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8ook of Lnoch

1he 8ook of Lnoch

A Modern Lngllsh 1ranslaLlon of Lhe LLhloplan 8ook of Lnoch wlLh lnLroducLlon and noLes by
Andy McCracken

Speclal Lhanks Lo 8redren !ason naphLall who found Lhls LranslaLlon (by MŦ knlbb) of Lhe LLhloplan LexL
ln Lhe SŦCŦAŦSŦ Llbrary aL Lhe unlverslLy of LondonŦ


PlsLory of Lhe 8ook of Lnoch

CondlLlon of Lhe LexL

1he 8ook
(1) 1PL 8LLSSlnC Cl LnCCP

(2) CCuƌS LAWS




(6) 1PL 8CCk Cl 8LÞ8CCl



(9) 1PL l8AC8An1 18LLS

(10) 1PL 8CCk Cl ML1PuSLLAP

(11) 1PL 8CCk Cl nCAP

(12) 1PL 8CCk Cl ÞA8A8LLS

(13) 1PL S1C8LPCuSLS

(14) 1PL 8LvCLu1lCnS Cl 1PL LlCP1S


(16) 1PL LAW Cl 1PL S1A8S

(17) LnCCPƌS ll8S1 vlSlCn

(18) Þ8CÞPLC? Cl 1PL AnlMALS

(19) Þ8CÞPLC? Cl 1PL 1Ln WLLkS


8eferences and furLher readlng

1he LLhloplc 8ook of LnochCxford unlverslLy Þressl flrsL heard abouL Lhe 8ook of Lnoch a few years agoţ
whlle l was researchlng lnLo 'Lnd of uays' propheslesŦ When l flnally managed Lo geL hold of a copyţ l
dlscovered LhaL lL was a very sLrange and unusual bookŦ
1he flrsL Llme l read lL l was skepLlcal and somewhaL puzzledŤ l wondered who would have wrlLLen an
odd book llke LhlsŦ

l knew LhaL Lnochţ (Panokh ln Pebrew)ţ was very favourably menLloned ln Ceneslsţ and l dlscovered
LhaL Lnoch's book descrlbes Lhe Lxodus and Moses very favourably (alLhough noL by name)Ŧ

So my flrsL Lheory was LhaL lL mlghL have been wrlLLen around Lhe same Llme as Lhe 1orahţ perhaps
around 1400 8CŦ Poweverţ afLer several readlngs l could flnd no plauslble LheorlesŦ 1he prophecy of Lhe
anlmals ls exLremely preclsely wrlLLen and obvlously refers Lo evenLs well afLer Moses (see my noLes on
LhaL chapLer)Ŧ AddlLlonallyŤ who would have dared Lo produce a book wlLh people such as Moses
descrlbed ln Lerms of farm anlmals?

Mlchael knlbbţ whose LranslaLlon l have used Lo produce Lhls bookţ sLudled all avallable manuscrlpLs and
sourcesţ and lL ls clear LhaL Lhls book was well known and sLudled ln many counLrles well before Lhe Llme
of !esusŦ 1he earllesL known survlvlng fragmenLs and quoLaLlons ln varlous languages show LhaL Lhls ls
Lhe same bookţ and LhaL Lhe LLhloplans have preserved lL wellŦ

ln Lhe end l was convlnced LhaL Lhe book ls really Lnoch's Lrue accounL of oLherwlse forgoLLen evenLs
LhaL occurred ln early LlmesŤ evenLs LhaL we have no oLher survlvlng records ofŦ

Lnoch lefL us a book LhaL descrlbes people of an advanced culLureŤ blondŴhalred people LhaL Lnoch's
people consldered Lo be Angels of Codţ and lL was wrlLLen on Lhe angels' lnsLrucLlonŦ

1he sLandard academlc vlew seems Lo be LhaL some sllghLly demenLed rellglous fanaLlc wroLe Lhe book Ŵ
noL long before Lhe earllesL provable fragmenLsţ (200 or 3008C)Ŧ l Lhlnk lL ls lmposslble Lo supporL Lhls
vlewŦ Such an auLhor would have Lo be able Lo wrlLe Lhe enLlre book from Lhe polnL of vlew of a person
who knows noLhlng of counLrles wlLh namesţ or rellglons wlLh namesŦ 1hen he goes on Lo descrlbe Lhe
Angels as blond menţ who ran away from Peaven ln order Lo be promlscuous wlLh womenŦ l don'L
belleve Lhls ls Lhe sorL of world vlew LhaL would have been well recelved or wldely accepLed anywhere ln
200 8CŦ 1hls plus Lhe all Loo accuraLe prophecles are probably Lhe reasons why lL was 'losL' by Lhe
rellglons LhaL used Lo regard lL as holyŦ

l concluded LhaL Lhe book ls probably whaL lL appears Lo beŤ well preservedţ anclenL and genulneŦ Lnoch
was Lhe greaLŴgrandfaLher of noahţ and faLher of MeLhuselahţ and hls book glves a unlque vlew of Lhe
world before Lhe floodŤ whlch recenL research suggesLs may have occurred as long ago as 17ţ000 8CŦ

1he PlsLory of Lhe 8ook of Lnoch
1he book was LhoughL Lo have been losLţ for over 2ţ000 yearsţ wlLh many anclenL sources referrlng Lo lLţ
and even quoLlng parLsţ buL no compleLe coples were knownŦ 1hen ln 1773ţ !ames 8ruce broughL Lhree
coples back from LLhloplaţ havlng spenL some years explorlng Lhe counLryŦ

Lnoch had Lwo maln reasons for wrlLlng hls bookŦ 1he flrsL was because Lhe WaLchers lnsLrucLed hlm Lo
do lLţ (see secLlon 13 aL 81Ŧ3 and 81Ŧ6)Ŧ 1he second reasonŤ was Lo save hls famlly from Lhe floodŦ

Lnoch wroLe hls bookţ afLer hls grandson Lamech was bornţ buL before noah was bornŦ noah ls only
named ln Lhe secLlon LhaL MeLhuselah wroLeţ (see secLlon 10 aL 107Ŧ3)ţ and of course ln hls own secLlon
(secLlon 11ţ 1he 8ook of noah)Ŧ Soţ Lhere may sLlll have been 40 Ŵ 80 years lefL before Lhe floodţ aL Lhe
Llme when Lnoch wroLe hls bookŦ

1here ls a long gap beLween Lhe Llme of Lhe flood and Lhe Llme when Moses gave pralse Lo Lnoch ln
CeneslsŦ Cenesls daLes from around 1400 8Cţ and forms parL of Lhe 1orah (Lhe flrsL flve books of Lhe

ln Ceneslsţ Lhere ls Lnochƌs famllyŤ as named by hlm ln Lhls bookţ and a qulck recap of some of Lnochƌs

lL seems llkely Lhereforeţ LhaL coples of Lhe 8ook of Lnoch survlved lnLo LgypLlan Llmesţ 3300 8Cţ and
was known Lo Moses around 2ţ000 years laLerŦ

Moses presumably Look a copy of Lhe book wlLh hlm when Lhey all lefL LgypLţ and he was no doubL
pleased Lo see Lnochƌs prophecy fulfllledŦ

1he book probably exlsLed malnly ln Pebrew durlng Lhe Lhousand years afLer Lhe exodusŦ no Pebrew
coples exlsL Lodayţ howeverţ alLhough Lhere are some Pebrew passages quoLed ln some of Lhe Aramalc
fragmenLs LhaL survlve from a few cenLurles 8CŦ

1he appearance of Lhe book ln LLhloplaţ ls probably due Lo evenLs ln !erusalem durlng Lhe relgn of klng
Manasseh of !udahţ (693 Ŵ 642 8C)ţ whlch are documenLed ln Lhe 8lbleţ (2Chronlcles 33ť1 Ŵ 20ţ and aL
2klngs 21ť1 Ŵ 18)Ŧ

klng Manasseh was noL of Lhe !ewlsh falLhţ he erecLed alLers Lo 8aal and Asherah ln Solomonƌs 1empleŦ
ln klngs aL 21ť16ţ lL says LhaL so much lnnocenL blood was shed LhaL lL fllled !erusalem from end Lo endŦ
AL Lhls Llmeţ Lhe rellglous esLabllshmenL lefL Lhe counLryţ Laklng Lhe Ark of Lhe CovenanL and all Lhe
lmporLanL rellglous LexLs wlLh LhemŦ

AfLer a number of years ln LgypLţ Lhe refugees wenL furLher souLhţ near Lo Lhe source of Lhe nlleţ aL Lake
1ana ln LLhloplaŦ 1he descendanLs of Lhese people are Lhe lalashasţ who even Loday follow Lhe form of
!udalsm LhaL had been pracLlced ln lsrael only before 620 8CŦ 1he LLhloplans LranslaLed 1he 8ook of
Panokh lnLo Ceƌezţ and had enough respecL Lo look afLer lLŦ

Meanwhlleţ all Pebrew verslons dlsappeared buL a subsLanLlal parL of Lhe book had survlved ln Creekţ
and some parLs ln Aramalcţ buL unLll ScoLLlsh Lravelerţ and freemasonţ !ames 8ruceţ reLurned from
LLhlopla ln 1773ţ wlLh Lhree manuscrlpLsţ no one ln Lhe wesL had ever seen Lhe whole bookŦ

1he Lwo commonly avallable LranslaLlons were done soon afLer Lhls and Lhe book was recelved wlLh an
embarrassed sllenceţ for Lhe mosL parLţ and noL wldely readŦ

1hls book ls based on a new LranslaLlon publlshed ln 1978ţ whlch was produced as a resulL of research
lnLo a large number of Lhe LLhloplan manuscrlpLs and a revlew of all oLher survlvlng fragmenLsŦ My hope
ls LhaL Lhls presenL edlLlon wlll be Lhe besL verslon of Lnochƌs book avallable ln LngllshŦ

l Lhlnk Lhls ls an lmporLanL bookţ and l have done my besL Lo presenL lL as clearly as posslbleţ and ln a
way LhaL l hope Panokh would have approved ofŦ

CondlLlon of Lhe 1exL
l belleve Lhe LexL Lo be ln good condlLlon generallyŦ lL seems Lo be almosL compleLeţ wlLh a beglnnlng
and an endţ and lL ls selfŴconslsLenLŦ Lven more slgnlflcanL ls Lhe way LhaL Lnochƌs characLer and sLyle of
wrlLlng are sLlll apparenLŦ 1he only parLs LhaL l suspecL were wrlLLen by dlfferenL auLhors l have
separaLed ouLţ as Lhe 8ook of MeLhuselahţ and Lhe 8ook of noahţ (chapLers 10 Ǝ 11)Ŧ

1he LranslaLlon by Mlchael knlbbţ lnLo Lngllshţ ls very goodţ and l have had Lo do very llLLle Lo Lhe LexL ln
order Lo change lL from a good LranslaLlon lnLo clear LngllshŦ l have added qulLe a loL of puncLuaLlon and
lmproved Lhe presenLaLlonţ buL l have made only very mlnor changes Lo Lhe LexL (such as subsLlLuLlng
'before' wlLh 'ln fronL of' where approprlaLeŦ ln a few places l have subsLlLuLed ºsky" for Peaven where lL
makes Lhe meanlng clearerŦ Where Lnoch says ºLhe face of Peaven" he means Lhe sky buL l have lefL lL
unchangedŦ l only changed Peaven Lo sky where l was sure LhaL was Lhe lnLended meanlngŦ Slmllarlyţ l
have Lrled Lo use LarLh wlLh a caplLal where l Lhlnk Lhe meanlng ls Lhe whole planeL and earLhţ wlLhouL a
caplLalţ where Lhe meanlng may [usL be Lhe ground Ŵ whlch Lnoch ofLen dlfferenLlaLes hlmself by
referrlng Lo ºLhe dry ground" raLher Lhan ºLhe earLh"Ŧ

lorLunaLelyţ Lnochƌs sLyle was Lo use a slmple vocabularyţ and he assumed no preŴknowledge by Lhe
readerŦ AnyLhlng compllcaLedţ he explalns aL lengLhţ wlLh qulLe a loL of repeLlLlonŦ

1hls has helped Lo preserve Lhe book Lhrough many LranslaLlonsŦ 1here are a few placesţ even soţ where
Lhere are problemsŦ l have marked Lhese wlLh doLs (ŦŦŦŦŦ) where some words seem Lo have been losLŦ
lorLunaLelyţ Lhere are noL many of Lheseţ and noLhlng lmporLanL appears Lo be mlsslngŦ
l dld flnd a few LranslocaLlons ln Lhe LexLť

MeLhuselahƌs book had been lnserLed near Lhe backţ

noahƌs book and '1he SLorehouses' had been lnserLed lnLo Lhe 1hlrd ÞarableŦ

ÞarL of Lhe Þrophecy of Lhe 1en weeks was ln Lhe wrong orderŦ

l have kepL Lhe LLhloplan 'chapLer and verse' numbersţ ln all casesţ so LhaL my changes Lo Lhe order of
presenLaLlon can easlly be seenŦ

l have spllL Lhe book lnLo secLlons Ŵ where Lhere seems Lo be a naLural breakţ and glven each one a LlLleŦ

l lnserLed noah and MeLhuselah's works lnLo Lhe mlddle Ŵ where Lhere seems Lo be a ma[or break ln
Lnoch's bookŦ 1he flrsL secLlon of Lnoch ls malnly Lhe sLory of whaL occurred whereas Lhe second parL ls
malnly wrlLLen from Lhe noLes LhaL Lnoch Look whlle he was wlLh Lhe WaLchersŦ AddlLlonallyţ Lhe end of
noah's shorL book convenlenLly serves as an lnLroducLlon Lo Lnoch's 8ook of ÞarablesŦ

Andy McCracken

(AugusL 2002)

1he 8ook of Lnoch

1) 1PL 8LLSSlnC Cl LnCCP

book lrom Lhe Ashes of Angels1he maln Lheme ls LhaL of desLrucLlonŤ Cod ls golng Lo clear away Lhe
slnnersţ so LhaL good people can have peaceŦ 1hls ls Lhe llood of noah whlch was sLlll some way off
when Lnoch wroLe Lhe bookţ alLhough Lhere are deLalls of a 'second end' laLer ln Lhe book (see Lhe 10

1Ŧ1Ž 1hese are Lhe words of Lhe blesslng of LnochŤ accordlng Lo whlch he blessed Lhe chosen and
rlghLeous who musL be presenL on Lhe day of dlsLressţ whlch ls appolnLedţ for Lhe removal of all Lhe
wlcked and lmplousŦ

1Ŧ2 Ž And Lnoch began hls sLory and saldť Ŵ

1here was a rlghLeous man whose eyes were opened by Lhe Lordţ and he saw a Poly vlslon ln Lhe
Peavensţ whlch Lhe Angels showed Lo meŦ And l heard everyLhlng from Lhemţ and l undersLood whaL l
sawť buL noL for Lhls generaLlonţ buL for a dlsLanL generaLlon LhaL wlll comeŦ

1Ŧ3Ž Concernlng Lhe Chosen l spokeŤ and l uLLered a parable concernlng Lhemť 1he Poly and CreaL Cne
wlll come ouL of hls dwelllngŦ

1Ŧ4Ž And Lhe LLernal Cod wlll Lread from Lhere upon MounL Slnalţ and he wlll appear wlLh hls PosLţ and
wlll appear ln Lhe sLrengLh of hls power from PeavenŦ

1Ŧ3Ž And all wlll be afraldţ and Lhe WaLchers wlll shakeţ and fear and greaL Lrembllng wlll selze Lhemţ up
Lo Lhe ends of Lhe earLhŦ

1Ŧ6Ž And Lhe hlgh mounLalns wlll be shakenŤ and Lhe hlgh hllls wlll be lald low and wlll melL llke wax ln a

1Ŧ7Ž And Lhe earLh wlll slnkţ and everyLhlng LhaL ls on Lhe earLh wlll be desLroyedţ and Lhere wlll be
[udgmenL upon allţ and upon all Lhe rlghLeousŦ

1Ŧ8 Ž 8uL for Lhe rlghLeousť Pe wlll make peaceţ and Pe wlll keep safe Lhe Chosenţ and mercy wlll be
upon LhemŦ 1hey wlll all belong Lo Codţ and wlll prosper and be blessedţ and Lhe llghL of Cod wlll shlne
on LhemŦ

1Ŧ9Ž And behold! Pe comes wlLh Len Lhousand Poly CnesŤ Lo execuLe [udgmenL upon Lhem and Lo
desLroy Lhe lmplousţ and Lo conLend wlLh all flesh concernlng everyLhlng LhaL Lhe slnners and Lhe
lmplous have done and wroughL agalnsL PlmŦ

2Ŧ1Ž ConLemplaLe all Lhe evenLs ln Lhe skyŤ how Lhe llghLs ln Lhe sky do noL change Lhelr coursesţ how
each rlses and seLs ln orderţ each aL lLs proper Llmeţ and Lhey do noL Lransgress Lhelr lawŦ

2Ŧ2Ž Conslder Lhe earLh and undersLand from Lhe work LhaL ls done upon lLţ from Lhe beglnnlng Lo Lhe
endţ LhaL no work of Cod changes as lL becomes manlfesLŦ

2Ŧ3Ž Conslder Lhe summer and Lhe wlnLerŤ how Lhe whole earLh ls full of waLer and Lhe clouds and dew
and raln resL upon lLŦ

3Ŧ1Ž ConLemplaLe and see how all Lhe Lrees appear wlLhered and all Lhelr leaves are sLrlpped Ŵ wlLh Lhe
excepLlon of Lhe fourLeen Lreesţ whlch are noL sLrlppedţ whlch remaln wlLh Lhe old leaves unLll Lhe new
come afLer Lwo or Lhree yearsŦ

4Ŧ1Ž Andţ agalnţ conLemplaLe Lhe days of summerŤ how aL lLs beglnnlng Lhe Sun ls above lLŦ ?ou seek
shelLer and shade because of Lhe heaL of Lhe Sun and Lhe earLh burns wlLh scorchlng heaLţ and you
cannoL Lread upon Lhe earLh or upon a rockţ because of lLs heaLŦ

3Ŧ1Ž ConLemplaLe how Lhe Lrees are covered wlLh green leaves and bear frulLŦ And undersLandţ ln
respecL of everyLhlngţ and percelve how Pe Who Llves lorever made all Lhese Lhlngs for youŦ

3Ŧ2Ž And how Pls works are before Plm ln each succeedlng yearţ and all Pls works serve Plm and do noL
changeŤ buL as Cod has decreed Ŵ so everyLhlng ls doneŦ

3Ŧ3Ž And conslder how Lhe seas and rlvers LogeLher compleLe Lhelr LasksŦ

3Ŧ4Ž 8uL you have noL persevered lnţ nor observedţ Lhe Law of Lhe LordŦ 8uL you have Lransgressed and
have spoken proud and hard words wlLh your unclean mouLh agalnsL hls ma[esLyŦ ?ou hard of hearL! ?ou
wlll noL have peace!

3Ŧ3Ž And because of Lhls you wlll curse your daysţ and Lhe years of your llfe you wlll desLroyŦ And Lhe
eLernal curse wlll lncrease and you wlll noL recelve mercyŦ

3Ŧ6Ž ln Lhose daysţ you wlll Lransform your name lnLo an eLernal curse Lo all Lhe rlghLeousŦ And Lhey wlll
curse you slnners foreverŦ

3Ŧ7Ž lor Lhe chosenŤ Lhere wlll be llghLţ [oyţ and peaceţ and Lhey wlll lnherlL Lhe earLhŦ 8uL for youţ Lhe
lmplousţ Lhere wlll be a curseŦ

3Ŧ8Ž When wlsdom ls glven Lo Lhe chosen Lhey wlll all llveţ and wlll noL agaln do wrongţ elLher Lhrough
forgeLfulnessţ or Lhrough prldeŦ 8uL Lhose who possess wlsdom wlll be humbleŦ

3Ŧ9Ž 1hey wlll noL agaln do wrongţ and Lhey wlll noL be [udged ln all Lhe days of Lhelr llfeţ and Lhey wlll
noL dle of wraLh or angerŦ 8uL Lhey wlll compleLe Lhe number of Lhe days of Lhelr llfeŦ And Lhelr llfe wlll
grow ln peaceţ and Lhe years of Lhelr [oy wlll lncrease ln gladness and eLernal peaceŤ all Lhe days of Lhelr

(pages 13Ŵ17) 1hls ls Lhe sLory of Lhe fallen angelsŦ 1he beglnnlngţ 6Ŧ1Ŵ2ţ ls vlrLually ldenLlcal wlLh
Cenesls 6Ŧ1Ŵ2Ŧ ln Lnochƌs bookţ we geL Lhelr names and many oLher deLallsŦ

AL 6Ŧ6ţ Lnoch explalns Lhe namlng of MounL Permon Ŵ ln Pebrew lL means cursesŦ 1he mounLaln LhaL he
was acLually referrlng Lo ls posslbly somewhere near Lake van ln 1urkeyŦ lL ls common for LranslaLors Lo
updaLe names raLher Lhan use phoneLlcsţ so Lhe few names LhaL appearţ malnly mounLalns and rlversţ
can'L be relled upon as accuraLe ldenLlflcaLlonsŦ We don'L know wheLher Lhere was anoLher mounLaln
called 'curses' or even whaL language Lhe book was orlglnally wrlLLen lnŦ

AL 7Ŧ2ţ he says Lhey had glanL sonsŦ l belleve LhaL Lhls meansţ noL LhaL Lhey were physlcally blgţ buL
powerful and wealLhy wlLh prlvaLe armlesŦ neverLhelessţ Lhe WaLchers may have been larger Lhan Lhe
local people wereŦ Many years of advanced healLhcare and nuLrlLlon can lead Lo lncreaslng average slzeŦ

1hey were probably qulLe youngţ Lhese runaway angelsţ buL Lhey had weapons and knowledge (8Ŧ1) LhaL
meanL Lhey were able Lo domlnaLe Lnochƌs people easllyŦ

Slnce Lhey could have chlldrenţ by womenţ l Lhlnk lL ls safe Lo assume LhaL Lhey are menţ and noL angels
(or any oLher nonŴhuman enLlLy)ţ slnce breedlng ls specles speclflc by deflnlLlonŦ 1hey were regarded as
angels by Lnoch and hls peopleţ (see whaL Lamech says aL 106Ŧ3Ŵ6 ln secLlon 10)ţ buL Lnoch also says
Lhey could appear llke men when Lhey wlshedţ (see 17Ŧ1)ţ buL even soţ he never seems Lo doubL Lhelr

AL 8Ŧ4ţ Lhe scene swlLchesť Lo Lhe angels ln heaven Ŵ Lhe WaLchers aL Lhelr home baseŦ 1he acLlvlLles of
Lhe runaways cause Lhem Lo be noLlcedŦ

1hls secLlon ends wlLh some of Lhe WaLchers asklng Lhelr Peadman whaL should Lhey do abouL Lhe
runawaysŦ AlLernaLlvelyţ lL could be seen as Cod belng lnformed LhaL no souls wlsh Lo lncarnaLe on Lhe
LarLh because condlLlons are becomlng so badŦ

6Ŧ1Ž And lL came Lo passţ when Lhe sons of men had lncreasedţ LhaL ln Lhose days Lhere were born Lo
Lhem falr and beauLlful daughLersŦ

6Ŧ2Ž And Lhe Angelsţ Lhe sons of Peavenţ saw Lhem and deslred LhemŦ And Lhey sald Lo one anoLherť
ƍComeţ leL us choose for ourselves wlvesţ from Lhe chlldren of menţ and leL us begeLţ for ourselvesţ

6Ŧ3Ž And Semyazaţ who was Lhelr leaderţ sald Lo Lhemť
ƍl fear LhaL you may noL wlsh Lhls deed Lo be done and LhaL l alone wlll pay for Lhls greaL slnŦƍ

6Ŧ4Ž And Lhey all answered hlmţ and saldť

ƍLeL us all swear an oaLhţ and blnd oneŴanoLher wlLh cursesţ so noL Lo alLer Lhls planţ buL Lo carry ouL
Lhls plan effecLlvelyŦƍ

6Ŧ3Ž 1hen Lhey all swore LogeLher and all bound one anoLher wlLh curses Lo lLŦ

6Ŧ6Ž And Lhey wereţ ln allţ Lwo hundred and Lhey came down on Ardlsţ whlch ls Lhe summlL of MounL
PermonŦ And Lhey called Lhe mounLaln Permon because on lL Lhey swore and bound one anoLher wlLh

6Ŧ7Ž And Lhese are Lhe names of Lhelr leadersť

Semyazaţ who was Lhelr leaderţ uraklbaţ 8amlelţ kokablelţ 1amlelţ 8amlelţ uanlelţ Lzeqlelţ 8araqlelţ
Asaelţ Armarosţ Ananelţ Zaqlelţ Samslelţ SaLaelţ 1urlelţ ?omlelţ ArazlelŦ

6Ŧ8Ž 1hese are Lhe leaders of Lhe Lwo hundred Angels and of all Lhe oLhers wlLh LhemŦ

7Ŧ1Ž And Lhey Look wlves for Lhemselves and everyone chose for hlmself one eachŦ And Lhey began Lo go
lnLo Lhem and were promlscuous wlLh LhemŦ And Lhey LaughL Lhem charms and spellsţ and Lhey showed
Lhem Lhe cuLLlng of rooLs and LreesŦ

7Ŧ2Ž And Lhey became pregnanL and bore large glanLsŦ And Lhelr helghL was Lhree Lhousand cublLsŦ

7Ŧ3Ž 1hese devoured all Lhe Loll of menŤ unLll men were unable Lo susLaln LhemŦ

7Ŧ4Ž And Lhe glanLs Lurned agalnsL Lhem ln order Lo devour menŦ

7Ŧ3Ž And Lhey began Lo sln agalnsL blrdsţ and agalnsL anlmalsţ and agalnsL repLllesţ and agalnsL flshţ and
Lhey devoured one anoLherƌs fleshţ and drank Lhe blood from lLŦ

7Ŧ6Ž 1hen Lhe LarLh complalned abouL Lhe lawless onesŦ

8Ŧ1Ž And Azazel LaughL men Lo make swordsţ and daggersţ and shleldsţ and breasLplaLesŦ And he showed
Lhem Lhe Lhlngs afLer Lheseţ and Lhe arL of maklng LhemŤ braceleLsţ and ornamenLsţ and Lhe arL of
maklng up Lhe eyesţ and of beauLlfylng Lhe eyelldsţ and Lhe mosL preclous sLonesţ and all klnds of
coloured dyesŦ And Lhe world was changedŦ

8Ŧ2Ž And Lhere was greaL lmpleLyţ and much fornlcaLlonţ and Lhey wenL asLrayţ and all Lhelr ways
became corrupLŦ

8Ŧ3Ž Amezarak LaughL all Lhose who casL spells and cuL rooLsţ Armaros Lhe release of spellsţ and 8araqlel
asLrologersţ and kokablel porLenLsţ and 1amlel LaughL asLrologyţ and Asradel LaughL Lhe paLh of Lhe

8Ŧ4Ž And aL Lhe desLrucLlon of men Lhey crled ouLŤ and Lhelr volces reached PeavenŦ

9Ŧ1Ž And Lhen Mlchaelţ Cabrlelţ Surlel and urlelţ looked down from Peaven and saw Lhe mass of blood
LhaL was belng shed on Lhe earLh and all Lhe lnlqulLy LhaL was belng done on Lhe earLhŦ

9Ŧ2Ž And Lhey sald Lo one anoLherť ƍLeL Lhe devasLaLed LarLh cry ouL wlLh Lhe sound of Lhelr crlesţ up Lo
Lhe CaLe of PeavenŦ

9Ŧ3Ž And now Lo youţ Ch Poly Cnes of Peavenţ Lhe souls of men complalnţ saylngť ƍ8rlng our complalnL
before Lhe MosL PlghŦƍ

9Ŧ4Ž And Lhey sald Lo Lhelr Lordţ Lhe klngť ƍLord of Lordsţ Cod of Codsţ klng of klngs! ?our glorlous
Lhrone endures for all Lhe generaLlons of Lhe worldţ and blessed and pralsed!

9Ŧ3Ž ?ou have made everyLhlngţ and power over everyLhlng ls yoursŦ And everyLhlng ls uncoveredţ and
openţ ln fronL of youţ and you see everyLhlngţ and Lhere ls noLhlng LhaL can be hldden from youŦ

9Ŧ6Ž See Lhen whaL Azazel has doneŤ how he has LaughL all lnlqulLy on Lhe earLh and revealed Lhe eLernal
secreLs LhaL are made ln PeavenŦ

9Ŧ7Ž And Semyaza has made known spellsţ he Lo whom you gave auLhorlLy Lo rule over Lhose who are
wlLh hlmŦ

9Ŧ8 And Lhey wenL lnLo Lhe daughLers of men LogeLherţ lay wlLh Lhose womenţ became uncleanţ and
revealed Lo Lhem Lhese slnsŦ

9Ŧ9Ž And Lhe women bore glanLsţ and Lhereby Lhe whole LarLh has been fllled wlLh blood and lnlqulLyŦ

9Ŧ10Ž And now behold Lhe souls whlch have dled cry ouL and complaln unLo Lhe CaLe of Peavenţ and
Lhelr lamenL has ascendedţ and Lhey cannoL go ouL ln Lhe face of Lhe lnlqulLy whlch ls belng commlLLed
on Lhe earLhŦ

9Ŧ1Ž 1 And you know everyLhlngţ before lL happensţ and you know Lhlsţ and whaL concerns each of LhemŦ
8uL you say noLhlng Lo usŦ WhaL oughL we Lo do wlLh Lhemţ abouL Lhls?ƍ

(Þages 19Ŵ21) Lnoch presenLs us wlLh a condemnaLlon of Lhe runaways by Lhe MosL Plgh of Lhe
WaLchersŦ 1hls secLlon shows how Lhe runaways are regarded aL homeŦ

Some background deLalls do emerge laLer ln Lhe bookŦ AL 106Ŧ13 (secLlon 10)ţ we learn LhaL Lhe
runaways came Lo Lnochƌs area ln hls faLherƌs dayŦ Lnoch ls a scrlbeţ see 12Ŧ4ţ and he says LhaL lL was Lhe
angels who lnLroduced wrlLlngŦ Soţ Lnoch was probably LaughL Lo wrlLeţ and employedţ by Lhe runaway

AL 10Ŧ1Ŵ3ţ Lhe MosL Plgh lnsLrucLs an angel Lo save Lhe son of Lamech (Lhls wlll be noah) from Lhe floodŦ
1hls ls lnLeresLlngţ because besldes prophesylng deLalls of Lhe floodţ and lLs Llmlngţ lL reveals LhaL Lhls
was wrlLLen aL a Llme when Lnoch ls a grandfaLherţ (of Lamech)ţ buL he does noL yeL know whaL
Lamechƌs son wlll be calledŦ

lf Lhe runaways were young ln Lnochƌs faLher's dayţ Lhen Lhey are probably aL leasL 10 years older Lhan
Lnoch and maybe moreŦ Soţ lL ls llkely LhaL Lhe evenLs ln Lhls book happen aL a Llme when Lhe runaways
are qulLe oldŦ l have wondered lf Lhey (Lhe angels) llved longer Lhan we would Lhlnk was normal buL
Lhere lsn'L enough deLall Lo draw a concluslonŦ

1he ma[orlLy of Lhls secLlon conslsLs of a prophecy of doom for Lhe runawaysť 1hey wlll see Lhelr famllles
desLroyed by flghLlng amongsL Lhemselves durlng Lhelr llfeLlmeŦ 1hey wlll suffer ln Lhe afLerllfe and Lhe
socleLles Lhey founded wlll be wlped away by a floodŦ
Pe saysţ aL 10Ŧ22ţ LhaL Lhere wlll never agaln be anoLher flood llke Lhe one Lo comeŦ

10Ŧ1Ž And Lhen Lhe MosL Plghţ Lhe CreaL and Poly Cneţ spoke and senL Arsyalalyur Lo Lhe son of Lamechţ
and sald Lo hlmť
10Ŧ2Ž ƍSay Lo hlm ln my nameŤ hlde yourself! And reveal Lo hlm Lhe endţ whlch ls comlngţ because Lhe
whole earLh wlll be desLroyedŦ A deluge ls abouL Lo come on all Lhe earLhŤ and all LhaL ls ln lL wlll be

10Ŧ3Ž And now Leach hlm so LhaL he may escape and hls offsprlng may survlve for Lhe whole LarLhŦƍ

10Ŧ4Ž And furLher Lhe Lord sald Lo 8aphaelť ƍ8lnd Azazel by hls hands and hls feeL and Lhrow hlm lnLo Lhe
darknessŦ And spllL open Lhe deserLţ whlch ls ln uudaelţ and Lhrow hlm LhereŦ

10Ŧ3Ž And Lhrow on hlm [agged and sharp sLones and cover hlm wlLh darknessŦ And leL hlm sLay Lhere
foreverŦ And cover hls face so LhaL he may noL see Lhe llghLŦ

10Ŧ6Ž And so LhaLţ on Lhe CreaL uay of !udgmenLţ he may be hurled lnLo Lhe flreŦ

10Ŧ7Ž And resLore Lhe LarLh whlch Lhe Angels have rulnedŦ And announce Lhe resLoraLlon of Lhe LarLhŦ
lor l shall resLore Lhe LarLh so LhaL noL all Lhe sons of men shall be desLroyed because of Lhe knowledge
whlch Lhe WaLchers made known and LaughL Lo Lhelr sonsŦ

10Ŧ8Ž And Lhe whole LarLh has been rulned by Lhe Leachlng of Lhe works of AzazelŤ and agalnsL hlm
wrlLeť ALL SlnŦƍ

10Ŧ9Ž And Lhe Lord sald Lo Cabrlelť ºÞroceed agalnsL Lhe basLardsţ and Lhe reprobaLesţ and agalnsL Lhe
sons of Lhe fornlcaLorsŦ And desLroy Lhe sons of Lhe fornlcaLorsţ and Lhe sons of Lhe WaLchersţ from
amongsL menŦ And send Lhem ouLţ and send Lhem agalnsL one anoLherţ and leL Lhem desLroy

Lhemselves ln baLLleŤ for Lhey wlll noL have lengLh of daysŦ
10Ŧ10Ž And Lhey wlll peLlLlon youţ buL Lhe peLlLloners wlll galn noLhlng ln respecL of Lhemţ for Lhey hope
for eLernal llfeţ and LhaL each of Lhem wlll llve llfe for flve hundred yearsŦƍ

10Ŧ11Ž And Lhe Lord sald Lo Mlchaelť ƍCoţ lnform Semyazaţ and Lhe oLhers wlLh hlmţ who have
assoclaLed wlLh Lhe women Lo corrupL Lhemselves wlLh Lhem ln all Lhelr uncleannessŦ

10Ŧ12Ž When all Lhelr sons klll each oLherţ and when Lhey see Lhe desLrucLlon of Lhelr loved onesţ blnd
Lhem for sevenLy generaLlonsţ under Lhe hllls of Lhe earLhţ unLll Lhe day of Lhelr [udgmenL and of Lhelr
consummaLlonţ unLll Lhe [udgmenLţ whlch ls for all eLernlLyţ ls accompllshedŦ

10Ŧ13Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhey wlll lead Lhem Lo Lhe Abyss of llreŤ ln LormenLţ and ln prlson Lhey wlll be
shuL up for all eLernlLyŦ

10Ŧ14Ž And Lhen Semyaza wlll be burnLţ and from Lhen on desLroyed wlLh LhemŤ LogeLher Lhey wlll be
bound unLll Lhe end of all generaLlonsŦ

10Ŧ13Ž And desLroy all Lhe souls of lusLţ and Lhe sons of Lhe WaLchersţ for Lhey have wronged menŦ

10Ŧ16Ž uesLroy all wrong from Lhe face of Lhe LarLh and every evll work wlll ceaseŦ

10Ŧ17Ž And now all Lhe rlghLeous wlll be humbleţ and wlll llve unLll Lhey begeL LhousandsŦ And all Lhe
days of Lhelr youLhţ and Lhelr sabbaLhsţ Lhey wlll fulflll ln peaceŦ

10Ŧ18Ž And ln Lhose days Lhe whole earLh wlll be Lllled ln rlghLeousness and all of lL wlll be planLed wlLh
LreesŤ and lL wlll be fllled wlLh blesslngŦ

10Ŧ19Ž And all Lhe pleasanL Lrees Lhey wlll planL on lL and Lhey wlll planL on lL vlnesŦ And Lhe vlne LhaL ls
planLed on lL wlll produce frulL ln abundanceŤ and every seed LhaL ls sown on lLţ each measure wlll
produce a Lhousandţ and each measure of ollves wlll produce Len baLhs of ollŦ

10Ŧ20Ž And you cleanse Lhe LarLh from all wrongţ and from all lnlqulLyţ and from all slnţ and from all
lmpleLyţ and from all Lhe uncleanness whlch ls broughL abouL on Lhe earLhŦ

10Ŧ21Ž And all Lhe sons of men shall be rlghLeousţ and all Lhe naLlons shall serve and bless me and all
shall worshlp meŦ

10Ŧ22Ž And Lhe LarLh wlll be cleansed from all corrupLlonţ and from all slnţ and from all wraLhţ and from
all LormenLŤ and l wlll noL agaln send a flood upon lLţ for all generaLlonsţ foreverŦ

11Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ l wlll open Lhe SLorehouses of 8lesslngţ whlch are ln Peavenţ so LhaL l may send
Lhem down upon Lhe LarLhţ upon Lhe workţ and upon Lhe Lollţ of Lhe sons of menŦ

11Ŧ2Ž Þeace and LruLh wlll be unlLedţ for all Lhe days of eLernlLyţ and for all Lhe generaLlons of eLernlLyŦ

(pages 23Ŵ24) 1hls secLlon descrlbes how Lnoch became lnvolvedŦ Lnoch descrlbes how represenLaLlves
of Lhe WaLchers approached hlmţ whlle praylngţ (12Ŧ3)Ŧ 1hey gave hlm a message Lo pass on Lo Lhe
runawaysŦ 1he message ls ouLllned beLween 12Ŧ4 and 13Ŧ2Ŧ Lnoch descrlbes Lhe Lerror among Lhe
runaways when Lhey dlscover Lhey have been foundŦ

Lnoch explalns how Lhe runaways declded Lo send a leLLerţ (13Ŧ4ŴŴ6)ţ begglng forglvenessţ and Lnoch ls
glven Lhe [ob of wrlLlng and dellverlng Lhls leLLerŦ

Lnoch does noL dlsclose Lhe acLual conLenLs of Lhelr leLLer or much abouL how lL was dellveredŦ Pe says
he wenL Lo Lhe waLers of uan (Lake van?) and read lL ouLţ and a reply came Lo hlm ln a dreamţ (13Ŧ7Ŵ8)ţ
buL he also says aL 12Ŧ1Ŵ2 LhaL he had dlsappeared because he was wlLh Lhe WaLchersŦ

12Ŧ1Ž And Lhen Lnoch dlsappeared and none of Lhe sons of men knew where he was hlddenţ where he
wasţ or whaL had happenedŦ

12Ŧ2Ž And all hls dolngs were wlLh Lhe Poly Cnesţ and wlLh Lhe WaLchersţ ln hls daysŦ

12Ŧ3Ž And l Lnochţ was blesslng Lhe CreaL Lord and Lhe klng of LLernlLyŦ And beholdţ Lhe WaLchers called
Lo me Ŵ Lnoch Lhe scrlbe Ŵ and sald Lo meť

12Ŧ4Ž ƍLnochţ scrlbe of rlghLeousnessŦ Co and lnform Lhe WaLchers of Peavenţ who have lefL Lhe Plgh
Peaven and Lhe Poly LLernal Þlaceţ and have corrupLed Lhemselves wlLh womenţ and have done as Lhe
sons of men do and have Laken wlves for Lhemselvesţ and have become compleLely corrupL on Lhe

12Ŧ3Ž 1hey wlll have on LarLhţ nelLher peaceţ nor forglveness of slnţ for Lhey wlll noL re[olce ln Lhelr sonsŦ

12Ŧ6Ž 1he slaughLer of Lhelr beloved ones Lhey wlll seeŤ and over Lhe desLrucLlon of Lhelr sons Lhey wlll
lamenL and peLlLlon foreverŦ 8uL Lhey wlll have nelLher mercy nor peaceŦ"

13Ŧ1Ž And Lnoch wenL and sald Lo Azazelť ƍ?ou wlll noL have peaceŦ A severe senLence has come ouL
agalnsL you LhaL you should be boundŦ

13Ŧ2Ž And you wlll have nelLher resL nor mercyţ nor Lhe granLlng of any peLlLlonsţ because of Lhe wrong
whlch you have LaughLţ and because of all Lhe works of blasphemy and wrong and sln whlch you have
shown Lo Lhe sons of menŦƍ

13Ŧ3Ž And Lhen l wenL and spoke Lo Lhem all LogeLherţ and Lhey were all afraldŤ fear and Lrembllng selzed

13Ŧ4Ž And Lhey asked me Lo wrlLe ouL for Lhem Lhe record of a peLlLlonţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL recelve
forglvenessţ and Lo Lake a record of Lhelr peLlLlon up Lo Lhe Lord ln PeavenŦ

13Ŧ3Ž lor Lhey were noL ableţ from Lhen onţ Lo speakţ and Lhey dld noL ralse Lhelr eyes Lo Peavenţ ouL of
shame for Lhe slnsţ for whlch Lhey had been condemnedŦ

13Ŧ6Ž And Lhen l wroLe ouL Lhe record of Lhelr peLlLlonţ and Lhelr suppllcaLlon ln regard Lo Lhelr splrlLsţ
and Lhe deeds of each one of Lhemţ and ln regard Lo whaL Lhey askedŤ LhaL Lhey should obLaln
absoluLlon and forbearanceŦ

13Ŧ7Ž And l wenL and saL down by Lhe waLers of uanţ ln uanţ whlch ls souLhwesL of PermonŤ and l read
ouL Lhe record of Lhelr peLlLlonţ unLll l fell asleepŦ

13Ŧ8Ž And behold a dream came Lo meţ and vlslons fell upon meţ and l saw a vlslon of wraLhŤ LhaL l
should speak Lo Lhe sons of Peaven and reprove LhemŦ

13Ŧ9Ž And l woke up and wenL Lo Lhemţ and Lhey were all slLLlng gaLhered LogeLher as Lhey mournedţ ln
ubelseyaelţ whlch ls beLween Lebanon and Senlrţ wlLh Lhelr faces coveredŦ

13Ŧ10Ž And l spoke ln fronL of Lhem allŤ Lhe vlslons LhaL l had seen ln my sleepţ and l began Lo speak
Lhese words Lo reprove Lhe WaLchers of PeavenŦ

6) 1PL 8CCk Cl 8LÞ8CCl
Lhey1he secLlon aL 14Ŧ8 ls lnLeresLlngŤ here Lnoch goes lnLo more deLall abouL how he saw Lhls vlslonŦ lL
sounds Lo meţ as Lhough Lnoch was Laken ln a vehlcle LhaL could fly! (See also secLlon 13 aL 81Ŧ3ţ here
Lhree of Lhe WaLchers Lake Lnoch homeţ and drop hlm off ouLslde hls fronL door)Ŧ
lromŴ14Ŧ9 Ŵ 13Ŧ1ţ Lnoch descrlbes hls [ourneyţ and LLhe place where he was LakenŦ Pe was obvlously
very lmpressed and raLher frlghLenedŦ 1he ƍwall of hallsLonesƍ mlghL be glassţ and Lhe ƍLongue of flreƍ
could be arLlflclal llghLlngŦ

AL 13Ŧ1ţ Lhe MosL Plgh speaks Lo Lnochţ and he mocks Lhe runaways for sendlng Lnoch Lo carry Lhelr
peLlLlon (13Ŧ2)Ŧ

Pe goes on Lo explaln Lhe reasons for Lhe harshness of Lhe [udgmenLŦ AL 16Ŧ3ţ he crlLlclzes Lhem for
leavlng before Lhey had compleLed Lhelr educaLlonŦ Pe says LhaL whaL Lhey knew was worLhlessţ and
LhaL Lhelr lack of wlsdom wlll lead Lo bad consequencesŦ

14Ŧ1Ž 1hls book ls Lhe word of rlghLeousnessţ and of reproofţ for Lhe WaLchers who are from LLernlLyŤ as
Lhe Poly and CreaL Cne commanded ln LhaL vlslonŦ
14Ŧ2Ž l saw ln my sleep whaL l wlll now Lellţ wlLh Lhe Longue of fleshţ and wlLh my breaLhţ whlch Lhe
CreaL Cne has glven men ln Lhe mouLhţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL speak wlLh lLţ and undersLand wlLh Lhe hearLŦ

14Ŧ3Ž As Pe has creaLedţ and appolnLedţ men Lo undersLand Lhe word of knowledgeţ so Pe creaLed and
appolnLed me Lo reprove Lhe WaLchersţ Lhe sons of PeavenŦ

14Ŧ4Ž And l wroLe ouL your peLlLlonţ buL ln my vlslonţ Lhus lL appearedţ LhaL your peLlLlon would noL be
granLed Lo youţ for all Lhe days of eLernlLyŤ and compleLe [udgmenL has been decreed agalnsL youţ and
you wlll noL have peaceŦ

14Ŧ3Ž And from now onţ you wlll noL ascend lnLo Peavenţ for all eLernlLyţ and lL has been decreed LhaL
you wlll be bound on LarLh for all Lhe days of eLernlLyŦ

14Ŧ6Ž And before Lhlsţ you wlll have seen Lhe desLrucLlon of your beloved sonsţ and you wlll noL be able
Lo en[oy Lhemţ buL Lhey wlll fall before you by Lhe swordŦ

14Ŧ7Ž And your peLlLlon wlll noL be granLed ln respecL of Lhem or ln respecL of yourselvesŦ And whlle you
weep and suppllcaLe you do noL speak a slngle word from Lhe wrlLlngs whlch l have wrlLLenŦ

14Ŧ8Ž And Lhe vlslon appeared Lo meţ as followsť Ŵ 8eholdŤ clouds called me ln Lhe vlslonţ and mlsL called
meŦ And Lhe paLh of Lhe sLarsţ and flashes of llghLnlngţ hasLened me and drove meŦ And ln Lhe vlslon
wlnds caused me Lo flyţ and hasLened meţ and llfLed me up lnLo Lhe skyŦ

14Ŧ9Ž And l proceeded unLll l came near a wall whlch was made of hallsLonesţ and a Longue of flre
surrounded lLţ and lL began Lo make me afraldŦ

14Ŧ10Ž And l wenL lnLo Lhe Longue of flre and came near Lo a large houseţ whlch was bullL of hallsLonesţ
and Lhe wall of LhaL house was llke a mosalc of hallsLones and lLs floor was snowŦ

14Ŧ11Ž lLs roof was llke Lhe paLh of Lhe sLars and flashes of llghLnlngţ and among Lhem was flery
cherublmţ and Lhelr sky was llke waLerŦ

14Ŧ12Ž And Lhere was a flre burnlng around lLs wall and lLs door was ablaze wlLh flreŦ

14Ŧ13Ž And l wenL lnLo LhaL houseţ and lL was as hoL as flre and as cold as snowţ and Lhere was nelLher
pleasure nor llfe ln lLŦ lear covered me and Lrembllng Look hold of meŦ

14Ŧ14Ž And as l was shaklng and Lrembllngţ l fell on my faceŦ

14Ŧ13Ž And l saw ln Lhe vlslonţ and beholdţ anoLher house whlch was larger Lhan Lhe former and all lLs
doors were open before meţ and lL was bullL of a Longue of flreŦ

14Ŧ16Ž And ln everyLhlngţ lL so excelled ln glory and splendor and slzeţ so LhaL l am unable Lo descrlbe Lo
you lLs glory and lLs slzeŦ

14Ŧ17Ž And lLs floor was flreţ and above llghLnlng and Lhe paLh of Lhe sLarsţ and lLs roof also was a
burnlng flreŦ

14Ŧ18Ž And l lookedţ and l saw ln lLţ a hlgh Lhroneţ and lLs appearance was llke lceţ and lLs surrounds llke
Lhe shlnlng Sun and Lhe sound of cherublmŦ

14Ŧ19Ž And from underneaLh Lhe hlgh Lhrone Lhere flowed ouL rlvers of flre so LhaL lL was lmposslble Lo
look aL lLŦ

14Ŧ20Ž And Pe who ls CreaL ln Clory saL upon lLţ and hls ralmenL was brlghLer Lhan Lhe Sunţ and whlLer
Lhan any snowŦ

14Ŧ21Ž And no Angel could enLerţ and aL Lhe appearance of Lhe face of Plm who ls Ponoured and
Þralsedţ no creaLure of flesh could lookŦ

14Ŧ22Ž A sea of flre burnL around Plmţ and a greaL flre sLood ln fronL of Plmţ and none of Lhose around
Plm came near Lo PlmŦ 1en Lhousand Llmes Len Lhousand sLood before Plm buL Pe needed no Poly

14Ŧ23Ž And Lhe Poly Cnes who were near Lo Plm dld noL leave by nlghL or day and dld noL deparL from

14Ŧ24Ž And unLll Lhen l had a coverlng on my faceţ as l LrembledŦ And Lhe Lord called me wlLh hls own
mouLhţ and sald Lo meť ƍCome hereţ Lnochţ Lo my Poly WordŦƍ

14Ŧ23Ž And Pe llfLed me up and broughL me near Lo Lhe doorŦ And l lookedţ wlLh my face downŦ

13Ŧ1Ž And Pe answered meţ and sald Lo me wlLh Pls volceť ƍPear! uo noL be afraldţ Lnochţ you rlghLeous
manţ and scrlbe of rlghLeousnessŦ Come here and hear my volceŦ

13Ŧ2Ž And go say Lo Lhe WaLchers of Peavenţ who senL you Lo peLlLlon on Lhelr behalfť ?ou oughL Lo
peLlLlon on behalf of menţ noL men on behalf of youŦ

13Ŧ3Ž Why have you lefL Lhe Plghţ Poly and LLernal Peavenţ and laln wlLh womenţ and become unclean
wlLh Lhe daughLers of menţ and Laken wlves for yourselvesţ and done as Lhe sons of Lhe earLhţ and
begoLLen glanL sons?

13Ŧ4Ž And you were splrlLualţ Polyţ llvlng an eLernal llfeţ buL you became unclean upon Lhe womenţ and
begoL chlldren Lhrough Lhe blood of fleshţ and lusLed afLer Lhe blood of menţ and produced flesh and
bloodţ as Lhey doţ who dle and are desLroyedŦ

13Ŧ3Ž And for Lhls reason l glve men wlvesŤ so LhaL Lhey mlghL sow seed ln Lhemţ and so LhaL chlldren
mlghL be born by Lhemţ so LhaL deeds mlghL be done on Lhe LarLhŦ

13Ŧ6Ž 8uL youţ formerlyţ were splrlLualţ llvlng an eLernalţ lmmorLal llfeţ for all Lhe generaLlons of Lhe

13Ŧ7Ž lor Lhls reason l dld noL arrange wlves for youŤ because Lhe dwelllng of Lhe splrlLual ones ls ln

13Ŧ8Ž And nowţ Lhe glanLs who were born from body and flesh wlll be called Lvll SplrlLs on Lhe LarLhţ and
on Lhe LarLh wlll be Lhelr dwelllngŦ

13Ŧ9Ž And evll splrlLs came ouL from Lhelr fleshţ because from above Lhey were creaLedţ from Lhe Poly
WaLchers was Lhelr orlgln and flrsL foundaLlonŦ Lvll splrlLs Lhey wlll be on LarLh and 'SplrlLs of Lhe Lvll
Cnes' Lhey wlll be calledŦ

13Ŧ10Ž And Lhe dwelllng of Lhe SplrlLs of Peaven ls Peavenţ buL Lhe dwelllng of Lhe splrlLs of Lhe LarLhţ
who were born on Lhe LarLhţ ls LarLhŦ

13Ŧ11Ž And Lhe splrlLs of Lhe glanLs do wrongţ are corrupLţ aLLackţ flghLţ break on Lhe LarLhţ and cause
sorrowŦ And Lhey eaL no foodţ do noL LhlrsLţ and are noL observedŦ

13Ŧ12Ž And Lhese splrlLs wlll rlse agalnsL Lhe sons of menţ and agalnsL Lhe womenţ because Lhey came
ouL of Lhem durlng Lhe days of slaughLer and desLrucLlonŦ

16Ŧ1Ž And Lhe deaLh of Lhe glanLsţ wherever Lhe splrlLs have gone ouL from Lhelr bodlesţ Lhelr flesh wlll
be desLroyedţ before Lhe !udgmenLŦ 1hus Lhey wlll be desLroyed unLll Lhe uay of Lhe CreaL
ConsummaLlon ls accompllshedţ upon Lhe CreaL Ageţ upon Lhe WaLchers and Lhe lmplous onesŦƍ

16Ŧ2Ž And now Lo Lhe WaLchersţ who senL you Lo peLlLlon on Lhelr behalfţ who were formerly ln Peavenť

16Ŧ3Ž ƍ?ou were ln Peaven buL lLs secreLs had noL yeL been revealed Lo youŤ and a worLhless mysLery
you knewŦ 1hls you made known Lo womenţ ln Lhe hardness of your hearLsŦ And Lhrough Lhls mysLery
Lhe women and Lhe men cause evll Lo lncrease on Lhe LarLhŦƍ

16Ŧ4Ž Say Lo Lhem Lhereforeť ƍ?ou wlll noL have peaceŦƍ

(pages 31Ŵ33) 1hls secLlon descrlbes Lnochƌs lmpresslons on belng shown around by Lhe WaLchersŦ

look llke men1he descrlpLlon aL 17Ŧ3 remlnds me of volcanlc larva flowsţ such as ln lceland where new
land ls belng creaLedŦ
1he mounLalns menLloned aL 18Ŧ6 are referred Lo agaln laLer ln Lhe bookŦ l have ofLen wondered lf lL
would be posslble Lo ldenLlfy Lhls place from Lhese descrlpLlonsŦ 1he besL maLch l have found so far ls
Lhe SouLh Sandwlch lsland groupŦ 1he maln lsland has now been submerged buL Lhe mounLaln Lops now
form Lhe chaln of lslandsŦ lor more on Lhlsţ read '1hoLh ArchlLecL of Lhe unlverse' by 8alph LlllsŦ

1hls parL ends wlLh more deLalls of Lhe punlshmenL for Lhe runawaysŦ

17Ŧ1Ž And Lhey Look me Lo a place where Lhey were llke burnlng flreţ andţ when Lhey wlshedţ Lhey made
Lhemselves look llke menŦ

17Ŧ2Ž And Lhey led me Lo a place of sLormţ and Lo a mounLalnţ Lhe Llp of whose summlL reached Lo

17Ŧ3Ž And l saw llghLed placesţ and Lhunder ln Lhe ouLermosL endsţ ln lLs depLhs a bow of flreţ and
arrows and Lhelr qulversţ and a sword of flreţ and all Lhe flashes of llghLnlngŦ

17Ŧ4Ž And Lhey Look me Lo Lhe WaLer of Llfeţ as lL ls calledţ and Lo Lhe llre of Lhe WesLţ whlch recelves
every seLLlng of Lhe SunŦ

17Ŧ3Ž And l came Lo a rlver of flreţ whose flre flows llke waLerţ and pours ouL lnLo Lhe CreaL Seaţ whlch ls
Lowards Lhe wesLŦ

17Ŧ6Ž And l saw all Lhe greaL rlversţ and l reached Lhe CreaL uarknessţ and wenL where all flesh walksŦ

17Ŧ7Ž And l saw Lhe MounLalns of Lhe uarkness of WlnLer and Lhe place where Lhe waLer of all Lhe deeps
pours ouLŦ

17Ŧ8Ž And l saw Lhe mouLhs of all Lhe rlvers of Lhe LarLhţ and Lhe mouLh of Lhe deepŦ

18Ŧ1Ž And l saw Lhe sLorehouses of all Lhe wlndsţ and l saw how wlLh Lhem Pe has adorned all creaLlonţ
and l saw Lhe foundaLlons of Lhe LarLhŦ

18Ŧ2Ž And l saw Lhe cornersLone of Lhe LarLhŦ And l saw Lhe four wlnds whlch supporL Lhe LarLh and Lhe

18Ŧ3Ž And l saw how Lhe wlnds sLreLch ouL Lhe helghL of Peavenţ and how Lhey poslLlon Lhemselves
beLween Peaven and LarLhŤ Lhey are Lhe Þlllars of PeavenŦ

18Ŧ4 Ž And l saw Lhe wlnds whlch Lurn Lhe sky and cause Lhe dlsc of Lhe Sun and all Lhe sLars Lo seLŦ

18Ŧ3Ž And l saw Lhe wlnds on Lhe LarLh whlch supporL Lhe clouds and l saw Lhe paLhs of Lhe AngelsŦ l saw
aL Lhe end of Lhe LarLhŤ Lhe flrmamenL of Peaven aboveŦ

18Ŧ6Ž And l wenL Lowards Lhe souLhţ and lL was burnlng day and nlghLţ where Lhere were seven
mounLalns of preclous sLonesţ Lhree Lowards Lhe easL and Lhree Lowards Lhe souLhŦ

18Ŧ7Ž And Lhose Lowards Lhe easL were of coloured sLoneţ and one was of pearlţ and one of heallng
sLoneŤ and Lhose Lowards Lhe souLhţ of red sLoneŦ

18Ŧ8Ž And Lhe mlddle one reached Lo Peavenţ llke Lhe Lhrone of Lhe Lordţ of sLlblumţ and Lhe Lop of Lhe
Lhrone was of sapphlreŦ

18Ŧ9Ž And l saw a burnlng flreţ and whaL was ln all Lhe mounLalnsŦ

18Ŧ10Ž And l saw a place Lhereţ beyond Lhe greaL earLhŤ Lhere Lhe waLers gaLhered LogeLherŦ

18Ŧ11Ž And l saw a deep chasm of Lhe earLhţ wlLh plllars of heavenly flreţ and l saw among Lhem flery
plllars of Peavenţ whlch were falllngţ and as regards boLh helghL and depLhţ Lhey were lmmeasurableŦ

18Ŧ12Ž And beyond Lhls chasmţ l saw a placeţ and lL had nelLher Lhe sky above lLţ nor Lhe foundaLlon of
earLh below lLŤ Lhere was no waLer on lLţ and no blrdsţ buL lL was a deserL placeŦ

18Ŧ13 Ž And a Lerrlble Lhlng l saw Lhereţ seven sLarsţ llke greaL burnlng mounLalnsŦ

18Ŧ14Ž And llke a splrlL quesLlonlng meţ Lhe Angel saldť º1hls ls Lhe place of Lhe end of Peaven and LarLhŤ
Lhls ls Lhe prlson for Lhe SLars of Peaven and Lhe PosL of PeavenŦ

18Ŧ13Ž And Lhe sLars whlch roll over Lhe flreţ Lhese are Lhe ones whlch Lransgressed Lhe command of Lhe
Lordţ from Lhe beglnnlng of Lhelr rlslngţ because Lhey dld noL come ouL aL Lhelr proper LlmesŦ

18Ŧ16Ž And Pe was angry wlLh Lhemţ and bound Lhem unLll Lhe Llme of Lhe consummaLlon of Lhelr slnţ ln
Lhe ?ear of MysLeryŦ"

19Ŧ1Ž And urlel sald Lo meť º1he splrlLs of Lhe Angels who were promlscuous wlLh women wlll sLand
hereŤ and Lheyţ assumlng many formsţ made men unclean and wlll lead men asLray so LhaL Lhey sacrlflce
Lo demons as godsŦ And Lhey wlll sLand Lhere unLll Lhe greaL [udgmenL dayţ on whlch Lhey wlll be [udgedţ
so LhaL an end wlll be made of LhemŦ

19Ŧ2Ž And Lhelr wlvesţ havlng led asLray Lhe Angels of Peavenţ wlll become peacefulŦ"

19Ŧ3Ž And lţ Lnochţ alone saw Lhe slghLţ Lhe ends of everyLhlngŤ and no man has seen whaL l have seenŦ

(pages 33Ŵ37) Pere we are lnLroduced Lo some of Lhe WaLchers and Lhen Lnoch has a conversaLlon wlLh
LhemŦ AL flrsL Lhey dlscuss Lhe punlshmenL of Lhe runaways Lhen Lhe afLerllfe ln generalŦ

1he WaLchers may have provlded some Lype of vlsual dlsplay slnce Lnoch descrlbes whaL he seesŦ 1he
descrlpLlon aL 22Ŧ2 ls sLrange buL compelllngŦ

1he sLory of Caln and Abel ls menLloned aL 22Ŧ7 and ln Lhe nexL secLlon Lhe sLory of Adam and Lve ls
menLlonedţ aL 32Ŧ6Ŧ Soţ Lhese sLorles musL have exlsLedţ ln some formţ even ln Lnochƌs LlmeŦ

20Ŧ1Ž And Lhese are Lhe names of Lhe Poly Angels who keep waLchŦ

20Ŧ2Ž urlelţ one of Lhe Poly AngelsŤ namely Lhe Poly Angel of Lhe SplrlLs of MenŦ

20Ŧ4Ž 8aguelţ one of Lhe Poly AngelsŤ who Lakes vengeance on Lhe worldţ and on Lhe llghLsŦ

20Ŧ3Ž Mlchaelţ one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ namely Lhe one puL ln charge of Lhe besL parL of humanklndţ ln
charge of Lhe naLlonŦ

20Ŧ6Ž Saraqaelţ one of Lhe Poly AngelsŤ who ls ln charge of Lhe splrlLs of men who cause Lhe splrlLs Lo slnŦ

20Ŧ7Ž Cabrlelţ one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ who ls ln charge of Lhe SerpenLsţ and Lhe Cardenţ and Lhe

21Ŧ1Ž And l wenL round Lo a place where noLhlng was madeŦ

21Ŧ2Ž And l saw a Lerrlble Lhlngţ nelLher Lhe Plgh Peaven nor Lhe flrm groundţ buL a deserL placeţ
prepared and LerrlbleŦ

21Ŧ3Ž And Lhereţ l saw seven SLars of Peavenţ bound on lL LogeLherţ llke greaL mounLalnsţ and burnlng
llke flreŦ

21Ŧ4Ž 1hen l saldť ºlor whaL sln have Lhey been boundţ and why have Lhey been Lhrown here?"

21Ŧ3Ž And urlelţ one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ who was wlLh me and led meţ spoke Lo me and saldť ƍLnochţ
abouL whom do you ask? AbouL whom do you lnqulreţ askţ and care?

21Ŧ6Ž 1hese are some of Lhe sLars whlch Lransgressed Lhe command of Lhe Lord MosL Plghţ and Lhey
have been bound here unLll Len Lhousand ages are compleLedŤ Lhe number of days of Lhelr slnŦƍ

21Ŧ7Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lo anoLher placeţ more Lerrlble Lhan LhlsŦ And l saw a Lerrlble Lhlngť Lhere
was a greaL flre Lhereţ whlch burnL and blazedŦ And Lhe place had a clefL reachlng lnLo Lhe abyssţ full of
greaL plllars of flreţ whlch were made Lo fallŤ nelLher lLs exLenL nor lLs slze could l seeţ nor could l see lLs

21Ŧ8Ž 1hen l saldť ƍPow Lerrlble Lhls place lsţ and how palnful Lo look aL!ƍ

21Ŧ9Ž 1hen urlelţ one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ who was wlLh meţ answered meŦ Pe answered me and sald Lo
meť ƍLnochţ why do you have such fear and Lerror because of Lhls Lerrlble placeţ and before Lhls paln?ƍ

21Ŧ10Ž And he sald Lo meť ƍ1hls place ls Lhe prlson of Lhe Angelsţ and Lhere Lhey wlll be held for everŦƍ

22Ŧ1Ž And from Lhereţ l wenL Lo anoLher placeţ and he showed me ln Lhe wesL a large and hlgh
mounLalnţ and a hard rockţ and four beauLlful placesŦ

22Ŧ2Ž And lnsldeţ lL was deepţ wldeţ and very smooLhŦ Pow smooLh ls LhaL whlch rollsţ and deep and dark
Lo look aL!

22Ŧ3Ž 1hen 8aphaelţ one of Lhe Poly Angels who was wlLh meţ answered meţ and sald Lo meť ƍ1hese
beauLlful places are Lhere so LhaL Lhe splrlLsţ Lhe souls of Lhe deadţ mlghL be gaLhered lnLo LhemŦ lor
Lhem Lhey were creaLedŤ so LhaL here Lhey mlghL gaLher Lhe souls of Lhe sons of menŦ

22Ŧ4Ž And Lhese places Lhey madeţ where Lhey wlll keep Lhem unLll Lhe uay of !udgmenLţ and unLll Lhelr
appolnLed Llmeţ and LhaL appolnLed Llme wlll be longţ unLll Lhe greaL [udgmenL comes upon LhemŦ

22Ŧ3Ž And l saw Lhe splrlLs of Lhe sons of men who were dead and Lhelr volces reached Peaven and

22Ŧ6Ž 1hen l asked 8aphaelţ Lhe Angel who was wlLh meţ and sald Lo hlmť ƍWhose ls Lhls splrlLţ whose
volce Lhus reaches Peaven and complalns?ƍ

22Ŧ7Ž And he answered meţ and sald Lo meţ saylngť ƍ1hls splrlL ls Lhe one LhaL came ouL of Abelţ whom
Calnţ hls broLherţ kllledŦ And he wlll complaln abouL hlm unLll hls offsprlng are desLroyed from Lhe face
of Lhe LarLhţ and from amongsL Lhe offsprlng of menţ hls offsprlng perlshŦƍ

22Ŧ8Ž 1hen l asked abouL hlmţ and abouL [udgmenL on allţ and l saldť ƍWhy ls one separaLed from

22Ŧ9Ž And he answered meţ and sald Lo meť ƍ1hese Lhree places where madeţ ln order LhaL Lhey mlghL
separaLe Lhe splrlLs of Lhe deadŦ And Lhus Lhe souls of Lhe rlghLeous have been separaLedŤ Lhls ls Lhe
sprlng of waLerţ and on lL Lhe llghLŦ

22Ŧ10Ž Llkewlseţ a place has been creaLed for slnnersţ when Lhey dleţ and are burled ln Lhe earLhţ and
[udgmenL has noL come upon Lhem durlng Lhelr llfeŦ

22Ŧ11Ž And here Lhelr souls wlll be separaLed for Lhls greaL LormenLţ unLll Lhe CreaL uay of !udgmenL and
ÞunlshmenL and 1ormenL for Lhose who curseţ foreverţ and of vengeance on Lhelr soulsŦ And Lhere he
wlll blnd Lhem foreverŦ verllyţ Pe lsţ from Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe worldŦ

22Ŧ12Ž And Lhus a place has been separaLed for Lhe souls of Lhose who complalnţ and glve lnformaLlon
abouL Lhelr desLrucLlonţ abouL when Lhey were kllledţ ln Lhe days of Lhe slnnersŦ

22Ŧ13Ž 1hus a place has been creaLedţ for Lhe souls of men who are noL rlghLeousţ buL slnnersţ
accompllshed ln wrongdolngţ and wlLh Lhe wrongdoers wlll be Lhelr loLŦ 8uL Lhelr souls wlll noL be kllled
on Lhe day of [udgmenLţ nor wlll Lhey rlse from hereŦƍ

22Ŧ14Ž 1hen l blessed Lhe Lord of Cloryţ and saldť ƍ8lessed be my Lordţ Lhe Lord of Clory and
8lghLeousnessţ who rules everyLhlng foreverŦƍ

23Ŧ1Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lo anoLher placeţ Lowards Lhe wesLţ Lo Lhe ends of Lhe LarLhŦ

23Ŧ2Ž And l saw a flre LhaL burnL and ranţ wlLhouL resLlng or ceaslng from runnlngţ by day or by nlghLţ buL
conLlnued ln exacLly Lhe same wayŦ

23Ŧ3Ž And l asked saylngť ƍWhaL ls Lhls whlch has no resL?ƍ

23Ŧ4Ž 1hen 8aguelţ one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ who was wlLh meţ answered meţ and sald Lo meť º1hls
burnlng flreţ whose course you saw Lowards Lhe wesLţ ls Lhe flre of all Lhe LlghLs of PeavenŦ"

9) 1PL l8AC8An1 18LLS
(pages 39Ŵ44) ln Lhls secLlonţ Lnoch ls Laken on anoLher LourŦ AL Lhe beglnnlngţ 24Ŧ1ţ Lhere ls perhaps a
volcanoŦ 1hen Lhe seven mounLalns agalnţ 24Ŧ2Ŵ3ţ Lhls Llme wlLh more deLallŦ

lromŴ24Ŧ3 Lo 23Ŧ6ţ Lhere are Lhe fragranL LreesŦ 1hese sound llke cannabls Lo meŦ 1he descrlpLlon aL 23Ŧ6
of ƍdrawlng Lhe fragrance lnLo Lhe bones''ţ ls qulLe an apL descrlpLlon of smoklng lLŦ 1he parL where lL
saysţ aL 23Ŧ4ţ ƍno one wlll have auLhorlLy Lo Louch lLţ" could represenL Lhe presenL prohlblLlonŦ

AL 31Ŧ1 Lnoch menLlons galbanumţ Lhls ls one of Lhe lngredlenLs of Lhe lncense LhaL was Lo be burned on
Lhe lncense AlLar ln Lhe 1enL of AppolnLmenLţ Lxodus 30ť34Ŧ

Alsoţ aL 32Ŧ3Ŵ6ţ Lhe 1ree of Wlsdom also sounds llke cannablsŦ Pere we geL a new lnslghL lnLo Lhe Adam
and Lve sLoryŦ

AL 33Ŧ3Ŵ4ţ Lnoch menLlons how urlel gave hlm noLes on asLronomyŦ 1hese noLes are ln Lhls book as
secLlons 13ţ 14ţ and 16Ŧ
1he angel ZoLlel ls menLloned aL 32Ŧ2ţ easL of Lhe 8ed Seaţ Lhere are suggesLlons based on weaLherlng
daLa LhaL 1he Sphlnx ls much older (pre 10ţ000 8C) Lhan Lhe pyramldsţ so Lhls ls a posslble candldaLe for

24Ŧ1Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lo anoLher place of Lhe LarLh and he showed me a mounLaln of flre LhaL
blazed day and nlghLŦ

24Ŧ2Ž And l wenL Lowards lL and saw seven magnlflcenL mounLalnsŦ And all were dlfferenL from one
anoLherţ and preclous and beauLlful sLonesţ and all were preclousţ and Lhelr appearance glorlousţ and
Lhelr form was beauLlfulŦ 1hree Lowards Lhe easL one flxed flrmly on anoLher and Lhree Lowards Lhe
souLh one on anoLherţ and deep and rugged valleysţ no one of whlch was near anoLherŦ

24Ŧ3Ž And Lhere was a sevenLh mounLalnţ ln Lhe mlddle of Lheseţ and ln Lhelr helghL Lhey were all llke Lhe
seaL of a Lhrone and fragranL Lrees surrounded lLŦ

24Ŧ4Ž And Lhere was among Lhem a Lree such as whlch l have never smelLţ and none of Lhemţ or any
oLhersţ were llke lLŦ lL smells more fragranL Lhan any fragranceţ and lLs leavesţ and lLs flowersţ and lLs
wood never wlLherŦ lLs frulL ls goodţ and lLs frulL ls llke bunches of daLes on a palmŦ

24Ŧ3Ž And Lhen l saldť ƍ8eholdţ Lhls beauLlful Lree! 8eauLlful Lo look aLţ and pleasanL are lLs leavesţ and
lLs frulL very dellghLful ln appearanceŦƍ

24Ŧ6Ž And Lhen Mlchaelţ one of Lhe Poly and Ponoured Angelsţ who was wlLh meţ and was ln charge of

23Ŧ1Ž answered me and sald Lo meť ºLnochţ why do you ask me abouL Lhe fragrance of Lhls Lreeţ and
why do you lnqulre Lo learn?"

23Ŧ2Ž 1hen lţ Lnochţ answered hlm saylngť ºl wlsh Lo learn abouL everyLhlngţ buL especlally abouL Lhls

23Ŧ3Ž And he answered meţ saylngť º1hls hlgh mounLalnţ whlch you sawţ whose summlL ls llke Lhe
1hrone of Lhe Lordţ ls Lhe Lhrone where Lhe Poly and CreaL Cneţ Lhe Lord of Cloryţ Lhe LLernal klngţ wlll
slLţ when he comes down Lo vlslL Lhe LarLh for goodŦ

23Ŧ4Ž And Lhls beauLlful and fragranL Lreeţ and no creaLure of flesh has auLhorlLy Lo Louch lL unLll Lhe
greaL [udgmenLţ when he wlll Lake vengeance on all and brlng everyLhlng Lo a consummaLlon foreverţ
Lhls wlll be glven Lo Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe humbleŦ

23Ŧ3Ž lrom lLs frulLţ llfe wlll be glven Lo Lhe chosenŤ Lowards Lhe norLh lL wlll be planLedţ ln a Poly placeţ
by Lhe house of Lhe Lordţ Lhe LLernal klngŦ

23Ŧ6Ž 1hen Lhey wlll re[olce wlLh [oy and be glad ln Lhe Poly placeŦ 1hey wlll each draw Lhe fragrance of lL
lnLo Lhelr bonesţ and Lhey wlll llve a long llfe on earLhţ as your faLhers llvedŦ And ln Lhelr days sorrow and
palnţ and Loll and punlshmenLţ wlll noL Louch LhemŦ"

23Ŧ7Ž 1hen l blessed Lhe Lord of Cloryţ Lhe LLernal klngţ because he has prepared such Lhlngs for
rlghLeous menţ and has creaLed such Lhlngsţ and sald LhaL Lhey are Lo be glven Lo LhemŦ

26Ŧ1Ž And from Lhereţ l wenL Lo Lhe mlddle of Lhe earLhţ and saw a blessedţ well waLered placeţ whlch
had branches whlch remalned allveţ and sprouLed from a Lree whlch had been cuL downŦ

26Ŧ2Ž And Lhere l saw a holy mounLalnţ and under Lhe mounLalnţ Lo Lhe easL of lLţ Lhere was waLerţ and lL
flowed Lowards Lhe souLhŦ

26Ŧ3Ž And l saw Lowards Lhe easLţ anoLher mounLalnţ whlch was of Lhe same helghLţ and beLween Lhemţ
Lhere was a deep and narrow valleyŤ and ln lLţ a sLream ran by Lhe mounLalnŦ

26Ŧ4Ž And Lo Lhe wesL of Lhls oneţ was anoLher mounLalnţ whlch was lower Lhan lL was and noL hlghŤ and
under lLţ Lhere was a valley beLween LhemŦ And Lhere were oLher deep and dry valleys aL Lhe end of Lhe
Lhree mounLalnsŦ

26Ŧ3Ž And all Lhe valleys were deep and narrowţ of hard rockţ and Lrees were planLed on LhemŦ

26Ŧ6Ž And l was amazed aL Lhe rockţ and l was amazed aL Lhe valleyŤ l was very much amazedŦ

27Ŧ1Ž 1hen l saldť ƍWhaL ls Lhe purpose of Lhls blessed landţ whlch ls compleLely full of Lreesţ and of Lhls
accursed valley ln Lhe mlddle of Lhem?ƍ

27Ŧ2Ž 1hen 8aphaelţ one of Lhe Poly Angels who was wlLh meţ answered meţ and sald Lo meť ƍ1hls
accursed valleyţ ls for Lhose who are cursed for everŦ Pere wlll be gaLhered LogeLher all who speak wlLh
Lhelr mouLhs agalnsL Lhe Lord Ŵ words LhaL are noL flLLlngţ and say hard Lhlngs abouL Pls CloryŦ Pere Lhey
wlll gaLher Lhem LogeLherţ and here wlll be Lhelr place of [udgmenLŦ

27Ŧ3Ž And ln Lhe lasL days Lhere wlll be Lhe specLacle of Lhe rlghLeous [udgmenL upon Lhemţ ln fronL of
Lhe rlghLeousţ foreverŦ lor hereţ Lhe merclful wlll bless Lhe Lord of Clory Lhe LLernal klngŦ

27Ŧ4Ž And ln Lhe days of Lhe [udgmenL on Lhem Lhey wlll bless Plmţ on accounL of hls mercyţ accordlng as
Pe has asslgned Lo Lhem Lhelr loLŦƍ

27Ŧ3Ž 1hen l myself blessed Lhe Lord of Cloryţ l addressed Plmţ and l remembered Pls ma[esLyţ as was

28Ŧ1Ž And from Lhereţ l wenL Lowards Lhe easLţ Lo Lhe mlddle of Lhe mounLaln of Lhe wlldernessţ and l
saw only deserLŦ

28Ŧ2Ž 8uL lL was full of Lrees from Lhls seed and waLer gushed ouL over lL from aboveŦ

28Ŧ3Ž 1he LorrenLţ whlch flowed Lowards Lhe norLhwesLţ seemed coplousţ and from all sldesţ Lhere wenL
up spray and mlsLŦ

29Ŧ1Ž And l wenL Lo anoLher placeţ away from Lhe wlldernessŤ l came near Lo Lhe easL of Lhls mounLalnŦ

29Ŧ2Ž And Lhere l saw 1rees of !udgmenLţ especlally vessels of Lhe fragrance of lncense and myrrhţ and
Lhe Lrees were noL allkeŦ

30Ŧ1 Ž And above lLţ above Lheseţ above Lhe mounLalns of Lhe easLţ and noL far awayţ l saw anoLher
placeţ valleys of waLerţ llke LhaL whlch does noL fallŦ

30Ŧ2Ž And l saw a beauLlful Lreeţ and lLs fragrance was llke LhaL of Lhe masLlcŦ

30Ŧ3Ž And by Lhe banks of Lhese valleys l saw fragranL clnnamonŦ And beyond Lhose valleys l came
Lowards Lhe easLŦ

31Ŧ1Ž And l saw anoLher mounLaln on whlch Lhere were Lreesţ and Lhere flowed ouL waLerţ and Lhere
flowed ouL from lLţ as lL wereţ a necLar whose name ls sLyrax and galbanumŦ

31Ŧ2Ž And beyond Lhls mounLaln l saw anoLher mounLalnţ and on lL Lhere were aloe Lreesţ and Lhose
Lrees were full of a frulLţ whlch ls llke an almondţ and ls hardŦ

31Ŧ3Ž And when Lhey Lake Lhls frulL lL ls beLLer Lhan any fragranceŦ

32Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhese fragrancesţ Lo Lhe norLhţ as l looked over Lhe mounLalnsţ l saw seven mounLalns
full of flne nardţ and fragranL Lrees of clnnamon and pepperŦ

32Ŧ2Ž And from Lhereţ l wenL over Lhe summlLs of Lhose mounLalnsţ far away Lo Lhe easLţ and l wenL over
Lhe 8ed Seaţ and l was far from lLţ and l wenL over Lhe Angel ZoLlelŦ

32Ŧ3Ž And l came Lo Lhe Carden of 8lghLeousnessţ and l saw beyond Lhose Lrees many large Lrees
growlng Lhereţ sweeL smelllngţ largeţ very beauLlful and glorlousţ Lhe 1rees of Wlsdomţ from whlch Lhey
eaL and know greaL wlsdomŦ

32Ŧ4Ž And lL ls llke Lhe carob Lreeţ and lLs frulL ls llke bunches of grapes on a vlneţ very beauLlfulţ and Lhe
smell of Lhls Lree spreads and peneLraLes afarŦ

32Ŧ3Ž And l saldť ƍ1hls Lree ls beauLlful! Pow beauLlful and pleaslng ls lLs appearance!ƍ

32Ŧ6Ž And Lhe Poly Angel 8aphaelţ who was wlLh meţ answered me and sald Lo meť ƍ1hls ls Lhe 1ree of
Wlsdomţ from whlch your anclenL faLher and anclenL moLherţ who were before youţ aLe and learnL
wlsdomŤ and Lhelr eyes were openedţ and Lhey knew LhaL Lhey were nakedŦ And Lhey were drlven from
Lhe gardenŦƍ

33Ŧ1Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lo Lhe ends of Lhe earLhţ and l saw Lhere large anlmalsţ each dlfferenL from
Lhe oLherţ and also blrdsţ whlch dlffered ln formţ beauLyţ and call Ŵ each dlfferenL from Lhe oLherŦ

33Ŧ2Ž And Lo Lhe easL of Lhese anlmalsţ l saw Lhe ends of Lhe LarLhţ on whlch Peaven resLsţ and Lhe open
CaLes of PeavenŦ

33Ŧ3Ž And l saw how Lhe sLars of Peaven come ouLţ and counLed Lhe CaLes ouL of whlch Lhey comeţ and
wroLe down all Lhelr ouLleLsţ for each oneţ lndlvlduallyţ accordlng Lo Lhelr numberŦ And Lhelr namesţ
accordlng Lo Lhelr consLellaLlonsţ Lhelr poslLlonsţ Lhelr Llmesţ and Lhelr monLhsţ as Lhe Angel urlelţ who
was wlLh meţ showed meŦ

33Ŧ4Ž And he showed me everyLhlngţ and wroLe lL downţ and also Lhelr names he wroLe down for meţ
and Lhelr laws and Lhelr funcLlonsŦ

34Ŧ1Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lowards Lhe norLhţ Lo Lhe ends of Lhe LarLhţ and Lhere l saw a greaL and
glorlous wonder aL Lhe ends of Lhe whole LarLhŦ

34Ŧ2Ž And Lhere l saw Lhree CaLes of PeavenŤ Lhrough each of Lhem norLh wlnds go ouLŤ when Lhey blow
Lhere ls coldţ hallţ hoarfrosLţ snowţ fogţ and ralnŦ

34Ŧ3Ž And from one CaLeţ lL blows for goodŤ buL when Lhey blow Lhrough Lhe oLher Lwo CaLesţ lL ls wlLh
forceţ and lL brlngs LormenL over Lhe earLhţ and Lhey blow wlLh forceŦ

33Ŧ1Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lowards Lhe wesLţ Lo Lhe ends of Lhe LarLhţ and l saw Lhereţ as l saw ln Lhe
easLţ Lhree open CaLes Ŵ as many CaLes and as many ouLleLsŦ

36Ŧ1Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lowards Lhe souLhţ Lo Lhe ends of Lhe LarLhţ and Lhere l saw Lhree CaLes of
Peaven openŤ and Lhe souLh wlndţ Lhe mlsLţ and Lhe ralnţ and wlndţ come ouL from LhereŦ

36Ŧ2Ž And from Lhere l wenL Lowards Lhe easL of Lhe ends of Peavenţ and Lhere l saw Lhe Lhree easLern
CaLes of Peaven openţ and above Lhemţ Lhere were smaller CaLesŦ

36Ŧ3Ž 1hrough each of Lhese smaller CaLesţ Lhe sLars of Peaven passţ and go Lowards Lhe wesLţ on Lhe
paLh LhaL has been shown Lo LhemŦ

36Ŧ4Ž And when l sawţ l blessedţ and l wlll always bless Lhe Lord of Cloryţ who has made CreaL and
Clorlous Wonders so LhaL he mlghL show Lhe greaLness of Pls Workţ Lo Pls Angelsţ and Lo Lhe souls of
menţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL pralse Pls WorkŦ And so LhaL all hls creaLures mlghL see Lhe work of Pls Þowerţ
and pralse Lhe greaL work of Pls Pandsţ and bless Plm forever!

10) 1PL 8CCk Cl ML1PuSLLAP
(pages 46Ŵ48) 1hls shorL secLlon has many lnLeresLlng feaLuresŦ 1he sLory ls seL some years laLerŦ
MeLhuselah ls now head of Lhe famlly (slnce Lnoch wenL off Lo llve wlLh Lhe Angelsţ (see 81Ŧ6)ţ a year
afLer he wroLe Lhe book)Ŧ MeLhuselahƌs son Lamech ls now grown upţ and hls flrsL son ls bornŦ AL 106Ŧ2ţ
we geL a descrlpLlon of Lhe chlld who wlll be named noahŦ

lL seems he had whlLe or blonde halrţ a red blrLhmarkţ and perhaps blue eyesŦ Lven more surprlslngţ aL
106Ŧ3ţ we learn LhaL Lhls ls whaL Lhe WaLchers look llkeŦ lf some of Lhe wlves of Lnochƌs famlly were
descended from Lhe runawaysţ Lhen Lamech could easlly have had an unexpecLedly blondeŴhalred chlldŦ

Lamech ls dlsLurbed abouL hls babyƌs unusual appearanceţ and goes Lo see MeLhuselahŦ 1hls secLlon
seems Lo have been wrlLLen by MeLhuselahţ Lo reassure hls son abouL Lhe blrLhţ wrlLLen as Lhough a
reply from Lnoch hlmselfŦ

MeLhuselah clalms he wenL and spoke Lo Lnochţ buL l suspecL LhaL Lhls ls [usL a devlceţ ln order Lo glve
enough auLhorlLy Lo Lhe messageţ so LhaL Lamech can be reassuredŦ

1he namlng of noah aL 107Ŧ3 ls lnLeresLlngţ slnce lL llnks Lhe name Lo Lhe word comforLŦ noah sLlll
sounds llke Lhe Pebrew word for comforLţ and a slmllar sLory ls Lold aL Cenesls 3ť29Ŧ

106Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhose days my son MeLhuselah chose a wlfe for hls son Lamech and she became
pregnanL by hlm and bore a sonŦ

106Ŧ2Ž And hls body was whlLe llke snowţ and red llke Lhe flower of a roseţ and Lhe halr of hls head was
whlLe llke woolŦ And hls eyes were beauLlful and when he opened hls eyes he made Lhe whole house
brlghLţ llke Lhe Sunţ so LhaL Lhe whole house was excepLlonally brlghLŦ

106Ŧ3Ž And when he was Laken from Lhe hand of Lhe mldwlfe he opened hls mouLh and spoke Lo Lhe
Lord of 8lghLeousnessŦ

106Ŧ4Ž And hls faLher Lamech was afrald of hlmţ and fledţ and wenL Lo hls faLher MeLhuselahŦ

106Ŧ3Ž And he sald Lo hlmť ƍl have begoLLen a sLrange sonŤ he ls noL llke a man buL ls llke Lhe chlldren of
Lhe Angels of Peavenţ of a dlfferenL Lype and noL llke usŦ And hls eyes are llke Lhe rays of Lhe Sun and hls
face glorlousŦ

106Ŧ6Ž And lL seems Lo me LhaL he ls noL sprung from me buL from Lhe Angels and l am afrald LhaL
someLhlng exLraordlnary may be done on Lhe earLh ln hls daysŦ

106Ŧ7Ž And nowţ my faLherţ l am enLreaLlng you and peLlLlonlng youţ Lo go Lo our faLher Lnochţ and learn
from hlm Lhe LruLhţ for hls dwelllng ls wlLh Lhe AngelsŦƍ

106Ŧ8Ž And when MeLhuselah heard Lhe words of hls son he came Lo meţ aL Lhe ends of Lhe LarLhţ for he
had heard LhaL l was LhereŦ And he crled ouLţ and l heard hls volce and wenL Lo hlmŦ And l sald Lo hlmť
ƍ8ehold l am here my sonţ for you have come Lo meŦƍ

106Ŧ9Ž And he answered meţ and saldť ƍ8ecause of a greaL maLLer l have come Lo youţ and because of a
dlsLurblng vlslonţ have l come nearŦ

106Ŧ10Ž And now hear meţ my faLherţ for a chlld has been born Lo my son Lamechţ whose form and Lype
are noL llke Lhe Lype of a manŦ Pls colour ls whlLer Lhan snowţ and redder Lhan Lhe flower of Lhe roseţ
and Lhe halr of hls head ls whlLer Lhan whlLe woolŦ And hls eyes are llke Lhe rays of Lhe SunŤ and he
opened hls eyes and made Lhe whole house brlghLŦ

106Ŧ11Ž And he was Laken from Lhe hand of Lhe mldwlfeţ and he opened hls mouLhţ and blessed Lhe
Lord of PeavenŦ

106Ŧ12Ž And hls faLher Lamech was afrald and fled Lo meŦ And he does noL belleve he ls sprung from hlm
buL Lhlnks hlm Lo be from Lhe Angels of PeavenŦ And beholdţ l have come Lo youţ so LhaL you may make
known Lo me Lhe LruLhŦƍ

106Ŧ13 Ž And lţ Lnochţ answered and sald Lo hlmť ƍ1he Lord wlll do new Lhlngs on LarLhţ and Lhls l have
already seen ln a vlslonţ and made known Lo youŦ lor ln Lhe generaLlon of my faLherţ !aredţ some from
Lhe helghL of Peaven Lransgressed Lhe word of Lhe LordŦ

106Ŧ14 Ž And beholdţ Lhey commlL sln and Lransgress Lhe lawţ and have been promlscuous wlLh womenţ
and commlL sln wlLh Lhemţ and have marrled some of Lhemţ and have begoLLen chlldren by LhemŦ

106Ŧ13Ž And Lhere wlll be greaL desLrucLlon over Lhe whole LarLhţ and Lhere wlll be a delugeţ and Lhere
wlll be greaL desLrucLlon for one yearŦ

106Ŧ16Ž 8uL Lhls chlldţ who has been born Lo youţ wlll be lefL on Lhe LarLhţ and hls Lhree sons wlll be
saved wlLh hlmŦ When all Lhe men who are on Lhe LarLh dle he and hls sons wlll be savedŦ

106Ŧ17Ž 1hey wlll begeL on Lhe LarLh glanLsţ noL of splrlLţ buL of fleshţ and Lhere wlll be greaL wraLh on
LarLhţ and Lhe LarLh wlll be cleansed of all corrupLlonŦ

106Ŧ18Ž And now make known Lo your son Lamech LhaL Lhe one who has been born ls Lruly hls sonŦ And
call hls name noahţ for he wlll be a remnanL for you and he and hls sons wlll be saved from Lhe
desLrucLlon whlch ls comlng on Lhe earLh because of all Lhe sln and all Lhe lnlqulLyţ whlch wlll be
commlLLed on Lhe LarLh ln hls daysŦ

106Ŧ19Ž 8uL afLer Lhlsţ Lhere wlll be yeL greaLer lnlqulLy Lhan LhaL whlch was commlLLed on Lhe earLh
beforeŦ lor l know Lhe mysLerles of Lhe Poly Cnesţ for Lhe Lord showed Lhem Lo me and made Lhem
known Lo meţ and l read Lhem ln Lhe 1ableLs of PeavenŦ

107Ŧ1Ž And l saw wrlLLen on Lhemţ LhaL generaLlon upon generaLlon wlll do wrongţ unLll a generaLlon of
rlghLeousness shall arlseţ and wrongdolng shall be desLroyedţ and sln shall deparL from Lhe earLhţ and
everyLhlng good shall come upon lLŦ

107Ŧ2Ž And nowţ my sonţ goţ make known Lo your son Lamechţ LhaL Lhls chlld LhaL has been bornţ ls Lruly
hls sonţ and Lhls ls no lleŦ

107Ŧ3Ž And when MeLhuselah had heard Lhe words of hls faLher Lnoch Ŵ for he showed hlm everyLhlng
whlch ls secreL Ŵ he reLurnedţ havlng seen hlmţ and called Lhe name of LhaL chlld noahŤ for he wlll
comforL Lhe LarLh afLer all Lhe desLrucLlonŦ

11) 1PL 8CCk Cl nCAP
(pages 30Ŵ33) noahƌs book was probably wrlLLen when he was Lhe head of Lhe famlly and llke
MeLhuselah he clalms Lo speak wlLh LnochŦ Pe seems Lo have wrlLLen Lhls before Lhe floodŤ and once
agaln Lhere are some lnLeresLlng deLallsŦ

1he mosL lmporLanL passage ls aL 67Ŧ2Ŧ 1hls lndlcaLes LhaL Lhe boaL ls belng consLrucLed aL Lhe Llme of
wrlLlngŦ noah may have wrlLLen Lhls plece ln order Lo persuade hls sons Lo come and llve wlLh hlmţ
lnslde ƍLhe wooden sLrucLureŦ" noah may noL have seen a boaL llke Lhls beforeţ and perhaps was noL
sure whaL Lo call lLŦ

1here seems Lo be a background of unusual geologlcal evenLsŦ AL Lhe beglnnlngţ 63Ŧ1ţ noah says Lhe
earLh has LllLedţ laLerţ aL 67Ŧ11ţ he says Lhe PoL Sprlngs became coldŦ 1hls does flL wlLh Lhe Lheorles of
Charles Papgood ln hls book '1he ÞaLh of Lhe Þole' where he suggesLs LhaL Lhe huge lce melL (LhaL
probably caused Lhe flood) occurred when Lhe poles shlfLed Ŵ perhaps due Lo an lmpacL from spaceŦ 1he
norLh Þole shlfLed from Pudson's 8ay Lo lLs presenL poslLlonŦ AL 63Ŧ3 noah says Lhe earLh ls 'affllcLed
and shaken' and he does seem qulLe alarmed by lLŦ

1here ls also Lalk of molLen meLal and a smell of sulphurţ 67Ŧ6ţ buL Lhls may be polluLlon from Lhe
meLalworklng descrlbed aL 63Ŧ7Ŧ ÞroducLlon of meLalsţ and weaponsţ may have become qulLe large scale
by noahƌs LlmeŦ

63Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ noah saw Lhe LarLh had LllLed and LhaL lLs desLrucLlon was nearŦ

63Ŧ2Ž And he seL off from Lhere and wenL Lo Lhe ends of Lhe LarLh and crled ouL Lo hls greaLŴgrandfaLher
LnochŤ and noah sald Lhree Llmes ln a blLLer volceť ƍPear meţ hear meţ hear me!ƍ

63Ŧ3Ž And he sald Lo hlmť ƍ1ell meţ whaL ls lL LhaL ls belng done on Lhe LarLhţ LhaL Lhe LarLh ls so affllcLed
and shakenţ lesL l be desLroyed wlLh lL!ƍ

63Ŧ4Ž And lmmedlaLely Lhere was a greaL dlsLurbance on Lhe LarLh and a volce was heard from Peaven
and l fell upon my faceŦ

63Ŧ3Ž And my greaLŴgrandfaLher Lnoch cameţ sLood by meţ and sald Lo meť ƍWhy dld you cry ouL Lo meţ
wlLh such blLLer crylng and weeplng?

63Ŧ6 And a command has gone ouL from Lhe Lord agalnsL Lhose who dwell upon Lhe dry ground LhaL Lhls
musL be Lhelr endŦ lor Lhey have learnL all Lhe secreLs of Lhe Angelsţ and all Lhe wrongdolngs of Lhe
saLansţ and all Lhelr secreL powerţ and all Lhe power of Lhose who pracLlce maglc arLsţ and Lhe power of
enchanLmenLsţ and Lhe power of Lhose who casL molLen lmages for all Lhe LarLhŦ

63Ŧ7Ž And furLherţ how sllver ls produced from Lhe dusL of Lhe earLh and how sofL meLal occurs on Lhe

63Ŧ8Ž lor lead and Lln are noL produced from Lhe earLhţ llke Lhe formerŤ Lhere ls a sprlng whlch produces
Lhemţ and an Angel who sLands ln lLţ and LhaL Angel dlsLrlbuLes LhemŦƍ

63Ŧ9Ž And afLer Lhlsţ my greaLŴgrandfaLher Lnoch Look hold of me wlLh hls handţ and ralsed meţ and sald
Lo meť ƍCoţ for l have asked Lhe Lord of SplrlLs abouL Lhls dlsLurbance on Lhe earLhŦƍ

63Ŧ10Ž And he sald Lo meť º8ecause of Lhelr lnlqulLyţ Lhelr [udgmenL has been compleLedţ and Lhey wlll
no longer be counLed before meŤ because of Lhe sorcerles Lhey have searched ouL and learnLţ Lhe LarLh
and Lhose who dwell upon lL wlll be desLroyedŦ

63Ŧ11Ž And for Lheseţ Lhere wlll be no place of refugeţ for everţ for Lhey showed Lo Lhem whaL ls secreLţ
and Lhey have been condemnedŤ buL noL so for youţ my sonŤ Lhe Lord of SplrlLs knows LhaL you are pure
and lnnocenL of Lhls reproach concernlng Lhe secreLsŦ

63Ŧ12Ž And he has esLabllshed your name among Lhe Polyţ and wlll keep you from amongsL Lhose who
dwell upon Lhe dry groundŤ and he has desLlned your offsprlng ln rlghLeousnessţ Lo be klngsţ and for
greaL honoursŦ And from your offsprlng wlll flow ouL a sprlng of Lhe 8lghLeous and Polyţ wlLhouL number

66Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhlsţ he showed me Lhe Angels of ÞunlshmenLţ who were ready Lo come and release all
Lhe forces of Lhe waLerţ whlch ls under Lhe earLhţ ln order Lo brlng [udgmenL and desLrucLlon on all
Lhose who reslde and dwell upon Lhe dry groundŦ

66Ŧ2Ž And Lhe Lord of SplrlLs commanded Lhe Angels who were comlng ouLţ noL Lo ralse Lhelr handsţ buL
Lo keep waLchŤ for Lhose Angels were ln charge of Lhe forces of Lhe waLersŦ

66Ŧ3Ž And l came ouL from before LnochŦ

67Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhe word of Lhe Lord came Lo meţ and he sald Lo meť ƍnoahţ beholdŤ your loL
has come up before meţ a loL wlLhouL reproachţ a loL of love and uprlghLnessŦ

67Ŧ2Ž And now Lhe Angels are maklng a wooden sLrucLureţ and when Lhe Angels come ouL from LhaL
Laskţ l wlll puL my hand on lLţ and keep lL safeŦ And a change shall Lake place so LhaL Lhe dry ground may
noL remaln empLyŦ

67Ŧ3Ž And l wlll esLabllsh your offsprlng before meţ forever and everţ and l wlll scaLLer Lhose who dwell
wlLh youţ over Lhe face of Lhe dry groundŦ l wlll noL agaln puL Lhem Lo Lhe LesLţ on Lhe face of Lhe LarLhţ
buL Lhey wlll be blessed and lncrease on Lhe dry ground ln Lhe name of Lhe LordŦƍ

67Ŧ4Ž And Lhey wlll shuL up Lhose Angelsţ who showed lnlqulLyţ ln LhaL burnlng valleyţ whlch my greaLŴ
grandfaLher Lnoch had shown Lo me prevlouslyţ ln Lhe wesLţ near Lhe mounLalns of gold and sllver and
lron and sofL meLal and LlnŦ

67Ŧ3Ž And l saw LhaL valleyţ ln whlch Lhere was a greaL dlsLurbanceţ and a heavlng of Lhe waLersŦ

67Ŧ6Ž And when all Lhls happenedţ from Lhe flery molLen meLalţ and Lhe dlsLurbanceţ whlch dlsLurbed
Lhe waLers ln LhaL placeţ a smell of sulphur was producedţ and lL was assoclaLed wlLh Lhose waLersŦ And
LhaL valley of Lhe Angelsţ who led men asLrayţ burns under Lhe groundŦ

67Ŧ7Ž And Lhrough Lhe valleys of LhaL same areaţ flow ouL rlvers of flre where Lhose Angels wlll be
punlshedţ who led asLray Lhose on Lhe dry groundŦ

67Ŧ8Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhose waLers wlll serve Lhe klngsţ and Lhe mlghLyţ and Lhe exalLedţ and Lhose
who dwell upon dry groundţ for Lhe heallng of soul and bodyţ buL also for Lhe punlshmenL of Lhe splrlLŦ
And Lhelr splrlLs are so full of lusL LhaL Lhey wlll be punlshed ln Lhelr bodlesţ for Lhey denled Lhe Lord of
SplrlLsŦ And Lhey see Lhelr punlshmenL every day yeL Lhey do noL belleve ln Pls nameŦ

67Ŧ9Ž And Lhe more Lhelr bodles are burnLţ Lhe more a change wlll come over Lhelr splrlLsţ for ever and
everŤ for no one can speak an ldle word ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ

67Ŧ10Ž lor [udgmenL wlll come upon Lhemţ for Lhey belleve ln Lhe lusL of Lhelr bodlesţ buL deny Lhe splrlL
of Lhe LordŦ

67Ŧ11Ž And Lhose same waLers wlll undergo a change ln Lhose daysŤ for when Lhose Angels are punlshed
ln Lhose daysţ Lhe LemperaLure of Lhose sprlngs of waLer wlll changeţ and when Lhe Angels come upţ
LhaL waLer of Lhe sprlngs wlll changeţ and become coldŦ

67Ŧ12Ž And l heard Lhe Poly Mlchael answerlng and saylngť ƍ1hls [udgmenLţ wlLh whlch Lhe Angels are
[udgedţ ls a LesLlmony for Lhe klngs and Lhe mlghLy who possess Lhe dry groundŦ

67Ŧ13Ž lor Lhese waLers of [udgmenL serve for Lhe heallng of Lhe bodles of Lhe klngsţ and for Lhe lusL of
Lhelr bodlesŤ buL Lhey do noL seeţ and do noL belleveţ LhaL Lhese waLers wlll changeţ and wlll become a
flre whlch burns foreverŦƍ

68Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhlsţ my greaLŴgrandfaLher Lnoch gave me Lhe explanaLlon of all Lhe secreLsţ ln a bookţ
and Lhe parables LhaL had been glven Lo hlmŤ and he puL Lhem LogeLher for meţ ln Lhe words of Lhe 8ook
of ÞarablesŦ

12) 1PL 8CCk Cl ÞA8A8LLS
1he conLenL of Lhe second Lwo parables ls slmllarŤ Lhe maln Lheme ls a Messlahţ who wlll brlng guldance
aL Lhe correcL LlmeŦ 1hls evenLually brlngs abouL an age of enllghLenmenLţ where Lhe souls of Lhe
rlghLeous can llve ln peaceŦ

37Ŧ1Ž 1he second vlslon LhaL he sawţ Lhe vlslon of wlsdomţ whlch Lnochţ Lhe son of !aredţ Lhe son of
Malalelţ Lhe son of Calnanţ Lhe son of Lnoshţ Lhe son of SeLhţ Lhe son of Adamţ sawŦ

37Ŧ2Ž And Lhls ls Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe words of wlsdomţ whlch l ralsed my volce Lo speakţ and sayŦ º1o
Lhose who dwell on dry groundť Ŵ Pearţ you men of oldţ and seeţ Lhose who come afLerŤ Lhe words of Lhe
Poly Cneţ whlch l wlll speakţ ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ"

37Ŧ3Ž ºlL would have been beLLer Lo have sald Lhese Lhlngs beforeţ buL from Lhose who come afLerţ we
wlll noL wlLhhold Lhe beglnnlng of wlsdomŦ"

37Ŧ4Ž unLll nowţ Lhere has noL been glvenţ by Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ such wlsdom as l have recelvedŦ ln
accordance wlLh my lnslghLţ ln accordance wlLh Lhe wlsh of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsť by whom Lhe loL of
eLernal llfe has been glven Lo meŦ

37Ŧ3Ž And Lhe Lhree parables were lmparLed Lo me and l ralsed my volceţ and sald Lo Lhose who dwell on
Lhe dry groundť Ŵ

1he llrsL Þarable(Þages 36Ŵ62) 1he flrsL parL of Lhls parable ls posslbly a descrlpLlon of a holy place seL ln
Lhe fuLureŤ Lnoch seems Lo conslder lL a descrlpLlon of Lhe WaLchers home alsoţ slnce aL 39Ŧ8ţ he reveals
LhaL he ls belng allowed Lo llve Lhereţ wlLh LhemŦ
'1hose who do noL sleep' (see 39Ŧ12 and 71Ŧ7) are menLloned ofLenŦ 1hese are Lhe seraphlmţ cherublmţ
and ophannlmţ Lhe nonŴhuman angelsţ who do noL need Lo sleepŦ Lnoch never descrlbes Lhemţ so lL ls
dlfflculL Lo know whaL he had ln mlndŦ

MosL of Lhls parable ls a descrlpLlon of how four of Lhe WaLchers showed Lnoch everyLhlngŦ

When Lhe communlLy of Lhe rlghLeous appears and Lhe slnners are [udged for Lhelr slns and are drlven
from Lhe face of Lhe dry groundŦ

38Ŧ2Ž And when Lhe 8lghLeous Cne appearsţ ln fronL of Lhe chosen rlghLeousţ whose works are welghed
by Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ And when llghL appears Lo Lhe rlghLeous and chosen who dwell on Lhe dry groundŦ
Where wlll be Lhe dwelllng of Lhe slnners? And where wlll be Lhe resLlngŴplace of Lhose who denled Lhe
Lord of SplrlLs? lL would have been beLLer for Lhemţ lf Lhey had noL been bornŦ

38Ŧ3Ž And when Lhe secreLs of Lhe rlghLeous are revealedţ Lhe slnners wlll be [udgedţ and Lhe lmplous
drlven from Lhe presence of Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe chosenŦ

38Ŧ4Ž And from Lhen onţ Lhose who possess Lhe earLh wlll noL be mlghLy and exalLedŦ nor wlll Lhey be
able Lo look aL Lhe face of Lhe Poly onesţ for Lhe llghL of Lhe Lord of Lhe SplrlLs wlll have appeared on Lhe
face of Lhe Polyţ Lhe rlghLeousţ and Lhe chosenŦ

38Ŧ3Ž And Lhe mlghLy klngs wlll aL LhaL Llme be desLroyed and glven lnLo Lhe hand of Lhe rlghLeous and
Lhe PolyŦ

38Ŧ6Ž And from Lhen on no one wlll be able Lo seek Lhe Lord of SplrlLs for Lhelr llfe wlll be aL an endŦ

39Ŧ1Ž And lL wlll come Lo pass ln Lhese days LhaL Lhe chosen and holy chlldren wlll come down from Lhe
hlgh Peavens and Lhelr offsprlng wlll become one wlLh Lhe sons of menŦ

39Ŧ2Ž ln Lhose days Lnoch recelved books of lndlgnaLlon and anger and books of LumulL and confuslonŦ
And Lhere wlll be no mercy for Lhemţ says Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ

39Ŧ3Ž And aL LhaL Llme clouds and a sLorm wlnd carrled me off from Lhe face of Lhe earLh and seL me
down aL Lhe end of PeavenŦ

39Ŧ4Ž And Lhere l saw anoLher vlslonŤ Lhe uwelllng of Lhe 8lghLeous and Lhe 8esLlngŴÞlaces of Lhe PolyŦ

39Ŧ3Ž 1here my eyes saw Lhelr dwelllng wlLh Lhe Angelsţ and Lhelr resLlng places wlLh Lhe Poly Cnesţ and
Lhey were peLlLlonlng and suppllcaLlng and praylngţ on behalf of Lhe sons of menŤ and rlghLeousnessţ
llke waLerţ flowed ln fronL of Lhemţ and mercy llke dew on Lhe groundŦ 1hus lL ls among Lhem forever
and everŦ

39Ŧ6Ž And ln Lhose days my eyes saw Lhe Þlace of Lhe Chosen Cnes of 8lghLeousness and lalLhŤ and
Lhere wlll be rlghLeousness ln Lhelr daysţ and Lhe rlghLeous and chosen wlll be wlLhouL numberţ ln fronL
of hlmţ forever and everŦ

39Ŧ7Ž And l saw Lhelr dwelllngţ under Lhe Wlngs of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and all Lhe rlghLeous and chosen
shone ln fronL of hlmţ llke Lhe llghL of flreŦ And Lhelr mouLhs were full of blesslngţ and Lhelr llps pralsed
Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ And rlghLeousness wlll noL fall ln fronL of hlmţ and LruLh wlll noL fall ln
fronL of hlmŦ

39Ŧ8Ž 1here l wlshed Lo dwellţ and my soul longed for LhaL dwelllngŤ Lhere had my loL been asslgned
beforeţ for Lhus lL was declded abouL meţ ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ

39Ŧ9Ž And ln Lhose days l pralsed and exalLed Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ wlLh blesslng and pralseţ
for he has desLlned me for blesslng and pralseţ ln accordance wlLh Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ

39Ŧ10Ž And for a long Llme my eyes looked aL LhaL placeţ and l blessed hlm and pralsed hlmţ saylngť
ƍ8lessed ls Peţ and may Pe be blessed from Lhe beglnnlng and for ever!ƍ

39Ŧ11Ž And ln hls presence Lhere ls no endŦ Pe knew before Lhe world was creaLed whaL Lhe world would
beţ even for all Lhe generaLlons LhaL are Lo comeŦ

39Ŧ12Ž 1hose who do noL sleep bless youţ and Lhey sLand before ?our Cloryţ and bless and pralse and
exalLţ saylngť ƍPolyţ Polyţ Polyţ Lord of SplrlLsŤ he fllls Lhe earLh wlLh splrlLsŦƍ

39Ŧ13Ž And Lhereţ my eyes saw all Lhose who do noL sleepŤ sLandlng ln fronL of Plmţ and blesslngţ and
saylngť ƍ8lessed are youţ and blessed ls Lhe name of Lhe Lordţ for ever and ever!ƍ

39Ŧ14Ž And my face was Lransformed unLll l was unable Lo seeŦ

40Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhls l saw a Lhousand Lhousands and Len Lhousand Llmes Len Lhousand! A mulLlLude
beyond numberţ or reckonlngţ who sLood ln fronL of Lhe Clory of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ

40Ŧ2Ž l lookedţ and on Lhe four sldes of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ l saw four flguresţ dlfferenL from Lhose who
were sLandlngŤ and l learnL Lhelr namesţ because Lhe Angel who wenL wlLh me made known Lhelr
namesţ and showed me all Lhe secreL LhlngsŦ

40Ŧ3Ž And l heard Lhe volces of Lhose four flgures as Lhey sang pralses ln fronL of Lhe Lord of CloryŦ

40Ŧ4Ž 1he flrsL volce blesses Lhe Lord of SplrlLs forever and everŦ

40Ŧ3Ž And Lhe second volce l heard blesslng Lhe Chosen Cne and Lhe chosen who depend on Lhe Lord of

40Ŧ6Ž And Lhe Lhlrd volce l heardţ peLlLlonedţ and prayedţ on behalf of Lhose who dwell on dry ground
and suppllcaLe ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ

40Ŧ7Ž And Lhe fourLh volce l heard drlvlng away Lhe SaLans and noL allowlng Lhem Lo come ln fronL of Lhe
Lord of SplrlLs Lo accuse Lhose who dwell on Lhe hlgh groundŦ

40Ŧ8Ž And afLer Lhls l asked Lhe Angel of Þeaceţ who wenL wlLh meţ and showed me everyLhlng whlch ls
secreLť ƍWho are Lhose four flguresţ whom l have seenţ and whose words l have heard and wrlLLen

40Ŧ9Ž And he sald Lo meť ƍ1hls flrsL oneţ ls Lhe Poly Mlchaelţ Lhe merclful and longŴsufferlngŦ And Lhe
secondţ who ls ln charge of all Lhe dlseasesţ and ln charge of all Lhe wounds of Lhe sons of menţ ls
8aphaelŦ And Lhe Lhlrdţ who ls ln charge of all Lhe powersţ ls Lhe Poly CabrlelŦ And Lhe fourLhţ who ls ln
charge of repenLance and hope of Lhose who wlll lnherlL eLernal llfeţ ls ÞhanuelŦ"

40Ŧ10Ž And Lhese are Lhe four Angels of Lhe Lord MosL PlghŤ and Lhe four volces LhaL l heard ln Lhose

41Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhlsţ l saw all Lhe secreLs of Peavenţ and how Lhe klngdom ls dlvldedţ and how Lhe deeds
of men are welghed ln Lhe 8alanceŦ

41Ŧ2Ž 1here l saw Lhe uwelllng of Lhe Chosenţ and Lhe 8esLlng Þlaces of Lhe PolyŤ and my eyes saw Lhere
all Lhe slnners who deny Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs belng drlven from LhereŦ And Lhey dragged Lhem
offţ and Lhey were noL able Lo remalnţ because of Lhe punlshmenL LhaL wenL ouL from Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ

41Ŧ3Ž And Lhere my eyes saw Lhe secreLs of Lhe flashes of llghLnlng and of Lhe LhunderŦ And Lhe secreLs
of Lhe wlndsţ how Lhey are dlsLrlbuLed ln order Lo blow over Lhe earLhţ and Lhe secreLs of Lhe cloudsţ
and of Lhe dewŤ and Lhere l saw from where Lhey go ouLţ ln LhaL placeŦ And howţ from Lhereţ Lhe dusL of
Lhe earLh ls saLuraLedŦ

41Ŧ4Ž And Lhere l saw closed sLorehouses from whlch Lhe wlnds are dlsLrlbuLedţ and Lhe sLorehouse of
Lhe hallţ and Lhe sLorehouse of Lhe mlsLţ and Lhe sLorehouse of Lhe cloudsŤ and lLs cloud remalned over
Lhe earLhţ from Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe worldŦ

41Ŧ3Ž And l saw Lhe Chambers of Lhe Sun and Lhe Moonţ where Lhey go ouLţ and where Lhey reLurnŦ And
Lhelr glorlous reLurnŤ and how one ls more honoured Lhan Lhe oLher lsŦ And Lhelr magnlflcenL courseţ
and how Lhey do noL leave Lhelr courseţ nelLher addlng nor subLracLlng from Lhelr courseŦ And how Lhey
keep falLh ln one anoLherţ observlng Lhelr oaLhŦ

41Ŧ6Ž And Lhe Sun goes ouL flrsLţ and compleLes lLs [ourney aL Lhe command of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs Ŵ and
hls name endures forever and everŦ

41Ŧ7Ž And afLer Lhls ls Lhe hlddenţ and vlslbleţ paLh of Lhe Moonţ and lL Lravels Lhe course of lLs [ourneyţ
ln LhaL placeţ by day and by nlghLŦ Cne sLands opposlLe Lhe oLherţ ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and Lhey
glve Lhanksţ and slng pralseţ and do noL resLţ because Lhelr Lhanksglvlng ls llke resL Lo LhemŦ

41Ŧ8Ž lor Lhe shlnlng Sun makes many revoluLlonsŤ for a blesslng and for a curseŦ And Lhe paLh of Lhe
[ourney of Lhe Moon ls for Lhe rlghLeous llghL buL for Lhe slnnersŤ darknessŦ ln Lhe name of Lhe Lordţ
who has creaLed a dlvlslon beLween llghL and darknessţ and has dlvlded Lhe splrlLs of menţ and has
esLabllshed Lhe splrlLs of Lhe rlghLeousţ ln Lhe name of Pls 8lghLeousnessŦ

41Ŧ9Ž lor no Angel hlndersţ and no power ls able Lo hlnderţ because Lhe [udge sees Lhem allţ and [udges
Lhem all PlmselfŦ

42Ŧ1Ž Wlsdom found no place where she could dwellţ and her dwelllng was ln PeavenŦ
42Ŧ2Ž Wlsdom wenL ouLţ ln order Lo dwell among Lhe sons of menţ buL dld noL flnd a dwelllngŤ wlsdom
reLurned Lo her placeţ and Look her seaL ln Lhe mldsL of Lhe AngelsŦ
42Ŧ3Ž And lnlqulLy came ouL from her chambersŤ Lhose whom she dld noL seek she foundţ and dwelL
among Lhemţ llke raln ln Lhe deserLţ and llke dew on Lhe parched groundŦ
43Ŧ1Ž And agaln l saw flashes of llghLnlng and Lhe sLars of Peavenţ and l saw how Pe called Lhem all by
Lhelr namesţ and Lhey obeyed PlmŦ
43Ŧ2Ž And l saw Lhe 8alance of 8lghLeousnessţ how Lhey are welghed accordlng Lo Lhelr llghLţ accordlng
Lo Lhe wldLh of Lhelr areasţ and Lhe day of Lhelr appearlngŦ And how Lhelr revoluLlons produce llghLnlngţ
and l saw Lhelr revoluLlonsţ accordlng Lo Lhe number of Lhe Angelsţ and how Lhey keep falLh wlLh one
43Ŧ3Ž And l asked Lhe Angelţ who wenL wlLh me and showed me whaL ls secreLť ƍWhaL are Lhese?ƍ
43Ŧ4Ž And he sald Lo meť ƍ1helr llkenessţ Lhe Lord of SplrlLs has shown Lo youŤ Lhese are Lhe names of Lhe
rlghLeous whoţ dwell on Lhe dry ground and belleve ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs for ever and everŦƍ
44Ŧ1Ž And oLher Lhlngs l saw concernlng llghLnlngţ how some of Lhe sLars rlse and become llghLnlng buL
cannoL lose Lhelr formŦ

1he Second ÞarableŦ
(Þages 64Ŵ73) Pere we are lnLroduced Lo some new characLersţ Lhere ls Lhe Chosen Cneţ or Messlahţ
and 1he Pead of uays or 'anclenL of days' (see also 71Ŧ10) who appears ln uanlel 7ť9Ŵ10 and seems Lo
represenL CodŦ
lL ls a blL confuslng LhaL Lnoch sees characLers from Lhe fuLureŦ lL may be LhaL Lhe WaLchers presenLed
Lhls Lo Lnoch as a LheaLrlcal drama so LhaL he could see lL and ask quesLlons aL Lhe same LlmeŦ lL was no
doubL a dellberaLe pollcy noL Lo glve acLual names so LhaL dlfferenL readers ln dlfferenL eras would
assume Lhey new Lhe namesŦ When l read Lhlsţ l Lhlnk lL obvlously refers Lo !esusţ buL many ages had a
'chosen one'Ŧ
1he number of rlghLeousness (47Ŧ4)ţ LhaL ls reachedţ may refer Lo Lhe Lwelve Llmes Lwelve Lhousand
predlcLed Lo survlve ln Lhe blbllcal 8ook of 8evelaLlonsŦ
Sheol ls menLloned aL 31Ŧ1ţ lL ls Lhe name for hell used ln early Llmes and lL ls also menLloned ln Lhe book
of Cenesls and book of !obţ lL means 'Lhe grave' Ŵ buL more Lhan [usL a hole ln Lhe groundŦ
1he mounLalns leap llke rams aL 31Ŧ4ţ Lhls phrase also occurs ln Lhe blble (Þsalms 114Ŧ4 Ǝ 6)Ŧ
1here ls a rare menLlonlng of place names aL 36Ŧ3 Ŵ ÞarLhla and Medes Ŵ Lhese were anclenL klngdoms ln
Lhe lranŲlraq areaŦ 1hls ls Lhe area where Lnoch probably llved buL lL ls dlfflculL Lo know wheLher he
orlglnally used Lhese names ln hls bookţ or wheLher laLer LranslaLors subsLlLuLed ln Lhelr own names for
Lhe areas LhaL Lhey LhoughL were belng referred LoŦ

1he Second ÞarableAbouL Lhose who deny Lhe name of Lhe uwelllng of Lhe Poly Cnes and of Lhe Lord of
43Ŧ2Ž 1hey wlll noL ascend lnLo Peaven nor wlll Lhey come upon Lhe earLhŤ such wlll be Lhe loL of Lhe
slnners who deny Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs who wlll Lhus be kepL for Lhe uay of AffllcLlon and
43Ŧ3Ž ºCn LhaL day Lhe Chosen Cne wlll slL on Lhe 1hrone of Clory and wlll choose Lhelr worksŦ And Lhelr
resLlng places wlll be wlLhouL number and Lhelr splrlLs wlLhln Lhem wlll grow sLrong when Lhey see My
Chosen Cne and Lhose who appeal Lo My Poly and Clorlous nameŦ
43Ŧ4Ž And on LhaL day l wlll cause My Chosen Cne Lo dwell among Lhem and l wlll Lransform Peaven and
make lL an LLernal 8lesslng and LlghLŦ
43Ŧ3Ž And l wlll Lransform Lhe dry ground and make lL a blesslngţ and l wlll cause My Chosen Cnes Lo
dwell upon lLŤ buL Lhose who commlL sln and evll wlll noL Lread upon lLŦ
43Ŧ6Ž lor l have seenţ and have saLlsfled wlLh peaceţ My 8lghLeous Cnesţ and have placed Lhem ln fronL
of MeŤ buL for Lhe slnners My !udgemenL draws near so LhaL l may desLroy Lhem from Lhe face of Lhe
46Ŧ1Ž And Lhere l saw one who had a 'Pead of uays' and hls head was whlLe llke woolŦ And wlLh hlm
Lhere was anoLher whose face had Lhe appearance of a man and hls face was full of grace llke one of Lhe
Poly AngelsŦ
46Ŧ2Ž And l asked one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ who wenL wlLh me and showed me all Lhe secreLsţ abouL LhaL
Son of Manţ who he wasţ and from where he wasţ and why he wenL wlLh Lhe Pead of uaysŦ
46Ŧ3Ž And he answered meţ and sald Lo meť
ƍ1hls ls Lhe Son of Man who has rlghLeousness and wlLh whom rlghLeousness dwellsŦ Pe wlll reveal all
Lhe Lreasures of LhaL whlch ls secreLţ for Lhe Lord of SplrlLs has chosen hlmţ and Lhrough uprlghLness hls
loL has surpassed all oLhersţ ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ foreverŦ
46Ŧ4Ž And Lhls Son of Manţ who you have seenţ wlll rouse Lhe klngs and Lhe powerful from Lhelr resLlng
placesţ and Lhe sLrong from Lhelr Lhronesţ and wlll loose Lhe relns of Lhe sLrongţ and wlll break Lhe LeeLh
of Lhe slnnersŦ
46Ŧ3Ž And he wlll casL down Lhe klngs from Lhelr Lhronesţ and from Lhelr klngdomsţ for Lhey do noL exalL
hlmţ and do noL pralse hlmţ and do noL humbly acknowledge from where Lhelr klngdom was glven Lo
46Ŧ6Ž And he wlll casL down Lhe faces of Lhe sLrong and shame wlll flll Lhemţ and darkness wlll be Lhelr
dwelllngţ and worms wlll be Lhelr resLlng placeŦ And Lhey wlll have no hope of rlslng from Lhelr resLlngŴ
placesţ for Lhey do noL exalL Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
46Ŧ7Ž And Lhese are Lhey who [udge Lhe SLars of Peavenţ and ralse Lhelr hands agalnsL Lhe MosL Plghţ
and Lrample upon Lhe dry groundţ and dwell upon lLŦ And all Lhelr deeds show lnlqulLyţ and Lhelr power
resLs on Lhelr rlchesţ and Lhelr falLh ls ln Lhelr gods LhaL Lhey have made wlLh Lhelr handsţ and Lhey deny
Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
46Ŧ8Ž And Lhey wlll be drlven from Lhe houses of hls congregaLlonţ and of Lhe falLhfulţ who depend on
Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
47Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhe prayer of Lhe rlghLeousţ and Lhe blood of Lhe rlghLeous wlll have ascended
from Lhe LarLh ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
47Ŧ2Ž ln Lhese days Lhe Poly Cnes who llve ln Peaven above wlll unlLe wlLh one volceţ and suppllcaLeţ
and prayţ and pralseţ and glve Lhanksţ and blessţ ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ 8ecause of Lhe blood
of Lhe rlghLeous LhaL has been poured ouLŦ And because of Lhe prayer of Lhe rlghLeousţ so LhaL lL may
noL cease ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ so LhaL [usLlce mlghL be done Lo Lhemţ and LhaL Lhelr paLlence
may noL have Lo lasL foreverŦƍ
47Ŧ3Ž And ln Lhose daysţ l saw Lhe Pead of uays slL down on Lhe 1hrone of hls Clory and Lhe 8ooks of Lhe
Llvlng were opened ln fronL of hlm and all Pls PosLţ whlch dwell ln Lhe Peavens aboveţ and hls Councll
were sLandlng ln fronL of PlmŦ
47Ŧ4Ž And Lhe hearLs of Lhe Poly Cnes were full of [oy LhaL Lhe number of rlghLeousness had been
reachedţ and Lhe prayer of Lhe rlghLeous had been heardţ and Lhe blood of Lhe rlghLeous had noL been
requlred ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
48Ŧ1Ž And ln LhaL place l saw an lnexhausLlble sprlng of rlghLeousness and many sprlngs of wlsdom
surrounded lLţ and all Lhe LhlrsLy drank from Lhem and were fllled wlLh wlsdomţ and Lhelr dwelllng was
wlLh Lhe 8lghLeous and Lhe Poly and Lhe ChosenŦ
48Ŧ2Ž And aL LhaL hour LhaL Son of Man was namedţ ln Lhe presence of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and hls name
broughL Lo Lhe Pead of uaysŦ
48Ŧ3Ž Lven before Lhe Sun and Lhe consLellaLlons were creaLedţ before Lhe SLars of Peaven were madeţ
hls name was named ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
48Ŧ4Ž Pe wlll be a sLaff Lo Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe Polyţ so LhaL Lhey may lean on hlm and noL fallţ and he
wlll be Lhe LlghL of Lhe naLlonsţ and he wlll be Lhe hope of Lhose who grleve ln Lhelr hearLsŦ
48Ŧ3Ž All Lhose who dwell upon Lhe dry ground wlll fall down and worshlp ln fronL of hlmţ and Lhey wlll
blessţ and pralseţ and celebraLe wlLh psalmsţ Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
48Ŧ6Ž And because of Lhls he was chosenţ and hldden ln fronL of Plmţ before Lhe World was creaLedţ and
48Ŧ7Ž 8uL Lhe wlsdom of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs has revealed hlm Lo Lhe Poly and Lhe rlghLeousţ for he has
kepL safe Lhe loL of Lhe rlghLeousţ for Lhey have haLed and re[ecLed Lhls world of lnlqulLyŦ And all lLs
works and lLs ways Lhey have haLed ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ lor ln Pls name Lhey are saved
and he ls Lhe one who wlll requlre Lhelr llvesŦ
48Ŧ8Ž And ln Lhose days Lhe klngs of Lhe LarLhţ and Lhe sLrong who possess Lhe dry groundţ wlll have
downcasL faces because of Lhe works of Lhelr handsţ for on Lhe day of Lhelr dlsLress and Lrouble Lhey wlll
noL save LhemselvesŦ
48Ŧ9Ž And l wlll glve Lhem lnLo Lhe hands of my chosen onesŤ llke sLraw ln Lhe flreţ and llke lead ln waLerţ
so Lhey wlll burn ln fronL of Lhe rlghLeousţ and slnk ln fronL of Lhe Polyţ and no Lrace wlll be found of
48Ŧ10Ž And on Lhe day of Lhelr Lrouble Lhere wlll be resL on Lhe earLh and Lhey wlll fall down ln fronL of
hlm and wlll noL rlseŦ And Lhere wlll be no one who wlll Lake Lhem wlLh hls hands and ralse Lhem for Lhey
denled Lhe Lord of SplrlLs and hls MesslahŦ May Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs be blessed!
49Ŧ1Ž lor wlsdom has been poured ouL llke waLer and glory wlll noL fall ln fronL of Plm forever and everŦ
49Ŧ2Ž lor Pe ls powerful ln all Lhe secreLs of rlghLeousness and lnlqulLy wlll pass away llke a shadowţ and
wlll have no exlsLenceŤ for Lhe Chosen Cne sLands ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs and Pls Clory ls for ever
and everţ and Pls Þower for all generaLlonsŦ
49Ŧ3Ž And ln Plm dwell Lhe splrlL of wlsdomţ and Lhe splrlL LhaL glves undersLandlngţ and Lhe splrlL of
knowledge and of powerţ and Lhe splrlL of Lhose who sleep ln rlghLeousnessŦ
49Ŧ4Ž And he wlll [udge Lhe Lhlngs LhaL are secreLţ and no one wlll be able Lo say an ldle word ln fronL of
hlmţ for he has been chosen ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ ln accordance wlLh Pls wlshŦ
30Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose days a change wlll occur for Lhe Poly and Lhe chosenŤ Lhe LlghL of uays wlll resL upon
Lhemţ and glory and honour wlll reLurn Lo Lhe PolyŦ
30Ŧ2Ž And on Lhe day of Lroubleţ calamlLy wlll be heaped up over Lhe slnnersţ buL Lhe rlghLeous wlll
conquer ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs and Pe wlll show Lhls Lo oLhers so LhaL Lhey mlghL repenL and
abandon Lhe works of Lhelr handsŦ
30Ŧ3Ž And Lhey wlll have no honour ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ buL ln Pls name Lhey wlll be saved and
Lhe Lord of SplrlLs wlll have mercy on Lhemţ for hls mercy ls greaLŦ
30Ŧ4Ž And Pe ls rlghLeous ln Pls [udgmenLţ and ln fronL of Pls Clory lnlqulLy wlll noL be able Lo sLand
agalnsL Pls !udgmenLŤ he who does noL repenL wlll be desLroyedŦ
30Ŧ3Ž ƍAnd from Lhen on l wlll noL have mercy on Lhemţƍ says Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
31Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose days Lhe LarLh wlll reLurn LhaL whlch has been enLrusLed Lo lLţ and Sheol wlll reLurn
LhaL whlch has been enLrusLed Lo lL and LhaL whlch lL has recelvedŦ And desLrucLlon wlll reLurn whaL lL
31Ŧ2Ž And Pe wlll choose Lhe 8lghLeous and Lhe Poly from among LhemŤ for Lhe day has come near when
Lhey musL be savedŦ
31Ŧ3Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhe Chosen Cne wlll slL on hls Lhroneţ and all Lhe SecreLs of Wlsdom wlll flow
ouL from Lhe councll of hls mouLhţ for Lhe Lord of SplrlLs has appolnLed hlm and glorlfled hlmŦ
31Ŧ4Ž And ln Lhose days Lhe mounLalns wlll leap llke ramsţ and Lhe hllls wlll sklp llke lambs saLlsfled wlLh
mllkţ and all wlll become Angels ln PeavenŦ
31Ŧ3Ž 1helr faces wlll shlne wlLh [oyţ for ln Lhose days Lhe Chosen Cne wlll have rlsen and Lhe earLh wlll
re[olceŦ And Lhe rlghLeous wlll dwell upon lL and Lhe chosen wlll walk upon lLŦ
32Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhose daysţ ln LhaL place where l had seen all Lhe vlslons of LhaL whlch ls secreLţ for l had
been carrled off by a whlrlwlndţ and Lhey had broughL me Lo Lhe wesLŦ
32Ŧ2Ž 1here my eyes saw Lhe secreLs of PeavenŤ everyLhlng LhaL wlll occur on LarLhť a mounLaln of lronţ
and a mounLaln of copperţ and a mounLaln of sllverţ and a mounLaln of goldţ and a mounLaln of sofL
meLalţ and a mounLaln of leadŦ
32Ŧ3Ž And l asked Lhe Angel who wenL wlLh meţ saylngť
ƍWhaL are Lhese Lhlngs whlch l have seen ln secreL?ƍ
32Ŧ4Ž And he sald Lo meť ƍAll Lhese Lhlngs whlch you have seen serve Lhe auLhorlLy of Pls Messlahţ so
LhaL he may be sLrong and powerful on Lhe LarLhŦƍ
32Ŧ3Ž And LhaL Angel of Þeace answered meţ saylngť ƍWalL a llLLle and you wlll seeţ and everyLhlng whlch
ls secreLţ whlch Lhe Lord of SplrlLs has esLabllshedţ wlll be revealed Lo youŦ
32Ŧ6Ž And Lhese mounLalnsţ LhaL you have seenŤ Lhe mounLaln of lronţ and Lhe mounLaln of copperţ and
Lhe mounLaln of sllverţ and Lhe mounLaln of goldţ and Lhe mounLaln of sofL meLalţ and Lhe mounLaln of
leadŦ All Lhese ln fronL of Lhe Chosen Cne wlll be llke wax before flreţ and llke Lhe waLer LhaL comes
down from above onLo Lhese mounLalns Lhey wlll be weak under hls feeLŦ
32Ŧ7Ž And lL wlll come Lo pass ln Lhose daysţ LhaL nelLher by goldţ nor by sllverţ wlll men save LhemselvesŤ
Lhey wlll be unable Lo save Lhemselvesţ or Lo fleeŦ
32Ŧ8Ž And Lhere wlll be nelLher lron for war nor maLerlal for a breasLplaLeŤ bronze wlll be no useţ and Lln
wlll be of no use and wlll counL for noLhlngţ and lead wlll noL be wanLedŦ
32Ŧ9Ž All Lhese wlll be wlped ouL and desLroyed from Lhe face of Lhe earLh when Lhe Chosen Cne
appears ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦƍ
33Ŧ1Ž And Lhere my eyes saw a deep valleyţ and lLs mouLh was openŤ and all Lhose who dwell upon dry
ground and Lhe sea and Lhe lslands wlll brlng glfLs and presenLs and offerlngs Lo hlmţ buL LhaL deep
valley wlll noL become fullŦ
33Ŧ2Ž And Lhelr hands commlL evllţ and everyLhlng aL whlch Lhe rlghLeous Loll Lhe slnners evllly devourŤ
and so Lhe slnners wlll be desLroyed from ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and wlll be banlshed from Lhe
face of Pls LarLhţ unceaslngly for ever and everŦ
33Ŧ3Ž lor l saw Lhe Angels of ÞunlshmenL golng and preparlng all Lhe lnsLrumenLs of SaLanŦ
33Ŧ4Ž And l asked Lhe Angel of Þeaceţ who wenL wlLh meţ and l sald Lo hlmť ƍ1hese lnsLrumenLs Ŵ for
whom are Lhey preparlng Lhem?ƍ
33Ŧ3Ž And he sald Lo meť ƍ1hey are preparlng Lhese for Lhe klngs and Lhe powerful of Lhls LarLhţ so LhaL
by means of Lhem Lhey may be desLroyedŦ
33Ŧ6Ž And afLer Lhls Lhe 8lghLeous and Chosen Cne wlll cause Lhe house of hls congregaLlon Lo appearŤ
from Lhen onţ ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ Lhey wlll noL be hlnderedŦ
33Ŧ7Ž And ln fronL of hlm Lhese mounLalns wlll noL be flrm llke Lhe earLhţ and Lhe hllls wlll be llke a sprlng
of waLerŤ and Lhe rlghLeous wlll have resL from Lhe lllŴLreaLmenL of Lhe slnnersŦƍ
34Ŧ1Ž And l lookedţ and Lurned Lo anoLher parL of Lhe LarLhţ and l saw Lhere a deep valley wlLh burnlng
34Ŧ2Ž And Lhey broughL Lhe klngs and powerful and Lhrew Lhem lnLo LhaL valleyŦ
34Ŧ3Ž And Lhere my eyes saw how Lhey made lnsLrumenLs for Lhem Ŵ lron chalns of lmmeasurable
34Ŧ4Ž And l asked Lhe Angel of Þeaceţ who wenL wlLh meţ saylngť ƍ1hese chaln lnsLrumenLs Ŵ for whom
are Lhey belng prepared?ƍ
34Ŧ3Ž And he sald Lo meť ƍ1hese are belng prepared for Lhe hosLs of Azazelţ so LhaL Lhey may Lake Lhemţ
and Lhrow Lhem lnLo Lhe lowesL parL of hellŤ and Lhey wlll cover Lhelr [aws wlLh rough sLonesţ as Lhe Lord
of SplrlLs commandedŦ
34Ŧ6Ž And Mlchael and Cabrlelţ 8aphael and Þhanuel Ŵ Lhese wlll Lake hold of Lhem on LhaL greaL dayŦ
And Lhrow Lhemţ on LhaL dayţ lnLo Lhe furnace of burnlng flreţ so LhaL Lhe Lord of SplrlLs may Lake
vengeance on Lhem for Lhelr lnlqulLyţ ln LhaL Lhey became servanLs of SaLanţ and led asLray Lhose who
dwell upon Lhe dry groundŦ
34Ŧ7Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhe punlshmenL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs wlll go ouLţ and all Lhe sLorehouses of Lhe
waLers whlch are above Lhe sky and under Lhe earLhţ wlll be openedŦ
34Ŧ8Ž And all Lhe waLers wlll be [olned wlLh Lhe waLers LhaL are above Lhe skyŦ 1he waLer LhaL ls above
Lhe sky ls male and Lhe waLer LhaL ls under Lhe LarLh ls femaleŦ
34Ŧ9Ž And all Lhose who dwell upon Lhe dry groundţ and Lhose who dwell under Lhe ends of Peavenţ wlll
be wlped ouLŦ
34Ŧ10Ž And because of Lhls Lhey wlll acknowledge Lhelr lnlqulLy whlch Lhey have commlLLed on Lhe LarLh
and Lhrough Lhls Lhey wlll be desLroyedŦƍ
33Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhlsţ Lhe Pead of uays repenLedţ and saldť
ƍl have desLroyed Lo no purpose all Lhose who dwell upon Lhe dry groundŦƍ
33Ŧ2Ž And he swore by Pls CreaL nameť ƍlrom now on l wlll noL acL llke Lhls Lowards all Lhose who dwell
upon Lhe dry groundŦ And l wlll puL a slgn ln Peavenţ and lL wlll be a pledge of falLh beLween me and
Lhem foreverţ so long as Peaven ls above Lhe LarLhŦ
33Ŧ3Ž And Lhls wlll be ln accordance wlLh my commandŦ When l wanL Lo Lake hold of Lhem wlLh Lhe
hands of Lhe Angelsţ on Lhe day of dlsLress and palnţ ln Lhe face of my anger and my wraLhţ my wraLh
and anger wlll remaln upon Lhemƍ says Lhe Lordţ 1he Lord of SplrlLsŦ
33Ŧ4Ž ƍ?ou powerful klngs who dwell upon Lhe dry ground wlll be obllged Lo waLch my Chosen Cne slL
down on Lhe Lhrone of My Cloryţ and [udgeţ ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ Azazel and all hls
assoclaLes and all hls hosLsŦƍ
36Ŧ1Ž And l saw Lhere Lhe hosLs of Lhe Angels of ÞunlshmenLţ as Lhey wenLţ and Lhey were holdlng chalns
of lron and bronzeŦ
36Ŧ2Ž And l asked Lhe Angel of Þeaceţ who wenL wlLh meţ saylngť
ƍ1o whom are Lhose who are holdlng Lhe chalns golng?ƍ
36Ŧ3Ž And he sald Lo meť ƍLach Lo hls own chosen onesţ and Lo Lhelr beloved onesţ so LhaL Lhey may be
Lhrown lnLo Lhe chasmţ ln Lhe depLhs of Lhe valleyŦƍ
36Ŧ4Ž And Lhenţ LhaL valley wlll be fllled wlLh Lhelr chosen and beloved onesţ and Lhe days of Lhelr llfe
wlll be aL an endţ and Lhe days of Lhelr leadlng asLray wlll no longer be counLedŦ
36Ŧ3Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhe Angels wlll gaLher LogeLherţ and wlll Lhrow Lhemselves Lowards Lhe easLţ
upon Lhe ÞarLhlans and MedesŦ 1hey wlll sLlr up Lhe klngs so LhaL a dlsLurblng splrlL wlll come upon
Lhemţ and Lhey wlll drlve Lhem from Lhelr LhronesŤ and Lhey wlll come ouL llke llons from Lhelr lalrsţ and
llke hungry wolves ln Lhe mlddle of Lhelr flocksŦ
36Ŧ6Ž And Lhey wlll go up and Lrample on Lhe Land of My Chosen Cnesţ and Lhe land of my chosen ones
wlll become before Lhem a LramplngŴground and a beaLen LrackŦ
36Ŧ7Ž 8uL Lhe ClLy of My 8lghLeous Cnes wlll be a hlndrance Lo Lhelr horsesţ and Lhey wlll sLlr up
slaughLer amongsL Lhemselvesţ and Lhelr own rlghL hand wlll be sLrong agalnsL LhemŦ And a man wlll noL
admlL Lo knowlng hls nelghbourţ or hls broLherţ nor a son hls faLherţ or hls moLherţ unLllţ Lhrough Lhelr
deaLhţ Lhere are corpses enoughŤ and Lhelr punlshmenL Ŵ lL wlll noL be ln valnŦ
36Ŧ8Ž And ln Lhose days Sheol wlll open lLs mouLh and Lhey wlll slnk lnLo lL and Lhelr desLrucLlonŤ Sheol
wlll swallow up Lhe slnners ln fronL of Lhe faces of Lhe chosenŦƍ
37Ŧ1Ž And lL came Lo passţ afLer Lhlsţ LhaL l saw anoLher hosL of charloLs wlLh men rldlng on Lhemţ and
Lhey came upon Lhe wlnd from Lhe easL and from Lhe wesLţ Lo Lhe souLhŦ
37Ŧ2Ž And Lhe sound of Lhe nolse of Lhelr charloLs was heardŦ And when Lhls occurred Lhe Poly Cnes
observed lL from Peaven and Lhe Þlllars of Lhe LarLh were shaken from Lhelr foundaLlonsŦ And Lhe sound
was heard from Lhe ends of Lhe LarLh Lo Lhe ends of Peaven LhroughouL one dayŦ
37Ŧ3Ž And all wlll fall down and worshlp Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ And Lhls ls Lhe end of Lhe second parableŦ

1he 1hlrd ÞarableŦ
(Þages 73Ŵ83) 1he Lwo monsLers menLloned aL 60Ŧ7 are also menLloned ln Lhe book of !ob posslbly Lhe
oldesL book ln Lhe 8lbleŦ See !ob 40Ŧ13 Ǝ 41Ŧ1Ŧ 8ehemoLh ls ƍLhe beasLƍ and LevlaLhan ls ƍLhe monsLer of
chaosţ" buL whaL Lhey represenLţ ln Lnochƌs bookţ ls noL made clearŦ AL 60Ŧ10ţ Lhe WaLchers say lL ls a
secreL and Lhen Lhey soon change Lhe sub[ecLŦ
AL 60Ŧ1 Lnoch glves hls ageŤ lL ls wrlLLen as 300 and noL 30 ln Lhe LLhloplan coplesŦ l feel Lhls musL be due
Lo an anclenL LranscrlpLlon error so l have subsLlLuLed 30 as Lhe mosL llkely alLernaLlveŦ l suspecL LhaL
Lnoch had [usL had hls exacL age calculaLed by Lhe WaLchersţ based on Lhe sLory of hls blrLhţ whlch
would be a rare Lhlng Lo know ln Lhe days before calendars were ln everyday useŦ

1he 1hlrd ÞarableAbouL 1he 8lghLeous and abouL 1he ChosenŦ
38Ŧ2Ž 8lessed are youţ Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe chosenţ for your loL wlll be glorlous!
38Ŧ3Ž And Lhe rlghLeous wlll be ln Lhe llghL of Lhe Sun and Lhe chosen ln Lhe llghL of eLernal llfeŦ And
Lhere wlll be no end Lo Lhe days of Lhelr llfe and Lhe days of Lhe Poly wlll be wlLhouL numberŦ
38Ŧ4Ž And Lhey wlll seek Lhe llghL and wlll flnd rlghLeousness wlLh Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ Þeace be Lo Lhe
rlghLeous wlLh Lhe Lord of Lhe World!
38Ŧ3Ž And afLer Lhls lL wlll be sald Lo Lhe Poly LhaL Lhey should seek ln Peaven Lhe secreLs of
rlghLeousnessţ Lhe loL of falLhŤ for lL has become brlghL as Lhe Sun upon Lhe dry groundţ and darkness
has passed awayŦ
38Ŧ6Ž And Lhere wlll be ceaseless llghLţ and Lo a llmlL of daysţ Lhey wlll noL comeţ for darkness wlll have
been desLroyed prevlouslyŦ And Lhe llghL wlll endure ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and Lhe llghL of
uprlghLness wlll endure ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ foreverŦ
60Ŧ1Ž ln Lhe flfLleLh yearţ ln Lhe sevenLh monLhţ on Lhe fourLeenLh day of Lhe monLh of Lhe llfe of LnochŦ
ln LhaL parableţ l saw how Lhe Peaven of Peavens was shaken vlolenLlyţ and Lhe PosL of Lhe MosL Plgh
and Lhe Angelsţ a Lhousand Lhousands and Len Lhousand Llmes Len Lhousandţ were exLremely dlsLurbedŦ
60Ŧ2Ž And Lhen l saw Lhe Pead of uays slLLlng on Lhe Lhrone of hls glory and Lhe Angels and rlghLeous
were slLLlng around hlmŦ
60Ŧ3Ž And a greaL Lrembllng selzed meţ and fear Look hold of meţ and my lolns collapsed and gave wayţ
and my whole belng melLedţ and l fell upon my faceŦ
60Ŧ4Ž And Lhe Poly Mlchael senL anoLher Poly Angelţ one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ and he ralsed meŤ and
when he ralsed me my splrlL reLurnedţ for l had been unable Lo endure Lhe slghL of LhaL hosLţ and Lhe
dlsLurbanceţ and Lhe shaklng of PeavenŦ
60Ŧ3Ž And Lhe Poly Mlchael sald Lo meť

WhaL slghL has dlsLurbed you llke Lhls? unLll Loday has Lhe day of Pls mercy lasLed and Pe has been
merclful and long sufferlng Lowards Lhose who dwell upon Lhe dry groundŦ
60Ŧ6Ž And when Lhe uayţ and Lhe Þowerţ and Lhe ÞunlshmenLţ and Lhe !udgmenL come LhaL Lhe Lord of
SplrlLs has prepared for Lhose who worshlp Lhe 8lghLeous !udgmenLţ and for Lhose who deny Lhe
8lghLeous !udgmenLţ and for Lhose who Lake Pls name ln valn Ŵ and LhaL uay has been preparedŦ lor Lhe
chosen a covenanLţ buL for Lhe slnners a vlslLaLlonŦ"
60Ŧ7Ž And on LhaL day Lwo monsLers wlll be separaLed from one anoLherţ a female monsLer whose name
ls LevlaLhanţ Lo dwell ln Lhe depLhs of Lhe seaţ above Lhe sprlngs of Lhe waLersŦ
60Ŧ8Ž And Lhe name of Lhe male ls 8ehemoLh who occuples wlLh hls breasL an lmmense deserL named
uendayn on Lhe easL of Lhe Carden where Lhe chosen and Lhe rlghLeous dwellŦ Where my greaLŴ
grandfaLher was recelvedţ who was sevenLh from Adamţ Lhe flrsL man whom Lhe Lord of SplrlLs madeŦ
60Ŧ9Ž And l asked LhaL oLher Angel Lo show me Lhe power of Lhose monsLersţ how Lhey were separaLed
on one dayţ and Lhrownţ one lnLo Lhe depLhs of Lhe sea and Lhe oLher on Lo Lhe dry ground of Lhe
60Ŧ10Ž And he sald Lo meť ºSon of manţ you here wlsh Lo know whaL ls secreLŦ"
60Ŧ24Ž And Lhe Angel of Þeace who was wlLh meţ sald Lo meť º1hese Lwo monsLersţ prepared ln
accordance wlLh Lhe greaLness of Lhe Lordţ wlll feed Lhem LhaL ÞunlshmenL of Lhe LordŦ And chlldren wlll
be kllled wlLh Lhelr moLhers and sons wlLh Lhelr faLhersŦ
60Ŧ23Ž When Lhe punlshmenL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs resLs upon Lhem lL wlll remaln resLlng so LhaL Lhe
punlshmenL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs may noL come ln valn upon LheseŦ AfLerwardsţ Lhe [udgmenL wlll be
accordlng Lo Pls mercy and Pls paLlenceŦƍ
61Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ l saw long cords glven Lo Lhose Angels and Lhey acqulred wlngs for Lhemselvesţ
and flewţ and wenL Lowards Lhe norLhŦ
61Ŧ2Ž And l asked Lhe Angelţ saylngť

Why dld Lhese Lake Lhe long cordsţ and go?" And he sald Lo meť º1hey wenL so LhaL Lhey may measureŦ"
61Ŧ3Ž And Lhe Angel who wenL wlLh meţ sald Lo meť

1hese wlll brlng Lhe measuremenLs of Lhe rlghLeousţ and Lhe ropes of Lhe rlghLeousţ Lo Lhe rlghLeousţ
LhaL Lhey may rely on Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs for ever and everŦ
61Ŧ4Ž 1he chosen wlll begln Lo dwell wlLh Lhe chosenţ and Lhese measuremenLs wlll be glven Lo falLhţ and
wlll sLrengLhen rlghLeousnessŦ
61Ŧ3Ž And Lhese measuremenLs wlll reveal all Lhe secreLs of Lhe depLhs of Lhe LarLhţ and Lhose who were
desLroyed by Lhe deserLţ and Lhose who were devoured by Lhe flsh of Lhe seaţ and by anlmalsţ LhaL Lhey
may reLurn and rely on Lhe uay of Lhe Chosen CneŦ lor no one wlll be desLroyed ln fronL of Lhe Lord of
SplrlLsţ and no one can be desLroyedŦ"
61Ŧ6Ž And all Lhose ln Lhe Peavens above recelved a commandţ and powerţ and one volceţ and one llghL
llke flre was glven Lo LhemŦ
61Ŧ7Ž And Plmţ before everyLhlngţ Lhey blessedţ and exalLedţ and pralsed ln wlsdomŦ And Lhey showed
Lhemselves wlse ln speech and ln Lhe splrlL of llfeŦ
61Ŧ8Ž And Lhe Lord of SplrlLs seL Lhe Chosen Cne on Lhe Lhrone of hls gloryţ and he wlll [udge all Lhe
works of Lhe Poly ones ln Peaven aboveţ and ln Lhe 8alance he wlll welgh Lhelr deedsŦ
61Ŧ9Ž And when he llfLs hls face Lo [udge Lhelr secreL ways accordlng Lo Lhe word of Lhe name of Lhe Lord
of SplrlLsţ and Lhelr paLh accordlng Lo Lhe way of Lhe 8lghLeous !udgmenL of Lhe Lord MosL Plghţ Lhey
wlll all speak wlLh one volce and blessţ and pralseţ and exalLţ and glorlfyţ Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
61Ŧ10Ž And he wlll call all Lhe PosL of Lhe Peavens and all Lhe Poly Cnes aboveţ and Lhe PosL of Lhe Lordţ
Lhe Cherublmţ and Lhe Seraphlmţ and Lhe Cphannlmţ and all Lhe Angels of Þowerţ and all Lhe Angels of
Lhe ÞrlnclpallLlesţ and Lhe Chosen Cneţ and Lhe oLher hosL LhaL ls upon Lhe dry groundţ and over Lhe
waLerţ on LhaL uayŦ
61Ŧ11Ž And Lhey wlll ralse one volceţ and wlll blessţ and pralseţ and glorlfyţ and exalLţ ln Lhe splrlL of falLhţ
and ln Lhe splrlL of wlsdomţ and of paLlenceţ and ln Lhe splrlL of mercyţ and ln Lhe splrlL of [usLlceţ and of
peaceţ and ln Lhe splrlL of goodnessŦ And Lhey wlll all say wlLh one volceť º8lessed ls Peţ and blessed be
Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs for ever and everŦ"
61Ŧ12Ž All 1hose Who uo noL Sleep ln Peaven above wlll bless hlmŦ All Pls Poly Cnes who are ln Peavenţ
wlll bless Plmţ and all Lhe chosen ones who dwell ln Lhe Carden of Llfeţ and every splrlL able Lo blessţ
and pralse and exalLţ and hallow your Poly nameŦ And all flesh whlch Lo Lhe llmlL of lLs powerţ wlll
pralseţ and blessţ your name forever and everŦ
61Ŧ13Ž lor greaL ls Lhe mercy of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and he ls longŴsufferlngŤ and all hls works and all hls
forcesţ as many as he has madeţ he has revealed Lo Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe chosenţ ln Lhe name of Lhe
Lord of SplrlLsŦ
62Ŧ1Ž And Lhus Lhe Lord commanded Lhe klngsţ and Lhe mlghLy and Lhe exalLedţ and Lhose who dwell
upon Lhe earLhţ and saldť ºCpen your eyes and ralse your horns lf you are able Lo acknowledge Lhe
Chosen CneŦ"
62Ŧ2Ž And Lhe Lord of SplrlLs saL on Pls 1hrone of Cloryţ and Lhe splrlL of rlghLeousness was poured ouL
on hlmţ and Lhe word of hls mouLh kllls all Lhe slnners and all Lhe lawlessţ and Lhey are desLroyed ln
fronL of hlmŦ
62Ŧ3Ž And on LhaL uayţ all Lhe klngs and Lhe mlghLy and Lhe exalLedţ and Lhose who possess Lhe earLhţ
wlll sLand up and Lhey wlll see and recognlze how he slLs on Lhe 1hrone of Pls CloryŦ And Lhe rlghLeous
are [udged ln rlghLeousnessţ ln fronL of hlmţ and no ldle word ls spoken ln fronL of hlmŦ
62Ŧ4Ž And paln wlll come upon Lhem as upon a woman ln labourţ for whom glvlng blrLh ls dlfflculL when
her chlld enLers Lhe mouLh of Lhe wombţ and she has dlfflculLy glvlng blrLhŦ
62Ŧ3Ž And one half of Lhem wlll look aL Lhe oLherţ and Lhey wlll be Lerrlfledţ and wlll casL down Lhelr
facesţ and paln wlll Lake hold of Lhem when Lhey see LhaL son of a woman slLLlng on Lhe Lhrone of Pls
62Ŧ6Ž And Lhe mlghLy klngsţ and all Lhose who possess Lhe earLhţ wlll pralse and bless and exalL Plm who
rules everyLhlng LhaL ls hlddenŦ
62Ŧ7Ž lor from Lhe beglnnlng LhaL Son of Man was hlddenţ and Lhe MosL Plgh kepL hlm ln Lhe presence
of Pls powerţ and revealed hlm only Lo Lhe chosenŦ
62Ŧ8Ž And Lhe communlLy of Lhe Poly and Lhe chosen wlll be sown and all Lhe chosen wlll sLand before
hlm on LhaL dayŦ
62Ŧ9Ž And all Lhe mlghLy klngsţ and Lhe exalLedţ and Lhose who rule Lhe dry groundţ wlll fall down before
hlmţ on Lhelr facesţ and worshlpŤ and Lhey wlll seL Lhelr hopes on LhaL Son of Manţ and wlll enLreaL hlmţ
and wlll peLlLlon for mercy from hlmŦ
62Ŧ10Ž 8uL Lhe Lord of SplrlLs wlll Lhen so press Lhem LhaL Lhey wlll hasLen Lo go ouL from before Plmţ
and Lhelr faces wlll be fllled wlLh shameţ and Lhe darkness wlll grow deeper on Lhelr facesŦ
62Ŧ11Ž And Lhe Angels of ÞunlshmenL wlll Lake Lhem so LhaL Lhey may repay Lhem for Lhe wrong LhaL
Lhey dld Lo Pls chlldren and Lo Pls chosen onesŦ
62Ŧ12Ž And Lhey wlll become a specLacle Lo Lhe rlghLeous and Lo Pls chosen onesŤ Lhey wlll re[olce over
Lhemţ for Lhe anger of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs wlll resL upon Lhemţ and Lhe sword of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs wlll be
drunk wlLh LhemŦ
62Ŧ13Ž And Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe chosen wlll be saved on LhaL uay and Lhey wlll never see Lhe faces of
Lhe slnners and Lhe lawless from Lhen onŦ
62Ŧ14Ž And Lhe Lord of SplrlLs wlll remaln over Lhem and wlLh LhaL Son of Man Lhey wlll dwellţ and eaLţ
and lle downţ and rlse upţ forever and everŦ
62Ŧ13Ž And Lhe rlghLeous and chosen wlll have rlsen from Lhe earLhţ and wlll have ceased Lo casL down
Lhelr facesţ and wlll have puL on Lhe CarmenL of LlfeŦ
62Ŧ16Ž And Lhls wlll be a CarmenL of Llfe from Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŤ and your garmenLs wlll noL wear ouLţ
and your glory wlll noL fallţ ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
63Ŧ1Ž ln Lhose daysţ Lhe mlghLy klngs who possess Lhe dry ground wlll enLreaL Lhe Angels of Pls
ÞunlshmenL Lo whom Lhey have been handed over so LhaL Lhey mlghL glve Lhem a llLLle resplLeŦ And so
LhaL Lhey mlghL fall down and worshlp ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and confess Lhelr slns ln fronL of
63Ŧ2Ž And Lhey wlll bless and pralse Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and sayť º8lessed be Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ and Lhe
Lord of klngsţ Lhe Lord of Lhe MlghLyţ and Lhe Lord of Lhe 8lchţ and Lhe Lord of Cloryţ and Lhe Lord of
63Ŧ3Ž And everyLhlng secreL ls clearţ ln fronL of ?ouţ and your power ls for all generaLlonsţ and your glory
ls forever and everŦ ueep and wlLhouL number are all your secreLs and your rlghLeousness ls beyond
63Ŧ4Ž now we reallze LhaL we oughL Lo pralse and bless Lhe Lord of klngs and Lhe one who ls klng over all
63Ŧ3Ž And Lhey wlll sayť ºWould LhaL we mlghL be glven a resplLeţ so LhaL we mlghL pralse and Lhank and
bless hlmţ and make our confesslon ln fronL of Pls CloryŦ
63Ŧ6Ž And now we long for a resplLeţ buL do noL flnd lLŤ we are drlven off and do noL obLaln lLŤ and Lhe
llghL has passed away from before usţ and darkness wlll be our dwelllng forever and everŦ
63Ŧ7Ž lor we have noL made our confesslon before hlmţ and we have noL pralsed Lhe name of Lhe Lord
of klngsţ and we have noL pralsed Lhe Lord for all hls worksţ buL our hopes have been on Lhe scepLre of
our klngdomţ and of our gloryŦ
63Ŧ8Ž And on Lhe day of our affllcLlon and dlsLress he does noL save usţ and we flnd no resplLe Lo make
our confesslon LhaL our Lord ls falLhful ln all hls dolngsţ and ln all hls [udgmenLs and hls [usLlceţ and LhaL
hls [udgmenLs show no respecL for personsŦ
63Ŧ9Ž And we pass away from ln fronL of hlm because of all our works and all our slns have been counLed
63Ŧ10Ž 1hen Lhey wlll say Lo Lhemť ºCur souls are saLed wlLh possesslons galned Lhrough lnlqulLyţ buL
Lhey do noL prevenL our golng down lnLo Lhe flames of Lhe LormenL of SheolŦ"
63Ŧ11Ž And afLer Lhls Lhelr faces wlll be fllled wlLh darkness and shameţ ln fronL of LhaL Son of Manţ and
Lhey wlll be drlven away from hlmŦ And Lhe sword wlll dwell among Lhem Ŵ ln fronL of PlmŦ
63Ŧ12Ž And Lhus says Lhe Lord of SplrlLsť º1hls ls Lhe Law and Lhe !udgmenL for Lhe mlghLyţ and Lhe klngsţ
and Lhe exalLedţ and for Lhose who possess Lhe dry groundţ ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ"
64Ŧ1Ž And l saw oLher flgures hldden ln LhaL placeŦ
64Ŧ2Ž l heard Lhe volce of Lhe Angel saylngť º1hese are Lhe Angels who came down from Peaven onLo
Lhe LarLh and revealed whaL ls secreL Lo Lhe sons of menţ and led asLray Lhe sons of menţ so LhaL Lhey
commlLLed slnŦ"
68Ŧ2Ž And on LhaL day Lhe Poly Mlchael answered 8aphaelţ saylngť º1he power of Lhe splrlL selzes me
and makes me Lremble because of Lhe harshness of Lhe [udgmenL of Lhe AngelsŦ Who can endure Lhe
harshness of Lhe [udgmenL whlch has been execuLed and before whlch Lhey melL wlLh fear?"
68Ŧ3Ž And Lhe Poly Mlchael answered 8aphael agalnţ and sald Lo hlmť ºWho would noL sofLen hls hearL
over lLţ and whose mlnd would noL be dlsLurbed by Lhls word? !udgmenL has gone ouL agalnsL Lhemţ
upon Lhose whom Lhey have led ouL llke LhlsŦ"
68Ŧ4Ž 8uL lL came Lo passţ when he sLood before Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ LhaL Lhe Poly Mlchael spoke as
follows Lo 8aphaelť ºl wlll noL Lake Lhelr parL under Lhe eye of Lhe Lordţ for Lhe Lord of SplrlLs ls angry
wlLh Lhemţ because Lhey acL as lf Lhey were Lhe LordŦ
68Ŧ3Ž 8ecause of Lhls Lhe hldden [udgmenL wlll come upon Lhem for ever and everŤ for nelLher any oLher
Angelţ nor any manţ wlll recelve Lhelr loLţ buL Lhey alone have recelved Lhelr [udgmenL for ever and everŦ
69Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhls [udgmenL l wlll Lerrlfy Lhemţ and make Lhem Lrembleţ for Lhey have shown Lhls Lo
Lhose who dwell upon Lhe dry groundŦ"
69Ŧ2Ž And beholdţ Lhe names of Lhose Angelsť Ŵ 1he flrsL of Lhem ls Semyazaţ and Lhe second ArLaqlfaţ
and Lhe Lhlrd Armenţ and Lhe fourLh kokablelţ and Lhe flfLh 1urlelţ and Lhe slxLh 8amlelţ and Lhe sevenLh
uanlelţ and Lhe elghLh nuqaelţ and Lhe nlnLh 8araqlelţ and Lhe LenLh Azazelţ and Lhe elevenLh Armarosţ
Lhe LwelfLh 8aLrlelţ Lhe LhlrLeenLh 8asasaelţ Lhe fourLeenLh Ananelţ Lhe flfLeenLh 1urlelţ Lhe slxLeenLh
Samslelţ Lhe sevenLeenLh ?eLarelţ Lhe elghLeenLh 1umlelţ Lhe nlneLeenLh 1urlelţ Lhe LwenLleLh 8umlelţ
Lhe LwenLyŴflrsL AzazelŦ
69Ŧ3Ž And Lhese are Lhe chlefs of Lhelr Angelsţ and Lhe names of Lhe leaders of hundredsţ and Lhelr
leaders of flfLlesţ and Lhelr leaders of LensŦ
69Ŧ4Ž 1he name of Lhe flrsL ls ?equnŤ Lhls ls Lhe one who led asLray all Lhe chlldren of Lhe Poly Angelsţ
and he broughL Lhem down onLo Lhe dry groundţ and led Lhem asLray Lhrough Lhe daughLers of menŦ
69Ŧ3Ž And Lhe name of Lhe second ls AsbeelŤ Lhls one suggesLed an evll plan Lo Lhe chlldren of Lhe Poly
Angelsţ and led Lhem asLrayţ so LhaL Lhey corrupLed Lhelr bodles wlLh Lhe daughLers of menŦ
69Ŧ6Ž And Lhe name of Lhe Lhlrd ls CadreelŤ Lhls ls Lhe one LhaL showed all Lhe deadly blows Lo Lhe sons
of menŦ And he led asLray LveŦ And he showed Lhe weapons of deaLh Lo Lhe chlldren of menţ Lhe shleld
and Lhe breasLplaLeţ and Lhe sword for slaughLerţ and all Lhe weapons of deaLh Lo Lhe sons of menŦ
69Ŧ7Ž And from hls hand Lhey have gone ouL agalnsL Lhose who dwell Lhe dry ground from LhaL Llme and
forever and everŦ
69Ŧ8Ž And Lhe name of Lhe fourLh ls ÞenemueŤ Lhls one showed Lhe sons of men Lhe blLLer and Lhe sweeL
and showed Lhem all Lhe secreLs of Lhelr wlsdomŦ
69Ŧ9Ž Pe LaughL men Lhe arL of wrlLlng wlLh lnk and paperţ and Lhrough Lhls many have gone asLrayţ
from eLernlLy Lo eLernlLyţ and Lo Lhls dayŦ
69Ŧ10Ž lor men were noL creaLed for Lhlsţ LhaL Lhey should conflrm Lhelr falLh llke Lhlsţ wlLh pen and lnkŦ
69Ŧ11Ž lor men were creaLed no dlfferenLly from Lhe Angelsţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL remaln rlghLeous and
pureţ and deaLhţ whlch desLroys everyLhlngţ would noL have Louched LhemŤ buL Lhrough Lhls knowledge
of Lhelrs Lhey are belng desLroyed and Lhrough Lhls power deaLh consumes LhemŦ
69Ŧ12Ž And Lhe name of Lhe flfLh ls kasdeyaeŤ Lhls one showed Lhe sons of men all Lhe evll blows of Lhe
splrlLs and of Lhe demonsţ and Lhe blows LhaL aLLack Lhe embryo ln Lhe womb so LhaL lL mlscarrlesŦ And
Lhe blows LhaL aLLack Lhe soulť Lhe blLe of Lhe serpenLŦ And Lhe blows LhaL occur aL mlddayţ and Lhe son
of Lhe serpenL Ŵ who ls sLrongŦ
69Ŧ13Ž And Lhls ls Lhe Lask of kesbeelţ Lhe chlef of Lhe oaLhţ who showed Lhe oaLh Lo Lhe Poly ones when
he dwelL on hlgh ln gloryŦ And hls name ls 8eqaŦ
69Ŧ14Ž And Lhls one Lold Lhe Poly Mlchael LhaL he should show hlm Lhe secreL name so LhaL Lhey mlghL
menLlon lL ln Lhe oaLhţ so LhaL Lhoseţ who showed Lhe sons of men everyLhlng LhaL ls secreLţ Lrembled
before LhaL name and oaLhŦ
69Ŧ13Ž And Lhls ls Lhe power of Lhls oaLhţ for lL ls powerful and sLrongţ and he placed Lhls oaLhţ Akaeţ ln
Lhe charge of Lhe Poly MlchaelŦ
69Ŧ16Ž And Lhese are Lhe secreLs of Lhls oaLhţ and Lhey are sLrong Lhrough Lhls oaLhţ and Peaven was
suspendedţ before Lhe world was creaLedţ and foreverŦ
69Ŧ17Ž And Lhrough lL Lhe earLh was founded upon Lhe waLerţ and from Lhe hldden recesses of Lhe
mounLalns come beauLlful waLersţ from Lhe creaLlon of Lhe world and for everŦ
69Ŧ18Ž And Lhrough LhaL oaLh Lhe sea was creaLedţ and as lLs foundaLlonţ for Lhe Llme of angerţ he
placed for lL Lhe sandţ and lL does noL go beyond lLţ from Lhe creaLlon of Lhe world and for everŦ
69Ŧ19Ž And Lhrough LhaL oaLh Lhe deeps were made flrmţ and Lhey sLand and do noL move from Lhelr
placeţ from Lhe creaLlon of Lhe world and for everŦ
69Ŧ20Ž And Lhrough LhaL oaLh Lhe Sun and Lhe Moon compleLe Lhelr course and do noL Lransgress Lhelr
commandţ from Lhe creaLlon of Lhe world and for everŦ
69Ŧ21Ž And Lhrough LhaL oaLh Lhe sLars compleLe Lhelr courseţ and he calls Lhelr namesţ and Lhey answer
hlmţ from Lhe creaLlon of Lhe world and for everŦ
69Ŧ22Ž And llkewlse Lhe splrlLs of Lhe waLerţ of Lhe wlndsţ and of all Lhe breezesţ and Lhelr paLhsţ
accordlng Lo all Lhe groups of Lhe splrlLsŦ
69Ŧ23Ž And Lhere are kepL Lhe sLorehouses of Lhe sound of Lhunderţ and of Lhe llghL of Lhe llghLnlngŤ and
Lhere are kepL Lhe sLorehouses of Lhe hallţ and Lhe hoarfrosLţ and Lhe sLorehouses of Lhe mlsLţ and Lhe
sLorehouses of Lhe raln and dewŦ
69Ŧ24Ž And all Lhese make Lhelr confesslon and glve Lhanks ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLs and slng pralses
wlLh all Lhelr powerŦ And Lhelr food conslsLs of all Lhelr Lhanksglvlng and Lhey glve Lhanksţ pralseţ and
exalLţ ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ forever and everŦ
69Ŧ23Ž And Lhls oaLh ls sLrong over Lhem and Lhrough lL Lhey are kepL safe and Lhelr courses are noL
69Ŧ26Ž And Lhey had greaL [oy and Lhey blessedţ pralsedţ and exalLedţ because Lhe name of LhaL Son of
Man had been revealed Lo LhemŦ
69Ŧ27Ž And he saL on Lhe 1hrone of Pls Clory and Lhe whole [udgmenL was glven Lo Lhe Son of Man and
he wlll cause Lhe slnners Lo pass away and be desLroyed from Lhe face of Lhe LarLhŦ
69Ŧ28Ž And Lhose who led asLray Lhe world wlll be bound ln chalns and wlll be shuL up ln Lhe assemblyŴ
place of Lhelr desLrucLlonţ and all Lhelr works wlll pass away from Lhe face of Lhe earLhŦ
69Ŧ29Ž And from Lhen on Lhere wlll be noLhlng corrupLlbleŦ lor LhaL Son of Man has appearedţ and has
saL on Lhe 1hrone of Pls Cloryţ and everyLhlng evll wlll pass away and go from ln fronL of PlmŤ and Lhe
word of LhaL Son of Man wlll be sLrong ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
1hls ls Lhe 1hlrd Þarable of LnochŦ

(pages 87Ŵ90) Lnoch ofLen menLlons sLorehouses LhroughouL Lhe bookŦ SLorehouses were probably flrsL
lnLroduced Lo Lnochƌs people by Lhe runawaysŦ Slnce Lhey were consldered as angels Lhelr sLorehouses
were probably consldered dlvlne and maglcalŦ Many people probably belleved LhaL Lhe sLorehouses
creaLed Lhe goods LhaL were sLored lnslde LhemŦ
Lnoch probably knew beLLer Lhan LhaL slnce he may have been Lhe keeper of records and lnvenLorlesŦ
Poweverţ he does seem Lo regard sLorehouses as baslc Lo Codƌs way of dlsLrlbuLlng naLural Lhlngs such
as Lhe weaLherŦ
AL Lhe beglnnlng he agaln descrlbes hls [ourney (70Ŧ2Ŵ3) Ŵ he was llfLed on a charloL of Lhe splrlL and Lhey
wenL norLhwesLŦ l assume Lhls ls some klnd of flylng machlne Loday we would probably call lL a ulC
raLher Lhan a charloL of Lhe splrlLŦ
Lnoch goes on Lo descrlbe Lhe land of Lhe angels and a meeLlng wlLh Lhe Pead of uaysŦ lour of Lhe
WaLchers are named aL 71Ŧ9Ť Lhey may have been asslgned Lo look afLer Lnoch because Lhey could
speak hls language wellŦ
Lnoch seems Lo have asked quesLlons and made some noLesţ and Lhls secLlonţ and Lhe nexL secLlonţ and
ƍLhe Law of Lhe SLarsƍ ls Lhe resulLŦ My oplnlon ls LhaL Lhe WaLchers knew Lhe answers Lo Lnochƌs
quesLlons buL lL was dlfflculL for Lhem Lo explaln Lhe answers Lo Lnoch ln Lerms LhaL he could
1hls ls shown clearly aL 60Ŧ14 and 60Ŧ13 where Lnoch reporLs an explanaLlon of Lhunder and llghLnlng
and why you see Lhe flash before you hear Lhe bangŦ 1hls ls common knowledge now Ŵ buL noL Lo LnochŦ
l Lhlnk LhaL Lnoch bellevedţ lnlLlallyţ LhaL Lhe bangs and flashes occurred separaLely made by dlfferenL
processesŦ Pe reporLs LhaL Lhey are noL separaLe alLhough noL Lhe sameţ 60Ŧ14ţ because a splrlL makes
Lhem lnseparableŦ Slnce Lnoch assumes LhaL you see and hear Lhlngs aL Lhe lnsLanL Lhey happen he flnds
lL hard Lo undersLand why Lhe sound has Lo walL and so brlngs a sLorehouse lnLo Lhe explanaLlonŦ

70Ŧ1Ž And lL came Lo passţ afLer Lhlsţ LhaL whlle he was llvlng hls name was llfLed from Lhose who dwell
upon Lhe dry ground Lo Lhe presence of LhaL Son of Manţ and Lo Lhe presence of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
70Ŧ2Ž And he was llfLed on Lhe charloLs of Lhe splrlLţ and hls name vanlshed from among LhemŦ
70Ŧ3Ž And from LhaL day l was noL counLed among Lhemţ and Pe placed me beLween Lwo wlndsţ
beLween Lhe norLh and Lhe wesLţ where Lhe Angels Look Lhe cords Lo measure for me Lhe place for Lhe
chosen and Lhe rlghLeousŦ
70Ŧ4Ž And Lhere l saw Lhe llrsL laLhers and Lhe rlghLeous who from Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe world dwelL ln
LhaL placeŦ
71Ŧ1Ž And lL came Lo passţ afLer Lhlsţ LhaL my splrlL was carrled offţ and lL wenL up lnLo Lhe PeavensŦ l
saw Lhe sons of Lhe Poly Angels Lreadlng upon flames of flre Lhelr garmenLs were whlLeţ and Lhelr
cloLhlngţ and Lhe llghL of Lhelr faceţ was llke snowŦ
71Ŧ2Ž And l saw Lwo rlvers of flreţ and Lhe llghL of LhaL flre shone llke a hyaclnLhţ and l fell upon my face
ln fronL of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
71Ŧ3Ž And Lhe Angel Mlchaelţ one of Lhe Archangelsţ Look hold of me by my rlghL handţ and ralsed me
and led me ouL Lo all Lhe secreLs of mercyţ and Lhe secreLs of rlghLeousnessŦ
71Ŧ4Ž And he showed me all Lhe secreLs of Lhe Lnds of Peaven and all Lhe SLorehouses of Lhe SLars and
Lhe LlghLs from where Lhey come ouL from below Lhe Poly CnesŦ
71Ŧ3Ž And Lhe SplrlL carrled Lnoch off Lo Lhe PlghesL Peavenţ and l saw Lhereţ ln Lhe mlddle of LhaL LlghLţ
someLhlng bullL of crysLal sLonesţ and ln Lhe mlddle of Lhose sLones Longues of llvlng flreŦ
71Ŧ6Ž And my splrlL saw a clrcle of flreţ whlch surrounded LhaL houseŤ from lLs four sldes came rlversţ full
of llvlng flreţ and Lhey surrounded LhaL houseŦ
71Ŧ7Ž And round abouL were Lhe Seraphlm and Lhe Cherublmţ and Lhe CphannlmŤ Lhese are 1hey Who
uo noL Sleep buL keep waLch over Lhe 1hrone of Pls CloryŦ
71Ŧ8Ž And l saw Angelsţ who could noL be counLedţ a Lhousand Lhousands and Len Lhousand Llmes Len
Lhousandţ surroundlng LhaL houseŦ And Mlchaelţ and 8aphaelţ and Cabrlelţ and Þhanuelţ and Lhe Poly
Angels who are ln Lhe Peavens aboveţ wenL ln and ouL of LhaL houseŦ
71Ŧ9Ž And Mlchaelţ and 8aphaelţ and Cabrlelţ and Þhanuelţ and many Poly Angels wlLhouL numberţ
came ouL from LhaL houseŦ
71Ŧ10Ž And wlLh Lhem Lhe Pead of uaysţ hls head whlLeţ and pureţ llke wool and hls garmenLs Ŵ
71Ŧ11Ž And l fell upon my faceţ and my whole body melLedţ and my splrlL was LransformedŤ and l crled
ouL ln a loud volceţ ln Lhe splrlL of powerţ and l blessedţ pralsedţ and exalLedŦ
71Ŧ12Ž And Lhese blesslngsţ whlch came ouL from my mouLhţ were pleaslng before LhaL Pead of uaysŦ
71Ŧ13Ž And LhaL Pead of uays came wlLh Mlchaelţ Cabrlelţ 8aphael and Þhanuelţ and Lhousands and Lens
of Lhousands of Angels wlLhouL numberŦ
71Ŧ14Ž And LhaL Angelţ came Lo meţ and greeLed me wlLh hls volceţ and sald Lo meť º?ou are Lhe son of
man who was born Lo rlghLeousness and rlghLeousness remalns over you and Lhe rlghLeousness of Lhe
Pead of uaysţ wlll noL leave youŦ"
71Ŧ13Ž And he sald Lo meť ºPe proclalms peace Lo you ln Lhe name of Lhe world whlch ls Lo comeţ for
from Lhere peace has come ouL from Lhe creaLlon of Lhe world and so you wlll have lL for ever and for
ever and everŦ
71Ŧ16Ž And all wlll walk accordlng Lo your wayţ lnasmuch as rlghLeousness wlll never leave youŦ WlLh you
wlll be Lhelr dwelllngţ and wlLh you Lhelr loLţ and Lhey wlll noL be separaLed from you for ever and for
ever and everŦ
71Ŧ17Ž And so Lhere wlll be lengLh of days wlLh LhaL Son of Manţ and Lhe rlghLeous wlll have peaceţ and
Lhe rlghLeous wlll have an uprlghL way ln Lhe name of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsţ for ever and everŦ"
39Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose days my eyes saw Lhe secreLs of Lhe flashes of llghLnlngţ and Lhe llghLsţ and Lhe
regulaLlons governlng LhemŤ and Lhey flash for a blesslng or a curseţ as Lhe Lord of SplrlLs wlshesŦ
39Ŧ2Ž And Lhere l saw Lhe secreLs of Lhe Lhunder and how when lL crashes ln Peaven above Lhe sound of
lL ls heardŦ And Lhey showed me Lhe dwelllngs of Lhe dry groundţ and Lhe sound of Lhe Lhunderţ for
peaceţ and for blesslngţ or for a curseţ accordlng Lo Lhe word of Lhe Lord of SplrlLsŦ
39Ŧ3Ž And afLer Lhls all Lhe secreLs of Lhe llghLsţ and of Lhe flashes of llghLnlngţ were shown Lo meŦ 1hey
flash Lo brlng blesslng and saLlsfacLlonŦ
60Ŧ11Ž And Lhe oLher Angel spoke Lo meţ Lhe one who wenL wlLh me and showed me whaL ls secreLŤ
whaL ls flrsL and lasL ln Peavenţ ln Lhe helghLsţ and under Lhe dry groundţ ln Lhe depLhsţ and aL Lhe Lnds
of Peavenţ and aL Lhe loundaLlons of Peavenţ and ln Lhe SLorehouses of Lhe WlndsŦ
60Ŧ12Ž And how Lhe splrlLs are dlsLrlbuLedţ and how Lhey are welghedŦ And how Lhe sprlngsţ and Lhe
wlndsţ are counLed accordlng Lo Lhe power of Lhelr splrlLŦ And Lhe power of Lhe llghL of Lhe MoonŦ And
Lhe dlvlslons of Lhe sLars accordlng Lo Lhelr namesŦ And how all Lhe dlvlslons are madeŦ
60Ŧ13Ž And Lhe Lhunder Ŵ accordlng Lo Lhe places were lL fallsŦ And all Lhe dlvlslons LhaL are made ln
llghLnlng Ŵ so LhaL lL may flashŦ And lLs hosLs Ŵ how Lhey qulckly obeyŦ
60Ŧ14Ž lor Lhe Lhunder have flxed lnLervalsţ whlch have been glven Lo lLs soundţ for walLlngŦ And Lhe
Lhunder and Lhe llghLnlng are noL separaLe alLhough noL Lhe sameŦ 1hrough a splrlL Lhe Lwo of Lhem
move lnseparablyŦ
60Ŧ13Ž lor when Lhe llghLnlng flashes Lhe Lhunder uLLers lLs volceţ and Lhe splrlLţ aL Lhe proper Llmeţ
causes lL Lo resLţ and dlvldes equally beLween Lhem because Lhe sLorehouse of Lhe Llmes for Lhelr
occurrence ls llke LhaL of Lhe sandŦ And each of Lhemţ aL Lhe proper Llmeţ ls held by a relnţ and Lurned
back by Lhe power of Lhe splrlLţ and llkewlse drlven forwardţ accordlng Lo Lhe number of Lhe reglons of
Lhe LarLhŦ
60Ŧ16Ž And Lhe splrlL of Lhe sea ls male and sLrongţ and accordlng Lo Lhe power of lLs sLrengLhţ Lhe splrlL
Lurns lL back wlLh a relnţ and llkewlse lL ls drlven forwardţ and scaLLered amongsL all Lhe mounLalns of
Lhe LarLhŦ
60Ŧ17Ž And Lhe splrlL of Lhe hoarfrosL ls lLs own AngelŤ and Lhe splrlL of Lhe hallţ ls a good AngelŦ
60Ŧ18Ž And Lhe splrlL of Lhe snow has wlLhdrawn because of lLs powerţ and lL has a speclal splrlLţ and LhaL
whlch rlses from lL ls llke smoke and lLs name ls frosLŦ
60Ŧ19Ž And Lhe splrlL of Lhe mlsL ls noL assoclaLed wlLh Lhem ln Lhelr sLorehouse buL has a speclal
sLorehouseŤ for lLs course ls glorlous boLh ln llghL and darknessţ and ln wlnLer and ln summerţ and lLs
sLorehouse ls an AngelŦ
60Ŧ20Ž 1he splrlL of Lhe dew has lLs dwelllng aL Lhe ends of Peaven and ls connecLed wlLh Lhe
sLorehouses of Lhe ralnŦ And lLs course ls ln wlnLer and ln summer and lLs cloudsŦ And Lhe clouds of Lhe
mlsL are assoclaLed and one glves Lo Lhe oLherŦ
60Ŧ21Ž And when Lhe splrlL of Lhe raln moves from lLs sLorehouse Lhe Angels come and open Lhe
sLorehouse and brlng lL ouLŦ And when lL ls scaLLered over all Lhe dry ground lL [olns wlLh all Lhe waLer
LhaL ls on Lhe dry groundŦ And whenever lL [olns wlLh Lhe waLer LhaL ls on Lhe dry groundŦ(ŦŧŦŦ)
60Ŧ22Ž lor Lhe waLers are for Lhose who dwell upon Lhe dry groundţ for Lhey are nourlshmenL for Lhe dry
groundţ from Lhe MosL Plgh who ls ln PeavenŦ 1herefore Lhere ls a flxed measure for Lhe raln and Lhe
Angels comprehend lLŦ
60Ŧ23Ž All Lhese Lhlngsţ l saw Lowards Lhe Carden of 8lghLeousnessŦ

14) 1PL 8LvCLu1lCnS Cl 1PL LlCP1S
(pages 93Ŵ103) 1hls chapLer explalns Lhe paLh of Lhe Sun ln Lhe skyţ and how Lhe lengLh of Lhe day varlesţ
and Lhe dlfferenL seasonsŦ 1he dlvlslon of Lhe year lnLo monLhs and Lhe phases of Lhe Moon are
explalned hereŦ
lL ls lnLeresLlng LhaL Lhe varlaLlon of day lengLh ls descrlbed wlLh Lhe day dlvlded lnLo 18 parLsŦ 1he
WaLchers may have dlvlded Lhe day lnLo 18 ƍhoursƍ raLher Lhan our 24Ŵhour sysLemŦ
1he seasonal varlaLlon ln day lengLh descrlbedţ see 72Ŧ14 Ǝ 72Ŧ26ţ ls more Lyplcal of norLhern laLlLudesŦ
1he slLuaLlon here ln Londonţ ln laLe uecember (close Lo Lhe mldŴwlnLer solsLlce)ţ ls very slmllar Lo Lhe
descrlpLlon aL 72Ŧ26 wlLh a day of 8 hoursţ and a nlghL of 16 hoursŦ
1he secLlon on Lhe Moon conLalns some accuraLe lnformaLlon such as LhaL lL appears ln Lhe sky Lo be Lhe
same slze as Lhe Sunţ 72Ŧ37Ŧ
AL 73Ŧ8Ŵ9 Lnoch explalns how Lhe axls of roLaLlon passes Lhrough Lhe mlddle of Lhe LarLh Ŵ alLhough l
Lhlnk Lnoch was noL sure whaL urlel means by LhlsŦ lL should be remembered LhaL Lhe facL LhaL Lhe LarLh
ls spherlcal and roLaLlng was only wldely accepLed a few hundred years agoŦ 8efore Lhen lL was belleved
LhaL Lhe Sun wenL round Lhe LarLhŦ
1here ls a book called 'urlel's Machlne' by CŦ knlghL and 8oberL Lomas LhaL makes ouL a good case for
Lhls chapLer conLalnlng Lhe lnformaLlon needed Lo consLrucL a 'henge' Ŵ an observaLory made from posLs
or sLandlng sLonesŦ 1hey also suggesL Lnoch may have been Laken Lo lreland Ŵ where Lhere are a number
of unusual and anclenL slLes sLlll survlvlngŦ
When Lnoch ls Lalklng abouL Lhe norLhţ aL 77Ŧ3ţ he menLlons Lhls ls Lhe locaLlon of Lhe Carden of
8lghLeousness Ŵ Lhe homeland of Lhe WaLchersŦ
AL 78Ŧ4ţ Lhe facL LhaL Lhe Moon obLalns lLs llghL from Lhe Sun ls revealedŦ AL 78Ŧ17 he says Lhe Moon has
a face (ƍlooks llke a manƍ) for 20 days ln Lhe monLhŤ we call hlm ƍLhe man ln Lhe MoonƍŦ 1hls ls more
evldence agalnsL my Lheory abouL Lhe SouLh Sandwlch lslands belng Lhe home of Lhe WaLchers because
Lhe Moon's face ls noL recognlzable ln Lhe souLhern hemlsphere (because lL ls upslde down)Ŧ l suspecL
LhaL Lhls secLlon abouL Lhe Moon should be elsewhere ln Lhe LexLţ probably near Lo Lhe prevlous secLlon
abouL Lhe Moon a few pages beforeŦ
1here ls a descrlpLlon of a book wrlLLen by Lhe WaLchers LhaL Lnoch Look noLes fromţ (see 81Ŧ1Ŵ2)ţ Lnoch
calls lL 1he 1ableLs of PeavenŦ Lnoch's prophecy chapLers come from Lhls bookŦ

1he 8ook of Lhe 8evoluLlons of Lhe LlghLs of PeavenŦLach as lL lsŤ accordlng Lo Lhelr classesţ accordlng Lo
Lhelr perlod of rule and Lhelr Llmesţ accordlng Lo Lhelr names and places of orlglnţ and accordlng Lo Lhelr
monLhsŦ 1haL urlelţ Lhe Poly Angel who was wlLh meţ and ls Lhelr leaderţ showed Lo meŦ And he showed
me all Lhelr regulaLlonsţ exacLly as Lhey areţ for each year of Lhe world and for everţ unLll Lhe new
creaLlon shall be made whlch wlll lasL foreverŦ
72Ŧ2Ž And Lhls ls Lhe llrsL Law of Lhe LlghLsŦ 1he llghL called Lhe SunŤ lLs rlslng ls ln Lhe CaLes of Peaven
LhaL are Lowards Lhe easLţ and lLs seLLlng ls ln Lhe wesLern CaLes of PeavenŦ
72Ŧ3Ž And l saw slx CaLes from whlch Lhe Sun rlsesţ and slx CaLes ln whlch Lhe Sun seLsţ and Lhe Moon
also rlses and seLs ln Lhose CaLesţ and Lhe leaders of Lhe sLars LogeLher wlLh Lhose whom Lhey leadŦ
1here are slx ln Lhe easL and slx ln Lhe wesLţ all exacLly ln placeţ one nexL Lo Lhe oLherŤ and Lhere are
many wlndows Lo Lhe souLh and Lhe norLh of Lhose CaLesŦ
72Ŧ4Ž And flrsL Lhere rlses Lhe greaLer llghLţ named Lhe Sunţ and lLs dlsc ls llke Lhe dlsc of Peavenţ and Lhe
whole of lL ls full of a flre whlch glves llghL and warmLhŦ
72Ŧ3Ž 1he wlnd blows Lhe charloLs on whlch lL ascendsţ and Lhe Sun goes down ln Lhe sky and reLurns
Lhrough Lhe norLh ln order Lo reach Lhe easLţ and ls led so LhaL lL comes Lo Lhe approprlaLe CaLe and
shlnes ln Lhe skyŦ
72Ŧ6Ž ln Lhls way lL rlses ln Lhe flrsL monLhţ ln Lhe large CaLeţ namelyŤ lL rlses Lhrough Lhe fourLh of Lhose
slx CaLes LhaL are Lowards Lhe easLŦ
72Ŧ7Ž And ln LhaL fourLh CaLeţ Lhrough whlch Lhe Sun rlses ln Lhe flrsL monLhţ Lhere are Lwelve wlndowŴ
openlngs from whlchţ whenever Lhey are openedţ flames come ouLŦ
72Ŧ8Ž When Lhe Sun rlses ln Peaven lL goes ouL Lhrough LhaL fourLh CaLe for LhlrLy daysţ and exacLly ln
Lhe fourLh CaLeţ ln Lhe wesL of Peavenţ lL goes downŦ
72Ŧ9Ž And ln Lhose days Lhe day grows dally longerţ and Lhe nlghL grows nlghLly shorLerţ unLll Lhe
LhlrLleLh mornlngŦ
72Ŧ10Ž And on LhaL day Lhe day becomes longer Lhan Lhe nlghL by a double parLţ and Lhe day amounLs Lo
exacLly Len parLsţ and Lhe nlghL amounLs Lo elghL parLsŦ
72Ŧ11Ž And Lhe Sun rlses from LhaL fourLh CaLeţ and seLs ln Lhe fourLh CaLeţ and reLurns Lo Lhe flfLh CaLe
ln Lhe easL for LhlrLy mornlngsŤ and lL rlses from lL and seLs ln Lhe flfLh CaLeŦ
72Ŧ12Ž And Lhen Lhe day becomes longer by Lwo parLsţ and Lhe day amounLs Lo eleven parLsţ and Lhe
nlghL becomes shorLer and amounLs Lo seven parLsŦ
72Ŧ13Ž And Lhe Sun reLurns Lo Lhe easL and comes Lo Lhe slxLh CaLeţ and rlses and seLs ln Lhe slxLh CaLe
for LhlrLyŴone mornlngsţ because of lLs slgnŦ
72Ŧ14Ž And on LhaL day Lhe day becomes longer Lhan Lhe nlghLţ and Lhe day becomes double Lhe nlghLŤ
and Lhe day amounLs Lo Lwelve parLsţ and Lhe nlghL becomes shorLer and amounLs Lo slx parLsŦ
72Ŧ13Ž And Lhe Sun rlses up so LhaL Lhe day may grow shorLerţ and Lhe nlghL longerŤ and Lhe Sun reLurns
Lo Lhe easLţ and comes Lo Lhe slxLh CaLeţ and rlses from lLţ and seLsţ for LhlrLy mornlngsŦ
72Ŧ16Ž And when LhlrLy mornlngs have been compleLed Lhe day becomes shorLerţ by exacLly one parLŤ
and Lhe day amounLs Lo eleven parLsţ and Lhe nlghL Lo seven parLsŦ
72Ŧ17Ž And Lhe Sun goes ouL from Lhe wesLţ Lhrough LhaL slxLh CaLeţ and goes Lo Lhe easLţ and rlses ln
Lhe flfLh CaLe for LhlrLy mornlngs and lL seLs ln Lhe wesL agalnţ ln Lhe flfLh CaLe ln Lhe wesLŦ
72Ŧ18Ž Cn LhaL day Lhe day becomes shorLer by Lwo parLsţ and Lhe day amounLs Lo Len parLsţ and Lhe
nlghL Lo elghL parLsŦ
72Ŧ19Ž And Lhe Sun rlses from LhaL flfLh CaLeţ and seLs ln Lhe flfLh CaLe ln Lhe wesLţ and rlses ln Lhe
fourLh CaLe for LhlrLyŴone mornlngs because of lLs slgnţ and seLs ln Lhe wesLŦ
72Ŧ20Ž Cn LhaL day Lhe day becomes equal wlLh Lhe nlghLţ and ls of equal lengLhŤ and Lhe nlghL amounLs
Lo nlne parLsţ and Lhe day Lo nlne parLsŦ
72Ŧ21Ž And Lhe Sun rlses from LhaL CaLe and seLs ln Lhe wesLţ and reLurns Lo Lhe easLţ and rlses ln Lhe
Lhlrd CaLe for LhlrLy mornlngsţ and seLs ln Lhe wesL ln Lhe Lhlrd CaLeŦ
72Ŧ22Ž And Lhe Sun rlses from LhaL Lhlrd CaLeţ and seLs ln Lhe Lhlrd CaLe ln Lhe wesLţ and reLurns Lo Lhe
easLŤ and Lhe Sun rlses ln Lhe second CaLe ln Lhe easL for LhlrLy mornlngsţ and llkewlseţ lL seLs ln Lhe
second CaLeţ ln Lhe wesL of PeavenŦ
72Ŧ24Ž And on LhaL day Lhe nlghL amounLs Lo eleven parLs and Lhe day Lo seven parLsŦ
72Ŧ23Ž And Lhe Sun rlsesţ on LhaL dayţ from Lhe second CaLeţ and seLs ln Lhe wesL ln Lhe second CaLeţ
and reLurns Lo Lhe easL Lo Lhe flrsL CaLe for LhlrLyŴone mornlngsţ Lhen seLs ln Lhe wesL ln Lhe flrsL CaLeŦ
72Ŧ26Ž And on LhaL day Lhe nlghL becomes longerţ and becomes double Lhe dayŤ and Lhe nlghL amounLs
Lo exacLly Lwelve parLsţ and Lhe day Lo slx parLsŦ
72Ŧ27Ž And wlLh Lhlsţ Lhe Sun has compleLed Lhe dlvlslons of lLs [ourneyţ and lL Lurns back agalnţ along
Lhese dlvlslons of lLs [ourneyŤ and lL comes Lhrough LhaL flrsL CaLe for LhlrLy mornlngsţ and seLs ln Lhe
wesL opposlLe lLŦ
72Ŧ28Ž And on LhaL day Lhe nlghL becomes shorLer ln lengLh by one parLţ and amounLs Lo eleven parLsţ
and Lhe day Lo seven parLsŦ
72Ŧ29Ž And Lhe Sun reLurnsţ and comes Lo Lhe second CaLe ln Lhe easLţ and lL reLurns along Lhose
dlvlslons of lLs [ourney for LhlrLy mornlngsţ rlslng and seLLlngŦ
72Ŧ30Ž And on LhaL day Lhe nlghL becomes shorLer ln lengLh and Lhe nlghL amounLs Lo Len parLs and Lhe
day Lo elghL parLsŦ
72Ŧ31Ž And on LhaL dayţ Lhe Sun rlses from Lhe second CaLeţ and seLs ln Lhe wesLţ and reLurns Lo Lhe
easLţ and rlses ln Lhe Lhlrd CaLe for LhlrLy one mornlngsţ and seLs ln Lhe wesL of Lhe skyŦ
72Ŧ32Ž And on LhaL day Lhe nlghL becomes shorLerţ and amounLs Lo nlne parLsţ and Lhe day amounLs Lo
nlne parLsţ and Lhe nlghL becomes equal wlLh Lhe dayŦ And Lhe year amounLs Lo exacLly 364 daysŦ
72Ŧ33Ž And Lhe lengLh of Lhe day and Lhe nlghLţ and Lhe shorLness of Lhe day and Lhe nlghL Ŵ Lhey are
dlfferenL because of Lhe [ourney of Lhe SunŦ
72Ŧ34Ž 8ecause of lLţ lLs [ourney becomes dally longerţ and nlghLly shorLerŦ
72Ŧ33Ž And Lhls ls Lhe law and Lhe [ourney of Lhe Sun and lLs reLurnţ as ofLen as lL reLurnsŤ slxLy Llmes lL
reLurns and rlsesţ LhaL ls Lhe greaL eLernal llghLţ whlch for ever and ever ls named Lhe SunŦ
72Ŧ36Ž And Lhls LhaL rlses ls Lhe greaL llghLţ whlch ls named afLer lLs appearanceţ as Lhe Lord
72Ŧ37Ž And Lhus lL rlses and seLsŤ lL nelLher decreasesţ nor resLsţ buL runs day and nlghL ln lLs charloLŦ And
lLs llghL ls seven Llmes brlghLer Lhan LhaL of Lhe Moon buL ln slze Lhe Lwo are equalŦ
73Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhls law l saw anoLher lawţ for Lhe lesser llghLţ named Lhe MoonŦ
73Ŧ2Ž And lLs dlsc ls llke Lhe dlsc of Lhe Sunţ and Lhe wlnd blows lLs charloL on whlch lL rldesţ and ln flxed
measure llghL ls glven Lo lLŦ
73Ŧ3Ž And every monLh lL's rlslng and seLLlng changeţ and lLs days are as Lhe days of Lhe Sunţ and when
lLs llghL ls unlformly fullţ lL ls a sevenLh parL Lhe llghL of Lhe SunŦ
73Ŧ4Ž And Lhus lL rlsesţ and lLs flrsL phase ls Lowards Lhe easLŤ lL rlses on Lhe LhlrLleLh mornlngŦ And on
LhaL day lL appearsţ and becomes for you Lhe flrsL phase of Lhe Moonţ on Lhe LhlrLleLh mornlngţ LogeLher
wlLh Lhe Sun ln Lhe CaLe Lhrough whlch Lhe Sun rlsesŦ
73Ŧ3Ž And a halfŦ(ŧŦŦ) ŦwlLh a sevenLh parLţ and lLs enLlre dlsc ls empLyţ wlLhouL llghLţ excepL for a
sevenLh parLţ a fourLeenLh parL of lL's llghLŦ
73Ŧ6Ž And on Lhe day LhaL lL recelves a sevenLh parL and a half of lLs llghLţ lLs llghL amounLs Lo a sevenLhţ
and a sevenLh parL and a halfŦ
73Ŧ7Ž lL seLs wlLh Lhe Sunţ and when Lhe Sun rlsesţ Lhe Moon rlses wlLh lLţ and recelves a half of one parL
of llghLŦ And on LhaL nlghL aL Lhe beglnnlng of lLs mornlngţ aL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe Moonƌs dayţ Lhe Moon
seLs wlLh Lhe Sunţ and ls dark on LhaL nlghL ln slx and seven parLs and a halfŦ
73Ŧ8Ž And lL rlses on LhaL dayţ wlLh exacLly a sevenLh parLţ goes ouLţ recedes from Lhe rlslng of Lhe Sunţ
and becomes brlghL on Lhe remalnder of lLs daysţ ln Lhe oLher slx and seven parLsŦ
74Ŧ1Ž And anoLher [ourneyţ and lawţ l saw for lLţ ln LhaL accordlng Lo Lhls law lL makes lLs monLhly
74Ŧ2Ž And urlelţ Lhe Poly Angel who ls leader of Lhem allţ showed me everyLhlngţ and l wroLe down Lhelr
poslLlons as he showed Lhem Lo meŦ And l wroLe down Lhelr monLhsţ as Lhey areţ and Lhe appearance of
Lhelr llghLţ unLll flfLeen days have been compleLedŦ
74Ŧ3Ž ln sevenLh parLs lL makes all lLs darkness fullţ and ln sevenLh parLs lL makes all lLs llghL fullţ ln Lhe
easL and ln Lhe wesLŦ
74Ŧ4Ž And ln cerLaln monLhsţ lL changes lLs seLLlngţ and ln cerLaln monLhsţ lL follows lLs own lndlvldual
74Ŧ3Ž ln Lwo monLhs lL seLs wlLh Lhe Sunţ ln Lhose Lwo CaLes LhaL are ln Lhe mlddleţ ln Lhe Lhlrd and ln
Lhe fourLh CaLeŦ
74Ŧ6Ž lL goes ouL for seven days and Lurns backţ and reLurns agaln Lo Lhe CaLe from whlch Lhe Sun rlsesŦ
And ln LhaL CaLe lL makes all lLs llghL fullţ and lL recedes from Lhe Sunţ and comesţ ln elghL daysţ Lo Lhe
slxLh CaLe from whlch Lhe Sun rlsesŦ
74Ŧ7Ž And when Lhe Sun rlses from Lhe fourLh CaLeţ Lhe Moon goes ouL for seven daysţ unLll lL rlses from
Lhe flfLh CaLeŦ And agaln lL reLurns ln seven days Lo Lhe fourLh CaLeţ makes all lLs llghL fullţ recedesţ and
comes Lo Lhe flrsL CaLe ln elghL daysŦ
74Ŧ8Ž And agaln lL reLurns ln seven days Lo Lhe fourLh CaLe from whlch Lhe Sun rlsesŦ
74Ŧ9Ž 1hus l saw Lhelr poslLlonsŤ how Lhe Moon rose and Lhe Sun seL ln Lhose daysŦ
74Ŧ10Ž And lf flve years are added LogeLherţ Lhe Sun has an excess of LhlrLy daysŦ lor each yearţ of Lhe
flve yearsţ Lhere are Lhree hundred and slxLy four daysŦ
74Ŧ11Ž And Lhe excessţ of Lhe Sun and Lhe sLarsţ comes Lo slx daysŦ ln flve yearsţ wlLh slx days eachţ Lhey
have an excess of LhlrLy daysţ and Lhe Moon falls behlnd Lhe Sun and Lhe sLars by LhlrLy daysŦ
74Ŧ12Ž And Lhe Moon conducLs Lhe years exacLlyţ all of Lhem accordlng Lo Lhelr eLernal poslLlonsŤ Lhey
are nelLher early nor laLeţ even by one dayţ buL change Lhe year ln exacLly 364 daysŦ
74Ŧ13Ž ln Lhree yearsţ Lhere are 1ţ092 daysţ and ln flve years 1ţ820 daysţ so LhaL ln elghL years Lhere are
2ţ912 daysŦ
74Ŧ14Ž lor Lhe Moon aloneţ Lhe days ln Lhree years come Lo 1ţ062 daysţ and ln flve years lL ls flfLy days
74Ŧ13Ž And Lhere are 1ţ770 days ln flve years so LhaL for Lhe Moon Lhe days ln elghL years amounL Lo
2ţ832 daysŦ
74Ŧ16Ž lor Lhe dlfference ln elghL years ls elghLy daysţ and all Lhe days LhaL Lhe Moon ls behlndţ ln elghL
yearsţ are elghLy daysŦ
74Ŧ17Ž And Lhe year ls compleLed exacLlyţ ln accordance wlLh Lhelr poslLlonsţ and Lhe poslLlons of Lhe
Sunţ ln LhaL Lhey rlse from Lhe CaLes from whlch Lhe Sun rlses and seLs for LhlrLy daysŦ
73Ŧ1Ž And Lhe leaders of Lhe Lens of Lhousandsţ who are ln charge of Lhe whole of creaLlonţ and ln
charge of all Lhe sLarsţ and also Lhe four days whlch are addedţ and are noL separaLed from Lhelr
poslLlonţ accordlng Lo Lhe whole reckonlng of Lhe yearŦ And Lhese serve on Lhe four days LhaL are noL
counLed ln Lhe reckonlng of Lhe yearŦ
73Ŧ2Ž And because of Lhem men go wrong ln LhemŦ lor Lhese llghLs really serve ln Lhe sLaLlons of Lhe
worldţ one ln Lhe flrsL CaLeţ and one ln Lhe Lhlrd CaLeţ and one ln Lhe fourLh CaLeţ and one ln Lhe slxLh
CaLeŦ And Lhe exacL harmony of Lhe world ls compleLed ln Lhe separaLe 364 sLaLlons of Lhe worldŦ
73Ŧ3Ž lor Lhe slgnsţ and Lhe Llmesţ and Lhe yearsţ and Lhe daysţ were showed Lo me by Lhe Angel urlel
whom Lhe Lord of LLernal Clory has placed ln charge of all Lhe LlghLs of PeavenŦ ln Peaven and ln Lhe
worldţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL rule on Lhe lace of Peavenţ and appear over Lhe earLhţ and be leaders of day
and nlghLŤ Lhe Sunţ Lhe Moonţ Lhe sLarsţ and all Lhe servlng creaLures who revolve ln all Lhe CharloLs of
73Ŧ4Ž Llkewlseţ urlel showed Lo me Lwelve CaLeŴopenlngs ln Lhe dlsc of Lhe charloL of Lhe Sunţ ln Lhe skyţ
from whlch Lhe rays of Lhe Sun come ouLŦ And from Lhem heaL comes ouL over Lhe LarLh when Lhey are
opened aL Lhe Llmes LhaL are appolnLed for LhemŦ
73Ŧ3Ž And Lhere are openlngs for Lhe wlndsţ and for Lhe splrlL of Lhe dewţ when Lhey are opened aL Lhelr
Llmesţ opened ln Peavenţ aL Lhe ends of Lhe earLhŦ
73Ŧ6Ž l saw Lwelve CaLes ln Peavenţ aL Lhe ends of Lhe earLhţ from whlch Lhe Sunţ and Lhe Moonţ and Lhe
sLarsţ and all Lhe works of Peavenţ go ouL ln Lhe easL and ln Lhe wesLŦ
73Ŧ7Ž And Lhere are many wlndowŴopenlngs Lo Lhe norLh and Lo Lhe souLhţ and each wlndowţ aL lLs
appolnLed Llmeţ sends ouL heaL correspondlng Lo Lhose CaLesţ from whlch Lhe sLars go ouLţ ln
accordance wlLh Pls command Lo Lhemţ and ln whlch Lhey seL accordlng Lo Lhelr numberŦ
73Ŧ8Ž And l saw charloLs ln Peavenţ runnlng Lhrough Lhe reglon above Lhose CaLesţ ln whlch Lhe sLars
LhaL never seL roLaLeŦ
73Ŧ9Ž And one ls blgger Lhan all Lhe oLhersŦ And lL goes round Lhrough Lhe whole worldŦ
76Ŧ1Ž And aL Lhe ends of Lhe earLhţ l saw Lwelve CaLes open Lo all Lhe wlndsţ from whlch Lhe wlnds come
ouL and blow over Lhe earLhŦ
76Ŧ2Ž 1hree of Lhem open ln Lhe fronL of Peavenţ and Lhree ln Lhe backţ and Lhree on Lhe rlghL of
Peavenţ and Lhree on Lhe lefLŦ
76Ŧ3Ž And Lhe Lhree flrsL are Lhose Lowards Lhe easLţ and Lhen Lhe Lhree Lowards Lhe norLhţ and Lhe
Lhree afLer Lhese Lowards Lhe souLhţ and Lhe Lhree ln Lhe wesLŦ
76Ŧ4Ž 1hrough four of Lhem come wlnds of blesslng and peaceŦ And from Lhe oLher elghL come wlnds of
punlshmenLŤ when Lhey are senL Lhey brlng devasLaLlon Lo Lhe whole LarLhţ and Lo Lhe waLer whlch ls on
lLţ and Lo all Lhose who dwell upon lLţ and Lo everyLhlng LhaL ls ln Lhe waLer and on dry groundŦ
76Ŧ3Ž And Lhe flrsL wlnd from Lhose CaLesţ called Lhe easL wlndţ comes ouL Lhrough Lhe flrsL CaLeţ whlch
ls Lowards Lhe easLŦ 1he one LhaL comes from Lhe souLh brlngs devasLaLlonţ droughLţ heaLţ and
76Ŧ6Ž And Lhrough Lhe second CaLeţ ln Lhe mlddleţ comes whaL ls rlghLŦ And from lL come ralnţ and
frulLfulnessţ and prosperlLyţ and dewŦ And Lhrough Lhe Lhlrd CaLeţ whlch ls Lowards Lhe norLhţ comes
cold and droughLŦ
76Ŧ7Ž And afLer Lheseţ Lhe wlnds Lowards Lhe souLh come ouLţ Lhrough Lhree CaLesŦ llrsLţ Lhrough Lhe
flrsL of Lhe CaLesţ whlch lncllnes Lowards Lhe easLţ comes a hoL wlndŦ
76Ŧ8Ž And Lhrough Lhe mlddle CaLeţ whlch ls nexL Lo lLţ come pleasanL fragrancesţ and dewţ and ralnţ and
prosperlLyţ and llfeŦ
76Ŧ9Ž And Lhrough Lhe Lhlrd CaLeţ whlch ls Lowards Lhe wesLţ come dewţ and ralnţ and locusLsţ and
76Ŧ10Ž And afLer Lheseţ Lhe wlnds Lowards Lhe norLhŦŦ(ŧ)ŦŦfrom Lhe sevenLh CaLeţ whlch ls Lowards Lhe
easLţ come dew and ralnţ locusLs and devasLaLlonŦ
76Ŧ11Ž And Lhrough Lhe CaLe exacLly ln Lhe mlddleţ come ralnţ and dewţ and llfeţ and prosperlLyŦ And
Lhrough Lhe Lhlrd CaLeţ whlch ls Lowards Lhe wesL come mlsL and hoarfrosLţ and snowţ and ralnţ and
dewţ and locusLsŦ
76Ŧ12Ž And afLer Lhese Lhe wlnds Lowards Lhe wesLŦ 1hrough Lhe flrsL CaLeţ whlch lncllnes Lowards Lhe
norLhţ come dewţ and ralnţ and hoarfrosLţ and coldţ and snowţ and frosLŦ
76Ŧ13Ž And from Lhe mlddle CaLeţ come dew and ralnţ prosperlLy and blesslngŦ And Lhrough Lhe lasL
CaLeţ whlch ls Lowards Lhe souLhţ come droughL and devasLaLlonţ burnlng and desLrucLlonŦ
76Ŧ14Ž And Lhus Lhe Lwelve CaLesţ of Lhe four quarLers of Peaven are compleLeŦ And all Lhelr lawsţ and
all Lhelr punlshmenLsţ and all Lhelr beneflLsţ l have shown Lo youţ my son MeLhuselahŦ
77Ŧ1Ž 1hey called Lhe flrsL quarLer easLern because lL ls Lhe flrsLţ and Lhey call Lhe second Lhe souLh
because Lhere Lhe MosL Plgh descendsţ and Lhere especlally Lhe one who ls blessed forever descendsŦ
77Ŧ2Ž And Lhe wesLern quarLer ls called wanlng because Lhere all Lhe llghLs of Peaven wane and go
77Ŧ3Ž And Lhe fourLh quarLerţ named Lhe norLhţ ls dlvlded lnLo Lhree parLsŦ And Lhe flrsL of Lhem ls Lhe
dwelllng place for menŤ and Lhe second conLalns seas of waLerţ and Lhe deepsţ and Lhe foresLsţ and
rlversţ and darkness and mlsLŤ and Lhe Lhlrd parL conLalns Lhe Carden of 8lghLeousnessŦ
77Ŧ4Ž l saw seven hlgh mounLalnsţ whlch were hlgher Lhan all oLher mounLalns on Lhe earLhŤ and from
Lhem snow comesŦ And days and Llmes and yearsţ pass away and go byŦ
77Ŧ3Ž l saw seven rlvers on Lhe earLhţ larger Lhan all Lhe oLher rlversŤ one of Lhem comes from Lhe easL
and pours ouL lLs waLers lnLo Lhe CreaL SeaŦ
77Ŧ6Ž And Lwo of Lhem come from Lhe norLh Lo Lhe sea and pour ouL Lhelr waLer lnLo Lhe LryLhraean Sea
ln Lhe easLŦ
77Ŧ7Ž And Lhe remalnlng four flow ouL on Lhe slde of Lhe norLhţ Lo Lhelr seasţ Lwo Lo Lhe LryLhraean Seaţ
and Lwo lnLo Lhe CreaL Seaţ and Lhey dlscharge Lhemselves Lhereţ and noL lnLo Lhe wlldernessţ as some
77Ŧ8Ž l saw seven large lslandsţ ln Lhe sea and on Lhe landţ Lwo on Lhe landţ and flve ln Lhe CreaL SeaŦ
78Ŧ1Ž 1he names of Lhe Sun are as followsť 1he flrsL Cryaresţ and Lhe second 1omasesŦ
78Ŧ2Ž 1he Moon has four namesť 1he flrsL name ls Asonyaţ and Lhe second Lblaţ and Lhe Lhlrd 8enaseţ
and Lhe fourLh LraƌeŦ
78Ŧ3Ž 1hese are Lhe Lwo greaL llghLsŤ Lhelr dlsc ls llke Lhe dlsc of Peaven and ln slze Lhe Lwo are equalŦ
78Ŧ4Ž ln Lhe dlsc of Lhe Sunţ are seven parLs of llghLţ whlch are added Lo lL more Lhan Lo Lhe Moonţ and ln
flxed measure llghL ls Lransferred Lo Lhe Moon unLll a sevenLh parL of Lhe Sun ls exhausLedŦ
78Ŧ3Ž And Lhey seLţ go lnLo Lhe CaLes of Lhe wesLţ go round Lhrough Lhe norLhţ and rlse Lhrough Lhe
CaLes of Lhe easLţ on Lhe face of PeavenŦ
78Ŧ6Ž And when Lhe Moon rlsesţ lL appears ln Lhe skyţ and has a half of a sevenLh parL of llghLţ and on Lhe
fourLeenLh day lL makes all lLs llghL fullŦ
78Ŧ7Ž And flfLeen parLs of llghL are Lransferred Lo lLţ unLll on Lhe flfLeenLh day lLs llghL ls fullţ accordlng Lo
Lhe slgn of Lhe yearţ and amounLs Lo flfLeen parLsŦ And Lhe Moon comes lnLo belng by halves of a
sevenLh parLŦ
78Ŧ8Ž And ln lLs wanlng on Lhe flrsL dayţ lL decreases Lo fourLeen parLs of lLs llghLŦ And on Lhe second Lo
LhlrLeen parLsţ and on Lhe Lhlrd Lo Lwelve parLsţ on Lhe fourLh Lo eleven parLsţ and on Lhe flfLh Lo Len
parLsţ and on Lhe slxLh Lo nlne parLsţ and on Lhe sevenLh Lo elghL parLsţ and on Lhe elghLh Lo seven parLsţ
and on Lhe nlnLh Lo slx parLsţ and on Lhe LenLh Lo flve parLsţ and on Lhe elevenLh Lo four parLsţ and on
Lhe LwelfLh Lo Lhreeţ and on Lhe LhlrLeenLh Lo Lwoţ and on Lhe fourLeenLh Lo half of a sevenLh parLŦ And
all Lhe llghL LhaL remalns from Lhe LoLal dlsappears on Lhe flfLeenLh dayŦ
78Ŧ9 Ž And ln cerLaln monLhs Lhe Moon has LwenLyŴnlne days and once LwenLyŴelghLŦ
78Ŧ10Ž And urlel showed me anoLher lawť Ŵ when llghL ls Lransferred Lo Lhe Moonţ and on whlch slde lL ls
Lransferred from Lhe SunŦ
78Ŧ11Ž All Lhe Llme LhaL Lhe Moon ls lncreaslng ln lLs llghLţ lL Lransfers as lL becomes opposlLe Lhe Sunţ
unLll ln fourLeen days lL's llghL ls full ln Lhe skyŤ and when lL ls all ablazeţ lL's llghL ls full ln Lhe skyŦ
78Ŧ12Ž And on Lhe flrsL day lL ls called Lhe new Moonţ for on LhaLţ dayllghL rlses on lLŦ
78Ŧ13Ž And lLs llghL becomes full exacLly on Lhe day LhaL as Lhe Sun goes down ln Lhe wesL lL rlses from
Lhe easL for Lhe nlghLŦ And Lhe Moon shlnes for Lhe whole nlghL unLll Lhe Sun rlses opposlLe lLţ and Lhe
Moon ls seen opposlLe Lhe SunŦ
78Ŧ14Ž And on Lhe slde on whlch Lhe llghL of Lhe Moon appearsţ Lhere agaln lL wanesţ unLll all lLs llghL
dlsappearsţ and Lhe days of Lhe Moon end and lLs dlsc remalns empLy wlLhouL llghLŦ
78Ŧ13Ž And for Lhree monLhsţ aL lLs proper Llmeţ lL achleves LhlrLy daysţ and for Lhree monLhsţ lL achleves
LwenLyŴnlne daysţ durlng whlch lL compleLes lLs wanlngţ ln Lhe flrsL perlodţ ln Lhe flrsL CaLeţ 127 daysŦ
78Ŧ16Ž And ln Lhe Llme of lL's rlslngţ for Lhree monLhsţ lL appears ln each monLh wlLh LhlrLy daysŦ And for
Lhree monLhs lL appears ln each monLh wlLh LwenLyŴnlne days
78Ŧ17Ž 8y nlghLţ for LwenLy days each Llmeţ lL looks llke a manţ and by day llke Peavenţ for Lhere ls
noLhlng else ln lL excepL lL's llghLŦ
79Ŧ1Ž And nowţ my son MeLhuselahţ l have shown you everyLhlngţ and Lhe whole Law of Lhe SLars of
Peaven ls compleLeŦ
79Ŧ2Ž And he showed me Lhe whole law for Lheseţ for every dayţ and for every Llmeţ and for every ruleţ
and for every yearţ and for Lhe end Lhereofţ accordlng Lo lLs commandţ for every monLh and every weekŦ
79Ŧ3Ž And Lhe wanlng of Lhe Moonţ whlch occurs ln Lhe slxLh CaLeţ for ln LhaL slxLh CaLe lL's llghL
becomes fullţ and afLer LhaL lL ls Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe monLhŦ
79Ŧ4Ž And Lhe wanlngţ whlch occurs ln Lhe flrsL CaLeţ aL lLs proper Llmeţ unLll 127 days are compleLeţ or
by weeksŤ LwenLyŴflve weeks and Lwo daysŦ
79Ŧ3Ž And how lL falls behlnd Lhe Sunţ accordlng Lo Lhe law of Lhe sLarsţ by exacLly flve days ln one perlod
of Llmeţ when lL has compleLed Lhe paLhway you have seenŦ
79Ŧ6Ž Such ls Lhe appearanceţ and llkenessţ of every llghLţ whlch urlelţ Lhe greaL Angel who ls Lhelr
leaderţ showed Lo meŦ
80Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose days urlel answered me and sald Lo meť º8eholdţ l have shown you everyLhlngţ Ch
LnochŦ And l have revealed everyLhlng Lo youţ so LhaL you may see Lhls Sunţ and Lhls Moonţ and Lhose
who lead Lhe SLars of Peavenţ and all Lhose who Lurn Lhemţ Lhelr Lasks and Lhelr Llmes and Lhelr rlslngŦ
80Ŧ2Ž 8uL ln Lhe days of Lhe slnners Lhe years wlll become shorLerţ and Lhelr seed wlll be laLe on Lhelr
landţ and on Lhelr fleldsŦ And all Lhlngs on Lhe earLh wlll change and wlll noL appear aL Lhelr proper LlmeŦ
And Lhe raln wlll be wlLhheld and Peaven wlll reLaln lLŦ
80Ŧ3Ž And ln Lhose Llmes Lhe frulLs of Lhe earLh wlll be laLeţ and wlll noL grow aL Lhelr proper Llmeţ and
Lhe frulLs of Lhe Lrees wlll be wlLhheld aL Lhelr proper LlmeŦ
80Ŧ4Ž And Lhe Moon wlll change lLs cusLomary pracLlce and wlll noL appear aL lLs proper LlmeŦ
80Ŧ3Ž 8uL ln Lhose days lL wlll appear ln Peavenţ come on Lop of a large charloL ln Lhe wesLţ and shlne
wlLh more Lhan normal brlghLnessŦ
80Ŧ6Ž And many heads of Lhe sLarsţ ln commandţ wlll go asLrayŦ And Lhese wlll change Lhelr courses and
Lhelr acLlvlLles and wlll noL appear aL Lhe Llmes LhaL have been prescrlbed for LhemŦ
80Ŧ7Ž And Lhe enLlre law of Lhe sLars wlll be closed Lo Lhe slnnersţ and Lhe LhoughLs of Lhose who dwell
upon Lhe LarLh wlll go asLray over Lhemţ and Lhey wlll Lurn from all Lhelr ways and wlll go asLrayţ and wlll
Lhlnk Lhem godsŦ
80Ŧ8Ž And many evlls wlll overLake Lhem and punlshmenL wlll come upon Lhem Lo desLroy Lhem allŦ"
81Ŧ1Ž And he sald Lo meť ºCh Lnochţ look aL Lhe book of Lhe 1ableLs of Peaven and read whaL ls wrlLLen
upon Lhemţ and noLe every lndlvldual facLŦ"
81Ŧ2Ž And l looked aL everyLhlng LhaL was wrlLLen and l noLed everyLhlngŦ And l read Lhe book and
everyLhlng LhaL was wrlLLen ln lLţ all Lhe deeds of menţ and all Lhe chlldren of flesh who wlll be upon Lhe
LarLhţ for all Lhe generaLlons of eLernlLyŦ
81Ŧ3Ž And Lhen l lmmedlaLely blessed Lhe Lordţ Lhe LLernal klng of Cloryţ ln LhaL he has made all Lhe
works of Lhe worldţ and l pralsed Lhe Lord because of hls paLlenceţ and l blessed hlm on accounL of Lhe
sons of AdamŦ
81Ŧ4Ž And aL LhaL Llme l saldť º8lessed ls Lhe man who dles rlghLeous and goodţ concernlng whom no
book of lnlqulLy has been wrlLLenţ and agalnsL whom no gullL has been foundŦ"

(pages 107Ŵ108) 1hls shorL secLlon may be ln Lhe wrong locaLlonŦ lL may have been a leLLer LhaL Lnoch
gave Lo hls sonţ wlLh Lhe bookŦ Cr lL may have orlglnally been aL Lhe end of Lhe bookţ as a concluslonŦ lL
sLands saLlsfacLorlly on lLs ownţ so l have kepL Lo Lhe order of Lhe LLhloplan manuscrlpLsŦ

81Ŧ3Ž And Lhese Lhree Poly ones broughL me and seL me on Lhe earLh ln fronL of Lhe door of my houseţ
and sald Lo meť º1ell everyLhlng Lo your son MeLhuselahţ and show all your chlldren LhaL no flesh ls
rlghLeousţ before Lhe Lordţ for Pe creaLed LhemŦ
81Ŧ6Ž lor one year we wlll leave you wlLh your chlldrenţ unLll you have regalned your sLrengLhţ so LhaL
you may Leach your chlldren and wrlLe Lhese Lhlngs down for Lhemţ and LesLlfy Lo all your chlldrenŦ And
ln Lhe second year we wlll Lake you from amongsL LhemŦ
81Ŧ7Ž LeL your hearL be sLrongţ for Lhe good wlll proclalm rlghLeousness Lo Lhe goodţ Lhe rlghLeous wlll
re[olce wlLh Lhe rlghLeous and Lhey wlll wlsh each oLher wellŦ
81Ŧ8Ž 8uL Lhe slnner wlll dle wlLh Lhe slnner and Lhe aposLaLe wlll slnk wlLh Lhe aposLaLeŦ
81Ŧ9Ž And Lhose who pracLlce rlghLeousness wlll dle because of Lhe deeds of menţ and wlll be gaLhered
ln because of Lhe deeds of Lhe lmplousŦ"
81Ŧ10Ž And ln Lhose days Lhey flnlshed speaklng Lo me and l wenL Lo my famlly as l blessed Lhe Lord of
82Ŧ1Ž And nowţ my son MeLhuselahţ all Lhese Lhlngs l recounL Lo youţ and wrlLe down for youŦ l have
revealed everyLhlng Lo youţ and have glven you books abouL all Lhese LhlngsŦ keepţ my son MeLhuselahţ
Lhe books from Lhe hand of your faLher so LhaL you may pass Lhem on Lo Lhe generaLlons of eLernlLyŦ
82Ŧ2Ž l have glven wlsdom Lo youţ and Lo your chlldrenţ and Lo Lhose who wlll be your chlldrenţ LhaL Lhey
may glve lL Lo Lhelr chlldrenţ for all Lhe generaLlonsţ foreverţ Lhls wlsdom LhaL ls beyond Lhelr LhoughLsŦ
82Ŧ3Ž And Lhose who undersLand lL wlll noL sleepţ buL wlll lncllne Lhelr ears LhaL Lhey may learn Lhls
wlsdomţ and lL wlll be beLLer for Lhose who eaL from lL Lhan good foodŦ

16) 1PL LAW Cl 1PL S1A8S
(pages 110Ŵ112) 1hls chapLer ls Lhe concluslon Lo Lhe parL of Lnochƌs book abouL asLronomy and Lhe
AL 82Ŧ8ţ Lnoch reporLs LhaL Lhe planeLs (powers of heaven) roLaLe ln Lhelr orblLs!

82Ŧ4Ž 8lessed are all Lhe rlghLeousţ blessed are all Lhose who walk ln Lhe way of rlghLeousness and do
noL sln llke Lhe slnnersŦ
ln Lhe numberlng of all Lhelr days ln whlch Lhe Sun [ourneys ln Peavenţ comlng ln and ouLţ Lhrough Lhe
CaLes of Peavenţ for LhlrLy daysŦ
WlLh Lhe leaders of Lhe Lhousandsţ of Lhls order of sLarsţ and wlLh Lhe four whlch are addedţ and dlvlded
beLween Lhe four seasons of Lhe yearţ whlch lead Lhem and appear wlLh Lhem on four daysŦ
82Ŧ3Ž 8ecause of Lhem men go wrongţ and Lhey do noL reckon Lhem ln Lhe reckonlng of Lhe whole yearŤ
for men go wrong ln respecL of Lhem and do noL know Lhem exacLlyŦ
82Ŧ6Ž lor Lhey belong ln Lhe reckonlng of Lhe yearţ and are Lruly recorded foreverţ one ln Lhe flrsL CaLeţ
and one ln Lhe Lhlrdţ and one ln Lhe fourLh and one ln Lhe slxLhŦ And Lhe year ls compleLed ln 364 daysŦ
82Ŧ7Ž And Lhe accounL of lL ls Lrueţ and Lhe recorded reckonlng of lL ls exacLţ for Lhe llghLsţ and Lhe
monLhsţ and Lhe feasLsţ and Lhe yearsţ and Lhe daysŦ urlel showed meţ and lnsplred meŤ he Lo whom Lhe
Lord of Lhe whole creaLed world gave commands abouL Lhe PosL of Peaven for meŦ
82Ŧ8Ž And he has power ln Peavenţ over nlghL and dayţ Lo cause llghL Lo shlne on menŤ Lhe Sunţ Lhe
Moonţ and Lhe sLarsţ and all Lhe Þowers of Peavenţ whlch roLaLe ln Lhelr orblLsŦ
82Ŧ9Ž And Lhls ls Lhe Law of Lhe SLarsţ whlch seL ln Lhelr placesţ aL Lhelr Llmesţ and aL Lhelr feasLsţ and ln
Lhelr monLhsŦ
82Ŧ10Ž And Lhese are Lhe names of Lhose who lead Lhemţ who keep waLchţ so LhaL Lhey appear aL Lhelr
Llmesţ and ln Lhelr ordersţ and ln Lhelr monLhsţ and ln Lhelr perlods of ruleţ and ln Lhelr poslLlonsŦ
82Ŧ11Ž 1helr four leadersţ who dlvlde Lhe four parLs of Lhe yearţ appear flrsLŤ and afLer Lhem Lhe Lwelve
leaders of Lhe ordersţ who dlvlde Lhe monLhs and Lhe years lnLo 364 daysţ wlLh Lhe heads over
Lhousandsţ who separaLe Lhe daysŦ And for Lhe four daysţ LhaL are added Lo Lhemţ Lhere are Lhe leaders
who separaLe Lhe four parLs of Lhe yearŦ
82Ŧ12Ž And as for Lhese heads over Lhousandsţ one ls added beLween Lhe leader and Lhe ledţ buL Lhelr
leaders make Lhe separaLlonŦ
82Ŧ13Ž And Lhese are Lhe names of Lhe leaders who separaLe Lhe four appolnLed parLs of Lhe yearť
Melklelţ Pelemmelekţ Meleyalţ and narelŦ
82Ŧ14Ž And Lhe names of Lhose whom Lhey leadť Adnarelţ lyasusaelţ lylumlelŤ Lhese Lhree follow behlnd
Lhe leaders of Lhe ordersŦ And all oLhers follow behlnd Lhe Lhree leaders of Lhe ordersţ who follow
behlnd Lhose leaders of poslLlonsţ who separaLe Lhe four parLs of Lhe yearŦ
82Ŧ13Ž ln Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe yearţ Melklel rlses flrsL and rulesţ who ls called Lhe souLhern Sun Ŵ and all
Lhe days of hls perlodţ durlng whlch he rulesţ are nlneLyŴoneŦ
82Ŧ16Ž And Lhese are Lhe slgns of Lhe days LhaL are Lo be seen on Lhe earLhţ ln Lhe days of hls perlod of
ruleŤ sweaLţ and heaLţ and calmŦ And all Lhe Lrees bear frulLţ and leaves appear on all Lhe Lreesţ and Lhe
wheaL harvesLţ and rose flowersŦ And all Lhe flowers bloom ln Lhe fleld buL Lhe Lrees of wlnLer are
82Ŧ17Ž And Lhese are Lhe names of Lhe leaders who are under Lhemť 8erkeelţ Zelebsaelţ and anoLher one
who ls addedţ a head over a Lhousandţ named PeloyasephŦ And Lhe days of Lhe perlod of ruleţ of Lhls
oneţ are compleLeŦ
82Ŧ18Ž 1he second leaderţ afLer hlmţ ls Pelemmelecţ whom Lhey call Lhe Shlnlng SunŤ and all Lhe days of
hls llghL are nlneLyŴoneŦ
82Ŧ19Ž And Lhese are Lhe slgns of Lhe days on earLhť heaLţ and droughLŦ And Lhe Lrees brlng Lhelr frulL Lo
rlpeness and maLurlLy and make Lhelr frulL dryŦ And Lhe sheep maLe and become pregnanLŦ And men
gaLher all Lhe frulLs of Lhe earLhţ and everyLhlng LhaL ls ln Lhe fleldsţ and Lhe vaLs of wlneŦ And Lhese
Lhlngs occur ln Lhe days of hls perlod of ruleŦ
82Ŧ20Ž And Lhese are Lhe namesţ and Lhe ordersţ and Lhe leaders of Lhese heads over Lhousandsť
Cedaeyalţ keelţ and PeelŦ And Lhe name of Lhe headŴoverŴaŴLhousandţ who ls added Lo Lhemţ ls AsfaelŦ
And Lhe days of hls perlod of rule are compleLeŦ

17) LnCCPƌS ll8S1 vlSlCn
(pages 114Ŵ116) 1hls chapLer serves as a shorL lnLroducLlon Lo Lhe prophecy chapLersŦ Lnoch descrlbes a
dlsLurblng dream he had when he was youngŦ

83Ŧ1Ž And nowţ my son MeLhuselahţ l wlll show you all Lhe vlslons LhaL l sawţ recounLlng Lhem before
83Ŧ2Ž 1wo vlslons l sawţ before l Look a wlfeţ and nelLher one was llke Lhe oLherŦ lor Lhe flrsL Llmeţ when
l learnL Lhe arL of wrlLlngţ and for Lhe second Llmeţ before l Look your moLherŦ l saw a Lerrlble vlslon and
concernlng Lhls l made suppllcaLlon Lo Lhe LordŦ
83Ŧ3Ž l had laln down ln Lhe house of my grandfaLherţ Malalelţ when l saw ln a vlslon how Peaven was
Lhrown downţ and removedţ and lL fell upon Lhe LarLhŦ
83Ŧ4Ž And when lL fell upon Lhe LarLhţ l saw how Lhe earLh was swallowed up ln a greaL abyssţ and
mounLalns were suspended on mounLalnsţ and hllls sank down upon hlllsţ and Lall Lrees were Lorn up by
Lhelr rooLsţ and were Lhrown downţ and sank lnLo Lhe abyssŦ
83Ŧ3Ž And Lhen speech fell lnLo my mouLhţ and l ralsed my volce Lo cry ouLţ and saldť º1he earLh ls
83Ŧ6Ž And my grandfaLherţ Malalelţ roused meţ slnce l lay near hlmţ and sald Lo meť ºWhy dld you cry
ouL soţ my sonţ and why do you moan so?"
83Ŧ7Ž And l recounLed Lo hlm Lhe whole vlslonţ whlch l had seenţ and he sald Lo meť ºA Lerrlble Lhlng you
have seenţ my son! ?our dream vlslon concerns Lhe secreLs of all Lhe sln of Lhe LarLhŤ lL ls abouL Lo slnk
lnLo Lhe abyss and be uLLerly desLroyedŦ
83Ŧ8Ž And nowţ my sonţ rlse and make suppllcaLlon Lo Lhe Lord of Cloryţ for you are falLhfulţ LhaL a
remnanL may be lefL on Lhe LarLh and LhaL he may noL wlpe ouL Lhe whole LarLhŦ
83Ŧ9Ž My sonţ from Peaven all Lhls wlll come upon Lhe LarLhţ and upon Lhe LarLh Lhere wlll be greaL
83Ŧ10Ž And Lhen l rose and prayedţ and made suppllcaLlonţ and wroLe my prayer down for Lhe
generaLlons of eLernlLyţ and l wlll show everyLhlng Lo you my son MeLhuselahŦ
83Ŧ11Ž Andţ when l wenL ouL below and saw Lhe skyţ and Lhe Sun rlslng ln Lhe easLţ and Lhe Moon seLLlng
ln Lhe wesLţ and some sLarsţ and Lhe whole LarLhţ and everyLhlng as Pe knew lL slnce Lhe beglnnlngŦ
1hen l blessed Lhe Lord of !udgmenL and ascrlbed Ma[esLy Lo hlmţ for he makes Lhe Sun come ouL from
Lhe wlndows of Lhe easLţ so LhaL lL ascends and rlses on Lhe face of Peavenţ and follows Lhe paLh whlch
has been shown Lo lLŦ
84Ŧ1Ž And l ralsed my hands ln rlghLeousness and l blessed Lhe Poly and CreaL CneŦ And l spoke wlLh Lhe
breaLh of my mouLhţ and wlLh Lhe Longue of fleshţ whlch Cod has made for men born of flesh so LhaL
Lhey mlghL speak wlLh lLŤ and he has glven Lhem breaLhţ and a Longueţ and a mouLhţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL
speak wlLh LhemŦ
84Ŧ2Ž º8lessed are youţ Ch Lord klngţ and greaL and powerful ln your ma[esLyţ Lord of Lhe whole
CreaLlon of Peavenţ klng of klngsţ and Cod of Lhe whole world! And your klngly auLhorlLyţ and your
SoverelgnLy and your Ma[esLy wlll lasL foreverţ and forever and everţ and your powerţ for all
generaLlonsŦ And all Lhe Peavens are your Lhroneţ foreverţ and Lhe whole LarLh your fooLsLool foreverţ
and ever and everŦ
84Ŧ3Ž lor you madeţ and you ruleţ everyLhlngţ and noLhlng ls Loo hard for youţ and no wlsdom escapes
youŤ lL does noL Lurn away from your Lhrone nor from your presenceŦ And you knowţ and seeţ and hearţ
everyLhlngţ and noLhlng ls hldden from youţ for you see everyLhlngŦ
84Ŧ4Ž And now Lhe Angels of your Peaven are dolng wrong and your anger resLs upon Lhe flesh of men
unLll Lhe day of Lhe greaL [udgmenLŦ
84Ŧ3Ž And nowţ Ch Codţ Lordţ and CreaL klngţ l enLreaL and ask LhaL you wlll fulflll my prayer Lo leave me
a posLerlLy on LarLh and noL Lo wlpe ouL all Lhe flesh of men and make Lhe earLh empLy so LhaL Lhere ls
desLrucLlon foreverŦ
84Ŧ6Ž And nowţ my Lordţ wlpe ouL from Lhe earLh Lhe flesh LhaL has provoked your angerţ buL Lhe flesh
of rlghLeousness and uprlghLness esLabllsh as a seed bearlng planL foreverŦ And do noL hlde your face
from Lhe prayer of your servanLţ Ch LordŦ"

(18) Þ8CÞPLC? Cl 1PL AnlMALS
(pages 120Ŵ133) AlLhough Lnoch says here LhaL lL was a dream Lhls ls a long and deLalled prophecyŦ 1he
WaLchers may have Lold hlm Lo say lL was a dreamŦ Pe has wrlLLen lL ln hls own wordsţ hls sLyle ls easlly
recognlzableţ parLlcularly where Lhe sLory ls compllcaLedŦ
MosL of Lhe conLenLs of prophecy are now hlsLory and are recognlzable as blble sLorles buL Lhe end
sLreLches off lnLo Lhe fuLureŦ 1here are no names or daLesŤ dlfferenL anlmals represenL dlfferenL naLlons
or naLlonallLlesŦ 1he nexL chapLerţ 1he 1en Weeksţ covers Lhe same sLory buL from a dlfferenL vlewpolnLŦ
We sLarL aL 83Ŧ3 wlLh Adam and Lveţ and Caln and AbelŦ Caln and hls descendanLs are aL 83Ŧ3Ŧ
AL 83Ŧ8 SeLh ls born Lo LveŦ nexL (83Ŧ9Ŵ10) Lhere ls Lnochƌs famlly llne descrlbed ln Cenesls chapLer 3Ŧ
1he sLar aL 86Ŧ1 ls Lhe flrsL of Lhe WaLchers Lo appearŦ 1hey are represenLed ln Lhls sLory by sLars raLher
Lhan as anlmals Ŵ anoLher lndlcaLlon LhaL Lhey were Lhe real auLhors orţ aL leasLţ Lhe edlLors of Lhls
chapLerŦ 1hls flrsL one ls Lhe fall of SaLanţ perhaps a senlor member of Lhe WaLchersţ we don'L seem Lo
have any rellable lnformaLlon on Lhls sLoryţ Lhe lnformaLlon here ls LhaL SaLan caused people Lo be
dlssaLlsfledţ Lhey moved around and changed Lhelr wlvesŦ
1he perlod covered by Lnochƌs book sLarLs aL 86Ŧ3 and conLlnues Lhrough Lo 88Ŧ3Ŧ Pere Lhe runaways are
descrlbed as fallen sLarsŦ 1hls ls also descrlbed aL Lhe sLarL of chapLer 6 ln Cenesls Ŵ Sons of Cod
(Codllngs ln Pebrew) deslred Lhe daughLers of menŦ 1hese unlons gave rlse Lo glanLs (nephlllm Ŵ
meanlng ºLo fall"ţ as ln 'swoop down')Ŧ
AL 87Ŧ2Ŵ3 Lnoch descrlbes how belngs from heavenţ and he acLually says Lhey looked llke whlLe menţ
ralsed hlm Lo Lhelr LowerŦ 88Ŧ1Ŵ3 seems Lo descrlbe serlous warfare uslng advanced weaponsŦ lL ls
posslble LhaL Lhls war and Lhe evenLs surroundlng lL are descrlbed ln Lhe MahabharaLa an anclenL Plndu
LexL where Lhe gods flghL a war wlLh many advanced weaponsţ nuclear mlsslles lncludedţ [udglng from
Lhe deLalled descrlpLlons ln Lhe LexLŦ
1he sLory of noah (posslbly 17ţ000 8C) sLarLs aL 89Ŧ1 and conLlnues Lhrough Lo 89Ŧ9Ŧ 1he flood sLarLs aL
89Ŧ2Ŧ noahƌs Lhree sonsţ Shemţ Pam and !apheLhţ glve rlse Lo all Lhe anlmals (naLlons) aL 89Ŧ10Ŧ
1he whlLe bull aL Lhe end of 89Ŧ10 ls Abraham (posslbly 2166 Ŵ 1991 8C)Ŧ AL 89Ŧ11 Lhere ls Abraham's son
lshmael (2080 8C) Lhe wlld assţ and lsaac (2066 8C) Lhe whlLe bullŦ
lsaac has a wlld boarţ Lsauţ and a whlLe sheep LhaL ls !acob (2006 8C)Ŧ AL Lhe end of 89Ŧ12 !acob has
Lwelve sons Ŵ Lhe paLrlarchs of Lhe 12 LrlbesŦ
AL 89Ŧ13 !oseph ls sold Lo Lhe lshmaellLes or MldlanlLes (asses) and Lhen (1898 8C) Lo Lhe LgypLlans
(wolves)ţ see also Cenesls 37Ŧ23 and 39Ŧ1Ŧ
Cenesls 42 onwards ls descrlbed aL 89Ŧ14ţ Lhe Llme ln LgypLŦ AL 89Ŧ13ţ we geL Lo evenLs covered ln Lhe
book of LxodusŦ
1here ls a long secLlon descrlblng Lhe llfe of Moses (1326 Ŵ 1406 8C)ţ aL 89Ŧ16 Ŵ 38Ť whlch ls probably Lhe
reason why Moses belleved LhaL Lnoch walked wlLh Codţ (as sLaLed ln Cenesls 3Ŧ22)Ŧ
89Ŧ18 lnLroduces Aaron and Lhe parLlng of Lhe 8ed Sea ls descrlbed by Lhe LexL aL 89Ŧ24Ŵ23Ŧ
Crosslng Lhe rlver !ordan (1406 8C)ţ 89Ŧ39ţ ls chapLer 3 ln Lhe book of !oshuaŦ Also ln Lhls verse Lhe
!udges geL a brlef menLlonŦ
1he ram aL 89Ŧ41 ls probably Samuelţ followed by Saulţ 89Ŧ42ţ (chapLer 22 of 1Samuel ln Lhe blble)ţ and
Lhese are followed by uavld (1010 Ŵ 970 8C) aL 89Ŧ43Ŧ
1he dogs are Lhe ÞhlllsLlnesŦ
1he Llme of Solomon (970 Ŵ 930 8C) ls aL 89Ŧ48 and Lhe bulldlng of Lhe 1emple aL 89Ŧ30 (Lhe Lower)Ŧ
1he perlod afLer Solomon sLarLs aL 89Ŧ31 wlLh Lhe deaLhs of propheLsŦ 1he one savedţ 89Ŧ32ţ ls Lll[ahŦ
AL 89Ŧ36ţ ƍhe lefL LhaL house of Lhelrsƍ probably refers Lo Lhe Llme of klng Manasseh when Lhe LevlLes
Look Lhe Ark of Lhe CovenanL and lefL lsrael (around 670 8C)Ŧ 1hey also Look Lnochƌs bookţ and
evenLually seLLled ln LLhloplaŦ 1he llons ln Lhls parL are Lhe AssyrlansŦ
1here ls a change of scene aL 89Ŧ39ţ whlch probably colncldes wlLh Lhe rellglous reforms under !oslah
(620 8C) see chapLer 34 of 2ChronlclesŦ 1hen Lhere are Lhe 70 shepherdsŤ Lhese are varlous rellglous
leaders ln !erusalem slnce LhaL LlmeŦ
AL 89Ŧ66 Lhere ls Lhe desLrucLlon of Lhe 1emple ln !erusalem by Lhe 8abylonlans (387 8C)Ŧ
1he reLurn afLer Lhe exlle (338 8C) ls aL 89Ŧ72Ŧ 1he Lhree who reLurn are Lzraţ Paggalţ and Zecharlahţ
who all have books ln Lhe 8lbleŦ
1he second Lemple perlodţ ls aL 89Ŧ73ţ Lhls ls descrlbed ln Malachl (430 Ŵ 400 8C) hls book ls Lhe lasL
book of Lhee Cld 1esLamenLŦ
1he eagles flrsL appear ln Lhe sLory aL 90Ŧ2 Lhey are Lhe 8omansŦ
llfLyŴelghL of Lhe shepherds have served Lhelr Llme by verse 90Ŧ3Ŧ
1he small lambs wlLh open eyes (90Ŧ6) may be Lhe LssenesŦ
AL 90Ŧ8 Lhere ls Lhe deaLh of !ohn Lhe 8apLlsL Ŵ by Lhe ravensŦ
!esus ls Lhe ƍsheep wlLh Lhe blg hornƍ aL 90Ŧ9Ŵ16Ŧ lnLeresLlnglyţ lL does noL say speclflcally LhaL he ls
kllledţ only LhaL hls mlnlsLry ls sLopped by a consplracyŦ
AL 90Ŧ17ţ Lhe flnal Lwelve shepherds have Lhelr own bookŦ 1hls musL be Lhe ChrlsLlan eraŦ
1he prophecy Lhen goes lnLo Lhe fuLureŦ AL 90Ŧ18ţ Cod sLrlkes Lhe earLh ln angerŦ 1hls ls Lhe ƍsecond
endƍ ln Lhe nexL secLlonŦ 1here are no recognlzable evenLs afLer Lhlsţ Lhe sLory goes far off lnLo Lhe
fuLure and only Llme wlll reveal lLs meanlngŦ

83Ŧ1Ž And afLer Lhls l saw anoLher dreamţ and l wlll show lL all Lo youţ my sonŦ
83Ŧ2Ž And Lnoch ralsed hls volce and sald Lo hls son MeLhuselahť º1o you l speakţ my sonŦ Pear my
wordsţ and lncllne your ear Lo Lhe dream vlslon of your faLherŦ
83Ŧ3Ž 8efore l Look your moLherţ Ldnaţ l saw a vlslon on my bedť Ŵ and behold Ŵ a bull came ouL of Lhe
earLhţ and LhaL bull was whlLeŦ
Andţ afLer lLţ a helfer came ouLţ and wlLh Lhe helfer came Lwo bullocksţ and one of Lhem was black and
Lhe oLher redŦ
83Ŧ4Ž And LhaL black bullock sLruck Lhe red oneţ and pursued lL over Lhe earLhţ and from Lhen on l could
noL see LhaL red bullockŦ
83Ŧ3Ž 8uL LhaL black bullock grewţ and a helfer wenL wlLh lLŤ and l saw LhaL many bulls came ouL from lLţ
whlch were llke lLţ and followed behlnd lLŦ
83Ŧ6Ž And LhaL cowţ LhaL flrsL oneţ came from Lhe presence of LhaL flrsL bullţ seeklng LhaL red bullockţ buL
dld noL flnd lLŦ And Lhen lL moaned blLLerly and conLlnued Lo seek lLŦ
83Ŧ7Ž And l looked unLll LhaL flrsL bull came Lo lLţ and calmed lLţ and from LhaL Llme lL dld noL cry ouLŦ
83Ŧ8Ž And afLer Lhlsţ she bore anoLher whlLe bullţ and afLer Lhls she bore many black bulls and cowsŦ
83Ŧ9Ž And l sawţ ln my sleepţ LhaL whlLe bullţ how lL llkewlse grew and became a large whlLe bullŦ And
from lL came many whlLe bullsţ and Lhey were llke lLŦ
83Ŧ10Ž And Lhey began Lo begeL many whlLe bulls LhaL were llke Lhem Ŵ one followlng anoLherŦ
86Ŧ1Ž And agalnţ l looked wlLh my eyes as l was sleeplngţ and l saw Peaven aboveţ and beholdţ a sLar fell
from Peavenţ and lL arose and aLe and pasLured amongsL Lhose bullsŦ
86Ŧ2Ž Andţ afLer Lhlsţ l saw Lhe large and Lhe black bullsţ and beholdţ all of Lhem changed Lhelr pensţ and
Lhelr pasLuresţ and Lhelr helfersŦ And Lhey began Lo moanţ one afLer anoLherŦ
86Ŧ3Ž Andţ agalnţ l saw ln Lhe vlslon and looked up aL Peavenţ and beholdţ l saw many sLarsţ how Lhey
came downţ and were Lhrown down from Peaven Lo LhaL flrsL sLarţ and fell amongsL Lhose helfers and
bullsŦ 1hey were wlLh Lhem pasLurlng amongsL LhemŦ
86Ŧ4Ž And l looked aL Lhem and sawţ and beholdţ all of Lhem leL ouL Lhelr prlvaLe parLsţ llke horsesţ and
began Lo mounL Lhe cows of Lhe bullsŦ And Lhey all became pregnanL and bore elephanLsţ camelsţ and
86Ŧ3Ž And all Lhe bulls were afrald of Lhemţ and were Lerrlfled ln fronL of LhemŦ And Lhey began Lo blLe
wlLh Lhelr LeeLhţ and Lo devourţ and Lo gore wlLh Lhelr hornsŦ
86Ŧ6Ž And so Lhey began Lo devour Lhose bullsţ and beholdţ all Lhe sons of Lhe LarLh began Lo Lremble
and shake before Lhem and Lo fleeŦ
87Ŧ1Ž And agaln l saw Lhemţ how Lhey began Lo gore one anoLherţ and Lo devour one anoLherţ and Lhe
LarLh began Lo cry ouLŦ
87Ŧ2Ž And l ralsed my eyes agaln Lo Peavenţ and saw ln Lhe vlslonţ and beholdţ Lhere came from Peaven
belngs LhaL were llke whlLe menŦ And four came from LhaL placeţ and Lhree oLhers wlLh LhemŦ
87Ŧ3Ž And Lhose Lhreeţ who came ouL lasLţ Look hold of me by my hand and ralsed me from Lhe
generaLlons of Lhe LarLhţ and llfLed me up onLo a hlgh placeţ and showed me a Lower hlgh above Lhe
earLhţ and all Lhe hllls were lowerŦ
87Ŧ4Ž And one sald Lo meť º8emaln here unLll you have seen everyLhlng whlch ls comlng upon Lhese
elephanLsţ and camelsţ and assesţ and upon Lhe sLarsţ and upon all Lhe bullsŦ"
88Ŧ1Ž And l saw one of Lhose four who had come ouL flrsLţ how he Look hold of LhaL flrsL sLarţ whlch had
fallen from Peavenţ and bound lL by lLs hands and feeLţ and Lhrew lL lnLo an abyssŦ And LhaL abyss was
narrowţ and deepţ and horrlbleţ and darkŦ
88Ŧ2Ž And one of Lhem drew hls swordţ and gave lL Lo Lhose elephanLsţ camelsţ and assesŤ and Lhey
began Lo sLrlke one anoLherţ and Lhe whole LarLh shook because of LhemŦ
88Ŧ3Ž And as l looked ln Lhe vlslonţ beholdţ one of Lhose four who had come ouL casL a llne from Peaven
and gaLhered and Look all Lhe large sLarsŤ Lhose whose prlvaLe parLs were llke Lhe prlvaLe parLs of
horsesţ and bound Lhem all by Lhelr hands and Lhelr feeLţ and Lhrew Lhem lnLo a chasm of Lhe LarLhŦ
89Ŧ1Ž And one of Lhose fourţ wenL Lo a whlLe bullţ and LaughL hlm a mysLeryţ Lrembllng as he wasŦ Pe
was born a bullţ buL became a manţ and bullL for hlmself a large vesselţ and dwelL on lLţ and Lhree bulls
wenL wlLh hlm ln LhaL vesselţ and Lhey were covered overŦ
89Ŧ2Ž Andţ agalnţ l ralsed my eyes Lo Peaven and saw a hlgh roof wlLh seven waLer channels on lLţ and
Lhose channels dlscharged much waLer lnLo an enclosureŦ
89Ŧ3Ž And l looked agalnţ and beholdţ sprlngs opened on Lhe floor of LhaL large enclosureţ and waLer
began Lo bubble upţ and Lo rlse above Lhe floorŦ And l looked aL LhaL enclosure unLll lLs whole floor was
covered by waLerŦ
89Ŧ4Ž And waLerţ darknessţ and mlsL lncreased on lLţ and l looked aL Lhe helghL of LhaL waLerţ and LhaL
waLer had rlsen above LhaL enclosure and was pourlng ouL over Lhe enclosureţ and lL remalned on Lhe
89Ŧ3Ž And all Lhe bulls of LhaL enclosure were gaLhered LogeLherţ unLll l saw how Lhey sankţ and were
swallowed upţ and desLroyedţ ln LhaL waLerŦ
89Ŧ6Ž And LhaL vessel floaLed on Lhe waLerţ buL all Lhe bullsţ elephanLsţ camelsţ and asses sank Lo Lhe
boLLomţ LogeLher wlLh all Lhe anlmalsţ so LhaL l could noL see LhemŦ And Lhey were unable Lo geL ouLţ
buL were desLroyedţ and sank lnLo Lhe depLhsŦ
89Ŧ7Ž Andţ agalnţ l looked aL LhaL vlslon unLll Lhose waLer channels were removed from LhaL hlgh roofţ
and Lhe chasms of Lhe LarLh were made levelţ and oLher abysses were openedŦ
89Ŧ8Ž And Lhe waLer began Lo run down lnLo Lhemţ unLll Lhe earLh became vlslbleţ and LhaL vessel seLLled
on Lhe earLh and Lhe darkness deparLedţ and llghL appearedŦ
89Ŧ9Ž And LhaL whlLe bullţ who became a manţ wenL ouL from LhaL vesselţ and Lhe Lhree bulls wlLh hlmŦ
And one of Lhe Lhree bulls was whlLeţ llke LhaL bullţ and one of Lhem was red as bloodţ and one was
blackŦ And LhaL whlLe bull passed away from LhemŦ
89Ŧ10Ž And Lhey began Lo begeL wlld anlmals and blrdsţ so LhaL Lhere arose from Lhem every klnd of
speclesť llonsţ Llgersţ wolvesţ dogsţ hyenasţ wlldŴboarsţ foxesţ badgersţ plgsţ falconsţ vulLuresţ klLesţ
eaglesţ and ravensŦ 8uL amongsL Lhem was born a whlLe bullŦ
89Ŧ11Ž And Lhey began Lo blLe one anoLher buL LhaL whlLe bullţ whlch was born amongsL Lhemţ begaL a
wlld ass and a whlLe bull wlLh lLţ and Lhe wlld asses lncreasedŦ
89Ŧ12Ž 8uL LhaL bullţ whlch was born from lLţ begaL a black wlld boar and a whlLe sheepţ and LhaL wlldŴ
boar begaL many boars and LhaL sheep begaL Lwelve sheepŦ
89Ŧ13Ž And when Lhose Lwelve sheep had grownţ Lhey handed one of Lhelr number over Lo Lhe assesţ
and Lhose ln Lurnţ handed LhaL sheep over Lo Lhe wolvesŤ and LhaL sheep grew up amongsL Lhe wolvesŦ
89Ŧ14Ž And Lhe Lord broughL Lhe eleven sheep Lo dwell wlLh lLţ and Lo pasLure wlLh lL amongsL Lhe
wolvesţ and Lhey lncreased and became many flocks of sheepŦ
89Ŧ13Ž And Lhe wolves began Lo make Lhem afraldţ and Lhey oppressed Lhem unLll Lhey made away wlLh
Lhelr youngţ and Lhen Lhey Lhrew Lhelr young lnLo a rlver wlLh much waLerŤ buL Lhose sheep began Lo cry
ouL because of Lhelr youngţ and Lo complaln Lo Lhelr LordŦ
89Ŧ16Ž 8uL a sheepţ whlch had been saved from Lhe wolvesţ fled and escaped Lo Lhe wlld assesŦ And l
saw Lhe sheep moanlng and crylng ouLţ and peLlLlonlng Lhe Lord wlLh all Lhelr powerţ unLll LhaL Lord of
Lhe sheep came down aL Lhe call of Lhe sheepţ from a hlgh roomţ and came Lo Lhemţ and looked aL
89Ŧ17Ž And he called LhaL sheepţ whlch had fled from Lhe wolvesţ and spoke Lo lL abouL Lhe wolvesţ LhaL
lL should warn Lhem LhaL Lhey should noL Louch Lhe sheepŦ
89Ŧ18Ž And Lhe sheep wenL Lo Lhe wolvesţ ln accordance wlLh Lhe Word of Lhe Lordţ and anoLher sheep
meL LhaL sheep and wenL wlLh lLŦ And Lhe Lwo of Lhem LogeLherţ enLered Lhe assembly of Lhose wolvesţ
spoke Lo Lhemţ and warned Lhem LhaL from Lhen onţ Lhey should noL Louch Lhose sheepŦ
89Ŧ19Ž And afLer Lhlsţ l saw Lhe wolvesţ how Lhey acLed even more harshly Lowards Lhe sheepţ wlLh all
Lhelr powerţ and Lhe sheep called ouLŦ
89Ŧ20Ž And Lhelr Lord came Lo Lhe sheep and began Lo beaL Lhose wolvesŤ and Lhe wolves began Lo
moanţ buL Lhe sheep became sllenL and from Lhen on Lhey dld noL cry ouLŦ
89Ŧ21Ž And l looked aL Lhe sheep unLll Lhey escaped from Lhe wolvesŤ buL Lhe eyes of Lhe wolves were
bllndedţ and Lhose wolves wenL ouL ln pursulL of Lhe sheep wlLh all Lhelr forcesŦ
89Ŧ22Ž And Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep wenL wlLh Lhemţ as he led Lhemţ and all hls sheep followed hlmŤ and
hls face was glorlousţ and hls appearance Lerrlble and magnlflcenLŦ
89Ŧ23Ž 8uL Lhe wolves began Lo pursue Lhose sheep unLll Lhey meL Lhem by a sLreLch of waLerŦ
89Ŧ24Ž And LhaL sLreLch of waLer was dlvldedţ and Lhe waLer sLood on one sldeţ and on Lhe oLherţ before
LhemŦ And Lhelr Lord as he led Lhemţ sLood beLween Lhem and Lhe wolvesŦ
89Ŧ23Ž And whlle Lhose wolves had noL yeL seen Lhe sheepţ Lhey wenL lnLo Lhe mlddle of LhaL sLreLch of
waLerŤ buL Lhe wolves pursued Lhe sheepţ and Lhose wolves ran afLer Lhem lnLo LhaL sLreLch of waLerŦ
89Ŧ26Ž 8uL when Lhey saw Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep Lhey Lurned Lo flee ln fronL of hlmŤ buL LhaL sLreLch of
waLer flowed LogeLher agalnţ and suddenly resumed lLs naLural formţ and Lhe waLer swelled upţ and
rose unLll lL covered Lhose wolvesŦ
89Ŧ27Ž And l looked unLll all Lhe wolves LhaL had pursued Lhose sheep were desLroyed and drownedŦ
89Ŧ28Ž 8uL Lhe sheep escaped LhaL waLerţ and wenL Lo a deserLţ where Lhere was nelLher waLerţ nor
grassŦ And Lhey began Lo open Lhelr eyes and seeţ and l saw Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep pasLurlng Lhemţ and
glvlng Lhem waLer and grassţ and LhaL sheep golng and leadlng LhemŦ
89Ŧ29Ž And LhaL sheep wenL up Lo Lhe summlL of a hlgh rock and Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep senL lL Lo LhemŦ
89Ŧ30Ž And afLer Lhlsţ l saw Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep sLandlng before Lhemţ and hls appearance was Lerrlble
and ma[esLlcţ and all Lhose sheep saw hlm and were afrald of hlmŦ
89Ŧ31Ž And all of Lhem were afrald and Lrembled before hlmŤ and Lhey crled ouL Lo LhaL sheepţ wlLh
Lhose who were ln Lhelr mldsLť ºWe cannoL sLand before our Lord nor look aL hlmŦ"
89Ŧ32Ž And LhaL sheepţ whlch led Lhemţ agaln wenL up Lo Lhe summlL of LhaL rockŤ and Lhe sheep began
Lo be bllndedţ and go asLray from Lhe paLh whlch had been shown Lo Lhemţ buL LhaL sheep dld noL knowŦ
89Ŧ33Ž And Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep was exLremely angry wlLh Lhemţ and LhaL sheep knewţ and wenL down
from Lhe summlL of Lhe rockţ and came Lo Lhe sheepţ and found Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhemţ wlLh Lhelr eyes
bllndedţ and golng asLray from hls paLhŦ
89Ŧ34Ž And when Lhey saw lL Lhey were afrald and Lrembled before lL and wlshed LhaL Lhey could reLurn
Lo Lhelr enclosureŦ And LhaL sheep Look some oLher sheep wlLh lLţ and wenL Lo Lhose sheep LhaL had
gone asLrayţ and Lhen began Lo klll LhemŤ and Lhe sheep were afrald of lLŦ And LhaL sheep broughL back
Lhose sheep LhaL had gone asLrayţ and Lhey reLurned Lo Lhelr enclosuresŦ
89Ŧ36Ž And l looked Lhere aL Lhe vlslonţ unLll LhaL sheep became a manţ and bullL a house for Lhe Lord of
Lhe sheepţ and made all Lhe sheep sLand ln LhaL houseŦ
89Ŧ37Ž And l looked unLll LhaL sheepţ whlch had meL LhaL sheep LhaL led Lhe sheepţ fell asleepŦ And l
looked unLll all Lhe large sheep were desLroyed and small ones arose ln Lhelr placeţ and Lhey came Lo a
pasLureţ and drew near a rlver of waLerŦ
89Ŧ38Ž And LhaL sheep LhaL led Lhemţ whlch had become a manţ separaLed from Lhem and fell asleepţ
and all Lhe sheep soughL lLţ and crled ouL very blLLerly over lLŦ
89Ŧ39Ž And l looked unLll Lhey lefL off crylng for LhaL sheepţ and crossed LhaL rlver of waLerŦ And Lhere
arose all Lhe sheep LhaL led Lhemţ ln place of Lhose whlch had fallen asleepŤ and Lhey ledŦ
89Ŧ40Ž And l looked unLll Lhe sheep came Lo a good place and a pleasanL and glorlous landţ and l looked
unLll Lhose sheep were saLlsfledŦ And LhaL house was ln Lhe mlddle of Lhem ln LhaL green and pleasanL
89Ŧ41Ž And someLlmes Lhelr eyes were openedţ and someLlmes bllndedţ unLll anoLher sheep rose upţ led
Lhemţ and broughL Lhem all backŦ And Lhelr eyes were openedŦ
89Ŧ42Ž And Lhe dogsţ and Lhe foxesţ and Lhe wlld boarsţ began Lo devour Lhose sheep unLll Lhe Lord of
Lhe sheep ralsed up a ram from among Lhemţ whlch led LhemŦ
89Ŧ43Ž And LhaL ram began Lo buLL Lhose dogsţ foxesţ and wlld boarsţ on one slde and on Lhe oLher unLll
lL had desLroyed Lhem allŦ
89Ŧ44Ž And Lhe eyes of LhaL sheep were openedţ and lL saw LhaL ram ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe sheepţ how lL
renounced lLs gloryţ and began Lo buLL Lhose sheepţ and how lL Lrampled on Lhem and behaved
89Ŧ43Ž And Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep senL Lhe sheep Lo anoLher sheep and ralsed lL up Lo be a ram and Lo
lead Lhe sheep ln place of LhaL sheep whlch had renounced lLs gloryŦ
89Ŧ46Ž And lL wenL Lo lLţ and spoke wlLh lL aloneţ and ralsed up LhaL ramţ and made lL Lhe prlnce and
leader of Lhe sheepŦ Andţ durlng all Lhlsţ Lhose dogs oppressed Lhe sheepŦ
89Ŧ47Ž And Lhe flrsL ram pursued LhaL second ram and LhaL second ram rose and fled before lLŦ And l
looked unLll Lhose dogs made Lhe flrsL ram fallŦ
89Ŧ48Ž And LhaL second ram rose up and led Lhe small sheepţ and LhaL ram begaL many sheepţ and fell
asleepŦ And a small sheep became a ramţ ln place of lLţ and became Lhe prlnce and leader of Lhose
89Ŧ49Ž And Lhose sheep grew and lncreasedŤ buL all Lhe dogsţ and foxesţ and wlld boarsţ were afrald and
fled from lLŦ And LhaL ram buLLed and kllled all Lhe anlmalsţ and Lhose anlmals dld noL agaln prevall
amongsL Lhe sheepţ and dld noL selze anyLhlng furLher from LhemŦ
89Ŧ30Ž And LhaL house became large and broadţ and for Lhose sheep a hlgh Lower was bullL on LhaL
house for Lhe Lord of Lhe sheepŦ And LhaL house was low buL Lhe Lower was ralsed up and hlghŦ And Lhe
Lord of Lhe sheep sLood on LhaL Lower and Lhey spread a full Lable before hlmŦ
89Ŧ31Ž And l saw Lhose sheep agalnţ how Lhey wenL asLrayţ and walked ln many waysţ and lefL LhaL
house of LhelrsŤ and Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep called some of Lhe sheepţ and senL Lhem Lo Lhe sheepţ buL Lhe
sheep began Lo klll LhemŦ
89Ŧ32Ž 8uL one of Lhem was savedţ and was noL kllledţ and lL sprang away and crled ouL agalnsL Lhe
sheepŦ And Lhey wlshed Lo klll lL buL Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep saved lL from Lhe hands of Lhe sheepţ broughL
lL up Lo meţ and made lL sLayŦ
89Ŧ33Ž And he senL many oLher sheep Lo Lhose sheepţ Lo LesLlfy Lo Lhem and Lo lamenL over LhemŦ
89Ŧ34Ž And afLer Lhlsţ l saw how when Lhey lefL Lhe house of Lhe Lord of Lhe sheepţ and hls Lowerţ Lhey
wenL asLray ln everyLhlngţ and Lhelr eyes were bllndedŦ And l saw how Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep wroughL
much slaughLer among Lhemţ ln Lhelr pasLuresţ unLll Lhose sheep lnvlLed LhaL slaughLerţ and beLrayed hls
89Ŧ33Ž And he gave Lhem lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe llonsţ and Lhe Llgersţ and Lhe wolvesţ and Lhe hyenasţ and
lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe foxesţ and Lo all Lhe anlmalsŦ And Lhose wlld anlmals began Lo Lear Lhose sheep ln
89Ŧ36Ž And l saw how he lefL LhaL house of Lhelrsţ and Lhelr Lowerţ and gave Lhem all lnLo Lhe hands of
Lhe llons so LhaL Lhey mlghL Lear Lhem ln pleces and devour Lhemţ and lnLo Lhe hands of all Lhe anlmalsŦ
89Ŧ37Ž And l began Lo cry ouL wlLh all my powerţ Lo call Lhe Lord of Lhe sheepţ and Lo represenL Lo hlm
concernlng Lhe sheepŤ LhaL all Lhe wlld anlmals were devourlng LhemŦ
89Ŧ38Ž 8uL he remalned sLlllţ alLhough he sawţ and he re[olced LhaL Lhey were devouredţ swallowed up
and carrled offŦ And he gave Lhem lnLo Lhe hands of all Lhe anlmals for foodŦ
89Ŧ39Ž And he called sevenLy shepherdsţ and casL off Lhose sheepţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL pasLure LhemŦ And
he sald Lo Lhe shepherds and Lo Lhelr companlonsť ºLach one of youţ from now onţ ls Lo pasLure Lhe
sheep and do whaLever l command youŦ
89Ŧ60Ž And l wlll hand Lhem over Lo youţ duly numberedţ and l wlll Lell you whlch of Lhem are Lo be
desLroyedţ and desLroy LhemŦ" And he handed Lhose sheep over Lo LhemŦ
89Ŧ61Ž And he called anoLherţ and sald Lo hlmť ºCbserve and see everyLhlng LhaL Lhese shepherds do
agalnsL Lhese sheep for Lhey wlll desLroy from among Lhem more Lhan l have commanded LhemŦ
89Ŧ62Ž And wrlLe down all Lhe excess and desLrucLlonţ whlch ls wroughL by Lhe shepherdsŤ how many
Lhey desLroy aL my command and how many Lhey desLroy of Lhelr own vollLlonŦ WrlLe down agalnsL
each shepherdţ lndlvlduallyţ all LhaL he desLroysŦ
89Ŧ63Ž And read ouL ln fronL of me exacLly how many Lhey desLroy of Lhelr own vollLlon and how many
are handed over for desLrucLlon so LhaL Lhls may be a LesLlmony for me agalnsL LhemŦ So LhaL l may
know all Lhe deeds of Lhe shepherds ln order Lo hand Lhem over for [udgmenLŦ And l wlll see whaL Lhey
doţ wheLher Lhey ablde by my command wlLh whlch l have commanded Lhemţ or noLŦ
89Ŧ64Ž 8uL Lhey musL noL know Lhlsţ and you musL noL show Lhls Lo Lhemţ buL only wrlLe down agalnsL
each lndlvldual ln hls Llme all LhaL Lhe shepherds desLroyţ and brlng lL all up Lo meŦ"
89Ŧ63Ž And l looked unLll Lhose shepherds pasLured aL Lhelr Llmesţ and Lhey began Lo klll and desLroy
more Lhan Lhey were commandedţ and Lhey gave Lhose sheep lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe llonsŦ
89Ŧ66Ž And Lhe llons and Lhe Llgers devoured and swallowed up Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhose sheepţ and Lhe
wlld boars devoured wlLh LhemŤ and Lhey burnL down LhaL Lower and demollshed LhaL houseŦ
89Ŧ67Ž And l was exLremely sad abouL LhaL Lower because LhaL house of Lhe sheep had been
demollshedŤ and afLer LhaL l was unable Lo see wheLher Lhose sheep wenL lnLo LhaL houseŦ
89Ŧ68Ž And Lhe shepherds and Lhelr companlons handed Lhose sheep over Lo all Lhe anlmals so LhaL Lhey
mlghL devour LhemŦ Lach one of Lhemţ aL hls Llmeţ recelved an exacL numberţ and for each of Lhemţ one
afLer Lhe oLherţ Lhere was wrlLLen ln a book how many of Lhem were desLroyedŦ
89Ŧ69Ž And each one kllled and desLroyed more Lhan was prescrlbed and l began Lo weep and moan very
much because of Lhose sheepŦ
89Ŧ70Ž And llkewlseţ ln Lhe vlslonţ l saw LhaL one who wroLeţ how each dayţ he wroLe down each one
LhaL was desLroyed by Lhose shepherdsŦ And he broughL upţ and presenLedţ Lhe whole book Lo Lhe Lord
of Lhe sheepţ everyLhlng Lhey had done and all LhaL each one of Lhem had made away wlLhţ and all LhaL
Lhey had handed Lo desLrucLlonŦ
89Ŧ71Ž And Lhe book was read ouL ln fronL of Lhe Lord of Lhe sheepţ and he Look Lhe book ln hls handţ
read lLţ sealed lLţ and puL lL downŦ
89Ŧ72Ž And afLer Lhls l saw how Lhe shepherds pasLured for Lwelve hoursţ and behold Lhree of Lhose
sheep reLurnedţ and arrlvedţ and came and began Lo bulld up all LhaL had fallen down from LhaL houseŤ
buL Lhe wlld boars hlndered Lhem so LhaL Lhey could noLŦ
89Ŧ73Ž And Lhey agaln began Lo bulldţ as beforeţ and Lhey ralsed up LhaL Lowerţ and lL was called Lhe
hlgh LowerŦ And Lhey began agaln Lo place a Lable before Lhe Lower buL all Lhe bread on lL was unclean
and was noL pureŦ
89Ŧ74Ž Andţ besldes all Lhlsţ Lhe eyes of Lhese sheep were bllnded so LhaL Lhey could noL seeţ and Lhelr
shepherds llkewlseŦ And Lhey handed yeL more of Lhem over Lo desLrucLlonţ and Lhey Lrampled on Lhe
sheep wlLh Lhelr feeLţ and devoured LhemŦ
89Ŧ73Ž 8uL Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep remalned sLlllţ unLll all Lhe sheep were scaLLered abroadţ and had
mlxed wlLh Lhemţ and Lhey dld noL save Lhem from Lhe hands of Lhe anlmalsŦ
89Ŧ76Ž And LhaL one who wroLe Lhe book broughL lL upţ showed lLţ and read lL ouL ln Lhe dwelllng of Lhe
Lord of Lhe sheepŦ And he enLreaLed Plm on behalf of Lhemţ and peLlLloned Plmţ as he showed Plm all
Lhe deeds of Lhelr shepherds and LesLlfled ln fronL of Plm agalnsL all Lhe shepherdsŦ
89Ŧ77Ž And he Look Lhe bookţ puL lL down by Plmţ and wenL ouLŦ
90Ŧ1Ž And l looked unLll Lhe Llme LhaL LhlrLyŴflve shepherds had pasLured Lhe sheep Lhe same wayţ andţ
each lndlvlduallyŤ Lhey all compleLed Lhelr Llme llke Lhe flrsL onesŦ And oLhers recelved Lhem lnLo Lhelr
hands Lo pasLure Lhemţ aL Lhelr Llmeţ each shepherd aL hls own LlmeŦ
90Ŧ2Ž And afLer Lhlsţ l saw ln Lhe vlslonţ all Lhe blrds of Lhe sky comlngť Ŵ 1he eaglesţ Lhe vulLuresţ and Lhe
klLesţ and Lhe ravensŦ 8uL Lhe eagles led all Lhe blrdsţ and Lhey began Lo devour Lhose sheepţ Lo peck ouL
Lhelr eyesţ and Lo devour Lhelr fleshŦ
90Ŧ3Ž And Lhe sheep crled ouL because Lhe blrds devoured Lhelr fleshŦ And l crled ouL and lamenLed ln
my sleep because of LhaL shepherd who pasLured Lhe sheepŦ
90Ŧ4Ž And l looked unLll Lhose sheep were devoured by Lhose dogsţ and by Lhe eaglesţ and by Lhe klLesţ
and Lhey lefL Lhem nelLher flesh nor sklnţ nor slnewţ unLll only Lhelr bones remalnedŦ And Lhelr bones fell
upon Lhe ground and Lhe sheep became fewŦ
90Ŧ3Ž And l looked unLll Lhe Llme LhaL LwenLyŴLhree shepherds had pasLuredţ and Lhey compleLedţ each
ln hls Llmeţ flfLy elghL LlmesŦ
90Ŧ6Ž And small lambs were born from Lhose whlLe sheepţ and Lhey began Lo open Lhelr eyesţ Lo seeţ
and Lo cry Lo Lhe sheepŦ
90Ŧ7Ž 8uL Lhe sheep dld noL cry Lo Lhemţ and dld noL llsLen Lo whaL Lhey sald Lo Lhemţ buL were
exLremely deafţ and Lhelr eyes were exLremely and excesslvely bllndedŦ
90Ŧ8Ž And l saw ln Lhe vlslonţ how Lhe ravens flew upon Lhose lambsţ and Look one of Lhose lambsţ and
dashed Lhe sheep ln pleces and devoured LhemŦ
90Ŧ9Ž And l looked unLll horns came up on Lhose lambs buL Lhe ravens casL Lhelr horns downŦ And l
looked unLll a blg horn grew on one of Lhose sheepţ and Lhelr eyes were openedŦ
90Ŧ10Ž And lL looked aL Lhem and Lhelr eyes were openedŦ And lL crled Lo Lhe sheepţ and Lhe rams saw lLţ
and Lhey all ran Lo lLŦ
90Ŧ11Ž Andţ besldes all Lhlsţ Lhose eaglesţ and vulLuresţ and ravensţ and klLesţ were sLlll conLlnually
Learlng Lhe sheep ln plecesţ and flylng upon Lhem and devourlng LhemŦ And Lhe sheep were sllenL buL
Lhe rams lamenLed and crled ouLŦ
90Ŧ12Ž And Lhose ravens baLLled and foughL wlLh lLţ and wlshed Lo make away wlLh lLs hornţ buL Lhey dld
noL prevall agalnsL lLŦ
90Ŧ13Ž And l looked aL Lhem unLll Lhe shepherds and Lhe eaglesţ and Lhose vulLuresţ and klLesţ came and
crled Lo Lhe ravens LhaL Lhey should dash Lhe horn of LhaL ram ln plecesŦ And Lhey foughL and baLLled
wlLh lLţ and lL foughL wlLh Lhem and crled ouL so LhaL lLs help mlghL come Lo lLŦ
90Ŧ14Ž And l looked unLll LhaL manţ who wroLe down Lhe names of Lhe shepherds and broughL Lhem up
before Lhe Lord of Lhe sheepţ cameţ and he helped LhaL ram and showed lL everyLhlngŤ lLs help was
comlng downŦ
90Ŧ13Ž And l looked unLll LhaL Lord of Lhe sheep came Lo Lhem ln angerţ all Lhose who saw hlm fledţ and
Lhey all fell lnLo Lhe shadow ln fronL of PlmŦ
90Ŧ16Ž All Lhe eagles and vulLures and ravens and klLesţ gaLhered LogeLher and broughL wlLh Lhem all Lhe
wlld sheepţ and Lhey all came LogeLher and helped one anoLher ln order Lo dash LhaL horn of Lhe ram ln
90Ŧ17Ž And l looked aL LhaL manţ who wroLe Lhe book aL Lhe command of Lhe Lordţ unLll he opened LhaL
book of Lhe desLrucLlon LhaL Lhose lasL Lwelve shepherds had wroughLŦ And he showedţ ln fronL of Lhe
Lord of Lhe sheepţ LhaL Lhey had desLroyed even more Lhan Lhose before Lhem hadŦ
90Ŧ18Ž And l looked unLll Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep came Lo Lhem and Look Lhe SLaff of Pls Anger and sLruck
Lhe LarLhŦ And Lhe LarLh was spllLŦ And all Lhe anlmalsţ and Lhe blrds of Lhe skyţ fell from Lhose sheep
and sank ln Lhe earLhŤ and lL closed over LhemŦ
90Ŧ19Ž And l looked unLll a blg sword was glven Lo Lhe sheepŦ And Lhe sheep wenL ouL agalnsL all Lhe wlld
anlmals Lo klll LhemŦ And all Lhe anlmalsţ and blrds of Lhe skyţ fled before LhemŦ
90Ŧ20Ž And l looked unLll a Lhrone was seL up ln a pleasanL land and Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep saL on lLŦ And
Lhey Look all Lhe sealed books and opened Lhe books ln fronL of Lhe Lord of Lhe sheepŦ
90Ŧ21Ž And Lhe Lord called Lhose menţ Lhe seven flrsL whlLe onesţ and commanded Lhem Lo brlng ln
fronL of Plm Lhe flrsL sLarţ whlch wenL before Lhose sLars whose prlvaLe parLs were llke horsesţ and Lhey
broughL Lhem all ln fronL of PlmŦ
90Ŧ22Ž And Pe sald Lo LhaL man who wroLe ln fronL of Plmţ who was one of Lhe seven whlLe onesţ Pe
sald Lo hlmť º1ake Lhose sevenLy shepherdsţ Lo whom l handed over Lhe sheepţ and whoţ on Lhelr own
auLhorlLyţ Look and kllled more Lhan l commanded LhemŦ"
90Ŧ23Ž And beholdţ l saw Lhem all boundţ and Lhey all sLood ln fronL of PlmŦ
90Ŧ24Ž And Lhe [udgmenL was heldţ flrsL on Lhe sLarsţ and Lhey were [udged and found gullLyţ and Lhey
wenL Lo Lhe place of damnaLlonţ and were Lhrown lnLo a deep place full of flre burnlngţ and full of plllars
of flreŦ
90Ŧ23Ž And Lhose sevenLy shepherds were [udgedţ and found gullLyţ and Lhey also were Lhrown lnLo LhaL
abyss of flreŦ
90Ŧ26Ž And l saw aL LhaL Llmeţ how a slmllar abyss was opened ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe LarLh whlch was full
of flreţ and Lhey broughL Lhose bllnd sheep and Lhey were all [udgedţ and found gullLyţ and Lhrown lnLo
LhaL abyss of flre and Lhey burnedŦ And LhaL abyss was on Lhe souLh of LhaL houseŦ
90Ŧ27Ž And l saw Lhose sheep burnlng and Lhelr bones were burnlngŦ
90Ŧ28Ž And l sLood up Lo look unLll he folded up LhaL old houseţ and Lhey removed all Lhe plllarsţ and all
Lhe beams and ornamenLs of LhaL house were folded up wlLh lLŦ And Lhey removed lL and puL lL ln a
place ln Lhe souLh of Lhe landŦ
90Ŧ29Ž And l looked unLll Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep broughL a new houseţ larger and hlgher Lhan Lhe flrsL
oneţ and he seL lL up on Lhe slLe of Lhe flrsL one LhaL had been folded upŦ And all lLs plllars were newţ and
lLs ornamenLs were new and larger Lhan Lhose of Lhe flrsL one Ŵ Lhe old one LhaL had been removedŦ And
Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep was ln Lhe mlddle of lLŦ
90Ŧ30Ž And l saw all Lhe sheep LhaL were lefLţ and all Lhe anlmals of Lhe earLhţ and all Lhe blrds of Lhe skyţ
falllng down and worshlpplng Lhose sheepţ and enLreaLlng Lhem and obeylng Lhem ln every commandŦ
90Ŧ31Ž And afLer Lhlsţ Lhose Lhree who were dressed ln whlLe and had Laken hold of my handţ Lhe ones
who had broughL me up aL flrsLŦ 1heyţ wlLh Lhe hand of LhaL ram also holdlng meţ Look me upţ and puL
me down ln Lhe mlddle of Lhose sheep before Lhe [udgmenL was heldŦ
90Ŧ32Ž And Lhose sheep were all whlLe and Lhelr wool Lhlck and pureŦ
90Ŧ33Ž And all Lhose whlch had been desLroyed and scaLLeredţ and all Lhe wlld anlmalsţ and all Lhe blrds
of Lhe skyţ gaLhered LogeLher ln LhaL houseţ and Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep re[olced very much because Lhey
were all goodţ and had reLurned Lo Pls houseŦ
90Ŧ34Ž And l looked unLll Lhey had lald down LhaL swordţ whlch had been glven Lo Lhe sheepţ and Lhey
broughL lL back lnLo hls houseţ and lL was sealed ln fronL of Lhe LordŦ And all Lhe sheep were enclosed ln
LhaL house buL lL dld noL hold LhemŦ
90Ŧ33Ž And Lhe eyes of all of Lhem were openedţ and Lhey saw wellţ and Lhere was noL one among Lhem
LhaL dld noL seeŦ
90Ŧ36Ž And l saw LhaL LhaL house was largeţ broadţ and excepLlonally fullŦ
90Ŧ37Ž And l saw how a whlLe bull was bornţ and lLs horns were blgţ and all Lhe wlld anlmalsţ and all Lhe
blrds of Lhe skyţ were afrald of lLţ and enLreaLed lL conLlnuallyŦ
90Ŧ38Ž And l looked unLll all Lhelr specles were Lransformed and Lhey all became whlLe bullsŦ And Lhe
flrsL among Lhem was a wlldŴoxŦ And LhaL wlldŴox was a large anlmal and had blg black horns on lLs headŦ
And Lhe Lord of Lhe sheep re[olced over Lhemţ and over all Lhe bullsŦ
90Ŧ39Ž And l was asleep ln Lhe mlddle of Lhem and l woke up and saw everyLhlngŦ
90Ŧ40Ž And Lhls ls Lhe vlslon whlch l saw whlle l was asleepţ and l woke upţ blessed Lhe Lord of
8lghLeousnessţ and ascrlbed glory Lo hlmŦ
90Ŧ41Ž 8uL afLer Lhls l wepL blLLerly and my Lears dld noL sLop unLll l could noL endure lLŦ When l lookedţ
Lhey ran downţ because of whaL l sawţ for everyLhlng wlll come Lo pass and be fulfllledţ and all Lhe deeds
of menţ ln Lhelr orderţ were shown Lo meŦ
90Ŧ42Ž 1haL nlghL l remembered my flrsL dreamţ and because of lL l wepLţ and was dlsLurbedţ because l
had seen LhaL vlslonŦ

(19) Þ8CÞPLC? Cl 1PL 1Ln WLLkS
ll8S1 WLLk !usLlce Ǝ 8lghLeousness 93Ŧ3
(lceŴage Ŵ over 16ţ000 8C) Lnochƌs Llme
SLCCnu WLLk CreaL ln[usLlce 93Ŧ4
Ƽ(16ţ000 Ŵ 10ţ000 8C) noahƌs Llme ll8S1 Lnu llood
1Pl8u WLLk ÞlanL of 8lghLeousness 93Ŧ3
(10ţ000 Ŵ 2000 8C) Abrahamƌs Llme
lCu81P WLLk Law for all generaLlons 93Ŧ6
(2000 Ŵ 1400 8C ) Moses LxCuuS
lll1P WLLk Pouse of Clory 93Ŧ7
(1400 Ŵ 900 8C) Solomon lsrael
Slx1P WLLk ƍa man ascendsƍ 93Ŧ8
(900 8C Ŵ 100 Au) !esus (Lemple) 8urnL Chosen Þeople ScaLLered
SLvLn1P WLLk AposLaLe CeneraLlon 93Ŧ9 Ŵ 91Ŧ11
(100 Au Ŵ ?) Many ueeds SLCCnu Lnu !udgemenL of llre
LlCP1P WLLk A sword 91Ŧ12 Ŵ 13
(fuLure) 8lghLeousness new Pouse
nln1P WLLk (fuLure) 1he 8lghLeous !udgemenL ls revealed 91Ŧ14
1Ln1P WLLk (fuLure) All Lhe Þowers of Peaven shlne forever 91Ŧ13 Ŵ 16

19) Þ8CÞPLC? Cl 1PL 1Ln WLLkS
91Ŧ1Ž And now my son MeLhuselahţ call Lo me all your broLhersţ and gaLher Lo me all Lhe chlldren of your
moLherŦ lor a volce calls meţ and a splrlL has been poured over meţ so LhaL l may show you everyLhlng
LhaL wlll come upon you foreverŦ
91Ŧ2Ž And afLer Lhls MeLhuselah wenL and called hls broLhers Lo hlm and gaLhered hls relaLlonsŦ
91Ŧ3Ž And he spoke abouL rlghLeousness Lo all hls sonsţ and saldť

Pearţ my chlldrenţ all Lhe words of your faLherţ and llsLen properly Lo Lhe volce of my mouLhţ for l wlll
LesLlfy and speak Lo you Ŵ my belovedŦ Love uprlghLness and walk ln lL!
91Ŧ4Ž And do noL draw near Lo uprlghLness wlLh a double hearLţ and do noL assoclaLe wlLh Lhose of a
double hearLţ buL walk ln rlghLeousness my chlldren and lL wlll lead you ln good paLhsţ and
rlghLeousness wlll be your companlonŦ
91Ŧ3Ž lor l know LhaL Lhe sLaLe of wrongdolng wlll conLlnue on LarLhţ and a greaL punlshmenL wlll be
carrled ouL on Lhe LarLhţ and an end wlll be made of all lnlqulLyŦ And lL wlll be cuL off aL lLs rooLs and lLs
whole edlflce wlll pass awayŦ
91Ŧ6Ž And lnlqulLy wlll agaln be compleLe on Lhe LarLhţ and all Lhe deeds of lnlqulLyţ and Lhe deeds of
wrongţ and of wlckednessţ wlll prevall for a second LlmeŦ"
92Ŧ1Ž WrlLLen by LnochŴLheŴScrlbeţ Lhls compleLe wlsdom and Leachlngţ pralsed by all men and a [udge
of Lhe whole LarLhŦ
lor all my sons who dwell on LarLhŦ And for Lhe lasL generaLlons who wlll pracLlce [usLlce and peaceŦ
92Ŧ2Ž LeL noL your splrlL be saddened by Lhe Llmes for Lhe Poly and CreaL Cne has appolnLed days for all
92Ŧ3Ž And Lhe rlghLeous man wlll rlse from sleepţ wlll rlse and wlll walk ln Lhe paLh of rlghLeousnessţ and
all hls paLhsţ and hls [ourneysţ wlll be ln eLernal goodness and mercyŦ
92Ŧ4Ž Pe wlll show mercy Lo Lhe rlghLeous man and Lo hlm glve eLernal uprlghLnessţ and Lo hlm glve
powerŦ And he wlll llve ln goodnessţ and rlghLeousnessţ and wlll walk ln eLernal llghLŦ
92Ŧ3Ž And sln wlll be desLroyed ln darknessţ foreverţ and from LhaL day wlll never agaln be seenŦ
93Ŧ1Ž Andţ afLer Lhlsţ Lnoch began Lo speak from Lhe booksť
93Ŧ2Ž And Lnoch saldť ºConcernlng Lhe sons of rlghLeousnessţ and concernlng Lhe chosen of Lhe worldţ
and concernlng Lhe planL of rlghLeousness and uprlghLnessţ l wlll speak Lhese Lhlngs Lo youţ and make
Lhem known Lo youţ my chlldrenŦ
lţ Lnochţ accordlng Lo LhaL whlch appeared Lo me ln Lhe Peavenly vlslonţ and LhaL whlch l know from Lhe
words of Lhe Poly Angelsţ and undersLandlng from Lhe 1ableLs of PeavenŦ"
93Ŧ3Ž And Lnoch Lhen began Lo speak from Lhe booksţ and saldť ºl was born Lhe sevenLhţ ln Lhe ƍƽflrsL
weekţ whlle [usLlce and rlghLeousness sLlll lasLedŦ
93Ŧ4Ž Andţ afLer meţ ln Lhe sƍƽecond weekţ greaL ln[usLlce wlll arlseţ and decelL wlll have sprung upŦ And
ln lL Lhere wlll be Lhe llrsL Lndţ and ln lLţ a man wlll be savedŦ And afLer lL has endedţ lnlqulLy wlll growţ
and Pe wlll make a law for Lhe slnnersŦ
93Ŧ3Ž And afLer Lhls ln Lhe ƍƽLhlrd weekţ aL lLs endţ a man wlll be chosen as Lhe ÞlanL of 8lghLeous
!udgmenLţ and afLer hlm wlll come Lhe ÞlanL of 8lghLeousnessţ foreverŦ
93Ŧ6Ž And afLer Lhlsţ ln Lhe ƍƽfourLh weekţ aL lLs endţ vlslons of Lhe rlghLeous and Poly wlll be seenţ and a
Law for All CeneraLlonsţ and an enclosure wlll be made for LhemŦ
93Ŧ7Ž And afLer Lhlsţ ln Lhe ƍƽflfLh weekţ aL lLs endţ a Pouse of Clory and SoverelgnLy wlll be bullL foreverŦ
93Ŧ8Ž And afLer Lhlsţ ln Lhe ƍƽslxLh week ţ all Lhose who llve ln lL wlll be bllndedŦ And Lhe hearLs of Lhem
allţ lacklng wlsdomţ wlll slnk lnLo lmpleLyŦ And ln lLţ a man wlll ascendţ and aL lLs end Lhe Pouse of
SoverelgnLy wlll be burnL wlLh flreŦ And ln lL Lhe whole race of Lhe chosen rooL wlll be scaLLeredŦ
93Ŧ9Ž And afLer Lhlsţ ln Lhe ƍƽsevenLh weekţ an aposLaLe generaLlon wlll arlseŦ And many wlll be lLs deeds
Ŵ buL all lLs deeds wlll be aposLasyŦ
93Ŧ10Ž And aL lLs endţ Lhe Chosen 8lghLeousţ from Lhe LLernal ÞlanL of 8lghLeousnessţ wlll be chosenţ Lo
whom wlll be glven sevenfold Leachlngţ concernlng hls whole creaLlonŦ
91Ŧ7Ž And when lnlqulLyţ and slnţ and blasphemyţ and wrongţ and all klnds of evll deeds lncreaseţ and
when aposLasyţ wlckednessţ and uncleanness lncreaseţ a greaL punlshmenL wlll come from Peaven upon
all LheseŦ And Lhe Poly Lord wlll come ln angerţ and ln wraLhţ Lo execuLe [udgmenL on Lhe LarLhŦ
91Ŧ8Ž ln Lhose days wrongdolng wlll be cuL off aL lLs rooLsţ and Lhe rooLs of lnlqulLyţ LogeLher wlLh decelLţ
wlll be desLroyed from under PeavenŦ
91Ŧ9Ž And all Lhe ldols of Lhe naLlons wlll be glven upţ Lhelr Lowers wlll be burnL ln flreţ and Lhey wlll
remove Lhem from Lhe whole LarLhŦ And Lhey wlll be Lhrown down lnLo Lhe !udgmenL of llreţ and wlll be
desLroyed ln angerţ and ln Lhe severe [udgmenL LhaL ls foreverŦ
91Ŧ10Ž And Lhe rlghLeous wlll rlse from sleepţ and wlsdom wlll rlseţ and wlll be glven Lo LhemŦ
91Ŧ11Ž And afLer Lhls Lhe rooLs of lnlqulLy wlll be cuL off and Lhe sword wlll desLroy Lhe slnnersŦ 1he
blasphemers wlll be cuL offŤ ln every place blasphemy wlll be desLroyed by Lhe swordŦ
91Ŧ12Ž And afLer Lhls Lhere wlll be anoLher weekŤ ƍƽLhe elghLhţ LhaL of rlghLeousnessţ and a sword wlll be
glven Lo lL so LhaL Lhe 8lghLeous !udgmenL may be execuLed on Lhose who do wrongţ and Lhe slnners
wlll be handed over lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe rlghLeousŦ
91Ŧ13Ž Andţ aL lLs endţ Lhey wlll acqulre Pouses because of Lhelr rlghLeousnessţ and a Pouse wlll be bullL
for Lhe CreaL klng ln Cloryţ foreverŦ
91Ŧ14Ž And afLer Lhlsţ ln Lhe ƍƽnlnLh weekţ Lhe 8lghLeous !udgmenL wlll be revealed Lo Lhe whole worldŦ
And all Lhe deeds of Lhe lmplous wlll vanlsh from Lhe whole LarLhŦ And Lhe world wlll be wrlLLen down
for desLrucLlon and all men wlll look Lo Lhe ÞaLh of uprlghLnessŦ
91Ŧ13Ž Andţ afLer Lhlsţ ln Lhe ƍƽLenLh weekţ ln Lhe sevenLh parLţ Lhere wlll be an LLernal !udgmenL LhaL
wlll be execuLed on Lhe WaLchers and Lhe CreaL LLernal Peaven LhaL wlll sprlng from Lhe mldsL of Lhe
91Ŧ16Ž And Lhe llrsL Peaven wlll vanlsh and pass away and a new Peaven wlll appearţ and all Lhe Þowers
of Peaven wlll shlne foreverţ wlLh sevenfold llghLŦ
91Ŧ17Ž And afLer Lhlsţ Lhere wlll be many weeks wlLhouL numberţ foreverţ ln goodness and ln
rlghLeousnessŦ And from Lhen on sln wlll never agaln be menLlonedŦ
91Ŧ18Ž And now l Lell youţ my chlldrenţ and show you Lhe paLhs of rlghLeousnessţ and Lhe paLhs of
wrongdolngŦ And l wlll show you agaln so LhaL you may know whaL ls Lo comeŦ
91Ŧ19Ž And now llsLenţ my chlldrenţ walk ln Lhe paLhs of rlghLeousness and do noL walk ln Lhe paLhs of
wrongdolngţ for all Lhose who walk ln Lhe paLh of lnlqulLy wlll be desLroyed foreverŦ
93Ŧ11Ž lor ls Lhere any man who can hear Lhe volce of Lhe Poly Cne and noL be dlsLurbed? And who ls
Lhere who can Lhlnk hls LhoughLs? And who ls Lhere who can look aL all Lhe works of Peaven?
93Ŧ12Ž And how should Lhere be anyone who could undersLand Lhe works of Peavenţ and see a soulţ or a
splrlLţ and Lell abouL lLţ or ascend and see all Lhelr ends and comprehend Lhemţ or make anyLhlng llke
93Ŧ13Ž And ls Lhere any man who could know Lhe lengLh and breadLh of Lhe LarLh? And Lo who has all lLs
measuremenLs been shown?
93Ŧ14Ž Cr ls Lhere any man who could know Lhe lengLh of Peavenţ and whaL ls lLs helghLţ and on whaL ls
lL flxedţ and how large ls Lhe number of sLarsţ and where do all Lhe llghLs resL?

(pages 143Ŵ133) 1hls ls splrlLual guldance from Lnoch based on Lhe Leachlngs of Lhe WaLchersŦ 1he
message ls dlrecLed Lowards hls famllyţ and Lowards laLer generaLlonsţ and concerns Lhe lmporLance of
avoldlng sln durlng your llfeLlmeŦ
1he message ls also dlrecLed Lowards sLrengLhenlng Lhe splrlLs of people sufferlng hard Llmesţ and Lnoch
sLresses LhaL Cod wlll deal wlLh everyone [usLlyţ aL Lhe appolnLed LlmeŦ
near Lo Lhe end of Lhls secLlon (104Ŧ11) Lnoch encourages people such as meţ who wlll come laLer and
copy hls book lnLo oLher languagesţ Lo do lL carefully and exacLly Ŵ whlch l have Lrled my besL Lo doŦ

94Ŧ1Ž And now l say Lo youţ my chlldrenţ love rlghLeousness and walk ln lLŤ for Lhe paLhs of rlghLeousness
are worLhy of accepLanceţ buL Lhe paLhs of lnlqulLy wlll qulckly be desLroyed and vanlshŦ
94Ŧ2Ž And Lo cerLaln menţ from a fuLure generaLlonţ Lhe paLhs of wrongdolng and of deaLh wlll be
revealedŤ and Lhey wlll keep away from Lhem and wlll noL follow LhemŦ
94Ŧ3Ž And now l say Lo youţ Lhe rlghLeousť do noL walk ln Lhe wlcked paLhţ or ln wrongdolngţ or ln Lhe
paLhs of deaLhţ and do noL draw near Lo Lhem or you may be desLroyedŦ
94Ŧ4Ž 8uL seekţ and choose for yourselfţ rlghLeousnessţ and a llfe LhaL ls pleaslng and walk ln Lhe paLhs of
peace so LhaL you may llve and prosperŦ
94Ŧ3Ž And hold my words flrmly ln Lhe LhoughLs of your hearLţ and do noL leL Lhem be erased from your
hearLţ for l know LhaL slnners wlll LempL men Lo debase wlsdomţ and no place wlll be found for lLţ and
LempLaLlon wlll ln no way decreaseŦ
94Ŧ6Ž Woe Lo Lhose who bulld lnlqulLy and found decelL for Lhey wlll qulckly be Lhrown down and wlll
noL have peaceŦ
94Ŧ7Ž Woe Lo Lhose who bulld Lhelr houses wlLh slnţ for from Lhelr whole foundaLlon Lhey wlll be Lhrown
downţ and by Lhe sword Lhey shall fallţ and Lhose who acqulre gold and sllver wlll qulckly be desLroyed ln
Lhe [udgmenLŦ
94Ŧ8Ž Woe Lo youţ you rlchţ for you have LrusLed ln your rlchesţ buL from your rlches you wlll deparL for
you dld noL remember Lhe MosL Plgh ln Lhe days of your rlchesŦ
94Ŧ9Ž ?ou have commlLLed blasphemyţ and lnlqulLyţ and are ready for Lhe days of Lhe ouLpourlng of
bloodţ and for Lhe day of darknessţ and for Lhe day of Lhe CreaL !udgmenLŦ
94Ŧ10Ž 1hus l sayţ and make known Lo youţ LhaL Pe who creaLed you wlll Lhrow you downţ and over your
fall Lhere wlll be no mercyţ buL your creaLor wlll re[olce aL your desLrucLlonŦ
94Ŧ11Ž And your rlghLeousness ln Lhose days wlll be a reproach Lo Lhe slnners and Lo Lhe lmplousŦ
93Ŧ1Ž Would LhaL my eyes were a ralnŴcloudţ so LhaL l mlghL weep over youţ and pour ouL my Lears llke
ralnţ so LhaL l mlghL have resL from Lhe sorrow of my hearL!
93Ŧ2Ž Who permlLLed you Lo pracLlce haLred and wlckedness? May [udgmenL come upon youţ Lhe
93Ŧ3Ž uo noL be afrald of Lhe slnnersţ you rlghLeousţ for Lhe Lord wlll agaln dellver Lhem lnLo your handsţ
so LhaL you may execuLe [udgmenL on Lhem as you deslreŦ
93Ŧ4Ž Woe Lo you who pronounce anaLhema LhaL you cannoL removeŦŦ Peallng wlll be far from you
because of your slnŦ
93Ŧ3Ž Woe Lo you who repay your nelghbours wlLh evll for you wlll be repald accordlng Lo your deedsŦ
93Ŧ6Ž Woe Lo youţ you lylng wlLnessesţ and Lo Lhose who welgh ouL lnlqulLyţ for you wlll qulckly be
93Ŧ7Ž Woe Lo youţ you slnnersţ because you persecuLe Lhe rlghLeousţ for you yourselves wlll be handed
over and persecuLedţ you men of lnlqulLyţ and Lhelr yoke wlll be heavy on youŦ
96Ŧ1Ž 8e hopefulţ you rlghLeousţ for Lhe slnners wlll qulckly be desLroyed before youţ and you wlll have
power over Lhemţ as you deslreŦ
96Ŧ2Ž And ln Lhe day of Lhe dlsLress of Lhe slnnersţ your young wlll rlse upţ llke eaglesţ and your nesL wlll
be hlgher Lhan LhaL of vulLuresŦ And you wlll go upţ and llke badgersţ enLer Lhe crevlces of Lhe earLhţ and
Lhe clefLs of Lhe rockţ foreverţ before Lhe lawlessţ buL Lhey wlll groan and weep because of youţ llke
96Ŧ3Ž And do noL be afrald you who have sufferedţ for you wlll recelve heallngţ and a brlghL llghL wlll
shlne upon youţ and Lhe volce of 8esL you wlll hear from PeavenŦ
96Ŧ4Ž Woes Lo youţ you slnnersţ for your rlches make you appear rlghLeousţ buL your hearLs prove you Lo
be slnnersŦ And Lhls word wlll be a LesLlmony agalnsL you as a remlnder of your evll deedsŦ
96Ŧ3Ž Woe Lo you who devour Lhe flnesL of Lhe wheaLţ and drlnk Lhe besL of Lhe waLerţ and Lrample upon
Lhe humble Lhrough your powerŦ
96Ŧ6Ž Woe Lo you who drlnk waLer all Lhe Llmeţ for you wlll qulckly be repaldţ and wlll become exhausLed
and dry for you have lefL Lhe sprlng of llfeŦ
96Ŧ7Ž Woe Lo you who commlL lnlqulLyţ and decelLţ and blasphemyţ lL wlll be a remlnder of evll agalnsL
96Ŧ8Ž Woe Lo youţ you powerfulţ who Lhrough power oppress Lhe rlghLeousŤ for Lhe day of your
desLrucLlon wlll comeŦ
ln Lhose days many good days wlll come for Lhe rlghLeous ln Lhe day of your [udgmenLŦ
97Ŧ1Ž 8elleveţ you rlghLeousţ LhaL Lhe slnners wlll become an ob[ecL of shame and wlll be desLroyed on
Lhe uay of !udgmenLŦ
97Ŧ2Ž 8e lL known Lo youţ slnnersţ LhaL Lhe MosL Plgh remembers your desLrucLlon and LhaL Lhe Angels
re[olce over your desLrucLlonŦ
97Ŧ3Ž WhaL wlll you doţ you slnnersţ and where wlll you flee on LhaL day of [udgmenL when you hear Lhe
sound of prayer of Lhe rlghLeous?
97Ŧ4Ž 8uL you wlll noL be llke Lhem agalnsL whom Lhls word wlll be a LesLlmonyť

?ou have been assoclaLed wlLh Lhe slnnersŦ"
97Ŧ3Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhe prayer of Lhe Poly wlll be ln fronL of Lhe Lordţ and for you wlll come Lhe
days of your [udgmenLŦ
97Ŧ6Ž And Lhe words of your lnlqulLy wlll be read ouL before Lhe CreaL and Poly Cneţ and your faces wlll
blush wlLh shameţ and every deed whlch ls founded upon lnlqulLy wlll be re[ecLedŦ
97Ŧ7Ž Woe Lo youţ you slnnersţ who are ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe seaţ or on dry groundţ Lhelr memory wlll be
harmful Lo youŦ
97Ŧ8Ž Woe Lo you who acqulre sllver and goldţ buL noL ln rlghLeousnessţ and sayť ºWe have become very
rlch and have possesslonsţ and have acqulred everyLhlng LhaL we deslredŦ
97Ŧ9Ž And now leL us do whaL we plannedţ for we have gaLhered sllver and fllled our sLorehousesţ and as
many as waLer are Lhe servanLs of our housesŦ"
97Ŧ10Ž And llke Lhe waLer your llfe wlll flow awayţ for your rlches wlll noL sLay wlLh youţ buL wlll qulckly
go up from youţ for you acqulred everyLhlng ln lnlqulLy and you wlll be glven over Lo a greaL curseŦ
98Ŧ1Ž now l swear Lo youţ Lhe wlseţ and Lhe foollshţ LhaL you wlll see many Lhlngs on Lhe earLhŦ
98Ŧ2Ž lor you men wlll puL on yourselves more adornmenLs Lhan a womanţ and more coloured garmenLs
Lhan a glrlţ cloLhed ln soverelgnLyţ and ln ma[esLyţ and ln powerţ and sllverţ and goldţ and purpleţ and
honoursţ Ŵ and food wlll be poured ouL llke waLerŦƼ
98Ŧ3Ž 8ecause of Lhls Lhey wlll have nelLher knowledge nor wlsdomŦ And Lhrough Lhlsţ Lhey wlll be
desLroyedţ LogeLher wlLh Lhelr possesslonsţ and wlLh all Lhelr glory and Lhelr honourŦ And ln shameţ and
ln slaughLerţ and ln greaL desLlLuLlonţ Lhelr splrlLs wlll be Lhrown lnLo Lhe flery furnaceŦ
98Ŧ4Ž l swear Lo youţ you slnnersţ LhaL as a mounLaln has noLţ and wlll noLţ become a slaveţ nor a hlll a
womanƌs maldţ so sln was noL senL on Lhe LarLh buL manţ of hlmselfţ creaLed lLŦ And Lhose who commlL
lL wlll be sub[ecL Lo a greaL curseŦ
98Ŧ3Ž And barrenness has noL been glven Lo a woman buL because of Lhe deeds of her hand she dles
wlLhouL chlldrenŦ
98Ŧ6Ž l swear Lo youţ you slnnersţ by Lhe Poly and CreaL Cneţ LhaL all your evll deeds are revealed ln
Peaven and LhaL your wrongdolng ls noL covered or hlddenŦ
98Ŧ7Ž And do noL Lhlnk ln your splrlL nor say ln your hearLţ LhaL you do noL knowţ or do noL seeţ every sln
ls wrlLLen down every day ln Peaven ln fronL of Lhe MosL PlghŦ
98Ŧ8Ž lrom now onţ you know LhaL all your wrongdolng LhaL you do wlll be wrlLLen down every dayţ unLll
Lhe day of your [udgmenLŦ
98Ŧ9Ž Woe Lo youţ you foolsţ for you wlll be desLroyed Lhrough your follyŦ And you do noL llsLen Lo Lhe
wlse and good wlll noL come upon youŦ
98Ŧ10Ž And now know LhaL you are ready for Lhe day of desLrucLlonŦ And do noL hope LhaL you wlll llveţ
you slnnersŤ raLher you wlll go and dleţ for you know no ransomŦ ?ou are ready for Lhe uay of Lhe CreaL
!udgmenL and for Lhe day of dlsLress and greaL shame for your splrlLsŦ
98Ŧ11Ž Woe Lo youţ you sLubborn of hearL who do evll and eaL bloodţ from where do you have good
Lhlngs Lo eaL and drlnk and Lo be saLlsfled? lrom all Lhe good Lhlngs whlch our Lord Lhe MosL Plgh has
placed ln abundance on Lhe earLhŦ 1herefore you wlll noL have peaceŦ
98Ŧ12Ž Woe Lo you who love deeds of lnlqulLyŦ Why do you hope for good for yourselves? know LhaL you
wlll be glven lnLo Lhe hands of Lhe rlghLeousţ and Lhey wlll cuL your LhroaLs and klll youţ and wlll noL
have mercy on youŦ
98Ŧ13Ž Woe Lo you who re[olce ln Lhe dlsLress of Lhe rlghLeous for graves wlll noL be dug for youŦ
98Ŧ14Ž Woe Lo you who declare Lhe words of Lhe rlghLeous empLy for you wlll have no hope of llfeŦ
98Ŧ13Ž Woe Lo you who wrlLe lylng wordsţ and Lhe words of Lhe lmplousţ for Lhey wrlLe Lhelr lles so LhaL
men may hear and conLlnue Lhelr follyŦ And Lhey wlll noL have peace buL wlll dle a sudden deaLhŦ
99Ŧ1Ž Woe Lo you who do lmplous deeds and pralse and honour lylng wordsŤ you wlll be desLroyed and
wlll noL have a good llfeŦ
99Ŧ2Ž Woe Lo you who alLer Lhe words of LruLhţ and Lhey dlsLorL Lhe eLernal law and counL Lhemselves as
belng wlLhouL slnŤ Lhey wlll be Lrampled underfooL on Lhe groundŦ
99Ŧ3Ž ln Lhose days make readyţ you rlghLeousţ Lo ralse your prayers as a remlnder and lay Lhem as a
LesLlmony before Lhe Angelsţ LhaL Lhey may lay Lhe sln of Lhe slnners before Lhe MosL Plgh as a
99Ŧ4Ž ln Lhose days Lhe naLlons wlll be Lhrown lnLo confuslon and Lhe races of Lhe naLlons wlll rlse on Lhe
uay of uesLrucLlonŦ
99Ŧ3Ž And ln Lhose daysţ Lhose who are ln need wlll go ouLţ selze Lhelr chlldrenţ and casL ouL Lhelr
chlldrenŦ And Lhelr offsprlng wlll sllp from Lhemţ and Lhey wlll casL ouL Lhelr chlldren whlle Lhey are sLlll
suckllngsţ and wlll noL reLurn Lo Lhemţ and wlll noL have mercy on Lhelr beloved onesŦ
99Ŧ6Ž And agaln l swear Lo youţ Lhe slnnersţ LhaL sln ls ready for Lhe uay of unceaslng 8loodshedŦ
99Ŧ7Ž And Lhey worshlp sLoneţ and some carve lmages of gold and of sllverţ and of wood and of clayŦ And
someţ wlLh no knowledgeţ worshlp unclean splrlLs and demonsţ and every klnd of errorŦ 8uL no help wlll
be obLalned from LhemŦ
99Ŧ8Ž And Lhey wlll slnk lnLo lmpleLy because of Lhe folly of Lhelr hearLsţ and Lhelr eyes wlll be bllnded
Lhrough Lhe fear of Lhelr hearLsţ and Lhrough Lhe vlslon of Lhelr amblLlonsŦ
99Ŧ9Ž 1hrough Lhese Lhey wlll become lmplous and fearfulţ for Lhey do all Lhelr deeds wlLh llesţ and
worshlp sLonesţ and Lhey wlll be desLroyed aL Lhe same momenLŦ
99Ŧ10Ž And ln Lhose daysţ blessed are Lhose who accepL Lhe words of wlsdomţ and undersLand Lhemţ
and follow Lhe paLhs of Lhe MosL Plghţ and walk ln Lhe paLh of rlghLeousnessţ and do noL acL lmplously
wlLh Lhe lmplousţ for Lhey wlll be savedŦ
99Ŧ11Ž Woe Lo you who exLend evll Lo your nelghboursŤ for you wlll be kllled ln SheolŦ
99Ŧ12Ž Woe Lo you who lay foundaLlons of sln and decelLţ and who cause blLLerness on Lhe LarLhţ for
because of Lhls an end wlll be made of LhemŦ
99Ŧ13Ž Woe Lo you who bulld your houses wlLh Lhe Loll of oLhersţ and all Lhelr bulldlng maLerlals are Lhe
sLlcks and sLones of slnŤ l say Lo youť º?ou wlll noL have peaceŦ"
99Ŧ14Ž Woe Lo Lhose who re[ecL Lhe measureţ and Lhe eLernal lnherlLance of Lhelr faLhersţ and cause
Lhelr souls Lo follow errorţ for Lhey wlll noL have resLŦ
99Ŧ13Ž Woe Lo Lhose who commlL lnlqulLyţ and help wrongţ and klll Lhelr nelghboursţ unLll Lhe uay of Lhe
CreaL !udgmenLŤ for he wlll Lhrow down your gloryŦ
99Ŧ16Ž And you puL evll lnLo your hearLsţ and rouse Lhe splrlL of hls angerţ so LhaL he may desLroy you all
wlLh Lhe swordŦ And all Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe Poly wlll remember your slnŦ
100Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ and ln one placeţ faLhers and sons wlll sLrlke one anoLherţ and broLhers wlll
LogeLher fall ln deaLhţ unLll Lhelr blood flows as lf lL were a sLreamŦ
100Ŧ2Ž lor a man wlll noLţ ln mercyţ wlLhhold hls hand from hls sonsţ nor from hls sonƌs sonsţ ln order Lo
klll LhemŦ And Lhe slnner wlll noL wlLhhold hls hand from hls honoured broLher from dawn unLll Lhe Sun
seLs Lhey wlll klll one anoLherŦ
100Ŧ3Ž And Lhe horse wlll walk up Lo lLs chesL ln Lhe blood of slnners and Lhe charloL wlll slnk up Lo lLs
100Ŧ4Ž And ln Lhose days Lhe Angels wlll come down lnLo Lhe hldden placesţ and gaLher LogeLher ln one
place all Lhose who have helped slnţ and Lhe MosL Plgh wlll rlse on LhaL day Lo execuLe Lhe CreaL
!udgmenL on all Lhe slnnersŦ
100Ŧ3Ž And he wlll seL guardsţ from Lhe Poly Angelsţ over all Lhe rlghLeous and Polyţ and Lhey wlll guard
Lhem llke Lhe apple of an eyeţ unLll an end ls made of all evll and all slnŦ And even lf Lhe rlghLeous sleep a
long sleep Lhey have noLhlng Lo fearŦ
100Ŧ6Ž And Lhe wlse men wlll see Lhe LruLhţ and Lhe sons of Lhe LarLh wlll undersLand all Lhe words of
Lhls bookţ and Lhey wlll know LhaL Lhelr rlches wlll noL be able Lo save Lhem or overLhrow Lhelr slnŦ
100Ŧ7Ž Woe Lo youţ you slnnersţ when you affllcL Lhe rlghLeous on Lhe day of severe Lroubleţ and burn
Lhem wlLh flreţ you wlll be repald accordlng Lo your deedsŦ
100Ŧ8Ž Woe Lo youţ you perverse of hearL who waLch Lo devlse evllŤ fear wlll come upon you and Lhere ls
no one who wlll help youŦ
100Ŧ9Ž Woe Lo youţ you slnnersţ for an accounL of Lhe words of your mouLhţ and for an accounL of Lhe
deeds of your hands LhaL you have lmplously doneŤ you wlll burn ln blazlng flames of flreŦ
100Ŧ10Ž And now know LhaL Lhe Angels wlll lnqulre ln Peaven lnLo your deedsţ from Lhe Sun and Lhe
Moon and Lhe SLarsţ lnLo your slnsţ for on earLh you execuLe [udgmenL on Lhe rlghLeousŦ
100Ŧ11Ž And all Lhe clouds and mlsL and dew and raln wlll LesLlfy agalnsL youţ for Lhey wlll be wlLhheld
from you so LhaL Lhey do noL fall on youţ and Lhey wlll Lhlnk abouL your slnsŦ
100Ŧ12Ž And now glve glfLs Lo Lhe ralnţ so LhaL lL may noL be wlLhheld from falllng on youţ and so LhaL Lhe
dewţ lf lL has accepLed gold and sllver from youţ may fallŦ
100Ŧ13Ž When Lhe hoarfrosL and snowţ wlLh Lhelr coldţ and all Lhe snowŴwlnds wlLh Lhelr LormenLs fall
on youŦ ln Lhose daysţ you wlll noL be able Lo sLand before LhemŦ
101Ŧ1Ž ConLemplaLe Peavenţ all you sons of Peavenţ and all Lhe works of Lhe MosL Plghţ and fear hlmţ
and do noL do evll ln fronL of PlmŦ
101Ŧ2Ž lf Pe closes Lhe Wlndows of Peavenţ and wlLhholds Lhe raln and Lhe dewţ so LhaL lL does noL fall
on Lhe earLh because of youţ whaL wlll you do?
101Ŧ3Ž And lf he sends hls anger upon youţ and upon all your deedsţ wlll you noL enLreaL hlm? lor you
speak proud and hard agalnsL hls rlghLeousnessŦ And you wlll noL have peaceŦ
101Ŧ4Ž And do you noL see Lhe capLalns of Lhe shlpsŤ how Lhelr shlps are Lossed by Lhe waves and rocked
by Lhe wlnds and are ln dlsLress?
101Ŧ3Ž And because of Lhls Lhey are afraldţ for all Lhelr good possesslons LhaL go ouL on Lhe sea wlLh
Lhemţ and Lhey Lhlnk noLhlng good ln Lhelr hearLsţ only LhaL Lhe sea wlll swallow Lhem upţ and LhaL Lhey
wlll be desLroyed ln lLŦ
101Ŧ6Ž ls noL all Lhe seaţ and all lLs waLersţ and all lLs movemenLţ Lhe work of Lhe MosL Plghţ and dld he
noL seal all lL's dolngs and blnd lL all wlLh sand?
101Ŧ7Ž And aL hls rebuke lL drles up and becomes afraldţ and all lLs flsh dleţ and everyLhlng ln lLŤ buL you
slnners who are on LarLh do noL fear hlmŦ
101Ŧ8Ž uld he noL make Peavenţ LarLhţ and everyLhlng LhaL ls ln Lhem? And who gave knowledgeţ and
wlsdomţ Lo all Lhlngs LhaL move on Lhe ground and ln Lhe sea?
101Ŧ9Ž And do noL Lhose capLalns of Lhe shlps fear Lhe sea?
?eLţ slnners do noL fear Lhe MosL PlghŦ
102Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ lf he brlngs a flerce flre upon youţ where wlll you fleeţ and where wlll you be
safe? And when he uLLers hls volce agalnsL you wlll you noL be Lerrlfled and afrald?
102Ŧ2Ž And all Lhe LlghLs wlll shake wlLh greaL fearţ and Lhe whole LarLh wlll be Lerrlfledţ and wlll Lremble
and quallŦ
102Ŧ3Ž And all Lhe Angels wlll carry ouL Lhelr commandsţ and wlll seek Lo hlde from Lhe Cne who ls CreaL
ln Cloryţ and Lhe chlldren of Lhe LarLh wlll Lremble and shakeŤ and you slnners wlll be cursed forever and
wlll noL have peaceŦ
102Ŧ4Ž uo noL be afrald you souls of Lhe rlghLeousţ and be hopefulţ you who have dled ln rlghLeousnessŦ
102Ŧ3Ž And do noL be sad LhaL your souls have gone down lnLo Sheol ln sadness and LhaL your bodles dld
noL obLaln durlng your llfe a reward ln accordance wlLh your goodnessŦ
102Ŧ6Ž 8uL when you dle Lhe slnners wlll say abouL youť ºAs we dleţ Lhe rlghLeous have also dledţ and of
whaL use Lo Lhem were Lhelr deeds?"
102Ŧ7Ž º8eholdţ llke us Lhey have dled ln sadness and ln darknessţ and whaL advanLage do Lhey have
over us? lrom now on we are equalŦ"
102Ŧ8Ž ºAnd whaL wlll Lhey recelve and whaL wlll Lhey see forever? lor beholdţ Lhey Loo have dledţ and
from now on Lhey wlll never agaln see Lhe llghLŦ"
102Ŧ9Ž And l say Lo youţ you slnnersť º?ou are conLenL Lo eaL and drlnkţ and sLrlp men nakedţ and sLealţ
and slnţ and acqulre possesslonsţ and see good daysŦ
102Ŧ10Ž 8uL you saw Lhe rlghLeousţ how Lhelr end was peaceţ for no wrong was found ln Lhem unLll Lhe
day of Lhelr deaLhŦ"
102Ŧ11Ž º8uL Lhey were desLroyed and became as Lhough Lhey had noL been and Lhelr souls wenL down
Lo Sheol ln dlsLressŦ"
103Ŧ1Ž And now l swear Lo youţ Lhe rlghLeousţ by Pls CreaL Clory and Pls Ponourţ and by Pls MagnlflcenL
SoverelgnLyţ and by Pls Ma[esLyť Ŵ l swear Lo you LhaL l undersLand Lhls mysLeryŦ
103Ŧ2Ž And l have read Lhe 1ableLs of Peaven and seen Lhe wrlLlng of Lhe Poly CnesŦ And l found wrlLLen
and engraved ln lLţ concernlng Lhemţ LhaL all goodţ and [oyţ and honourţ have been made readyţ and
wrlLLen downţ for Lhe splrlLs of Lhose who dled ln rlghLeousnessŦ
103Ŧ3Ž And much good wlll be glven Lo you ln recompense for your Loll and LhaL your loL wlll be more
excellenL Lhan Lhe loL of Lhe llvlngŦ
103Ŧ4Ž And Lhe splrlLs of you who have dled ln rlghLeousness wlll llveţ and your splrlLs wlll re[olce and be
gladţ and Lhe memory of Lhem wlll remaln ln fronL of Lhe CreaL Cne for all Lhe generaLlons of eLernlLyŦ
1herefore do noL fear Lhelr abuseŦ
103Ŧ3Ž Woe Lo youţ you slnnersţ when you dle ln your slnţ and Lhose who are llke you say abouL youť
º8lessed were Lhe slnners Lhey saw Lhelr daysŦ
103Ŧ6Ž And now Lhey have dled ln prosperlLy and wealLhţ dlsLress and slaughLer Lhey dld noL see durlng
Lhelr llfeţ buL Lhey have dled ln gloryţ and [udgmenL was noL execuLed on Lhem ln Lhelr llfeŦ"
103Ŧ7Ž know LhaL Lhelr souls wlll be made Lo go down lnLo Sheolţ Lhey wlll be wreLchedţ and Lhelr
dlsLress wlll be greaLŦ
103Ŧ8Ž And ln darknessţ and ln chalnsţ and ln burnlng flamesţ your splrlLs wlll come Lo Lhe CreaL
!udgmenLŦ And Lhe CreaL !udgmenL wlll lasL for all generaLlonsţ foreverŦ Woe Lo you for you wlll noL
have peaceŦ
103Ŧ9Ž uo noL sayţ Lhe rlghLeous and Lhe good who were allveŤ ºln Lhe days of our affllcLlon we Lolled
laborlouslyţ and saw every affllcLlonţ and meL many evllsŦ We were spenL and became few and our splrlL
103Ŧ10Ž We were desLroyed and Lhere was no one who helped us wlLh words or wlLh deedsŦ We were
powerless and found noLhlngŦ We were LorLured and desLroyed and dld noL expecL Lo see llfe from one
day Lo Lhe nexLŦ
103 11Ž We hoped Lo become Lhe head buL became Lhe LallŦ We Lolled and labouredţ buL were noL
masLers of Lhe frulLs of our LollŤ we became food for Lhe slnnersţ and Lhe lawless made Lhelr yoke heavy
upon usŦ
103Ŧ12Ž 1hose who haLed usţ Lhose who goaded usţ were masLers of usŦ And Lo Lhose who haLed us we
bowed our necks buL Lhey dld noL have mercy on usŦ
103Ŧ13Ž We soughL Lo escape from Lhem so LhaL we mlghL flee and be aL resLŦ 8uL we found no place
where we mlghL flee and be safe from LhemŦ
103Ŧ14Ž We complalned abouL Lhem Lo Lhe rulersţ ln our dlsLressţ and crled ouL agalnsL Lhose who
devoured usţ buL Lhey Look no noLlce of our crlesţ and dld noL wlsh Lo llsLen Lo our volceŦ
103Ŧ13Ž And Lhey helped Lhose who plundered us and devoured usţ and Lhose who made us fewţ and
Lhey concealed Lhelr wrongdolngţ and dld noL remove from us Lhe yoke of Lhose who devoured usţ and
scaLLered usţ and kllled usŦ And Lhey concealed our slaughLer and dld noL remember LhaL Lhey had ralsed
Lhelr hands agalnsL usŦ"
104Ŧ1Ž l swear Lo youţ you rlghLeousţ LhaL ln Peaven Lhe Angels remember you for good ln fronL of Lhe
Clory of Lhe CreaL Cneţ and LhaL your names are wrlLLen down ln fronL of Lhe Clory of Lhe CreaL CneŦ
104Ŧ2Ž 8e hopeful! lor you were formerly puL Lo shame Lhrough evlls and affllcLlonsţ buL now you wlll
shlne llke Lhe LlghLs of Peavenţ and wlll be seenţ and Lhe CaLe of Peaven wlll be opened Lo youŦ
104Ŧ3Ž And persevere ln your cry for [udgmenL and lL wlll appear Lo youţ for [usLlce wlll be exacLed from
Lhe rulers for all your dlsLressţ and from all Lhose who helped Lhose who plundered youŦ
104Ŧ4Ž 8e hopefulţ and do noL abandon your hopeţ for you wlll have greaL [oy llke Lhe Angels of PeavenŦ
104Ŧ3Ž WhaL wlll you have Lo do? ?ou wlll noL have Lo hlde on Lhe day of Lhe CreaL !udgmenLţ nor wlll
you be found Lo be slnnersŦ 1he LLernal !udgmenL wlll be upon you for all Lhe generaLlons of eLernlLyŦ
104Ŧ6Ž And now do noL be afraldţ you rlghLeousţ when you see Lhe slnners growlng sLrong and
prosperlng ln Lhelr deslresţ and do noL be assoclaLed wlLh Lhem buL keep far away from Lhelr
wrongdolngţ for you wlll be assoclaLes of Lhe PosL of PeavenŦ
104Ŧ7Ž lor you slnners sayť ºnone of our slns wlll be lnqulred lnLo and wrlLLen down!" 8uL Lhey wlll wrlLe
down your slns every dayŦ
104Ŧ8Ž And now l show you LhaL llghL and darknessţ day and nlghLţ see all your slnsŦ
104Ŧ9Ž uo noL be lmplous ln your hearLsţ and do noL lleţ and do noL alLer Lhe words of LruLhţ nor say LhaL
Lhe words of Lhe Poly and CreaL Cne are llesţ and do noL pralse your ldolsŦ lor all your llesţ and all your
lmpleLyţ lead noL Lo rlghLeousness buL Lo greaL slnŦ
104Ŧ10Ž And now l know Lhls mysLeryŤ LhaL many slnners wlll alLer and dlsLorL Lhe words of LruLhţ and
speak evll wordsţ and lleţ and concocL greaL fabrlcaLlonsţ and wrlLe books ln Lhelr own wordsŦ
104Ŧ11Ž 8uL when Lhey wrlLe my words exacLly ln Lhelr languagesţ and do noL alLer or omlL anyLhlng from
my wordsţ buL wrlLe everyLhlng exacLlyţ everyLhlng LhaL l LesLlfled abouL beforeŤ Lhen l know anoLher
104Ŧ12Ž 1haL books wlll be glven Lo Lhe rlghLeous and wlse and wlll be a source of [oy and LruLh and
much wlsdomŦ
104Ŧ13Ž And books wlll be glven Lo Lhemţ and Lhey wlll belleve ln Lhem and re[olce over LhemŤ and all Lhe
rlghLeous who have learnL from Lhem all Lhe ways of LruLh wlll be gladŦ
103Ŧ1Ž And ln Lhose daysţ says Lhe Lordţ Lhey shall call and LesLlfy Lo Lhe sons of Lhe LarLh abouL Lhe
wlsdom ln LhemŦ Show lL Lo Lhem for you are Lhelr leaders and Lhe rewards wlll be over all Lhe LarLhŦ
103Ŧ2Ž lor my son and l wlll [oln ourselves wlLh Lhemţ foreverţ ln Lhe paLhs of uprlghLness durlng Lhelr
And you wlll have peaceŦ
8e[olce Ŵ you sons of uprlghLness!

21) LnCCPƌS CCnCLuulnC WC8uS
(pages 137Ŵ138) 1he concluslon Lo Lhe book covers slmllar ground Lo Lhe prevlous secLlon buL ln a
shorLer formŦ luLure glory ls predlcLed for Lhe rlghLeous and darkness for Lhe slnnersŦ

108Ŧ1Ž AnoLher book whlch Lnoch wroLe for hls son MeLhuselah and for Lhose who should come afLer
hlm and keep Lhe law ln Lhe lasL daysŦ
108Ŧ2Ž ?ou who have observedţ and are walLlng ln Lhese daysţ unLll an end shall be made of Lhose who
do evllţ and an end shall be made of Lhe power of Lhe wrongdoersŦ
108Ŧ3Ž uo lndeed walL unLll sln shall pass awayţ for Lhelr names shall be erased from Lhe 8ooks of Lhe
Poly Cnesţ and Lhelr offsprlng wlll be desLroyed foreverŦ And Lhelr splrlLs wlll be kllledţ and Lhey wlll cry
ouL and moan ln a chaoLlc deserL placeţ and wlll burn ln flreţ for Lhere ls no LarLh LhereŦ
108Ŧ4Ž And Lhere l saw someLhlng llke a cloudţ whlch could noL be dlscernedţ for because of lLs depLh l
was noL able Lo look lnLo lLŦ And Lhe flames of a flre l sawţ burnlng brlghLlyţ and Lhlngs llke brlghL
mounLalns revolved and shook from slde Lo sldeŦ
108Ŧ3Ž And l asked one of Lhe Poly Angelsţ who were wlLh meţ and l sald Lo hlmť ºWhaL ls Lhls brlghL
place? lor Lhere ls no skyţ buL only Lhe flames of a burnlng flreţ and Lhe sounds of crylngţ and weeplngţ
and moanlngţ and severe palnŦ"
108Ŧ6Ž And he sald Lo meť º1hls place whlch you seeŤ here wlll be Lhrown Lhe splrlLs of Lhe slnnersţ and
of Lhe blasphemersţ and of Lhose who do evllŦ And of Lhose who alLer everyLhlng LhaL Lhe Lord has
spoken Lhrough Lhe mouLhs of Lhe propheLs abouL Lhe Lhlngs LhaL shall be doneŦ
108Ŧ7Ž lor Lhere are booksţ and recordsţ abouL Lhem ln Peaven above so LhaL Lhe Angels may read Lhem
and know whaL ls abouL Lo come upon Lhe slnnersŦ And upon Lhe splrlLs of Lhe humbleţ and of Lhose
who affllcLed Lhelr bodles and were recompensed by Codţ and of Lhose who were abused by evll menŦ
108Ŧ8Ž 1hose who loved Cod and dld noL love goldţ or sllverţ or any possesslonsţ buL gave up Lhelr bodles
Lo LormenLŦ
108Ŧ9Ž 1hose whoţ from Lhe momenL Lhey exlsLedţ dld noL deslre earLhly foodţ buL counLed Lhemselves
as a breaLh whlch passes awayţ and kepL Lo LhlsŦ And Lhe Lord LesLed Lhem muchţ and Lhelr splrlLs were
found pureţ so LhaL Lhey mlghL bless Pls nameŦ"
108Ŧ10Ž And all Lhelr blesslngs l have recounLed ln Lhe booksţ and he has asslgned Lhem Lhelr rewardţ for
Lhey were found Lo be such LhaL Lhey loved Peaven more Lhan Lhelr llfe ln Lhe worldŦ And alLhough Lhey
were Lrampled underfooL by evll menţ and had Lo llsLen Lo revlllng and reproach from Lhemţ and were
abusedţ yeL Lhey blessed Lhelr LordŦ
108Ŧ11Ž And Lhe Lord saldť ºAnd now l wlll call Lhe splrlLs of Lhe goodţ who are of Lhe CeneraLlon of
LlghLţ and l wlll Lransform Lhose who were born ln darknessţ who ln Lhe flesh were noL recompensed
wlLh honour as was flLLlng Lo Lhelr falLhŦ
108Ŧ12Ž And l wlll brlng ouL lnLo Lhe shlnlng llghL Lhose who love my Poly name and l wlll seL each one
on Lhe Lhrone of hls honourŦ"
108Ŧ13Ž And Lhey wlll shlne for Llmes wlLhouL numberţ for rlghLeous ls Lhe !udgmenL of Codţ for wlLh Lhe
falLhful Pe wlll keep falLh ln Lhe dwelllng of uprlghL paLhsŦ
108Ŧ14Ž And Lhey wlll see Lhose who were born ln darkness Lhrown lnLo Lhe darkness whlle Lhe rlghLeous
108Ŧ13Ž And Lhe slnners wlll cry ouL as Lhey see Lhem shlnlng buL Lhey Lhemselves wlll go where days
and Llmes have been wrlLLen down for LhemŦ

8LlL8LnCLS Anu lu81PL8 8LAulnC
ƍƽ1he LLhloplc 8ook of Lnochţ
MŦ AŦ knlbbţ Cxford unlverslLy ÞressŦ
My book ls based on Lhls 1974 Cxford unlverslLy LranslaLlonŦ 1here are many fooLnoLes on Lhe deLalls of
Lhe LranslaLlon and deLalled comparlsons of Lhe varlous known manuscrlpLs and fragmenLs of Lhe bookŦ
1he 8ook of Lnochţ
8 P Charlesţ SÞCk London
Þubllshed ln 1917 and Lhe mosL common Lngllsh LranslaLlon Ŵ buL noL Lhe besLŦ
1he 8ook of Lnoch Lhe ÞropheL
8lchard Laurenceţ Wlzards 8ookshelf
Þubllshed 1821 buL posslbly a beLLer verslon Lhan Lhe Charles verslonŦ
lallen Angels and Lhe Crlglns of Lvll
LllzabeLh Clare ÞropheLţ SummlL unlverslLy press
1hls ls a good and well researched book abouL LnochŦ lL also lncludes Lhe LexL of Lhe Lhe 19Lh cenLury
Laurence LranslaLlon of Lhe 8ook of LnochŦ Also Lhere ls an exLenslve secLlon coverlng blbllcal references
relaLlng Lo Lnoch and Lhe bookŦ 1hls book also has Lhe LexL of oLher old works where Lnoch appears ln
Lhe LlLleţ such as Lhe secreLs of Lnochţ and also Lhe 8ook of !ubllees (wrlLLen aL Lhe Llme of Lhe Lxodus)Ŧ
urlel's Machlne
ChrlsLopher knlghL Ǝ 8oberL Lomasţ Arrow 8ooks
1hls ls a good book and worLh readlngŦ lL connecLs Lnoch Lo Lhe anclenL sLone clrcles and rellglons and ls
packed wlLh lnLeresLlng deLallŦ
lrom Lhe Ashes of Angels
Andrew Colllnsţ Mlchael !oseph
1hls ls an lnLeresLlng book abouL Lhe posslble background of Lhe WaLchersŦ
1hoLh Ŵ ArchlLecL of Lhe unlverseƽ
8alph Llllsţ Ldfu 8ooks
Malnly a book abouL Lhe maLhemaLlcs of sLone clrcles and pyramlds buL relaLed Lo Lnoch's Llme perlod
ln placesŦ 1hls ls Lhe book LhaL menLlons Lhe SouLh Sandwlch lslandsŦ
1he Slgn and Lhe Seal
Craham Pancockţ MandarlnŦ
1hls ls abouL LLhlopla and Lhe Ark of Lhe CovenanLŦ lL was Lhls book LhaL led me Lo Lnoch's bookŦ
krlshna uharmaţ 1orchllghL Þubllshlng
An lndlan rellglous eplcţ LhaL ls very oldţ and LhaL may be based on Lhe sLory of Lhe famllles of some of
Lhe rebel WaLchers durlng Lhe Llmes beLween Lnoch and noahŦ 1here are some very lnLeresLlng
descrlpLlons of warfare lnvolvlng advanced weaponryŦ

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° ¯½f f   °¾° ¾  –¾° ¾ °nf°–  n¾ ¾  fn¾ ¾f° ¾ ¾°   fnf¾½½ ¯ f°   °f°¾– ¾¾ f     .

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