Oracle DBA Questions | Oracle Database | Online And Offline

1. how do u define the oracle architecture ? 2. what are the core components ? 3.

what are the parameter file names ? 4. what is role of a control file ?

5. how many min redolog groups u nedd ? 6. how many minimum members in redlog group is needed ? 7. list all the background processes i described in class 8. why the redolog files are needed ? 7. what is the sga ? 8. what is an instance ? 9. how the dbbuffer and redobuffer differentiates between them ? 10. when database writes to datafile ? 11. when redolog writes to redolog file ? 12. what is the frequncey the redolog switch occurs ? 13. can i change the switching period ? 14. can i perform a manual log switch ? 15. what are the states of redolog files when they are used and not used ? 16. what are the database modes ? 17. which db mode the oltp servers run ? 18. when the database is in archive log mode , which back ground process takes care of it ? 19. why do i have to run the database in archive log mode ? explain in 5-10 sentences 20. if my archive location fills up 100% , what happen to database status ? 21. who decides/configures the archive location ? 22. what is the parameter for the archive location and where you have to set it ? 23. what are the precautions or configurations i have to perform to maintain oraarch below 90% ? 24. if my database is running under no archive log mode , and my database go crashed , till what point i can recover my database ? 25. what is my alert level ?

26. if there are log of redologs are happening , then how u overcome this situation ? 27. how the tablespaces are related to datafile ? 29. i don't have space in my hdd . i want to create a tablespace with dataile zero byte . can i create the tablespace ? 30. if my tablespace started growing and filling up , i want to increase my tablespace size what are the steps i can increase the tablespace size ? 31. what is the maxm size of a datafile u should maintain ? 32. what are the thumb rule of das u have to follow to maintain your tablespace so that u can sleep well ? 33. whare do i find my control file location ?

34. where do i find my datafile location ? 35. where do i find my redolog file location ? 36. how many types of tablespaces oracle deals with ? 37. why do i have to go for non-system tablespaces ? 38. what is the difference betweend locally managed tablespace and dictionary managed tablespace ? 39. how do i calculate my database size ? 40. what is the maxm no of datafiles i can create ? 41. how to take a datafile offiline ? 42. how to take a tablespace offline ? 43. what happen to the datafiles when u take the tablespace offline ? online or offline ? 44. before i add a datafile to tablespace , what i should check ? 45. for perfomance tuning , which file i have to modify ? 46. what do u mean by static and dynamic parameter ? 47. what are the super users in oracle database and their roles ? 48. can you create a super user ? 49. how many types of backups you can perform in oracle database ? 50. to perform online backup which db mode database should run ? 51. to perform offline backup which db mode database should run ? are the write the command ?

52. which backup strategy is implemented in oltp servers ? 53. what are the shutdown options ? 54. who can shutdown the database ? 55. which role you need to shutdown the database ? 56. what are the startup options ?

57. which options are dba favourites ? 58. if i shutdown the database using shutdown abort then which startup option i have to use during startup ? 59. where the listener service runs ? whats the file name ? 60. which file i have to modify inorder to connect to database server from desktops ? 61. where are the locations for these files listener.ora and tnsnames.ora ?

62. to which file the database writes the log and where is it located both in oracle and oracle on sap ? 63. where is the location for database parameter files ? 64. can i add the members to redolog groups ? 65. can i rename log members ? how 66. can i rename a datafile ? how 67. what is the use of oracle enterprise manager console (oem) ? 68. what are the versions for oracle ? 69. how do u feel now ??????????????????

70. did you get good sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep ? thanks -das

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