister Jellyfish www. Anyway. Still. I’ve overheard the artist and crew mumbling words like robotics. and lights up. downtown motel with my pet Pomeranian Dog. Sometimes I hear strange sounds emanating from the ice and soda machines behind my wall that make me wonder if they are not quite what they appear to be. yet many participants feel themselves drawn in to my tragicomedy macabre. the faux brick exterior and 28 foot tall art deco sign suggest a bygone era of youth and style and a time before my dazzling acting career went awry.” “You see. they are rewarded with one of our delightful show tunes-.htm AUDIO TOUR FOR “GEORGIE BOY: FALLEN QUEEN OF BROADWAY” GB: “Say there. one of the letters of my name on the large sign above-. it rotates my four-foot “Wheel of Fame” that lands on.MutantVehicle. When a participant pushes the button.

24 This comedic piece observes the western obsessions with youth and entertainment. Shut the F. The 30 member crew and I are based in Sparks Nevada.. a failed robotic actor (Georgie Boy) suffers a mid-life crisis beside his animatronic dog (Smoochie Pooch). Smoochie Pooch? SP: “No! I want some f**kin’ kibble in my bowl. Be well. The inspiration for the Georgie Boy character came about five years ago when my brother. Mister Jellyfish here. FADE END.. Mac Daddy. From the Honorarium Application: Inside a crumbling. the Nevada Arts Council and generous donations from the Burning Man community. GB: Just a skosh? You know what they say. It draws inspiration .. seedy.. oh why do I even try with you. a snifter up-lifter? Ah hahahaha. downtown motel room. We would come up with characters and dialog that really got their dander up and the best was Georgie Boy with his flirtatious invitations to a fictitious penthouse where truckers could change their sexual orientation. Would you like some brandy in your bowl.” SP: N-no! Just. and the project has received grant funding from Burning Man. and I used to drive up and hide on a hill above a truck stop to torture the truck drivers below on the CB radio. They really wanted to kill us both and probably still do.GB: “Ew. Participants drawn to this life-size diorama are encouraged to push a big button and spin the “Wheel of Fame” in a desperate attempt to restore his name in lights-accompanied by one of many bad show tune productions. ARTIST COMMENTARY: Hi. that reminds me! Brandy! Brandy! Oh I do adore my brandy. and do strange things. END. the Reno Burners LLC.

An ornate. Upon closer inspection. Georgie Boy. revealing luxurious furnishings inside the unlikely cheap motel room. four foot high kiosk in front supports a large red button with a solitary word above it: “”Spin””. “”Crying Jags”” etc. Participants are surprised to discover that the acting roles inside are all played by animatronic robots. It lambasts the theater community and the whole Broadway pollyanna of “”This is our big chance! / Just believe in your dreams!””. I’m HUGE at Burning Man””. smaller letters spell out “”Weekly Rates”” and “”Color TV”” as participants can make out the crumbling brick facade of a life-size diorama-. a large.. Georgie Boy reads his own reviews and wears his past like a crown. colorful circle labeled “”Wheel of Fame”” is divided into 10 pie sections. At the high center. The result is an artistic allegory on how sometimes we can get in our own way by clinging to fear-based outward representations of ourselves that never draw upon our apparent core truths-.. “”Flashbacks””. with different letters that spell out the Georgie Boy name in lights as well as different vignettes such as “”Arguments””. on the fainting couch taken from his previous New York penthouse. he dangles a golden slipper from his foot as he moves his eyes.. and his abusive pet Pomeranian dog (with an agitating voice reminiscent of actor Joe Pesci) quickly engages participants to interact with the story. fall from fame and mid-life crisis as “”Rites of Passage”” themselves. head. well. yet not too human so as to be uncanny and repulsive.a seedy motel with antiquated ice and soda machines flanking the side. A steel mesh barrier is barely visible as participants peer inside the large viewing area of cut-away brick. mouth and shoulders in 25 . much in the way participants have been known to promote themselves in the default world i.. demonstrating his extreme reluctance to claim the final Rite Of Passage that stands in his way and emerge from “”the closet””. Georgie Boy in red silk pajamas. Smoking from a cigarette holder in one hand and sloshing around a snifter of brandy in the other. lids.from this year’s theme in observing rise to celebrity. There. The laughter may become self-conscious as some participants witness their own “”reflection in the pool”” of this tragicomedy macabre. Georgie Boy’s ridiculous attempts to deny his homosexuality are magnified by his outrageous behavior and sexual double entendre. brows. The codependent interplay between the flamboyant main character. Celebrating the ups and downs of Georgie Boy’s thirst for social redemption through applause and accolade.when the joke is indeed on us. Participants below are gathered around a well-lit stage show of some kind. neon art deco sign (reminiscent of 1950’s motels) with the towering words “”Georgie Boy”” in letter fonts normally reserved for a large Broadway kiosk. This project will also be an experiment in the scientific paradigm in robotics known as “”The Uncanny Valley”” in which the animatronic characters will be just human enough to be engaging and entertaining.e. dialog is peppered with punch lines that result in groups of participants sharing laughter together. lounges the main animatronic character. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Envision marking the center of the 3:00 plaza with a the 27 foot tall. “”Yeah.

As part of the fund raising effort prior to the event. as they walk away from this interactive experience. and Georgie Boy falls again into despair. The large “Wheel of Fame” display above the viewing area spins lights behind different letters that. cane and white gloves. It is the artist’s greatest hope that participants.. INTERACTIVITY: A large back-lit tactile button labeled “Spin” is mounted on an ornate kiosk in front of the viewing area. light the corresponding letters of the larger Georgie Boy sign above it as a bell rings. Both characters are positioned at 45 degree angles so they can turn their heads to each other and to the audience as they interact. An “”attract mode”” allows the animatronic characters inside the diorama to act as “”barkers”” to invite participants to push the big button and play the “”game””. it requires the involvement of participants: the humorous vignettes and engaging game play brings participants together in laughter and camaraderie. the latter two of which play video passages of Georgie Boy’s former years as the “Toast of Broadway” on the motel TV screen itself. coat rack with top hat. the sign goes dark. Each letter also corresponds to individual categories of these “”mini-plays”” that take place between the characters such as “Arguments”. hang their shaking heads low. Smoochie Pooch. The motel room is appointed with an old motel television. 26 . Once participants are successful in lighting all the letters in the “Georgie Boy” sign. when landed on. “”Dream Sequences”” etc. “Redemptions”. Tiffany lamps. The stage floor is elevated 2-1/2 feet above the playa surface so the seated characters are at eye-level with participants. The back wall features framed. The ridiculous parody of commercial animatronic installations such as those by Walt Disney and Chuck E. Smoochie and other animatronic beings sing Georgie a campy show tune about the restoration of his fame that gladdens him immensely— but his comeback is short-lived as the “game” then resets. tassels and other nuveau-Victorian decorations. Let’s come back tomorrow””. with one paw poised to lift the receiver of an elegant French telephone. autographed pictures and Playbills of Georgie Boy with other famous Broadway celebrities as well as an animatronic set of comedy/tragedy drama masks that sometimes come to life during dream sequences to act out one of Georgie Boy’s internal struggles while he slumbers. “Flashbacks”. that was some fucked-up shit. A row of four sneering motel rats occasionally pop up from the orchestra pit to sing backing vocals. champagne bucket.flamboyant and outrageous expressions. followed by a 30 to 60 second theatrical vignette. Cheeses/Rock-Afire Explosion furthers the comedic appeal. For Georgie-Boy to come to life. On a sumptuous perch next to him is his freshly groomed beige and white pet Pomeranian dog. An entrance door on the side sometimes shakes when a “”gentleman caller”” (or the intrusive French maid “”Zsu Zsu””) are knocking behind it. velvet drapes. muttering “”Dude. gifting to those already playing the game so they win faster. several handheld transmitters will be awarded to contributors so they can transmit a code at any time and “”buy a vowel””.

27 .

C’mon out to Black Rock and hang out at the most rockin’ diner on the Playa. complete with a quilted stainless steel backsplash.” 28 . The Dust City Diner “The Dust City Diner is a mobile diner that will appear in different deep-playa locations every night. and don’t forgot to check out the waitresses. too! Oh yeah. read the paper. smoke and enjoy the company of a random group of weary travelers. from dusk ‘till dawn. The Ink Spots and the Andrews Sisters on the radio. and -.com Audio Tour Script: VO: The Dust City Diner is a magical 40s style diner.of course – we’ve got great blue plate specials. David Cole. to serve great coffee and a variety of special. daily foods for those who will sit.dustcitydiner. John Berg and the Dusties. and chrome finishes. red leather stools.Dust City Diner Michael Brown. they’re hotter than the grub. http://www.

In years past. be served delicious food and coffee. Classic 1940s-1960s diner music plays in the background to complete the diner ambience. 29 . it is a true oasis in the Platonic sense. A large lit sign reads “”Dust City Diner”” above the grill. munching grilled cheese sandwiches with seasoning salt off of REAL dishes. In this case. providing beauty and refreshment in the middle of an enormous stretch of dusty desert. You’ll sit on the stools together. making for the type of spontaneous community Burning Man is famous for. The Dust City Diner is a beacon of light pointing toward the deep playa. The Dust City Diner does what any city diner should: provide oasis at 4am to bleary-eyed travelers. In years past. The diner is built on a trailer pulled by a truck which drops off the ol’ lady at different random spots each night. however. It’ll appear in different deep-playa locations every night (one location each night). drinking tea and coffee. Burning Man participants are invited to sit at the counter. participants easily “”catch-on”” and we acquired kitchen help in our dishwashing dept. Each “”customer”” is made to feel special and receives a generous amount of TLC from the waitresses who invite the participant into the atmosphere of the diner. and to enjoy the playful interactions behind the counter between the waitresses and chef. 11 stools surround the classic red counter where “”customers”” relax and interact with the waitresses. You’ll hang out and listen to the other “customers” and talking about what everyone has seen already that night. people gather ‘round and mingle while waiting for a seat at the counter. from fellow burners.The Diner’s owners want to create the opportunity for a spontaneous community to spring up in the middle of the night on the playa. so c’mon in. attracting weary deep playa travelers from dusk until dawn. You’ll feel right home.

We can never repeat anything. The Dust City Diner does what any city diner should: provide oasis at 4am to bleary-eyed travelers.com/2008/09/and-then-we-burned. It was unreasonably well-decorated with a perfect retro-graphic sign.” -. and waitresses who all wore the same pink dress. it is a true oasis in the Platonic sense. a fire. which is a “real” restaurant despite having a different deep playa location every night. With that truth. The contrast of urban cues in the diner and the utterly desolate and difficult natural world of the playa reminded me of how arbitrary our little worlds can be. I felt that deep acceptance of entropy and chaos that ultimately describes what is real beauty in the world. sturdy counter tops. moving out. and the truly transcendent is miraculous. in my little walls and boxes. and platinum wig.From the Artists Website: Our patrons describe us much better than we can. as if living with the knowledge the Temporary would destroy me. however.blogspot. called the Dust City Diner.html 30 . listening to the other “customers” and talking about what we’d seen already that night. vinylcovered counter stools. a short-order kitchen.from http://gorgeouscuriosity. We remember this in times of crisis: an earthquake. white apron. We were in a diner. and attitude. But it doesn’t. One interactive art space. costuming. We four hovered on two stools together. Our hats off to Vanessa for this review: “Thrillingly. and it was where I had one of my more profound moments of appreciation for what Burning Man seems to be “doing” in the world. nothing is mundane. drinking tea and coffee. We see that it’s all temporary and permeable and filled with mortality. Without any monetary exchange we were fed. Sitting in an un-walled restaurant. I get so easily lulled into feeling “at home” with my stuff. providing beauty and refreshment in the middle of an enormous stretch of barren land. regardless of their gender. was created by masters of concept and design. munching grilled cheese sandwiches with Lowry’s seasoning salt off of real dishes. In this case. metal napkin dispensers. there were also gems of totality in purpose and execution--at the level of art. We were ouside on the playa.

During the night. They feel there is nothing that can be done to mitigate this risk.com Audio Tour Script: Once the sun goes behind the mountains and the city erupts. A participant or participants — the conductors — at the podium will interact with the buttons. The BIG RED Button should be used wisely! During the day. faceted.The SuperConductor Singularity (a group of people) www. With approximately 256 square feet of animated light. LED screen and interactive installation which is participant-controllable via a control podium. The podium is positioned such that when a participant is conducting. citizens will be able to enjoy the conductor’s performance from thousands of feet away as well as attract others to participate. and The Big Red Button . What was once a gigantic mirror is now an interactive orchestra of light with 1008 5” round pixels. generating immediate visual feedback from the orchestra of light and viewers and other participants around them.use wisely). sliders. Once closer. relax and enjoy the show! 31 . the SuperConductor really comes to life. users will see a slightly-raised podium approximately 25 feet from the middle of the animating display surface. the SuperConductor is a 42’ x 6’. the SuperConductor becomes a highly visible. The artists are slightly concerned that someone controlling millions of colors might actual brain-melt. joystick. the display surface will wrap to the edges of their peripheral vision. and we expect an ambiance at the installation similar to what we have experienced at the Cubatron in years past. Even without a conductor. with a conductor podium at it’s focus. and animations. People will stop for a while. Users will be drawn to The SuperConductor from across the playa due to its brightness. each capable of producing over 16 million colors in user-controlled coordinated animations and behaviors. large surface area. we imagine those viewing the display may give ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ to let the conductor know that they approve of what he is doing.s-conductor. animations are always active on the display. curved mirror. As different participants take turns being the conductor.

we think we have more important things to do. studying for finals.From the Artists Website: About Super Conductor So much of modern human existence is spent worrying about being productive. working harder. we’ve forgotten one of the most important items. (more often than not) it’s tomorrow and today’s list isn’t complete. making sure the kids are fed. Play. getting the oil changed. Soon. our minds slowly get filled up with ‘productive’ tasks which end up eating all the time we have. etc… Starting in childhood. 32 . Before you know it. For some reason.

being super-cool. It’s good for you! Play reminds us of the ineffable beauty of life. citizens will be able to enjoy the conductor’s performance from thousands of feet away as well as attract others to participate. creative and humble. etc… Our group has worked together in the past creating the Brontobot art car for Burning Man.000 mobile art piece. Thus. you need a big slap in the face — such as a really big and very bright interactive art piece — as a reminder something very important has been missing from the endless list. as was the case with the Amazing Jellyfish From The Year 12.com) and the Brontobot (brontobot. metalwork. fashion design. Do something that makes you smile. event planning. is where deep joy and satisfaction can be found in the human experience. It’s the reason we’re creating The SuperConductor completely from scratch. The SuperConductor has a secondary purpose: to inspire participants to create and share something of their own. Crew: The SuperConductor crew has a diverse set of talents and professions. as well as the Burning Man funded Jellyfish from the year 12. and as a result. The SuperConductor is meant to be played with. sliders.com). It is designed to be highly visible and engaging to viewers and participants from far across the playa.Eventually. it calms us down and centers us. wonder. With approximately 256 square feet of animated light. The crew: BaconHand Barbarella Fulbot Spencer Gretchen JeremyTime Aku Alana ElkFish Sara PeanutButter HappyBug Camron 33 . and a Big Red Button (use wisely). with our environment and one another. and inspiration.000 (jellyfish12000. game design. planetarium show design and production. performance art. including: Electrical and software engineering. it makes us more available to and present to one another. art we’ve experienced at Burning Man has been very inspirational and meaningful to us. generating immediate visual feedback from the orchestra of light and viewers and other participants around them. A participant or participants — the conductors — at the podium will interact with tangible controls like buttons. expedition planning. knobs. Being connected to each other and present to one another opens us to the possibility of awe. Connection and interaction. we again feel compelled to continue to be a part of generating that experience for ourselves and others.

Its oversized hinges and worn wood look as though it contains ancient secrets and untold stories. Your attention is drawn down to the wall of doors directly in front of you.Another Door Calen Barca-Hall. weaving through its doorways. 34 . alive and breathing. closing and opening. opening and closing.blogspot. that your actions and decisions affected the whole structure. and that in one way or another you shaped other people’s experiences. their experiences and their reactions. The elaborate rope system overhead acts as the physical connection between the doors. From the inside it is apparent that the whole structure is made up almost exclusively of doors. Figures explore the structure.. Onward you go through another door. In here there is a raised platform with built-in seating and two heating lamps. In this space you realize that every door you opened also opened or closed another door somewhere else in the structure. looping around hoops attached to the doors and connecting each door to several others. you reach for it again. It seems to be some sort of building. As your eyes follow the ropes from the door you entered you see that they lead across the structure and are attached to another door. and you are faced with a decision .anotherdoorproject. The platform has multiple levels which create a dynamic space for people to move in and interact. curious about what it all means. You laugh together as you both begin to understand that we are all connected. Paul Hempstead www. pull it open with a firm tug and enter. As you reach for its handle. it springs open in front of you of its own accord and closes in the threshold adjacent to it. There is a warmly lit room with light spilling out onto the playa. The ropes cross in all directions. Above the structure there is a complex tangle of belts and wheels. People naturally gravitate toward this center to discuss themselves.. The shared realization is enheartening and you become eager to explore further. The platform shines bright from beneath the floor. illuminating people’s faces and the rigging overhead. You can make out the shape of an intricate framework of doors in seemingly constant motion.which door will you enter? You scan the structure and immediately you are attracted to an old weathered barn door.com Audio Tour Script: “A vague structure is visible through the haze of dust. where you catch the beaming smile of another participant. spinning and turning in an intricate ballet of mechanical functions. which opens into a large central space. Flustered. You say “Verbose”.

35 .

36 .

will be shaped like a “”T””. the eye will be tricked into misjudging size and distance. 37 . and impromptu performance stage. viewing platform. At night the underside of “”The Pier”” will sparkle with hundreds of light blue LEDs. and a ramp for rambunctious rendezvous. small boats. The six foot wide Pier starts flat on the playa surface and slowly rises at a gentle angle for 300 feet.”” 10 feet above the playa. This portion of the pier becomes a gathering spot. long pier jutting forth from the playa. ending 10ft. The Pier is disheveled and dangerous. from a bygone era that never existed. The sight of the long. others looking recently repaired. Buckets of fishing poles will invite people to grab a seat and see what they can catch. a platform for peaceful participation. above the playa.The Pier The Pier Group led by Matt Schultz Audio Tour Script: The Pier” is a stage for serendipity. Both sides of “”The Pier””. All of it a bit chaotic with erratic spacing of the planks. The end of “”The Pier. From a distance. long neglected crab traps and abandoned buoys on the dusty playa. along with the shady underside. It looks like a relic from the developing world. which anyone in the community may use for whatever they see fit. The rise should be almost imperceptible to someone walking on it. with some sections appearing weathered. Its is a 300 ft. Life jackets and flotation devices remind people it may not be so safe to swim. while the top will shine yellowish white from the 70 deck lights. gently diagonal structure against the open playa will create some interesting optical illusions. Ropes will run from the climable supports down to half buried kayaks. Old tires secured to the sides provide a bumper so mutant boats may safely dock. are covered with oceanside items.

it seems we stole the blueprint straight from a National Geographic spread on scrappy entrepreneurs of the Vietnamese fishing industry. a seductive blue glow beckons lovers. “Make it happen!” We also heard “I can do this!” 38 . We heard. Piers were the rustic. old memories. Sailors pass bottles of rum. From 100 yards. loners. angled platform shading enough square feet of desert ground to provide a meeting place.From the Artists Website. Experiencing the pier goes something like this: From a half mile away. We intend “The Pier” as a meeting place. we lazed and adventured on piers around Lake Tahoe. and look at the stars. and we began to notice our favorite piers weren’t just thruways for the maritime activities we liked to watch. you can see a long. and Poseidon finally uses his three-tipped fork for its intended purpose: roasting five-pound marshmallows over a Coleman 2-burner. lulled by the gentle call of ocean waves. gather offshore. As children. The Pier” is a stage for serendipity. and a loop-de-loop water slide into new worlds. For us. Buoys mark the perimeter. they were trebuchets for our imaginations. Motor boats and trout anglers came and went. “The Pier” conjures first kisses by the beach and brings us back (or is it forward?) to the days when we were dread pirates ravaging the seven seas. “The Pier” is a welcome mat to fond. “The Pier” will also be the culmination of a year of our generous community’s creative efforts. launchpads for our wanderlust. rusting vantage points from which we thought the thoughts that made us the vanguard vagabonds we would become. a shady refuge. a wheelchair-accessible climbing structure. a transit point. At night. Salt-worn nets and the bare feet of leisure-seekers dangle from the edges. Our Eplaya post in September. laugh. 2010 yielded almost 300 responses. and rovers. and a ramp for rambunctious rendezvous. a platform for peaceful participation. loafers. Mermaids. a public performance center. a place to dance. real or imagined.

and a dedicated team has begun planning their August work and family schedules around constructing and installing “The Pier. and our first major fund-raising project. friends arrived with hammers. is nearing completion. By January. come-as-you-are city have shown their dedication to dreamerdom. schmandlocked!” 39 . a meat-swimwear calendar. and we intend to show them a sculptural manifestation of Reno’s adventuresome spirit. Or. Volunteers have signed up for build parties all spring. as we say here in Nevada. “Landlocked.” The residents of our little casino-lit. more friends arrived with cameras and make-up artists.and “I’ll help with that!” By November.

allowing full color patterns to ripple the length of her body. The drivers of the serpents will be able to add another dimension of life to these pieces by acting almost as puppeteers. Her barrels are white plastic illuminated by colorful RGB LED lights. Jormungand is formed from blackened and patina rusted metal barrels that are plasma cut to form beautiful designs. During the day they can be admired for their workmanship and materials with no barrier between the work and the participants. holding illumination aloft. but her tail and fins are formed with bright steel. coaxing the serpentine movement from them. the body filled with fire and light to illuminate at night. Both will have mythical haunting cries that they can ring out through the darkness. they will both glow in different ways and Jormungand’s tail will be filled with fire. He will also shoot fire from his nostrils/mouth. Both serpents mouths will be open and necks craned to connote their awesome power and speed. Julunggul has the same form. Our present world has left behind these harbingers of destruction and physical embodiment of “the ultimate task” (the task of slaying such beasts) as so much fantasy. they offer a kinetic aspect that can be rare in sculpture. the dreadful serpent that exists in so many of the world’s cultures’ myths has been put aside. The last barrel carries the large split tail that rises up skyward. Two gills/fins along his head complete his serpent-ness. The serpents will above all be beautiful to look at day or night. Along with this. Kyrsten Mate www. The Two Serpents installation will create these mythical beasts from metal and cast off materials using the same modern science that disposed them. All these now modern civilizations went through this same rite of passage. Much as a child puts away his imaginary playthings when he becomes an adult. His head will likewise be made of blackened steel with large resin eyes shooting beams of light. the old world that needed and revered them and the present which has shunned such monsters as fears metamorphosed into mythical form. Julunggul’s body will sparkle with patterns throughout the night. Jormungand (Midgard) and Julunggul (Rainbow) are fraternal twins that differ in materials and execution.serpenttwins. creating a hearth for the citizens of Blackrock to gather around. thus restoring ancient mythos to the Burning Man community. At night. 40 . that of dismissing myth and legend to depend merely on science and fact.The Serpent Twins Jon Sarriugarte.com Audio Tour Script: The Jormungand (Midgard) and Julunggul (Rainbow) serpents sit between two worlds. The serpents will have a sound track that includes their ancient powerful calls.


Tower of Transformation Joe Arnold www.toweroftransformation.info www.toweroftransformation.blogspot.com Audio Tour Script: The Tower of Transformation is a metaphor for the passage from our self-imposed limitations to a world of pure, unbounded possibility. Formed of two distinctly different sculptures connected by a hyperbolic frame, the base of the sculpture contracts inward and is covered with battered armor plating and rusty chains that represent the defenses that bind us in self-doubt and self-censure, while the top is a perfect lotus blossom that opens outward and upward representing pure potentiality and possibility. The receptive lotus blossom enfolds the central spire representing the union of female and male energies and thus, creativity become manifest. This work is symbolic of the rite of passage chosen by some to leave the world of limitations behind and blossom into a world of possibility and new beginnings. “The Tower of Transformation will be 36 feet high and 12 feet in diameter at the base. It will have three sections: a steel frame base covered with rusty steel shingles and chains; a “”hyperboloid”” middle section; and a top platform which will have two concentric rings of petals surrounding a 12 foot high central spire. At night, the Tower base will be lit with dark red flood lights. The hyperboloid tower rings will have ascending, sequenced rope lights that will lead the eye upward to the top where the enfolding lotus petals will surround visitors. At the top, the central spire will have a starfield of hundreds of counter-rotating LED lights and ascending chasing light ribs that represent pure creative potential. Viewed from a distance, the top lotus blossom and the central spire will appear to float above the playa. Participants can enter the base chamber and climb a chain ladder to a webbing platform. They can then ascend the hyperboloid. The climb through the hyperboloid with it’s narrow 30”” neck at mid-point is a metaphor for the passage from the limitations of the lower realm to the unlimited possibilities of the upper realm. As the participant climbs through this constriction and enters the lofty, top platform opening outward, the lower realm constrictions disappear. the climbing will become easier and their vision will open up. Symbolically, as one climbs higher, doubts may surface as the security of the base is left behind. The hyperboloid frame is deliberately light and airy to amplify the need for faith in climbing to the higher realm. The climb through the Tower of Transformation encourages you to look inward for the strength to proceed. If you believe, then you can move beyond the limits of self doubt and ascend to the heights and all the potential and possibilities that await you there.


Parallel Lives John Hagar http://web.me.com/hagarjohn/Site/John_Hagar_Art.html

Audio Tour Script: The essence of Parallel Lives is an interactive process whereby the citizens of Black Rock City compose a wordless novel by making choices, and taking chances, at key junctures of image based novelettes about a young woman who leaves home to find her way in the world. She engages in work, relationships, deals with illness while continuing to search for meaning. There are four sets of parallel novelettes, with a different set on each of the four sides of the Parallel Lives cube. Each novelette is told in tandem with the others and image choices are designed to encourage participants to engage in the wordless novel “writing” process with others. Participants not only influence the twists, turns, and outcomes of each story, they also engage in bringing together, or further separating, the protagonist’s parallel life by the choices they make. The impact of interactive participation will vary by story; in other words, in some cases the decisions made by participants will have an anticipated impact on the story, in other cases the decision may lead to surprise results. As in real life, fate will play a hand in outcomes. The six foot square size of the cube will encourage group interaction and will hopefully allow the story writing process to touch as many participants as possible. At night the fluorescent cube glows, neon e-wire illuminates the cube’s edges, and muted light from the face of the cube sets off and illuminate the images that comprise the wordless novels As participants approach (regardless of the hour) the images that portray the parallel life stories come into view. Upon close examination, participants begin to “read” the story left to right and it becomes apparent (because of visible levers), that choices are available to change certain images, and therefore influence the story. Some imagebased stories provide choices with consequences; others end well or badly regardless of a participant’s decisions, just like real life. After the first novelette is complete, participants may proceed to create a second, parallel life on the same side of the cube, similar in terms of the affected ritual but mysteriously different in terms of choices and outcomes. Parallel Lives seeks to gently remind us that what at first appears as failure may prove more meaningful than success.


44 .

however. similar in terms of the affected ritual but mysteriously different in terms of choices and outcomes. California. set backs. others end well or badly regardless of a participant’s decisions. and fear. 45 . and while individual voyages present dangers. the installation calls for participants to decide what images will appear in a sequence of novelette images in order to cross four thresholds of post-modern life: Transformation. parallel life on the same side of the cube. Some image-based stories provide choices with consequences. Up close. Relationship. Parallel Lives seeks to gently remind us that what at first appears as failure may prove more meaningful than success. Parallel Lives appears as a glowing. it’s never too late to make everything different. six-foot square fluorescent cube ringed with el-wire. and Illness. Pilgrimage. After the first novelette is complete. just like real life. participants may proceed to create a second.From the Artists Website John Hagar is an artist who lives and works in Sacramento.

The projects 62 member 46 . a talented team of Laser Technology Scientists. The lasers will be controlled by a custom software which keeps accurate time. At over 5000′ feet wide. These three lasers will “tick” around the city as infinite “hands on a clock”. expert craftsmen and other artists from around the world are designing and creating what will be The Worlds Largest Working Clock called “Burning Time”. high powered lasers will keep accurate time with hour. From off-center in the circular city the artists will control three high powered lasers from the top of a forty foot tower. unique and mind blowing art on the playa. mirrors and custom software. artist Jim Bowers.com/projects/2011-projects/clock/ Audio Tour Script: Miss that important Greeters Shift that you volunteered for last year? In 2011 you need only LOOK UP to check the time on The Worlds Largest Clock! This ain’t no ordinary timepiece.“Burning Time” . using ultra high speed rotating mirrors to accurately position the hands of the clock every 1/2000 of a second. minute and second hands marking artistic 22′ towers over the heads of 50.000 burners.The 1 Mile Clock Project Jim Bowers http://burningtribe. The more dust in the air. Each laser will start out as a pinpoint from the center tower and widen out at the esplanade (outside diameter of the clock) making each hand “bigger” and easier to identify from over a mile away. Each of the three laser beams will represent. the more visible and brighter the hands. minute and ticking second hand while keeping perfect time using precision laser hardware. “Black Rock City’s radial streets that run in the direction of The Man are already numbered like a clock. Burning Time will fill the entire mile wide inner playa as the “face” of the clock. The TriBe. Continuing in the tradition of creative. the hour. 12 o’clock being straight up from the Man (in front of “The Temple”) with 6 o’clock at the bottom at “center camp”.

The Temple. WE will all be gone. The Art and The Worlds Largest Clock will burn. creator of “Beaming Man”) Position: Laser apparatus design and engineering. From the Artists Website: A five member team of scientists. Russell Wilcox (Laser Researcher/Physicist. displaying interactive theme related art around the entire three mile circumference of the playa. Several featured artists will create “LIVE Paintings” during scheduled performances throughout the week long festival.international Art team will create 4′x6′ Art Panels to be installed on each side of the twelve. Three high powered lasers will designate the hour. minute and “ticking” second hand around a 3. 2011. August 29-Sept 4th. Each of the four sided towers will feature original and interactive artwork from volunteer artists around the world. In the end it will all be gone. It counts down our lives.Get out from behind your camera and be a PART of the Burning Man experience. Twelve 22’ “Obelisk” style towers will mark each hour around Black Rock City. lead artist. At the end of the event. Email: Jimbowers@foothill. laser specialist and solar technology researcher) 47 . It counts down the clock. Dan Pritchett (Nuclear Physicist.25 mile circumference at the Burning Man Festival.net Tim Black (Software engineer. 22′ tall clock towers. “Live in the moment. the entire project (except the lasers) will burn to the ground during the annual Burning Man Finale’ on the last night of the event. artist) Position: Laser assembly and Software design. Take a bike tour of the twelve Hour Towers. pilot. for time is ephemeral. LIVE in the moment! Time waits for no one… and In the end. Live in the moment” “Burning Time” Project Developers are: Jim Bowers (Artist and clock project creator) Position: Project director. The Man. inventor. Every hour and half hour participants will strike one of twelve giant gongs around the project. laser researchers and software programmers will construct a laser driven clock that will keep accurate time at over one mile in diameter.

builder. Pyro and safety director. laser support. project pilot. fabricator. laser and solar design) Position: Project design. fabricator) Position: Tower Director: design and construction supervisor Marcus Hertlein (Laser Physicist Lawrence Livermore Berkley) Position: Laser design and construction 48 . project pilot Arlen Bodily (Construction contractor.Position: Solar/power supply. Brad Lindsey ( Inventor.

As you grow closer and the creature seems to be breathing fire throbbing with heat its head belching flames and images are transmitting from its glowing red hot body .. They will be 49 .”” ok ok im almost ready i just gotta find my floofy pants.. a vibrant wave of heat large flames and cascading showers of embers flow though the sky.... The wings will have designs pattern that will project shadows by day. will be celebrated thru the four marks on the compass NE SE NW SW then adding the center of the circle culminating to form a sphere = the fifth direction.Your heading out in to the blinky light infested open playa a poof poof here a poof poof there here a fire there a fire every where a fire fire FIRE! “”whats that thing! . These sculptures will have congregation areas created around so individuals and groups can use these areas to celebrate. the manifestation of the bird figure mixed with other creatures and the human form has resonated as the central source of the beginning and transition into the next level of human existence. Many cultures have had a variation on this: like the heron creation figure of the Egyptian to the winged snake of the Mayan..””Lets go over and check that thing out..””..””.. The headdress of each sculpture will be different as these creatures will be stylized to represent the four quadrants of the earth and will depict the nature of mythological and culturally motivated stylistic bird imagery such as the Quetzalcotal images of the Mayan culture mixed with imagery of the Northwest American Indian and etc. Aztec.to climb the man . lets go see !”” the frequents sounds of the night. laughter and chatter is abundant a large red orange glowing creature is surrounded by people. what seems like moments later.com Audio Tour Script: “HEY lets go out and check out the man!”” .. In the creation and magical transformational sense of mythology. upon approach is seen an amazing bird like creature ablaze with folks from all over discussing their plans for the night .FIRE BIRDS OF THE FIFTH DIRECTION charlie smith www..””WHoA what’s that over there. a reflection of our human transition as a subculture.howhowhow... share and communicate their visions and experiences during the week of the event.. With this.. lets go !”” as you approach the images of other effigies assembled around the great circle appear “”hey that’s the effigy i saw a flipside in 2005 Holey Shit! lets check it out.””..””.. These creatures are metal fire cauldrons that will be 12ft tall x 1ft wide and will represent four mythic bird creatures.. The fire birds of the fifth direction will be four (4) sculptures created to mark the four corners of the compass around the great circle of the man. after a few great conversations a ton of warmth and a few random performances take place. There will be design pattern cut into the bodies of the sculptures that will illuminate by internal fire by night. you head off into the night on the next quest .””Were going to the man to check it out.what the effigies all around the man are about and what the images are about that glow from the body of the fire bird of the fifth direction. and Toltec (Quetzalcoatl) to the Buddist and Tibetan ( man bird )..

glass. music & arts festivals and residential settings. contractors and engineers to create artistic vision. commissions. concrete. Charlie‘s history of timely production schedules. across the United States and Abroad. He has received multiple national and international grants. His devotion to The Artistic has launched him to creating both fine and functional art works for public and private environments. shape. and exhibition opportunities creating both sole and collaborative visions.burnt nightly in sequence starting from SE and rotating counterclockwise throughout the night. line. The works created are made from metal materials sometimes mixed with wood. this will allow participants to interact in deffernt locations all night long and will enable a clebratory and enthusiastic nightly tour of the CIRCLE OF REGIONAL EFFIGIES around the man. held within will honor/reflect the vertical direction of upward to the sky and downward into the central core of the earth. designers. experimental art communities. party. stone and light. sculptural creations. Charlie enjoys working with other artists. form. communication skills. performance art and the curation of interactive exhibits & happenings. His aesthetic is very unique and resonates with the environments and communities that he creates and affects through his work. corporations. The fifth direction concept involves the traditional directional concept mixed with the fifth direction in this case being the central axis – “the man” . This project is intended to serve as congregation zone for the community at large. and the delivery of high quality products has allowed his success as an Artisan in the South East. 50 . A final transformation of the four birds will take place as they join together as “”ONE”” for a final eruption on Saturday night. It is also in direct communication to serve along with the CORE project and will give 4 nightly zones to hang out and congregate. His use of volume. stay warm. and texture lend to intriguing playful and deliberate iconic and symbolic creations. His Atlanta based design and build studio is tailored to specialize in one of a kind creations. architects. play and meet one another during the week of the event” About the Artist Charlie Smith has a colorful artistic life that encompasses family. The center of the pentagonal form of the city and center of the broken circle.

Fire Birds of the 5th direction is a community building project that educates. involves and stimulates human interaction through art! Even the positive thoughts about this project are considered a contribution! I am very thankful for everything that i receive ! 51 .

Go sub..playa and try to earn your way into hell. Pitch forks. With a BING!. Then go up to heaven try to earn your place in heaven.simply look for the the elevator shed with the big wheel on top of the HELLEVATOR sign clearly displayed on the marquee. Have you earned your right to pass into paradise? Find out as the HELLEVATOR takes you 12. Black Rock City’s only underground attraction. Push the button.HELLEVATOR Chris Callor http://www. Burners and Angels are welcome.. Step in. the elevator door opens and soothing lights and sounds lure you in to the elevator compartment. It’s easy to find.com/ Audio Tour Script: LuciFurr is oh so lonely down in Hell... red lighting. Do you have what it takes to enter? 52 .the HELLEVATOR whirls to life. Sinners..hellevator2011.256 miles below Playa. smoke and a down button. citizens will be subjected to a ride deep down into the center of the earth.. Flames in the urns.. As the doors close.

TOPOLOGY Nine poles are installed in a zig-zag pattern spanning about 250 feet. 53 . The installation is placed on the playa in order to create a large luminous drape visible from the entire playa when all poles are in motion. swaying to the rhythms of the wind. the light is modulate in space and in color. It interacts both with the participants willing to engage with it as well as with its environment. people on the playa can experience the NIT WHIPS drapes shimmering in the night. From a distance. creating rich color compositions in the black sky of the desert. lights blend. As the participants or wind shake the poles.” The nine 28’ poles are installed in a zig-zag pattern spanning about 120-240 feet.com/aurora/aurora-images. From the Artists Website: CONCEPT NIT WHIPS is a playful interactive installation that fosters the creation of a luminous spectacle by the passers-by. Participants in the NIT WHIPS installation engage with tall poles. making them oscillate in order to generate rich light compositions that evoke the mythic Northern Lights. The large poles emit a myriad of colors. people on the playa can experience the aurora drapes shimmering in the night. Participants in the NIT WHIPS installation engage with tall poles. From a distance. The installation is placed on the playa in order to create a large luminous drape visible from the entire playa when all poles are in motion. Due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision.NIT WHIPS Vincent Leclerc http://vincentleclerc.pdf Audio Tour Script: “NIT WHIPS is a playful interactive installation that fosters the creation of a luminous spectacle by the passersby. making them oscillate in order to generate rich light compositions that evoke the mythic Northern Lights.

With NIT WHIPS. When participants manipulate the poles they quickly realize they can make them oscillate rapidly. the light emited from the poles at a point in time in space is modulated in color and in position by the displacement of the pole in motion. its tip moves with a high amplitude and generates rich color patterns that gradually evolve over time leaving trails of colorful drapes in the desert sky.PERSISTENCE OF VISION NIT WHIPS is based on the principle of persistence of vision. CONSTRUCTION The poles are segmented into three sections highlighted in the next page: the base (5). The more they move the pole. Poles that are shaken propagate their colors to neighboring poles. A rubber gasket (4) protects the shaft from the base so that no-one loses any fingers when 54 . the communication system and the battery (7). It is made of steel and is stabilized with five feet (6) extending outwards that will be buried in playa dust no more than twelve inches deep. the shaft (3) and the whip (1). The harder a pole is shaken. When they find the resonant frequency of a pole. the richer its colors. Base The base serves as the support for the perch. It also houses the control circuitry as well as the sensors. This results in an ephemeral tridimensional volume of light. the farthest it splashes color onto its neighbors. Persistence of vision is a phenomenon of the human eye by which an afterimage persist for approximately one twenty-fifth of a second on the retina.

Having three independent sections on the pole increases the sense of depth when they move in space. The heart of the whip holds three strips of RGB LEDs (9) independently controlled by analog drivers. Shaft The shaft is what people manipulate.manipulating the pole. It securely fastens the whip to the rest of the pole. Whip The whip is the luminous part of the pole. when a small amount of force is applied to the shaft of the pole the tip of the whip twirls in different shapes with great amplitude which augments the phenomenon of persistence of vision. It’s made of ABS plastic that resists mechanical stress while remaining flexible enough. 55 . A three-axis accelerometer (8) is placed at the tip of the whip to sense how much people are shaking it. Because the pole diameter diminishes with height. It is made of a telescoping fiber glass pole (12) protected by a translucent white EPE foam tube sleeve (13). A reducer joint (2) is placed at the top of the shaft.

fantasy.foot base. It will be a gathering place to relax and reminisce about stories from the past reminding people of who they were when they first remember PEZ and where they are now. partying. and fun. items of pezzage.The Right of Pezzage FJ Cava http://web.me. fun. participants will have to help each other reach the dispensing handle. tampons.html Audio Tour Script: The Right of Pezzage is a 15-foot tall chicken-headed yellow Pez Dispenser that dispenses words of wisdom. To work the dispenser. which at 12 ft high. fun and sharing.com/fjcava2/Right_of_Pezzage/Right_of_Pezzage. memories of childhood. The 15’ foot PEZ dispenser is surround by a 16. and more). 56 . PEZ has been used from everything to help people stop smoking (see History) to a creative way to sharing things with friends at raves. collection. A few large foam PEZes will be on the platform for participants to lounge around on or use as building blocks. is just out of any one person’s reach. Participants will be able to write about personal Pez experiences that others can read and share. It has transformed from its original intent and become something bigger than just a candy shared among kids. youth. This installation is not just a giant PEZ dispenser in the middle of the playa but an interactive toy that brings back childhood memories of candy. tradition and intrigue. It is PEZ’s universality and transformative characteristics that drew the artist to using it as the central theme of his art installation. Because it is so tall people will have to work as a team to tilt the chicken head back and get Words of Wisdom dispensed along with giant plastic PEZ filled with Objects of PezzAge. birthday candles. People bring to PEZ. It dispenses giant PEZ that have real PEZ dispensers inside as well as other Objects of PezzAge (condoms. the top of the giant PEZ dispenser is a chicken head because chicken heads are used in many African rites of passage ceremonies and the artist happens to be a proud member of Rubber Chicken Camp.

57 .

General labor. Full Body Robot and the Space Gun. The dispenser was then introduced to the world at the Vienna Trade Fair in the same year. longtime burner •Dave Graham .Artist & PEZident. All amazing people and you should find them during your time on the playa. no single person would be able to reach the tilt bar at the back of the chicken head in order to make the PEZ dispense. Physical Description The PEZ Dispenser will be fifteen feet (15’) tall and be surrounded by a sixteen foot (16’) rectangular base with rounded edges for stability and distinction at night since it will be lit with el wire. it represents my base camp for two years. Then in 1948. virgin •Brian Shih .” “The Cave ’08. And now in 2011 the first 15’ tall interactive PEZ dispenser at Burningman 2011. “pfefferminz.Carpenter. General labor. •FJ Cava . play with and build with. The chicken head was chosen for two main reasons. In the mid-late 1980s PEZ dispensers and the unique PEZ shape were used to mask. worked on The Watch ’09.General labor •Travis Fears . The platform will have legs that are attached to rebar that has been pounded into the playa for stability. Mentor. As you grow closer it become apparent that it is a giant PEZ dispenser that needs to be “dispensed!” Interactivity Because the dispenser is fifteen feet (15’) tall.General labor and all around cool cat •Kevin Verlander . with the Full Body Santa.PEZident Advisor. There will also be many large weighted plastic PEZ candy on the platform that can be used to lounge around. virgin From the Honorarium Application: PEZ History: PEZ was invented in 1927 (84 years ago) as a breath mint in Vienna. attended ’10. Artist “The Watch ’09. The chicken head will be made of papier-mâché and painted to look like a giant chicken head.General Labor. Oscar Uxa designed the first PEZ dispenser to look like a cigarette lighter in order to encourage people to stop smoking. whose theme is to support artists doing art on the playa. MDMA. Second.The Watch ’09.” Then in 1993 Christie’s auction house in NYC held the first ever pop culture auction featuring PEZ dispenser.” attended ’07. It is also to high for someone to jump and reach the tilt bar so people will have to work as a team in order to figure out how to reach the bar and tilt the head for 58 . Lead Carpenter for “The Watch” ’09. Potsal Mail ’05. third burn •Jake Jillman . From a distance Burners will see a giant chicken head sticking up out of the horizon with blocks around its base. attended ’07. Potsal Mail ’05.General labor. by Eduard Haas III. The platform will also be covered with used carpet to increase the softness and reduce the risk of injury. The dispenser base will be painted bright yellow to be easily seen during the day as well as easily picked up by artcar headlights at night. ’03 and longtime burner •Audrey Boguchwal .General Labor. third burn •Chassy Cleland . The Watch ’09 •Dana Voehl aka Ranger “Danimal” . and all around good monkey •Nina Kawasaki . Rubber Chicken Camp. ’06. First.General Labor. “The Watch ’09. The name PEZ comes from the German word for peppermint. The Watch ’09.General labor.” General labor. Chief Fire Spinner. Austria. virgin •Iran Montiego . This followed a change in the dispenser as well. The base will be one foot (1’) off the playa with DG underneath of it for the burn.” PEZ was then mass produced in Czechoslovakia in 1935. longtime burner •Alvin Thomas . long term burner •Juliet Kressner . chicken heads are commonly used in many rights of passage in Africa and throughout the world. The Watch ’09. also known as “ecstasy. PEZ came to America in the mid-1950’s when flavors were introduced in order to target children.From the Artists Website: TEAM PezzAge The team is a mix of skilled and unskilled members.Vice-PEZident Fire Safety Chief. Jack-of-All-Trades.

Cockle-doodle-do. Condoms. If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong. Cockle-doodle-do. War does not determine who is right . Criticizing is easy. Cockle-doodle-do. The best things in life are not things. Hospitality: Making your guests feel like they’re at home.the PEZ to get dispensed. art is difficult. Once this physical puzzle is solved and the group gets the plastic weighted PEZ out of the dispenser. Cockle-doodle-do. Body Paint. Only the wisest and the stupidest of men never change. Jump RopeTampons. Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it. Cockle-doodle-do. Birthday Candles Sound Every time the chicken head is tilted back it will trigger an audio recording that will randomly choose from several “Oracle Words of Wisdom” that are played through speakers attached on the inside of the head and within the dispenser. Cockle-doodle-do.only who is left Cockle-doodle-do. Stick on Tattoos. Cockle-doodle-do. Objects of PezzAge: PEZ dispensers with candy. There’s a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can’t get away. Examples of the Oracle Words of Wisdom are: Cockle-doodle-do. These PEZ can then be put back together and used to lounge around on. Vials of ashes from previous Man burns. Empty cans make the most noise. The best mind-altering drug is truth. Do not argue with an idiot. Then once the head is titled the chicken will crow and say Words of Wisdom as well as a giant plastic PEZ will be partially displayed but not fully dispensed (as in its smaller cousin the PEZ dispenser) so the new challenge becomes how to remove the partially ejected giant PEZ on the other side of the head while still keeping the head tilted from the back. Cockle-doodle-do. 59 . take or gift. Cockle-doodle-do. even if you wish they were. These used PEZ will be refilled 2x daily (See team rotation roster) with more Objects of PezzAge and re-loaded back into the dispenser for the next round of people to play. Wedding Garters. the giant PEZ itself splits in half to expose Objects of PezzAge that they can then leave. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

It’s awe-inspiring. with loud popping sounds and flames bursting out of the exhausts. The caged birds are five spinning pulse jet engines of various sizes that create a range of percussive and droning tones. It’s an 18 foot bird cage with birds of a curious origin. the public can create sound compositions ranging from the symphonic to the cacophonous while they are held captive by the fiery jets spinning by their own thrust. cacophonous sounds resonate in your ears.Caged Pulse Jets Rev 2 Christina Sporrong www. Suddenly they snap on. You’ll stand behind the console. kinetic sound sculpture.cagedpulsejets. You notice the console and the operators lively positions.com Audio Tour Script: Caged Pulse Jets Rev 2 is an interactive. 60 . eagerly awaiting your turn at playing a pulse jet to create another fiery symphony. They are all spinning in different directions and at different heights. As you approach you see the jets lit up by their own fiery pulsationspinning wildly inside the cage. Through a completely new and interactive interface. you wonder what the jet engines within will sound like. The cage is vibrating with the motion of the jets and it takes on a life of its own while the explosive.blogspot. When walking up to the oversized adorned bird cage.

One person can operate all five jets. the sputtering flames from the exhaust and the color of the jet body. 61 . or five people can play together in an orchestra interacting not only with the sculpture but with each other. The dials and switches control the air and the fuel mixture as well as the spark to ignite each jet. that participants can play by using a new control station located about 20 feet from the cage. and thus varying in tone. The operation of the jet also determines the spinning speed.There are five pulse jets varying in size.

62 .

Tympani Lambada is a sculptural embodiment of the structures by which we hear and balance.flaminglotus. Tendon-like structures stretch over the interior space of the sculpture forming an intimate gathering place. more grounded area within the overall sculpture.circular. sensory experience: smell. saccule and ganglia. occasionally rippling from sound vibrations emanating through the sculpture. The interior of the piece is formed mainly by the massive egg-like shapes of the utricle. These structures mimic nerve clusters with light and fire. A graceful flow of fire spirals down the delicate interior of the cochlea. Each is approximently 12’ long and 6’ high. Controls scattered throughout allow interaction with fire and light elements and sound effects. Soaring at impossible angles and creating a slight sense of vertigo. 15-foot wide liquid fire fountain.” 63 .com Audio Tour Script: From a distance. Two stainless steel arches reach up to 25’ high. Bulbous shapes on the ground glow red and roar with intense colorful fire flickering in their depths. Flame effects. touch.Tympani Lambada Flaming Lotus Girls www. hear. The bone and membrane of the inner ear’s vestibular system is transformed into steel and fire. imagined as a 13-foot high. bursts of fire outline sensual curves in the sky. giving the sculputure a strong visual impact even from afar. A third arch is suspended in space. The vestibular system arches create a dramatic backdrop for the spiral of the cochlea. LEDs and sound effects mirror the function . vibration and sound to create an experience rich with visceral sensuality. the sculpture’s undulations echo with subtle rumbles and hums. The fountain provides a visually stunning yet calmer. combining fire. Fiery arches intrigue and invite approach. glowing with LEDs that will illuminate the area at night after fire.

64 .

The infamous Space Pigeon From the Artists Website: A normal day with the Flaming Lotus Girls. what goes on?: Alexander arch rises! Tweener coping madness! Truss welding! Plasma cutting! Saccule strategizing! Massive amounts of grinding day and night! 65 .

1 inch.Methanol fountain takes shape! And. The fountain is built in sections not exceeding 8 feet long. stainless sheet and tubing will be used for decorative elements. Flame effects. They will be built in sections not to exceed 8 ft long. LEDs and sound effects mirror the function . 66 . Bench sections will connect to the sacs with bolt plates and appropriate grade hardware. 2 inch and 3 inch diameter tubing will be used. sensory experience: smell. The three large arches are 25 ft tall. Wood benches will be built in to the sides. Flanges and appropriate grade hardware will secure sections together. combining fire. 2 inch and 3 inch diameter tubing with wall thickness not under 1/8 inch. The cochlea. Stainless steel sheet is used to create the spiral plane the methanol flows down. The arches will attach to the sacs with appropriate grade hardware. with average width and height being 3 feet and 4 feet. The main structural pipe will be a 12 inch mild steel pipe. The secondary arches will be built in sections not exceeding 8 feet. The trusses use 1 inch. vibration and sound to create an experience rich with visceral sensuality. and 15ft tall and are constructed with mild and stainless steel trusses covered with stainless steel mesh. but of course)! Thanks again for all your support . a methanol fountain. copper and mild steel. and released in a regulated drip at the top to travel down the surface of the cochlea. mild sheet. It’s gonna be wonderous!! From the Honorarium Application: Tympani Lambada is a sculptural embodiment of the structures by which we hear and balance. secured with through bolts to the main structure. Appropriate grade hardware will be used with custom pipe flanges to put sections together. 1 inch. in similar construction to the arches above. The sac-like portions are 10 feet long. 20 ft tall. Physical Description: Tympani is constructed from stainless steel. 6 feet wide and 7 feet high and are constructed with mild and stainless steel tubing. Copper tubing is used as a decorative element. We will primarily weld the structure together. 18 ft and 20ft long and are constructed with tapered mild steel tubing. Sections will connect to each other with bolt plates and appropriate grade hardware. hear. Pipe flanges and appropriate grade hardware will be used to secure the arches to the sacs. We’ll see you on the Playa. Note: Mild steel elements will be painted.circular. The benches range in length from 30 to 40 feet long. We will primarily weld the structure together. The 3 secondary arches spanning between the sacs are 15 ft. 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch tubing will used for the main structure. touch. Pinrod. The arches are built in 8 foot long sections.this would not be possible without your generosity and well wishes. perforated sheet. Button casting (so you can make fire. Metal that is near fire or has fire on it will be stainless steel. The bone and membrane of the inner ear’s vestibular system is transformed into steel and fire. Base plates will be built with 1/2 inch mild steel plate and secure to the trusses via bolt plates and appropriate grade hardware. Methanol is piped up the center of the spiral. is made of stainless steel and copper. 4 feet high and 3 feet wide and are constructed of mild steel.

This will in turn ring a large church bell.com/ Audio Tour Script: A somber bell beacons in the distance. this motion will charge a bank of batteries that will provide the lighting and power assist to the rotary motion. The artist’s intention is that participants will not dwell on their own their own demise. During the day. the gondolier to the afterlife. As the piece slows down the strobes will go dark. but with otherworldly riders. The strobes illuminate 20 individual skeletons paddling the wheel’s “boat hull” through the structures archways. that they might ponder how to give and get the most from our brief time here on Earth. 67 . yellow and red light. The ropes are turning the wheel and as the piece gains a rotational speed of 30 rpms the flame effects flicker out and strobe lights take over. Hanging from the archways will be 12 ropes attached to large mechanism that will translate the up and down motion to rotary motion. As you approach from the 6:00 axis all that is seen are people jumping and pulling on ropes of a 32’ tall structure and ringing a large church bell. Have given me reason to consider the piece as a final farewell and bon voyage to those who we have cherished. the ground is lit with flickering orange. instead. The skin of the “boat hull” reveals animated paintings of hands desperately trying to get into the boat on one side and groveling bodies crawling around the opposite perimeter. As the viewer advances to the side of the piece it is revealed to resemble a large gothic archway supporting a ferris wheel of sorts. Emulating flames. but. will consider how to make their own lives richer and more meaningful. Charon will engage participants to reflect on their own mortality. A vigorous genuflection of sorts brings life to Charon. Charon consists of two 25’ tall archways with a 30’ x 30’ footprint holding up a 28’ diameter wheel. the macabre spectacle will end and the flickering flame effects will again illuminate the structure.Charon peter hudson http://www.hudzo.

It’s a mash-up of pyrotechnics and video games! Onlookers witness a participant furiously playing a guiter controller as colored notes roll down the projector screen. mirroring the player’s actions. If you miss a note. The centerpiece of the installation is a standing 8-foot by 8-foot frame which supports a projector screen.arsoniccreations. Ray “Neutral” Somers.com/rockinferno. Each correct note played sends a fireball skyward through 5 corresponding flame throwers that are mounted on top of the projector screen. the poofers above the screen will be firing in time with the music. Rock Inferno (formerly known as Fire Hero) made its world debut at Burning Man 2010 as an interactive fine art piece. While the game is being played. thanks to the support and sponsorship of Camp Here. Jen “Monster” Swanson www. aimed toward the sky. Jeff “Valence” Sweetman. 68 . no fire. Strap on a plastic guitar and brace yourself for a round of Rock Inferno! Rock Inferno is an interactive fire art video game. Rock and Roll! It’s a twist to a familiar experience and you’ll be thrilled about it every step of the way. Chris “Smokey” Lavelle. the player’s note track scrolls down the screen. so keep those fingers hot on the keys. If the player is performing correctly.shtml Audio Tour Script: It’s finally time to Stop. Five flame poofers are mounted on the top of the frame.Rock Inferno Dennis “Zoo Money” Lambe.

From the Artists Website: Technical Details: 69 .

he studied in the engineering program at UCONN. The cones double as a windbreak. While Fuel and Effects may seem to belong together in one category. “valence” software engineering 70 . So in case the 6’ flames aren’t enough. A varied work history ranging from electrical systems to nuclear steamline plugs has allowed him to find the intersection between fabrication and creativity. but it hasn’t killed him yet so change is not on the horizon. hooking to either driven rebar or concrete blocks depending on the installation environment. After two years. noisy. they are each complex enough to deserve their own category. Color coded lights are also installed within the vertical truss on either side of the player. Structure. Spending that much time working on devices with tiny displays and rigid requirements has resulted in an uncontrollable urge to create big. Attracted by the ingenuity of mechanical systems. and deserve to be noticed. A similar arrangement supports the projector above the player. Creators: chris “smokey” lavelle mechanical & pyrotechnic engineering Smokey sees every project as a chance to challenge his capabilities and creativity. A system pressure gauge allows us to view the pressure of the tank. vending machines. he opted to get his hands dirty and enlisted in industrial manufacturing. There is also a set of safety mechanisms that disable the entire system should one component fail or should an unsafe situation arise. pretty things in his spare time. similar to what you may find stage lights suspended from in a theater.STRUCTURE: This installation can be broken down into 4 groups of components: Fuel. always striving to learn new skills. which stabilizes the flame and protects the valves and fittings from any weather that may arise. Effects. From the regulator a 1/2” LP rated hose carries the gas to a 5 port manifold that downsizes the hose size to 3/8” and splits off to the 5 accumulators feeding the Flame Effects. dennis “zoo money” lambe software engineering Zoo has been working for five years as an embedded software engineer. USB sticks. FUEL: What we started with is a POL tank connection that is installed into the 20# LP tanks that run Rock Inferno. He is also thrilled to finally turn his long-standing obsession with rhythm-action games into an asset. Our accumulators are decommissioned 20# LP tanks with a check valve and a vertical Tee. He is currently in a welding program. The Emergency Stop button is located on this truss as well. This arrangement provides a safe atmosphere by separating the fuel and electricity. A similar focus is applied to his hobbies of poi spinning and general tinkering. A box that contains the spark generator and wiring provides a base for the cone. that allows the stored gas to exit into another 3/8” hose that feeds the Effects. three of them working alongside Valence. or Line. High-stress polycarbonate connectors afix the horizontal truss above the 2 vertical pieces and provide a base for the Effects and a frame for the Screen. The vertical trusses are each secured to the ground via 3 ratchet straps. and other tiny brains that lurk inside everyday things. pressure. we housed the guts of the system inside reflective road cones. and Electronics. and in turn is mounted to the Truss. EFFECTS: Flame effects are the show stoppers of Rock Inferno. and a high-flow regulator brings it down to a practical value. An attached gauge displays the output. and provides mounting locations for the spotlights aimed at the player. A tendency to fully immerse in and commit to projects leads to Smokey overworking himself most of the time. Rock Inferno rides atop 3 pieces of 8’ by 10” triangle truss. Let’s start with the Structure. By day he programs industrial controls.

ray “neutral” somers electrical engineering Neutral’s childhood wonder and exploration of technology landed him in a Connecticut technical high school where he graduated with an Electrical Technology diploma. With a love for spark and fire. is a man of few words but epic hacks. time in the field has also enhanced his dynamic outside-the-box thinking. by nights and weekends she devotes herself to a constant variety of projects. enabling a “do it right the first time” strategy. allowing his creative mind to push the limits. By day she is a handbag designer. freelance graphic design and whatever comes her way. Her melting pot of projects ranges from fashion & costume design to videography. an embedded software engineer and sometime coworker of Zoo Money. a decade of electrical experience has given him a professional approach and execution to each project. Fire spinning and performing takes the top of the list and is always a default activity. web design. jen “monster” swanson multimedia designer & advertising Jen graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design.Valence. Now. 71 . he thoroughly enjoys diving into these projects created with his peers.

During the day. As you interact with the magical tree you’ll connect with others that are doing the same. At night. Illuminated hand holds with custom built sensors will tune the light pulses of the tree to each participants heart beat. Individual effects buttons will create short bursts of lighting effects. AURORA represents the secret clubhouse. Bands of light pass around the tree: greens. the portal from a practical reality into a real life fairy tale connecting and inspiring all of us to play. Several hundred branches are hanging down from the tree. the magical wardrobe. The trunk is both solid and transparent.com/art/aurora Audio Tour Script: A weeping willow tree rises 30ft in the air. it dazzles the sky with light.AURORA Charles Gadeken http://charlesgadeken. its trunk and copper leaves reflecting the sunlight across the desert. reds and ambers . each illuminated with a band of slow transitioning LEDs. AURORA provides a place to rest under its shade. Utilizing a parabolic microphone. All of you will move the tree through it’s seasons and hopefully better understand the transitions of your own. Charlie Gadeken 72 . creating resting places for people to sit. Participant controls will be worked into the roots of the tree. The roots rise out of the ground. created from tubing bent in sinuous lines and are joined together in a spider web with thousands of hand curved rods. It will dance to the audio of a passing art car or flash to shouts of the crowd. yellows. The branches outline the willow in spectacular bursts of color.a dazzling show that constantly changes as the tree moves through the seasons of its life. There will be one sensor on each of the five roots that relate to the five main branches of the tree with additional effects buttons scattered around the base and roots of the tree. the willow will also be able to listen to it’s environment and change its light patterns in relation to the sounds it hears.

The sculpture runs from dusk to dawn. Bands of light pass around the tree: greens. that can be used as seating. The branches outline the willow in spectacular bursts of color.From the Honorarium application: AURORA is a weeping willow tree 30ft tall with a 40ft canopy. 73 .a dazzling show that constantly changes as the tree moves through the seasons of its life. Illuminated hand holds with custom built sensors will tune the light pulses of the tree to each participants heart beat. reds and ambers . At night. There will be one sensor on each of the five roots that relate to the five main branches of the tree with additional effects buttons scattered around the base and roots of the tree. Individual effects buttons will create short bursts of lighting effects. it dazzles the sky with light. There are several hundred branches hanging down from the tree. AURORA provides a place to rest under its shade. AURORA has a 40’ base made up of roots. yellows. AURORA is controlled through a computer and includes a wide range of interactive controls. each illuminated with a band of slow transitioning LEDs. Participant controls will be worked into the roots of the tree. During the day.

Individual effects buttons will create short bursts of light effects. There will be one sensor on each of the five roots that relate to the five main branches of the tree. the willow will also be able to listen to it’s environment and change its light patterns in relation to the sounds it hears. 74 . Illuminated hand holds with custom built sensors will tune the light pulses of the tree to each participants heart beat.Participant controls will be worked into the roots of the tree. Utilizing a parabolic microphone. There will be one sensor on each of the five roots that relate to the five main branches of the tree with additonal effects bottons scattered around the base and roots of the tree. It will dance to the audio of a passing art car or flash to shouts of the crowd.

“The X3 will be a fifty foot diameter set of balloons that are over 20 feet tall. 75 . will all be projected from the ground. Video projections.airshipvictoria.org/Airship_Victoria/Welcome.Airship Victoria Prototype X3 Kristian Akseth. and electricity the operators of the Airship Victoria will create a floating three-dimensional art installation. Lights. During the night you will see the saucer style ship rise above the Promenade floor and begin to glow. Come experience the renaissance in Airship technology. Through the integration of art. Off to the side of the Airship a separate 20kW Tesla Coil will also be controlled electronically. You will be able to stand directly below the show and look up at a spectacle of light and sound perfectly intertwined with the stars as a backdrop. and a desire to create an interactive performance art installation. projections and lasers can be manipulated by Black Rock citizens from the control booth. Below the Airship will hang a 1kW Tesla Coil that will be electrically controlled to emmit sound. science. the Airship Victoria blends modern and historical technology to provide a unique spin on airship design and architecture. Stacey Reineccius http://www. Andrew Boyd. The Airship is highly interactive. All the light effects. lasers and light effects will shine up onto the underside of the Airship.html Audio Tour Script: “Born out of the recent airship renaissance. It’ll be an incredibly fun ride of sound and light. Videos and images from participants digital devices can be projected directly onto the Airship and The 2 Singing Tesla Coils will also be playable by citizens via a MIDI keyboard. air. lasers. Lifted up below the Airship will be a 20kW Singing Tesla Coil playing music electrically through 15 foot bolts of lightening. The latest version of the airship is code named X3.

76 .

fragrant lotions. viewers will observe some interesting protrusions from the inside of the grove. Walkabout woods is a large. three Boiler Rooms provide opportunities for participants to interact with their senses in curious ways. Dominique Reboul. feel. highlighting eclectic arboreal artistry and casting bizarre geometric shadows. collaborative. Jonathan Smith www. and Ye Ol’ Factory.. which represents the natural world and our collective past. Scanning the skyline of the forest. The Pyramid will tower over all the rest. 2)The Boiler Room which is our reflection of the present. All eyes and ears on deck! A tall chimney will poof fire effects into the night sky over the Machine Lounge of Touch and Taste. the forest. The massive 20foot pyramid will tower over all the rest in the center of the installation.. A rainbow of LED and ground lighting will illuminate the woodland realm. Hidden deep within the forest.com Audio Tour Script: “Participants may happen upon and enter Walkabout Woods from any direction.. the installation will look like a vast grove of over 100 multicolored abstract trees of various sizes and shapes. From the outside. The tree will literally speak to passers-by (from speakers connected to mics hidden inside the tree) and beckon them to interact with the mirrors and climb on the branches. invokes human technology and industry. the boiler room. The apex of the pyramid will house a small perch for one person to sit and contemplate their surroundings and their place in the madness. The Machine Lounge of Touch and Taste. and a variety of other smelly fabrications both delicious and disgusting. Around its base. The interiors of the three Boiler Rooms will house three different Sensory Sanctuaries: The Control Room of Sights and Sounds. drink. A bizarre factory will also blast flames out of one tall smokestack. incense. and the pyramid represent the rite of passage of the human species. the Boiler Rooms will look like a mad scientist’s mechanical laboratory. This 20 foot climbable tetrahedron will be the center point of the forest. which represents our collective momentum onward and upward into the future. Approached from afar. is an elevated place from which we can observe the madness of our world without being “in it”.Walkabout Woods Jonah Haas.walkaboutwoods. Walkabout Woods will be a highly interactive environment. Industrial in aesthetic they will act as a stark man-made contrast to the “”natural”” forest it is nestled in. Walkabout Woods will radiate with the intrigue and appeal of a fantasy playland. The deeper participants go into the installation 77 . is a magical place to get lost and found. The Ye Ol’ Factory smelling saloon will offer essential oil blends. it will be lined with mirrors at eye level. And 3) The Pyramid. and. interactive art installation in three parts: 1) The Forest. Taken together. This is a place to eat. and turns a reflective eye back on ourselves. A chimney and a factory smokestack will periodically blast flames 30 feet into the air. Two entrances will allow participants inside the Control Room where they will find an array of technological gadgets and interesting activities designed to be seen and heard.

Step into Walkabout Woods and see where the paths lead you. Entering the forest has always been a rite of passage. 78 . The forest itself invites exploration. A step into the unknown where paths are easily lost.the more interactive it becomes. but revelations can be found.

We will have a place where animaliens of the Playa can be pet and fed. taken last year in Los Angeles The Boiler Room Goes to Los Angeles How does the Pyramid fit in? If the Boiler Room is the counter point to the Forest. Ultimately. it contains a collection of interactive panels that all stress the idea of the feedback loop. we want to hear your ideas. Likewise many indigenous traditions promoted a walkabout as a vital journey for individuals to find their place in the world. which is just a fancy word for a three-sided pyramid. where our conventional ideas and perceptions are turned on their heads. Walkabout Woods is a highly interactive. and make them playa playful! Thus. Made to look like cartoony riveted boiler plates with doors and controls to match. There are an endless array of possibilities for things to be hidden deep in the woods. We realized that regardless of whether or not we made it climbable that it would be climbed on anyway. WIthin this otherwhere. it will be a 20 foot tall tetrahedron. In order to make this experience as rich as possible. we hope that Walkabout Woods is a place where growth happens. ideas. to get lost and found. Physically. so we are going ahead and making sure it will be structurally safe and sound with lots of 79 . a video must be that cubed. we invite you to experiment with your senses in curious ways.com or leave a comment on our Facebook page. and to discover hitherto unknown nooks and surprises. the Pyramid is their amalgamation and synthesis.From the Artists Website: What is the overall vision? We recognize that getting lost in the woods is a common rite of passage that replays in many of our myths and stories. you leave one world and are completely enveloped in another. What about the Boiler Room? What is it? The Boiler Room is the counter point to the woods. After all. proposals. does the bear sh*t in the woods or not? Email all suggestions. give them a Fishbon twist. What is the vision for the trees in the Forest? Naturally the forest isn’t just a simple forest. It’s fun and it’s weird and at the end we think you will leave a slightly different creature than you were when you entered. The forest is a place to meander. all encompassing environment. When you enter it. We wanted to marry these concepts. We want to send out an invitation to The Billion Bunny March to begin or end their parade in the woods. from marriages to performances to spontaneous rituals. If a picture is worth a thousand words. can take place. We intend to have a glade where all manner of events. So here is some video of the Boiler Room in action. and creative kookiness to jonahhaas@yahoo.

who eschewed further education in favour of travelling the world. At the apex of the pyramid we intend to build in a variety of different scopes to make the playa look more warped and weird than it already is… if that’s possible. Since discovering Burning Man and Fishbon. Playa goers can enter the pyramid and interact with people on the outside while remaining invisible to them by way of a creatively engineered oneway mirror and microphone system. Who? Fishbon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization/collaborative from Santa Barbara. When any of us try to describe what Fishbon is and does.com But who are the three of us at the end of the promo video? Obviously we’re the principle people behind Walkabout Woods and have worked together on a slew of projects. kung fu and fire sculpture. California whose goal his helping people realize their artistic endeavors.fishbon. The guy with hat with a feather in it is Jonah Haas. Every year many of us make our annual pilgrimage to Black Rock City. LOVE. a sophisticated DJ booth and a soon to be completed VJ booth. he’s also an expert on lucid dreaming and dab hand at just about everything else he puts his mind to. In the tall room. …and we LOVE. The little Frenchman is Dominique Reboul. we have a Wednesday night event lab that can run the gamut from a talk on the latest advances in video technology to hands on origami folding to putting light bulbs and other no-no articles into a microwave and seeing what happens when it’s turned on. And we LOVE bringing stuff with us for everyone to enjoy on The Playa.good hand and footholds. One part of his genius is his ability to see entireties and longevities of projects and adjust them accordingly to fit the prevailing circumstances. For example. it’s tricky as it is many things to many different people. The third guy is Jonathan Smith. A New Yorker by origin and anthropologist by design. he’s shifted his focus and obsessions to the inner world of art creation and dabbles in as many forms of it as possible. 80 . Visit our website at www. It’s fair to say that we’ve been heavily influenced by Burning Man. originally from England. in the big room. one of the founders of Fishbon and an inveterate artist and mentor to artists. We have a wide variety of different cells that do such things as improv. LOVE making installations and putting on shows and events. we have an aerial rig.

Participants climb the ladder and descend into another reality. This 18 foot wooden dodecagon. obviously influenced by space travelers. Through this experience of awe and wonder we are transported and transformed. “The rite of passage that came to the artist’s mind first was the transformation that many associate with using hallucinogens. This panel gives participants the opportunity to become part of the installation.Vast Quentin Davis www.” Vast will burn Saturday night after the man. On the playa. His personal experiences always drew him to the detailed tiny worlds of moss and dewdrops.com Audio Tour Script: Vast is an alternate reality bubble built by Quentin Davis of Philadelphia. In these states. It was a natural analogy available to anyone and has informed his work for years. where tiny creatures navigated a complex miniature terrain. These tiny worlds were a fractal version of the greater world in which we live. Due to our enormous size as humans we can only enter these worlds with our imagination. It is meant to slow the participant down and force them to use their imaginations to enter another reality. we are pulled out of our normal disconnected vision of the world and given a god’s eye view of reality as a connected and unified whole. the desert is vast and we are insignificant but inside the pod we are expansive and the world is tiny. reverses our experience. They are able to become weird puppet characters inhabiting the interior world. a portal into a fantastic microminiature world.quentini. The exterior is an intricate fleshy carapace inscribed with the symbols of some long forgotten civilization. meditation or heightened states of awareness. Our relative enormity. One panel is an interactive puppet theater. Some panels include dioramas and others include peek boxes full of strange and tiny things. 81 . Each of the interior panels hold a unique special surprise. appears to be made of metal and fine Corinthian leather. compared with these miniature worlds.

The panels are highly 82 .The artist with last years piece. Zark From the Honorarium application: Visual impact Vast is a dodecagon ( 12 sided polygon) There are 2 sets of exterior panels on each section. These are made of tempered hardboard and inscribed and painted to look like leather .

83 . Some of these bays contain plaster micro miniature dioramas to look down into. The plastic lanterns and windows will be made from recycled 1 gallon water bottle plastic Vast is 14’ tall with a 10’ pole surrounded by 2 layers of flags on top. Recycled: The panels will be made from reused tempered hardboard panels. These panels are decorated with an inscribed tribal pattern and the surface is painted red.5’diameter at its widest point (6’ above ground). On the lowest part of the outer shell are 6 circular openings covered with a wooden grid and backlit with color changing LED lights. The entrance is an opening on the upper level accessed via a 6’ set of stairs/ladder built from 2X8’s. Footprint is a 15’ diameter dodecagon (12 sided polygon) 18. Most of these bays have a seating bench against the wall. Others contain micro miniature dioramas overhead and participants recline against the wall and look up. On the inside of the hole there will be a small puppet body attached with controllable arms. The real human head popping inside combined with the controllable puppet body will create an amazing scale illusion. The interior space is 10’ diameter. One special bay wall will have a hole to the outside. Participants standing outside can squeeze their head through this hole and interact with people on the inside. Around the exterior are hung plastic lanterns made from recycled 1 gallon water bottle plastic and lit with LED’s Interactive: Inside.detailed with tribal patterns and bent like an overlapping armadillo shell. the beams divide the space into 12 bays. 12 plywood box beams set vertically into the playa are connected by trapezoidal panels of tempered hardboard and create the outer shell. A circular wooden grid covers each window. On the lowest part of the outer shell are 6 circular openings covered with recycled translucent plastic and backlit with color changing LED lights.

creating an encompassing. The participants will dictate how they want the piece to progress and how they want it to be perceived by others. Rites of passage have 3 phases: separation. some will be detailed and clear. they will realize that their movements can dictate what they see and hear. They will become a part of the 84 . the passing of time and the ever-changing environment in which the individual has the power to change or simply sit and experience. This mimics life. While in the space the viewer can choose to move about the space or lie down and look at the ever-changing landscape and sounds that surround her. the viewer becomes an integral part of the piece. crawling under the structure. etc. The images and sound however. If viewers continue to move throughout the space. The images will be close-ups and long shots. and reincorporation. are only connected through manipulation. the sound could transition to a new soothing sound or it could morph into something more chaotic: traffic. choosing to have influence over events or allowing events to transpire without interference. they become separated from the playa. As visitors enter the space. (The Transitional phase of their passage) As participants make movements. nature. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with the installation much like they interact with life. As viewers approach the structure they will see a large ring of material. The use of both sound and image work together to create an encompassing space that is much different than the rest of the playa. their view obscured (The Separation phase of the Rite of passage).Merry-Go-Round Cara Deleon and Joe Hobson merryinstallation. On the ring of material will be various illuminated images of everyday objects and landscapes interspersed with images and shadows of people inside the structure. to move from one phase to the other. people talking.com Audio Tour Script: “The concept behind Merry-Go-Round is an interactive visual and aural experience that incorporates the Burning Man 2011 theme: Rites of Passage. movement will enact change but this does not mean that sound and image will correspond to one another. others will be out of focus shots. The sound within the space will be calming sounds of nature. a participant. but soothing foundation for the images to build upon. Through the utilization of movement. transition. As we move through life we must encounter and interact in order to understand.tumblr. all merged together. suspended three feet above the ground. The various images on the screen will mimic our perception of the world around us. at times detailed and at others imprecise.

This mimics our journey through life in that we understand and progress through passages of time. manipulating the landscape. reflection and memory. but will also provide images of themselves experiencing the space. they will perceive it differently. but will be used randomly to create the landscape. If they see their previous experience projected when they return. which will be used throughout the piece.space. creating a new understanding despite the continuity of the structure. These images will not be shown immediately. allowing the art to merge with the playa (The Re-incorporation and completion of the rite of passage). 85 . Every time the participant returns to the space the experience is different.

The pavilion is a passage way of varying space and experience through the photoluminescent structure. Andy Heom. who create temporary collaborative artwork on its surface. They can draw or leave messages on the walls. and interactive. Once activated by the light the photoluminescent paint is charged and thus glows for a period of time. 86 . The modules are assembled together to create a twisting structure that participants will be able to climb and walk through to gain different vantage points for the art work inside.A Light Hazing Matthew GT. Participants can paint the structure with light pens creating a temporary glowing image. and thereby directly store and re-emit light energy through the night. Sam Alcorn. resulting in a slow fade of overlaying images. Aaron Zeilegs. It’s an experimental use of photoluminescent materials. It can only be fully realized through the participation of its inhabitants.com/ Audio Tour Script: A Light Hazing explores alternative methods of architectural lighting and ephemeral phenomena by creating a blank canvas for expression within an otherworldly environment. The sun will also charge the glowing material. The installation is a series of modular wood framed units clad in a skin covered with photoluminescent paint. UV lights create constant illumination on the exterior of the structure. Quasam Baouni. Visitors are removed from the sensations of the outside world and immersed in a world of interactive color and texture. providing a way for everyone to express themselves and interact with the installation. Ben Kalenik http://alighthazing. community-oriented. Josh Howell. while personal blacklights. UV light pens and lasers allow participants to paint with light on the interior surfaces of the enclosure. activated by sunlight or ultraviolet light. From the Artists Website A Light Hazing is a 2011 Burning Man Honorarium Installation: art installations that are collaborative. The photoluminescent skin is painted on with a system of UV light pens dispersed throughout the installation.

Modules of the installation have been exhibited locally in Los Angeles. The sun also charges the glowing material. 87 . Transition through this installation offers a change in texture.A Light Hazing is a collapsible. NV. thereby directly storing and re-emitting light energy through the night. A Light Hazing is fully experienced through participation of visitors who create temporary collaborative artwork on its surface. Philosophical statement This project explores alternate methods of architectural lighting and ephemeral phenomena. lighting and atmosphere. The fully built structure will be unveiled at Burning Man in Black Rock City. The entire interactive structure is 40 feet in diameter and 17 feet high. pavilion-esque structure that can be deployed to virtually any location.

Interactivity The structure and layout creates an experiential progression through the space that 88 . The structure is self-supporting and the entire exterior will visibly glow.Visitors are removed from the sensations of the outside world and immersed in a world of color and textures. UV light pens and lasers allow participants to paint with light on the interior surfaces of the enclosure. while personal black lights. activated by sunlight or ultraviolet light. Illumination We are implementing an experimental use of photo luminescent materials for architectural purposes. Fixed UV lights create constant illumination on the exterior of the envelope.

From a distance. however the apertures in the structural system interact with the wind. forming a stepped ramp.ultimately brings the participant into an intimate relation with the architecture. The space also creates different vantage points ranging from secluded spaces where the artists can only see their own work to viewing galleries where spectators can see the entire piece as a whole. they enter an interactive environment that can also be observed from the viewing platform at the apex of the ramp. BRC citizens will observe the curved glowing enclosure wrapping the structure. clad in clear vinyl either painted with phosphorescent paint or filled with glowing aggregate. Physical Description The installation is composed of a series of wooden platforms of varying heights. Once inside. 89 . Sound Sound is not an essential component of the installation. While passing through the spaces the there are tethered ultraviolet light pens with which the user can selectively activate the photo luminescent material to create temporary glowing artwork on the surfaces and structure.

Matthew received his Bachelor of Fine Arts & Architecture (B. Aaron Zeligs 90 . He furthered his studies at UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design. Matthew’s curiosities lie within the intersection of social dynamics.F. earning a Masters degree in Architecture (M-Arch I). applying digital animation and simulations as calibrated technique to curate sensation in architecture. Matthew researched formal topologies and emergent materiality. while pursuing installation art and experimental approaches to sustainable design. and the environment while looking toward the interaction of space in the development of design. At UCLA.A.THE PEOPLE Matthew Gilio-Tenan Coming from a background in carpentry and furniture design. architecture.A. Matthew currently works at Clive Wilkinson Architects.) degree at Otis College of Art & Design.

Andrew Heom ndrew is a 2010 M-Arch I graduate of UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design with a B.A.S. working on the new wing of the Denver Art Museum with Davis Partnership Architects and Studio Daniel Libeskind. went on to receive his B.S. He likes to take Le Corbusier›s dictum of «building as machine» at face value. Sam resided in Denver.S. and studied Architecture at UCLA’s M-Arch I program alongside other Future Bright members. preferably in the same project. Ben Kalenik Ben. Sam works in a variety of fields including theatrical design. utilizing digital fabrication and rapid prototyping. Aaron pursued research in advanced formal topology and emergent materiality.Aaron is a recent M-Arch I graduate of UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design while having also received a B. and engineering—a high performance. in Engineering and Applied Science for Mechanical Engineering from Caltech. He went on to earn a M. Sam Alcorn Sam attended Wesleyan University for his B. graphic design. Ben went on further with his studies.A. Also known as Anderson on the Playa. At UCLA. in Mechanical Engineering from the U. Andrew has shown exhibited in several organized art events throughout Los Angeles.S. While studying at UCLA. in Mechanical Engineering for Structural and Solid Mechanics from UCLA. textile design and fabrication. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2006. ecologically based design. Andrew›s interest is in product design and the rapid prototyping of the design techniques developed within the Future Bright Collective installation work. graduating from the the M-Arch I program at UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design.F. architecture. Andrew pursued research in advanced formal topology and emergent materiality. Andrew is currently working at Buro Happold Consulting Engineers as an architect while doing structural engineering for public art projects. Sam has a multifaceted interest in design from novel structural systems to textile fabrication to lighting methodology. utilizing digital animation and simulations as calibrated technique to curate sensation in architecture. Air Force Academy. Besides architecture. finishing first in the 1987 2nd grade spelling bee at Pennekamp Elementary School. Aaron is interested in the contact point between nature. from Brown University in Architectural Studies. 91 .

While at UCLA. Lynne-Anne is currently working in web/online design and development.S. Ryan Russell Ryan is a recent M-Arch graduate with distinction from UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Design. receiving a B. from large government contracts to start-up solar developers.His personal work blurs the boundary between art and technology through the organic aggregation of precisely fabricated small-scale elements to shape visual.F. in Business Administration from the Cal Poly. He believes in reflection on the natural environment and digital advancement to drive and inform his interests. Mike Colosimo Mike supports a number of community-based start-up organizations through business plan development. Lynne-Anne Aleine Lynne-Anne graduated from Otis College of Art & Design. 92 . working for consulting firm Buro Happold. Ben is currently employed at Poon Design Inc. spatial and atmospheric conditions at the human scale. San Luis Obispo. His intent is to create unexpected and incredible results that speak of new atmospheric. in Beverly Hills. fundraising. He also holds a B. degree in Communication Arts with focused studies in advertising and graphic design. and material typologies. and community outreach strategies. He is interested in improving the quality of life through the exploration of unexpected applications and integration of technology within the built environment. formal. Ryan is passionate about design that has the visual and spatial strength to create dynamic user experiences and interactions. Mike is a professional member in the architecture and planning community. Mike is an experienced management consultant turned urban designer. He has worked within a variety of industries. Ryan pursued research in formal and parametric typologies at the Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien in Vienna under Zaha Hadid.A.

Chew My Balls Liz Medina http://twicsy. It is a 17 ft high gum ball machine in which there will be hundreds of floating balloons. That moment is alive and exciting. Helium balloon will represent gum balls and will swirl around by the force of the incoming air. and chew them. The installation is an inflatable giant gum ball machine. people may dance to the music. It is a shared object of childhood nostalgia among children.com Audio Tour Script: “”Chew My Balls”” represents the transitional stage of adolescence. As adults. we often forget that we too are entitled to childish fun. representing gumballs. Participants will be able to enter the sculpture through a zipper enclosure located on the “dispenser” on the base of the sculpture. At night. Furthermore we are allowed to bring that fun into our own realm and manipulate it as we wish. Before entering. The base will be made of red and gray ripstop and the “glass” dome will be made of clear vinyl. Once inside. and interacts with an adult audience it transforms into that moment in our lives when we become sexually aware. play with the gumballs. 93 . the inside will be illuminated by a rotating color disco ball.com/i/5kW5E http://www.lizmedina. each person will be offered a gumball of their choice. “Chew My Balls” will playfully engage all of the senses to bring its participants back to their own adolescent experiences. When it is blown up to monumental proportion. given a perverse title.

Next.Garden of Rockets Christopher Schardt http://www. Lastly. it gets it name… Pyro-Go-Round. each with a pivoting ramjet. It will become a large area. the Garden of Rockets is a large triangle of rope light. and rushing sound. but instead of one fork above it there are three. they sweep out a 17’ diameter circle in a complex fashion. motion.pbase. relax. At each corner of the triangle will be a bench as well. At one end of each small rotor is a propane burner that rotates around its own horizontal axle. and gather with other participants. or both. with three kinetic sculptures that are propelled by propane ramjets: The first. full of light. Each fork has a rotor with two burners that can be angled to make the rotor spin. The effect is a dazzling menagerie of flames whooshing about as a 28’ diameter structure whirls around above the viewers. It is more geometrically sophisticated than the other two. Each machine is fully controllable by participants and all three machines will be enclosed in a equilateral triangle of 100’ on a side. By choosing the burner angles the participant in control has full control of the direction and speed of the rotation of the large rotor and the small rotors. The space thus defined will be inviting place to park one’s bike and stay a while to view. horizontal. A mathematician’s delight. PyroGoRound delights in its sheer multitude of flames and shapes and motions . its complex motions will appear to be a mystery at first. the path of the burners would resemble a spirograph. tracing out a sphere. Up and down and round and round. It is a fairly straightforward riff on 4pyre². 4pyre². each angled out at 60 degrees. or propel all the forks around. At each end are secondary horizontal axles. was first seen in 2010. Pyrograph is a pivoting 10’ arm with two 6’ pivoting rotors. Its ramjets spin around in vertical. around which rotate 6’ long rotors. 94 . all fully operable by participants. Picturing it similar to a Merry-Go-Round. If one were to take a time lapse photo. In the very middle will be a cluster of 6 round benches. This boundary will be traced out in LED rope light. It too has a vertical shaft.com/schardt/garden_of_rockets Audio Tour Script: A short walk in from the Esplanade. like a carousel. The 10’ arm rotates around a horizontal axis. As both move. and diagonal circles.a 28’ diameter structure rotating overhead with 3 rotors and 6 ramjets. giving it its name… Pyrograph.

participants may simply watch and wonder and consider the imagery dancing before their eyes as well as the thoughts and emotions evoked. As participants journey to the mirrored dynamo centerpiece they must pass through several layers of lotus petals. Approaching the innermost layer six more petals are encountered. “Reflecting Pool”. the hero pushes upwards.us/ Audio Tour Script: Nelumbo Nucifera uses steel tubing to suggest the outlines of a 50 foot lotus flower opening up and through the playa mud. Video imagery will be designed to raise questions about the rites of passage on the Hero’s Journey. In this last layer the petals serve as white wooden seats. by the ever-changing kaleidoscopic reflections of earth and sky to contemplate their own calm center while the beautiful raucous playa life turns around them. The outlines of each petal are drawn with the lines of polished steel tubing. Taking rest participants are invited by the slow mirrored movement. becoming screens themselves. In the first outer layer participants encounter the mere outline of six lotus petals drawn against sky and ground. into the mirrored diamond centerpiece of the lotus flower.Nelumbo Nucifera Michael Emery http://urbaninteractive. through pre-programmed layers of body. or they may play in the video projection. Much of the footage will take on greater significance when projected onto moving human screens. As Video footage plays upon Lotus Petal Screens. The lotus is used for its potent symbolism of the Hero’s Journey. But now each outlined petal has been partially filled with a thin white membrane suggesting the substantive lotus petal in 3D. With roots sunk in the rich unconscious mud of material existence. 95 . In this installation the artist has evolved his 2010 playa sculpture. opening eventually into the freedom of conscious self creativity. In each successive layer the petals become more solid. This set of six petal will serve at night as six projection screens for a changing array of video imagery. personality and psyche. In the next layer six new outlines are encountered.

Garden of Monkey Retrospectus Iron Monkeys http://iron-monkeys.blogspot.com/2011/04/garden-of-monkey-retrospectus-gomr-for.html Audio Tour Script: True to their philosophy, the Iron Monkeys have again used steel to consecrate space. The Garden of Monkey Retrospectus is a snapshot of the artistic development of the Iron Monkeys over the past five years and a rebirth of artistic creations from their past. They are paying homage to our Rites of Passage as an artists collective. The Garden of Monkey Retrospectus is a look back through the projects that have brought us to where we are today. We will be bringing back the 14’ Tree Spire (2007), “The Hand” from Incunabulum (2009), and the Zen Gardens and Columns from The Crossroads (2010) to create a sitting garden of our evolution. This is an amazing opportunity for the Monkeys to rework these pieces, clean them up, and make them *exactly* how they want them to be. We are also going to work some new fire features into these pieces making the Garden flicker and explode in new and glorious ways. The Garden of Monkey Retrospectus is a community gathering space. 6 12-foot tall scroll work columns make up the outer edges of the Garden. During the day participants can relax on benches in the Garden, and at night they can warm themselves by the fire from the columns, lay under the flickering flames in “the hand” or draw in the flaming sand of the Fire Zen Gardens.” The 6 columns of scroll work and fire (at night) will be placed in a hall way setup. Inside the hall we will have: - The Hand from Incunabulum, It is about 6 long and stands about 5’. Steel scrolls create the the bone structure. It will have fire coming out of each of the fingers and a small poofer. -A Tree Spire - The tree is aprox 14.5’ tall at the peak. It is a steel tree with scrolls and textures all over it. The tree is surrounded by a bench that encourages people to sit and write on it. - Zen Gardens - A part of the Crossroads from 2010 these are bowls with black sand and during the night propane is pumped through the sand and participants can use one of the many tools to draw in the sand and watch the fire follow the tools.”


Billion Jelly Bloom Rob Lord Audio Tour Script: Our art project is to experientially transform the playa’s night air into a deep ocean inhabited by an undulating luminous jellyfish bloom. As this is a mobile piece, look for the jelly blooms all across the playa. Our mobile performer-articulated jellies attract, interact and participate with playa travelers, art, events and other jellies. One jelly’s dance is gracefully captivating. Two jellies, a mating pair, perform a tangled courtship dance. Three jellies or more form lurching blooms and frenzied swarms in the buoyant night air. The Billion Jelly Bloom, inspired by our own playa experiences, is a captivating, ambulating, participatory and interactive performance that evokes the playa’s transformational potential.


reOnion Project Zsolt Ádám, Juli Laczkó, Dániel Feles, Péter Debreczeni, Andrea Sztojánovits from Budhapest

http://reonion.net/ Audio Tour Script: ReOnion installation is an initiation ritual in a special physical and virtual space with its own rules. It is a connecting sphere of inside and outside. The spectator at first sight see an organic sculpture of amorphous lights and reanimated plastic trash, while the participant, who comes closer and enters the system of interactions, passes through something more: a special state of mind. She becomes part of a membrane projecting her own inside resonance to the outer world while reacting to other participants. Deconstruction of her own mental boundaries melting into a realization of a virtual togetherness. This expanded inner space of random community is the core of the experiment. The visitor and spectator discover inner and outer mental space and an experience of communicative resonance. The structure divided into six cabins and one main room and illuminated with projectors from sunset until dawn. The installation is an onion-shaped structure which reacts to the visitor’s resonances with light and sound. The participants’ heartbeats, breathing and body temperature interact with the structure, creating a communal effect that blurs the line between I and we.


99 . Unfortunately we still have a hole on our budget. to facilitate the transfer materials and ourselves from Budapest to the desert of Nevada :) The artistic installation is a garlic-shape structure reacting the visitor’s resonances with light and projection. It is a connecting sphere of inside and outside. body temperature) ReOnion installation is an initiation ritual to a special physical and virtual space with its own rules. We hope to help our visitors and spectators to a discovery of inner and outer mental space and of communicative resonance. you and I. heart beat. (breath.From the web site: ReOnion By Zsolt Ádám Installation reOnion has received a grant from the Burning Man art project. We are proud to receive support from the Burning Art committee to realize the installation of our project. The cabins are covered with UTOPLAST of recycled plastic overlay. me and them. The structure is divided into six cabins. The output is defined by the entering visitor and generated by her\his resonances.

danielfeles. he was crawling up on the cables behind the speakers. Artists We are a group of visual artists and designers from Budapest. live video performer and filmmaker from Poland. As young onions from Budapest. The cabins are built on a 6. currently based in Edinburgh.hu/skylab Péter Debreczeni graduated from MOME as an architect.since 2008.mowgli. He is a writer and translator of many books and publications as a specialist. theater and film productions. He has performed alongside world class artists and top 10 dj’s while also producing animation work for Blue Chip clients including the BBC.5 foot (2 meter) high wooden stage around the pillar.Metropol Studio . from 1997 he was leading expert of the most appreciated hungarian studio technology company.hu Juli Laczkó graduated from MOME. He has founded and lead his own studio . Architecture. currently works for Atelierarchitects online portfolio Zsolt Ádám organised legendary illegal parties around Budapest. http://www.com. The main room is located around the steel pillar. cinetrip. István was Born on Stage.Intermedia department.com/ Mowgli AKA Manuel Barrio. installations and organizing outdoor events is our main fields. His work is heavily influenced by the collision of science. Informatician. creates projections. philoshopy. installations and recycled objects. the visitors have to climb here to enter the cabins. http://metropolstudio. illegalparty. religion and altered states of consciousness. Dani Feles studies mediadesign @ MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design). VJing. which supports the structure and technical equipment. Photographer. He creates generated graphic systems. UK. She is a vj at parties. In the center located is a 20 feet/6 meter high steel pillar. Dj / VJ.tv Gábor Borosi deals with music and electronics since 1987. interaction design.the world’s biggest annual meeting dedicated to live video performance. net Invited artists/ helpers: Ioann Maria is a new media artist. He is contributed as a musician. When other baby’s cried. Furthermore she’s an artistic director of LPM Live Performers Meeting .Sketches The base of the installation is a 20 foot (6 meter) diameter circle. laczkojuli. http://ioannmaria. From the 2000-ies he took part many events as a DJ local and foreign. Gergő Hosszú László Horvath Nathaniel Barratt Róbert Ilisz 100 . In reOnion he deals with interaction programming and works with sensors. Since 2009 he is member of the band ‘Korai Öröm’.com Andrea Sztojanovits graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts . we are deeply engaged with party subculture and ephemer installations. His primary project is D250 Laboratories. Stage Manager. Filmmaker. In her recent solo and collaborative projects she investigates the issues of physical computing and human-computer interaction. sound engineer and producer with numerous rock-pop.hu/ István Király Artist of many disciplines. a finalist of the Edirol VJ Challenge 2008 has had his work screened at Kinetika Art Fair and the British Film Institute. exploring new possibilities in creative artistic-scientific demonstration. transumma.

send sparks and fire to its perimeter.html Audio Tour Script: Baptême du Feu is a twenty-foot wide spinning platform of steel.totallyawesomewow. allowing it to angle upwards to nearly 30 degrees. The platform will be attached to a gear worm that will allow it to rise on one side. It symbolizes throwing ones self into the impossible in hopes of it being possible.com/Baptemedefeu/bapteme_du_feu.Bapteme de Feu Anton Viditz-Ward http://www. Burning wood will be dropped from above onto it. A crank system will be that of a pump handcar which will require tandem effort from two individuals to spin the wheel. 101 .

102 .

melt them down. 103 .macreativedesign.Dragon Smelter Danny Macchiarini Bob Planthold http://www. and how we constantly need new light shed on our experiences. It’s a traveling mint! The changes in the Dragon Smelter from day to night.html Audio Tour Script: By day. a dragon breathing fire from its tail and mouth. and 12 ft wide. a gold and black Viking ship. all show how variable our icons and daily experiences are. the flames.com/public/bm. The Dragon Smelter is 20 ft high by 20 ft long. and cast them into coins. By night. and the transforming of old metal into something new. It allows participants to bring aluminum cans. and head constructed from a salvaged oil barrel with saw blades for eyelashes! And this year she’ll have more flame effects than ever. She was recently refurbished with new lights. claws. with flashing neon light throughout its body.

large capacity bike rack. It could look like a sculpture on it’s own (without bikes) however. At 40 ft. the functional aspect adds an interactive element . Rack Attack! is a large centipede-shaped sculpture/ bike rack which encourages interaction through usage. When Black Rock citizens are looking for a place to lean or lock their bike in the vicinity of Rack Attack! interaction will inevitably occur. well-lit. Fantasy. depending on how many bikes are on it and how close or far away you are. Function vs.Rack Attack! Mutant Centipede Bike Rack Mark Melnick & Maya Lowry Audio Tour Script: What would happen if a giant. 104 . using the negative space as the basic form. It might look different at various times: maybe more like a bike rack or more like a giant mutant insect.a reason for people to get closer and engage with the piece. the general shape of the centipede will be visible from fairly far away even if it is covered in bikes because the center (body) will be open. Rack Attack! could look like a sculpture on its own or function as a secure. long and 12 ft. mutated centipede/scorpion crawled out from beneath the playa and began to attract the bicycles of Black Rock City residents from miles around? Based on the philosophy of Form vs. wide.

Each paddlewheel has two vanes or blades. . shadow.boyersculpture. “Perpetual Motion” provides the viewer with an ever-changing dance of light. Sealed bearings inside the armature make for very low friction and allow the paddlewheels to spin in low winds.com Audio Tour Script: “Perpetual Motion” is a kinetic wind-driven sculpture consisting of a tall curving tree-trunk like armature supporting three wind-driven paddlewheels. and movement. The entire structure will withstand winds up to 100 MPH. Connecting each of the two vanes/blades is a solid axle. As daylight comes and goes. The viewer will see a machine that appears to be in perpetual motion. 105 .Perpetual Motion David Boyer http://www. The unusual shape of the ornate kinetic elements is reminiscent of something Captain Nemo would have designed. one on either side of the armature. The paddlewheels will overlap and combine in an everchanging random pattern. and the playa winds grow and recede.

a place of ending and beginning. and reflection suffuse every aspect of the Temples.org/ Audio Tour Script: “The Temple of Transition is a place of ritual and transition.The Temple of Transition Chris Hankins. lofty. it exists for everyone. & history that collectively create the milieu of Burning Man. suspended 2′ above the ground on a heavy chain much like a chandelier. It is peacefully lit by ever changing LED light. a place where we both remember and look ahead. Diarmaid Horkan and the International Art Megacrew http://temple2011. At ground level. Peacefulness. Light & shadow are key elements of this Temple. & from the corners of each pagoda roof spring unusual gargoyles and other decorative elements that reference the many cultures. By night. & Native American cultures. windows. \ Each face of the outer towers is elaborately cut with decorative patterns evocative of Moorish arabesque. “ Arches. & makes the interiors glow by night. each of the towers contains a interior space. Each face is also pierced with a large. that contains seating integrated into the base of the walls/columns & a complex. environment. Vaulted. Balancing the Western tradition. hidden lighting illuminates these spaces to enable the writing & reading of messages. Soft. ornate gothic arch standing in deep relief from the face & providing access to the inside.The Temple is comprised of a 120ft tiered. being cut with numerous gothic style arches at every level. vertices of a hexagon some 194ft wide. and walkways. hexagonal central tower. reverence. five smaller Temples surround a larger central Temple. Altars and shrines abound amongst intricately decorated archways.. intricate hanging altar. and delicate. Celtic. arches everywhere…. each tier of the Temples are surmounted with a pagoda type roof. 106 . accessible through 6 arches. yet perhaps more organic & in places containing symbols & pictographs drawn from Maori. Within each Temple a different phase of life is marked and explored. These towers are vaulted & lofty.The visual goal is of a monastic structure connected to the community that cannot help but inspire reverence & pause in the participant as they approach. Everyone is welcome. surrounded by 5 52ft towers..

mathematically evoking a strong sense of our place in the universe. and remembrance. while to deep playa side. a place of transformation for our community and members. yet beautiful. Yet the Temple is also frequently the setting of joyous celebrations in the form of union. Ritual areas are described man-ward & deep playa side. the interaction between participant & Temple is deeply personal & exists at a conceptual/spiritual level rather than the purely physical. The Temple builders feel it is their job to create a structure that enables & affirms both these differing types of activity for as wide a range of participants as possible. On the manward side. but rather by our community as the event unfolds. thanks-giving. The Temple as a function is well understood by our community – unlike other art at Burning Man. our design includes several key aspects. Participants can look down into the interior of the central tower or out over the city/playa. The central tower rises to 120′ over several tiers. The design & pattern of the rigging itself is an integral part of the look & feel of this Temple.The outer towers are linked to the central tower via an arched ramp that leads upward to a walkway that encircles(inside & out) the central. inspiring. re-unions. 107 . almost subliminally suggest how it can be used. Suffusing every part of the Temple are a multitude of small platforms & shelves to be used as shrines for peoples memories. with towering open arches reaching skyward. This tower is secured via a complex & beautiful arrangement of internal rigging. the tiers are much loftier that the outer towers. an open space faces the promenade that participants can use for group rituals & the consideration of our city & culture. However. They feel that the Temple and the experiences within & around it are created not by the builders. It is a place of beginnings and endings. In order to provide for the various uses we have seen previous Temples support. and echoes the design of the outer towers. supportive vessel to contain & gently. Triangular seating pods around & seating inside the Temple will enable & encourage relaxation & conversation. A ring of spires encircles the entire Temple. a smaller ritual area allows for sunrise ritual & contemplation of scale & time. People come to the Temple for a number of specific experiences. to express love & ask for forgiveness/release. Perhaps the most obvious reasons people come are to express grief or loss. and that it is therefore vital that the Temple be an empty.. Accessible surface area is maximised at ground & walkway levels to allow for the writing of messages & attachment of images.

108 .

From the Artists Website: Library of Journals The Library of Journals is a series of shelves inside the six Temple of Transition towers where you can bring your old journals to share with your desert family. all sharing their life lessons with and amongst each other. deploying. Read. and get extraordinary pleasure from simply watching our community as they use and enjoy what we have gifted to and shared with them. to be burned along with the Temple itself on Sunday night. you can contribute anything you like. Write. And then. building and managing large projects and theme camps at Burning Man. paste pictures and photographs. we delivered something amazing to the 109 . and very passionate burners has formed from the core that created the Megatropolis installation out of hope. Listen. there to be quietly raised into the night sky in sparks and flames on Temple Burn Night. We eat simple. sweat & dust in 2010. With the barest of resources. but plenty of sweat & sunburn. A library like no other on this Earth. inclusive. you can leave them inside. You can begin writing your journal now. Blank out names to make it anonymous. a ‘back-to-basics’ crew of skilled. Imagine the collective wisdom of hundreds of people. Just share it with us. We are a simple crew who discovered something unexpected and amazing within that simplicity during our Megatropolis build in 2010. This is the Library of Manifestation and Letting Go. Five pages or five hundred pages. write epic tales of late nights and long journeys. They have also created and grown various regional events and decoms in several other countries. Release Crew Statement International. Along with our serious veterans. and with volunteer contributions to other significant BM projects and regional events. we have many newbies and not-sonewbies with extensive and valuable experience running their own festivals & events worldwide. collect newspaper cuttings. Compose poetry both cryptic and simple. comprises many veteran burners with extensive experience in planning. and release it alongside us. you can have one of the Temple Guardians lift your journals onto a higher shelf where nobody can reach. already over fifty committed members from twelve countries. and energised by a successful Burning Man 2010. and allow others the privilege of finding connection to your experiences and learnings. Change dates to protect the innocent. think simple. experienced. If you like. Our crew. But keep the details clear.

peace and togetherness to the largest possible cross-section of our community. we aim to ensure that The Temples effectively and reliably deliver an experience of reverence. humbling experience of creating for our desert family.city that year — yet we got far. we will keep on keeping it simple. a reward that none of us fully anticipated. The Temple is far greater than any artist. We intend to do our very best to listen to the opinions and input of the community. We want to continue to work for our community and to share that feeling with a much larger family of volunteers in 2011. humility and inclusion must rule as we focus on what the citizens of Black Rock City bring to and from their Temple. reflection. We hold that the Temple and the experience of the people within it deserve enormous respect — and establishing a feeling of respect through the structure itself is one of our primary goals. connecting. any crew. that we might better deliver a Temple that meets the City’s needs in the most meaningful way possible. far more back in return: the joyful. Rather. We will carry over the sense of joyful humility and service that we discovered while building and burning Megatropolis. Compassion. As such. 110 . To do so. and spread that sense into the hearts & minds of our entire extended crew for The Temples 2011 — a feeling that will be woven into the very fabric of The Temples themselves. we do not intend to reinvent the wheel or make any bold statements.

111 .

Donations of clean wood are appreciated by the artist. Throughout the day people can climb it. 112 . It balances on a shaft which can rotate 360 degrees. creating a warm environment for people to gather around and perform in front of.Orgasm Bryan Tedrick bryantedrick. Participants can then return at night to share in the fire’s warmth. spin it and help fill the interior cavity with wood.com Audio Tour Script: “Orgasm” is a 20’ tall x 8’ diameter steel vessel which can be filled with wood and burned. This coming together of the male and female climaxes when the wood filled interior is set afire representing the union of male and female and the resulting fire that ensues. The interior shape is phallic in form and the receptive portion is meant to be vaginal. The shapes which form this vessel include an inner basket made of stainless steel and an outer receiving structure made of regular steel.

113 . 2 foot tall by 6 inches wide & in lenght Each sculpture is about 2 feet tall and incorperates a string of solar recharged lights. Your corner street sign. Solar powered Lighted Sculptures will be created by the citizens of Black Rock. All the Sculptures are unique and will provide visual landmarks and street lighting for the people of BRC.City Lights 2011 Gary Long Audio Tour Script: Citizens of Black Rock: City Lights will once again bring solar powered lighted sculptures to the dark back streets of BRC. (and every corner street sign) will be enhanced with its own unique light sculpture. Each Sculpture will be created either before or during the event by a multitude of artists and non artists.

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