Senior Helpers in Home Elder Care of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Takes Care Giving to the Next Level With New Alzheimer's and Dementia Program

Sen|or ne|pers In nome L|der Care of Lansda|eţ Þennsy|van|aţ 1akes

Careg|v|ng to the Next Leve| W|th New A|zhe|merƌs and Dement|a
5eolot loŴnome cote compooy cteotes kevolotloooty ´5eolot Cems´ ltoqtom to nelp lomllles
Alzhelmer's dlsease ls among Lhe Lop Len leadlng causes of deaLh ln Lhe unlLed SLaLesţ affecLlng
more Lhan flve mllllon people across Lhe naLlonŦ And for each person wlLh Alzhelmer's dlsease
and relaLed demenLlasţ Lhere can be as many as four lndlvlduals provldlng Lhelr dally careŦ
1haL's why Senlor Pelpersţ one of Lhe largesL lnŴhome care companles for senlorsţ has creaLed a
revoluLlonary program Lo help careglvers and famllles properly care for Lhelr elderly loved ones
baLLllng Lhese devasLaLlng dlseasesŦ
1he Senlor Cems Þrogram ls Lhe flrsL of lLs klnd ln Lhe lnŴhome care lndusLryŦ lL's a sLepŴbyŴsLep
gulde LhaL Leaches careglvers and famllles how Lo care for Lhelr beloved senlors Lhrough each
sLage of demenLla and Alzhelmer'sŦ lL alms Lo lmprove Lhe llves of famllles Louched by Lhese
deblllLaLlng dlseasesţ boLh locally and naLlonallyŦ
ºAlzhelmer's and demenLla are parLlcularly dlfflculL for famlly careglvers because lL can be an
emoLlonal [ourney for everyone lnvolvedŦ noL only can Lhe senlor become frusLraLed wlLh Lhelr
memory lossţ buL famlly members who ofLen play Lhe role of careglver can sLarL feellng whaL's
called ƌcareglver burnouLţƌƍ says ChrlsLlna CharLrandţ head of Lhe Senlor Cems Þrogram aL
Senlor PelpersŦ º1haL's why Lhe Senlor Cems Þrogram ls so slgnlflcanLŦ lL noL only keeps our
careglvers up Lo daLe on Lralnlng Lechnlques buL lL also Leaches famlly members Llps for
careglvlng successŦ"
1he Sen|or Gems Þrogramť
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦAll Senlor Pelpers locaLlons are belng Lralned on Lhe new careglver currlculumŦ
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦA core group of Senlor Pelpers careglvers wlll become demenLla and Alzhelmer's
care cerLlfled Lhrough Lhe Lralnlng programŦ
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧlamllles wlll recelve a oneŴofŴaŴklnd uvu (produced by Senlor Pelpers) feaLurlng a
demenLla care experLţ where she addresses common quesLlons regardlng carlng
for a loved one wlLh all forms of demenLlaŦ
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ1he program breaks down Lhe sLages of demenLla lnLo slx progresslve sLages Ŷ lL
helps professlonal careglvers and famllles beLLer undersLand how Lo communlcaLe
wlLh Lhelr elderly loved oneŦ
"I thought dement|a was a memory |ssue Ŷ when |n factţ |t's rea||y bra|n fa||ureţ"
says ChrlsLlna CharLrandţ head of Lhe Senlor Cems Þrogram aL Senlor PelpersŦ
"Sen|or Gems educates peop|e about the d|fference between ag|ng and dement|aŦ"
A kea| L|fe "Gems" Scenar|oť
An elderly baker wlLh demenLla geLs up every mornlng aL 3 aŦmŦ Lo go downsLalrs Ŷ because a
good careglver reallzes sLalr s are a safeLy lssueţ Lhey block Lhem offŦ 1hls acLlon upseLs Lhe
Sen|or ne|pers In nome L|der Care of Lansda|eţ Þennsy|van|aţ 1akes
Careg|v|ng to the Next Leve| W|th New A|zhe|merƌs and Dement|a
elderly man and he becomes aglLaLed wlLh Lhe careglverŦ 1hls aglLaLlonţ whlch ls very common
ln Alzhelmer's paLlenLsţ bulld a wall ln communlcaLlon wlLh Lhe careglverŦ 1he Senlor Cems
Þrogram helped Lhe careglver undersLand LhaL Lhelr paLlenL slmply wanLs Lo make donuLs Ŷ
LhaL's all he's ever known aL 3 aŦmŦ 1haL was Lhe sole Lrlgger of hls aglLaLlonŦ So lnsLead of
blocklng Lhe sLalrsţ Lhe beLLer soluLlon would have been Lo slmply glve hlm flour and waLerŦ
Car|ng Ior L|der|y Þarents Creates A New nea|th Care Cha||engeť
1he prlmary famlly careglver (usually Lhe mlddle aged eldesL daughLer who ls also worklng)
spends an average of aL leasL 20 hours per week carlng for an elderly parenLŦ
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ40Ʒ of careglvers who work full Llme reporL mlsslng work on a regular basls due Lo
Lhe healLh needs of an elderly loved oneŦ
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ17Ʒ reporL Lhelr healLh has goLLen worse as a resulL of famlly careglvlngŦ
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ23Ʒ of Lhose provldlng care for famlly members for flve or more years reporL
healLh as falr or poorŦ
Senlor Pelpers and Lhe Alzhelmer's loundaLlon of Amerlca (AlA) recenLly announced a sLraLeglc
parLnershlp Lo help ralse more awareness abouL Alzhelmer's dlsease naLlonwldeŦ º1he AlA
belleves LhaL empowerlng careglvers and famllles Lhrough educaLlon ls Lhe flrsL sLep ln properly
Laklng care of a loved one baLLllng Lhe dlseaseţ" says Lrlc !Ŧ Pallţ AlA's loundlng ÞresldenL and
CLCŦ ºAlA has revlewed Lhe Senlor Cems Lralnlng creaLed by Senlor Pelpers and we encourage
all famllles who are deallng wlLh Lhls hearLbreaklng dlsease Lo uLlllze Lhls program as a valuable
resource ln helplng Lo provlde compasslonaLe care for loved onesŦ"
5ootcesť Alzhelmer's loundaLlon of Amerlcaţ naLlonal lnsLlLuLe on Aglngţ naLlonal Alllance for Careglvlngţ Parvard
School of Þubllc PealLhţ Chlcago Llfe Magazlne
About Sen|or ne|persť
Senlor Pelpers provldes many lnŴhomeţ careglvlng servlces for Lhe elderly ln Lhe Lansdaleţ
uoylesLownţ ChalfonLţ PaLfleldţ and norLh Wales areaŦ We offer exLenslve lnŴhome care
servlces for senlors who embrace Lhelr lndependence and Lhe personal dlgnlLy LhaL goes wlLh lLŦ
Cur lnŴhome care servlces are provlded by bonded and lnsured careglvers all of whom pass a
naLlonal background checkŦ
lf a senlor famlly member needs lnŴhome care servlces ln 8ucks CounLy ÞA and MonLgomery
CounLy ÞAţ we are an excellenL cholce wlLh exemplary referencesŦ lnŴhome care ls Lhe
compasslonaLe cholce for your elderly loved onesƌ conLlnued lndependenL llvlngŦ We promlse
we wlll do our besL Lo make lL a poslLlve experlence for Lhem and youŦ lor more lnformaLlonţ
please vlslLť hLLpť//senlorhelpersŦcom/locaLlon/4209Ŧ

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