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Assessment Diagnosis Planning Intervention Time/D Evaluation

1st 2nd level Goal Objective Nsg. Rationale Made of Resource ate
level intervention Nurse- s
Family Required
Threat of Health Inability After After 4 hours 1.Provided 1.the Home Pamphlet 8:00- Goal partially
of nursing
cross- Threat to nursing adequate capacity Visit s to be 5pm met as
infection recognize interven the family knowledg and ability used in evidenced by
from a the tion, the specifically e of the of the health Saturd verbalized
communicab presence family the father nature of client to teaching ay, recognition of
le disease of a will be the supervise Septe the problem
S: “Dati problem able to the ff: disease his Time and mber and plans to
akong may due to recogniz 1.Recognize and how disease effort of 27, prevent the
TB, kaya lack or a the the to independe the 2008 spread of
lang hindi inadequat presenc of a
manage it. ntly is student disease
natapos e e of a problem 2.Broadene important public
gamutin, knowledg problem 2.Know the d the in any health
kaya iyong e and possible knowledg case a nurses
mga anak ko think of of the
e of the health and the
siguro may ways/ spread of family practition family
problema plans to the about the er is not
dito.” --as eradicat disease possible available
verbalized e the the
outcome 2.Avoid
by the head problem problem of the cross-
of the family with the spread of infection
O: Observed family the on family
close physical members
and think
disease members
of 3.Explored 3.First line
between family
members appropriat with the of defense
e actions family on against
to treat
how to cross-
disease prevent/ contamina
avoid the tion
spread of
disease to