1st level Threat of crossinfection from a communicab le disease S: “Dati akong may TB, kaya lang hindi natapos gamutin, kaya iyong mga anak ko siguro may problema dito.” --as verbalized by the head of the family
O: Observed close physical contact between family members

Diagnosis 2nd level


Planning Objective

Nsg. intervention 1.Provided adequate knowledg e of the nature of the disease and how to manage it. 2.Broadene d the knowledg e of the family about the possible outcome of the spread of the disease 3.Explored with the family on how to prevent/ avoid the spread of disease to other family members

Health Threat

Inability to recognize the presence of a problem due to lack or inadequat e knowledg e

After nursing interven tion, the family will be able to recogniz a the presenc e of a problem and think of ways/ plans to eradicat e the problem

After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the family specifically the father will accomplish the ff: 1.Recognize the presence of a problem 2.Know the possible outcomes of the spread of the disease 3.Discuss the problem with the family members and think of appropriat e actions to treat the disease

Intervention Rationale Made of NurseFamily Contact 1.the Home capacity Visit and ability of the client to supervise his disease independe ntly is important in any case a health practition er is not available 2.Avoid crossinfection on family members 3.First line of defense against crosscontamina tion

Resource s Required Pamphlet s to be used in health teaching Time and effort of the student public health nurses and the family

Time/D ate


8:005pm Saturd ay, Septe mber 27, 2008

Goal partially met as evidenced by verbalized recognition of the problem and plans to prevent the spread of disease

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