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Everything the Devil 

Wanted Me to Know,
I Learned from the 
Contemporary Church.
-- Tim Brown --

1. We're willing to shape our “worship service” to make it attractive to the lost. Lesson:
It's not about elevating God and the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, it's about
what you “feel” as a need. Biblical principle violated? Jesus said that to even to
follow Him, we must die to self, take up our cross daily and obey Him. In other
words, it's not about what “I want” or “I need”. It's about what God wants and

2. Exegesis? Did you say “extra cheeses”? Oh, yeah, now I get it. That's not an issue.
Just use whatever version you want without considering the accuracy of the text
being used. The original languages and the intent of the author isn't an issue.
Besides, it's a wonderful way to use God to support whatever theological whim you
might have. The rendition that fits your argument is the “best translation” at that
given point. Lesson: You are the determiner of truth. Biblical principle violated? 2
Timothy 2:15; “Rightly divide” (cut straight) “the Word of Truth.” There is a “correct”
meaning to each and every verse which, correctly interpreted, will not violate the
meaning of another text in the whole of Scripture.

3. We express much more care for you while you are uncommitted. Once you commit
yourself to us, you're expendable; especially if you start disagreeing with us. Lesson:
Far better to be uncommitted and remain an outsider. Biblical principle violated? The
body is to take care of itself. This is why we have spiritual gifts; for the building up of
the body and the perfection of the saints. (Ephesians 4).

4. Truth isn't really important, except for maybe a few “basics” such as “believe in
Jesus”, whatever that means to you. Besides, it's arrogant to claim to know what a
Bible verse means. Lesson: There is no objective truth. Either God mumbled,
stammered or He has failed to give us the tools to know what He said. Biblical
principle violated: Study to show yourself approved as Paul said in 2 Timothy. Jesus
told us that the truth sets us free. To obscure Biblical truth is to choose to not only
suppress it (Romans 1) but also to live in the dark and in bondage.

5. Your lifestyle is your own business. If you are in disobedience to scripture, who are
we to judge? Lesson: Better to stay silent in the name of “love” and let you die in
your sin as a false convert than sound alarms. Biblical principle violated? We are to
make every effort to make our calling and election sure (2 Peter 1). We are to be
careful lest anyone “fall short of the grace of God”. (Hebrews 12). This is about
discerning the kinds of fruit that are evidence of what is in the heart and showing
Biblical love to others by helping them confirm their faith as genuine.