SAP Questions Day 3 - 4 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Which work process deals with commincating between SAP systems?

How many types of users can be created in SAP system? What is the use of user type system? Can I create profile without Role? Can you create Role without Profile? How to know how many profiles, how many roles are there in the system? How can create a bunch of users at the same time without using SU01? If I want to lock the users in one client at once, how can I do that? Where can I maintain the user password restriction like the length of password, minimum password expiration etc 10. How many system profiles are there? 11. Which profile is used to maintain global parameters? 12. What do you mean by dynamic parameters? 13. If I want one system parameter to be in effect, what are my options? It’s a business need 14. What is the location where system profiles are located? 15. Who is the owner of these files? 16. How you can modify the parameter, if due to one of the parameter server doesn’t come up? 17. How do you know a parameter is static or dynamic? 18. What is a Transport Request? 19. what is the format of TP 20. When the task is created? 21. What is the best way to know the Production Server? 22. How many types of Transport Routes are there? 23. How many delivery routes can be maintained in the system? 24. How many Consolidation Routes can be maintained in the system? 25. Which user deals with Transport Management System configuration? 26. When the TP is released, what system exactly does in this process? 27. Once the TP releases where it appears and what the term is called ? 28. What are the Return codes to know if TP is imported successfully or not? 29. What is the exact command used to import a TP at command level? 30. How many types of TPs are there? 31. What are the tcodes you use with TMS set up? 32. How can I delete a TP from the Import Queue at SAP level? 33. What is the command line option for over write mode? 34. how can I see the transport logs : Provide two tcodes and the navigation path 35. What are the return codes for TP and who is responsible for what? 36. How to configure a Network printer at SAP level? 37. What is the fastest way to configure a no of printers in DEV /QAS/PRD? 38. Which execuable file must be available at PCs to print from SAP level? 39. When do you use Logon Load balancing? 40. Which server this Logon Load balancing is mostly used? 41. Which instance is installed prior to configure logon load balancing?

42. I have two application servers to use for logon load balancing. Now I want the server whose configuration is higher than others to take the request first. What setting I have to do inorder that server to take the request fast? 43. How the users login to server if there loglon load balance configured in Server? 44. Where can I set my maxm users limit for each application server? 45. In which situation you go for Operation mode configuration? 46. What are the tcodes used for operation mode configuration? 47. How to check spool request? 48. How to delete spool request logs if you have many spool request logs in SAP system? 49. Which is user is responsible configuring TMS setup? 50. What command you use for START SAP and STOP SAP at UNIX level? Write both the options.

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