Cannabis and the Rural Community - Monday 21 November An information evening on the problems and pitfalls of having cannabis

growing in your community. What is it?; What does it look like?; Where does it grow?; What you can do about it. Presented by Constable Peter Marks & Constable Bruce Francis (Rural Liaison Officer). Where:- Pukeokahu School. Time:- 7pm. Pukeokahu School Camp 2012 Just to let you know so you can sort out time off etc. Our 2012 school camp will be in Whakatane from Sunday 1st April to Thursday 5th April. This is the week before the Easter Holidays. Ka kite ano, Marama and Carol

Thursday 11th November

“I am learning to learn for life!”
Guy, Putting the Guys on the Bonfire.


Contact Details: Marama's eMail: Office eMail: School Phone Number: 388 0529 Up and Coming Dates: Term Four: Tuesday 25th October - Friday 16th December Friday 11th November - Hunterville Cross Country - 12pm Monday 21st November - Papanui Athletics Day Monday 12th December - School Picnic Friday 16th December - End of Year Celebration From Marama Well, blow me down, what a week! Between Guy Fawkes night, Craft Day, Pet Day and my mum coming to stay … I’m not sure if I’m Arthur or Martha! Oh and before I carry on I must apologies for my mother, apparently she was accosting people as they drove past our house complaining that I had peonies and I didn’t even know! Personally, I think that she should accept my routine of careful gardening neglect as a proven success (and quietly, I am pleased to Isabel at our Guy now know they are flowers, not a Fawkes Night disease ;-) So now I have a lot of Thank Yous to hand out. On Saturday morning, we have a rather wet, but very productive firewood working bee. So a big thanks to Andy for hosting us and Claire for looking after the kids while the dads worked. Thank you to Josh, and Guy for being our workers and Clifford our delivery man, he only got his vehicle stuck three times … and not quite as impressively as Andy did but more about that next week ;-) We will have another working bee for firewood and a general school clean up at the end of November, probably Friday 25th.

My other big Thank Yous are for all the wonderful people who helped out at our School Craft and Pet Days. We had a beautiful sunny day for our craft day, with the Pukeokahu Playgroup joining us. Thank you Maryanne, Heather and Robin (Mam) for giving up your time to give us a hand. Also Tina, Janey and Jen (our playgroup mums) for helping out and joining in on Pongo the Wonder Dog. our day. Pet Day was a big success, with the weather holding back long enough for us to get through our whole programme. We had a rather diverse range of ‘pets’ this year, from lambs, to dogs, to chickens and cats but Tristin’s rat did seem to blur the lines of pet versus pest ... Thank you to our wonderful judges BJ and Rob Bryant we appreciate your time and resistance to bribery. Also thank you to all of the parents and former parents who helped make this day possible. School Swimming Lessons Our first lesson, at the Taihape Town Pools, is this Monday 14th at 1.30pm. We will need to leave school at 12.50pm and we will retur n to school by 3pm. We have gone for a later start time to allow me to get through junior maths before we leave. Please let me know if you are available for help with transport.

Pukeokahu Kids watching the fireworks.

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