A Simple Way to Understand Hooponopono

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A Simple Way to Understand Ho'oponopono
            Question: Answer:   What is Ho'oponopono?   It is a way to cause LOVE, Peace and Harmony for all. Why do I need Ho'oponopono?  To resolve all problems in your life. How do I resolve my problem?    All problems can be resolved when we turn to LOVE, the Life Source,  for the answer. Why do I need to turn to LOVE to resolve my problem? Only LOVE truly knows you and has the power to resolve all problems in your life.

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Answer:  Question: Answer:

    Question:          Answer: 

    How does Ho'oponopono work?       1.   First know the functions of each during the cleaning:                    Do you know what your job is?                    Do you know what LOVE's job is?      2.   Here's what your job looks like: Simply ask for forgiveness, moment to moment, for whatever problems may be happening in your life by saying:

                                  "I'm sorry"                             "Please forgive me"



A Simple Way to Understand Hooponopono

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     3. Here's what LOVE's job looks like: Only LOVE can erase or transmute unwanted energies or  thoughts:

                         And replace it with New Divine Thought which brings you back into Balance to experience Peace, Harmony and Love.      

                              4.  This process is called the 'cleaning'. Question: Answer:   How do I get to the cleaning? Use one of the Ho'oponopono tools which is the same as saying  "I'm Sorry.  Please Forgive me". 

     5.  Everything is left totally up to LOVE to design the outcome.            All we need to do is accept so we can receive what is right           and perfect for each of us.

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