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OPTiMUM™ Extended Support
Because your website is important to your business.

disrupt your business. If your website experiences downtime or becomes vulnerable to attack it can erode your credibility. or worse they are not able to access services you provide. It’s your biggest marketing and online service asset and needs to remain available to consumers and users 24/7. defaced or made partially inoperable for the last 24 hours.OPTiMUM™ Extended Support How important is your website to your business? Imagine for just a moment that your website has been down. restrict potential customers from contacting you. Your consumers are seeing a blank screen with an error message on it. In the dynamic world of the internet first impressions count and online consumers will rarely give you a second chance. What perception do consumers get when your website is down? Your website represents your business and brand. . At CDAA we understand that your website is a critical tool for your business. and even prevent you from selling your goods and services.

built and are hosted by CDAA a er their original build warranty or guarantee period has expired. maintain. This is achieved by applying the most recent version updates of the so ware2 available. . your own website’s implementation.OPTiMUM™ Extended Support Support that’s guaranteed Introducing OPTiMUM™ Extended Support An OPTiMUM™ Extended Support Agreement is a guaranteed support solution for your new website. This agreement is uniquely created for websites which have been designed. We recognise that while there are many similarities between the various website technology platforms available today. and where appropriate. maintenance requirements and user-support needs are going to be specific to your business. CDAA will also provide technical repair services for any issues found which cause your website to no longer comply with its original# build specification. In addition we will apply high-priority patches to help protect against system vulnerabilities throughout the term of the agreement. How are my support requirements configured? An OPTiMUM™ Extended Support Agreement is uniquely tailored to suit each and every client application. support and keep your website’s so ware and architecture up to date through a schedule of routine maintenance and applied services. What does the OPTiMUM™ Extended Support cover? Under your OPTiMUM™ Extended Support Agreement CDAA support engineers will provide unlimited user helpdesk support and ensure your content management system (CMS) remains up to date and compliant where possible to the CDAA build specification. The purpose of the OPTiMUM™ Extended Support Agreement is to help protect.

6 to version 4. traffic visits and exists. Report on CDAA recommendations based on the results identified As required As required within 4 business hours every 16 business hours As required 1 included per year As required As required As required Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Learn more about OPTiMUM™ Extended Support We are currently offering a no-cost assessment of your online services and user support requirements in order to provide a recommendation and quote on the most appropriate OPTiMUM™ Extended Support solution for your business.com. Contact our solutions team today to organise your free assessment. So ware updates are performed based on severity. Phone 08 8365 6577 or email sales@cdaa. So ware updates applied where available and only as needed to remain compliant to the CDAA build specification.6. excluding public holidays.00pm. Adelaide 5000 . caused by unintentional or malicious attacks (Excludes data supply charge#) Monitor and report on maintenance work performed under your agreement Monitor and report on database and file storage usage Monitor and report on statistics snapshot including bounce rate. 15 Aston House. Service includes only minor patch installations i. Recovery and supply of backed up data charged at $200 per hour excluding GST.30 am to 5. traffic locations and most popular key words used to find your website Website link checking conducted to scan all incoming and outgoing links and identify broken links. CDAA may choose at its discretion not to update the so ware where it considers the updates inappropriate or likely to compromise existing system functionality. version 4. Based on severity. # CDAA Pty Ltd Level 2.e.2. See “Allocation of Severities” in this document for details.au 1 2 Coverage is based on Australian CST business hours 8.OPTiMUM™ Extended Support: Feature Comparison Chart OPTiMUM™ Extended Support Frequency Unlimited Phone & Email Support Website so ware repairs Guaranteed Response Time1 Status Updates1 Content Management System version upgrade notification Content Management System version upgrade installation2 Minor patch notifications (High priority vulnerability) Minor patch installations (High priority vulnerability)2 Restoration of website to most recent backup. Australia .

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