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Monthly Newsletter Fun Night of Networking Coming Up Nov. 3rd ENA is hosting an After Hours Event in Horsham PA at the Iron Abbey Page 2 What Does DesignBuild mean? And why do women love it? Design-Build is a project delivery term... Page 2 Why Book with a Travel Agent? In a time where we have so much technology at our nger tips and can nd all our travel needs quick and easy on-line, you are probably thinking, whyshould I use a travel agent? Page 3 Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Car? ENA Blog Contest Issue #1 November 2011 Feature Member: Mike Carvajal Equity Loans LLC See more info on Page 3

While a majority of consumers choose to purchase a vehicle by securing a standard auto loan, others prefer the aspect of leasing Page 4

Blog Post Contest will begin effective October 26th 2011 following our meeting. The contest will run for three months and prizes will be awarded over the next three months. Page 2

Do You have a great elevator speech?

Executive Networking Alliance (ENA) How to Create Interest in Your Business
How do you create interest in your business? A critical aspect of your business is how you convey what you do to others. By doing this effectively you will be able to create interest in your product or service leaving others wanting to hear more about what you do. This will lead to more scheduled appointments and opportunities to earn business. Sounds simple, but how do you go about marketing your business, product or service in just a few seconds? Your elevator speech is ultimately how you will accomplish marketing your business successfully when you rst meet someone. It should be brief and no longer than a sentence or two and answer the question What do you do?. In designing your own you want to be creative but more importantly create value by clearly dening the features and benets of your product or service. You will also dene your target market and the value of what you offer to them. Executive Networking Alliance

WHAT I do = help, assist....attract WHOM I serve = small businesses, individuals... BENEFIT(s) your clients reap = protect their business, assets, etc. Incorporating a solid elevator speech will make you more condent talking about your business when someone else asks. Depending on the situation, you may have more than one. Make sure no matter which one you use your speech sounds natural. Take time to practice to see what works for you and to ensure youre sharp. Executive Networking Alliance (ENA) helps their members develop and master their presentation skills through educational workshops. Members will also master their respective chapter members elevator speeches so they are prepared to generate opportunities out in the business world for each other. Source: Information used in writing this article from Veronika Noize LLC. Click here to download the worksheet to help you with this workshop. 1

This is an example of some of the great workshops ENA provides for our members. We have on going projects to help each member grow their business and themselves.

A successful elevator speech establishes your credibility and professionalism, claries what you do, with whom you work, and why those people benet from working with you. Again, you want people asking for more. If you get any other result, you will have to rene your speech. A compelling elevator speech has three key components:

Fun night networking with local business

Above: Mike Carvajal & Kelly Hennessey enjoying some laughs and drinks at one of ENAs previous events. Executive Networking Alliance (ENA) is opening their newest chapter in the Horsham, PA area and would like to invite you to join us for a fun night of networking with local businesses and professionals. This event is a great chance for you to check out one of the areas local hot spots while meeting potential business alliances and new friends. Executive Networking Alliance is looking for successful individuals who want to take their business to the next level. Please join us to learn more about our exclusive organization and how you can benet. Event details are as follows: When: Thursday, November 3rd from 5:30 8:00 PM Where: Iron Abbey 680 N. Easton Road (Rt. 611) Horsham, PA Cost: $12 if you register by October 20th or $15 at the door *Includes unlimited appetizers and one complimentary drink. Prizes:Attendees will be eligible to win an iPod, GPS, & AMEX Gift Card Click Here to RSVP

ENA Blog Contest started Oct. 26th

The Executive Networking Alliance (ENA) Blog Post Contest will begin effective October 26th 2011 following our meeting. The contest will run for three months and prizes will be awarded at each breakfast meeting beginning a month from today. To be eligible you must post a blog and the member who receives the most social media shares wins. You are in the running for one full month following your blog post being published. Remember, content is key for creating value for your audience so make your posts stand out. Also, it's not about the number of blogs you post, but about the most social media shares your article gets. Follow these simple rules and you'll be hearing your name announced as the winner at every meeting. Good Luck! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Matt Matey or Jamie Goshorn

What does DesignBuild mean? And why do women love it?

Above: Blueprints from a project with Platinum Design Build Company Design-Build is a project delivery term. The DesignBuilder is often a General Contractor that has a relationship with design rms. Those designers typically are architects, but can be kitchen designers, interior designers, electrical designers and the like. Reasons why women love a Design Build-er. It saves you time which means a shorter disruption in your household It saves you money- (my favorite part). More money to spend on furniture, vacation and shoes It maintains control over construction qualitybecause many decisions are made well in advance. Provides opportunity for innovation ( research into latest trends and products) and value engineering ( less expensive options) It limits the cost of design changes done in the eld(aka Change orders) It limits the risk of cost and schedule overages ( over budget and off schedule) Limits construction aggravation Limit demands on owner resources ($$$$) Best Yet- Meets overall expectations What kind of experience are you looking for with your Building/Remodeling Team? Or tell me about an experience you have had with a builder or remodeler If you have any questions for me leave me a comment and Ill get back to you.. Article By: Virginia Brodsky Click Here to Contact Her

ENA Afliate Program

ENA has started an afliate program for our members.

One of the the things we have noticed is our members have been one of the largest contributors to the growth of ENA. So we decided to come up with a system that gives back. Bring a guest and if they become an ENA member you get one month free. This is not just one time either. Do it 12 times a year and you just got your membership for FREE! If you have questions contact us at

Executive Networking Alliance

Why Book with a E N A T E S T I M O N I A L Travel Agent?

Below: Snapshot from the last time Debbie was in Disney for a seminar from Pixie Vacations.

provide you with information and additional services that will enhance your trip whether it making your dining reservations or a personalized birthday cake delivered to your room. 4. What is using a travel agent going to cost me? Absolutely nothing! Find an agent you can trust. You wont need to spend what little free time you have stressing over your vacation trying to piece every part together. A good agent is someone who has taken the time and made the commitment to be the best so you can spend your time doing the things you want to do! For more great information like this click here Article By: Debbie Matullo

ENA has broughtenergy andlife to my business thatit didnt have before joining. In just the few months I have been a member of this networking group, ENA has increased the amount of non-agency driven leads that I receive by 35%. The groups members are extremely encouraging and helpful. Through our meetings, I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the best ways to market my business, whether it be by vehicle marketing, social networking or various other means. I look forward to attending each meeting because I know it will bring me something new that I did not know about before. The support we all give to each other is above and beyond what I had hoped to nd in a networking group.

In a time where we have so much technology at our nger tips and can nd all our travel needs quick and easy on-line, you are probably thinking, whyshould I use a travel agent? To help you answer this very question, here are some of my favorite reasons: 1. Who will I call when there is a problem? What would you do if arrive at your hotel to check in and they have lost your reservation? What would you do if your car rental agencydoesnthave any cars left? Who would you call? It is nice to have someone on your side when things go wrong. Dealing on your own with a car rental agency or a hotel wont get you too far because the sad truth is that most wont care about losing a client or two but the travel agent whom you booked with has the potential to bring these companies hundreds of guests. Who might they listen to more? Basically, you're on your own. About all you can do is hit the streets and hope that you nd somewhere else to stay or another rental company. If you booked through a travel agent, one phone call is all you need to make and they will take care of everything! 2. Finding the right vacation for YOUR needs Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. A travel agent will listen to you and discover what your wish list is, your must dos and so much more. Then they will present your options including best travel dates, current deals and specials, amenities, ratings and other information that will help you make an informed decision. Your travel agents experience will provide you with the best overall solution to your individual travel needs. No two clients are alikewhat works for you may not work for the next one. If you come across an agent thatisntlistening to youmove on and nd another one who will! 3. Consider your travel agent your personal shopper! Like a personal shopper, your travel agent can provide you with one-stop shopping by booking your car rental, hotel stay, and cruise accommodations that are in the best interest of YOU, not the supplier. Not only will they keep up with the current promotions out there to get you the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest...remember the ne print!), they will

ENA Feature Member of the month. Mike Carvajal

Mike Carvajal is the Branch Manager for Equity Loans LLC in Harvey Cedars, NJ. He has been with the company over 6 years and has built great relationships in our community. Mike is truly amazing! He looks at mortgages at all different angles to get your client the best product to t their life. He communicates very well and he always keeps me updated on our transaction progress. -Susan Henry Jan. 2011 Equity Loans LLC specializes in residential Mortgages. We do both purchase and renance transactions. With over a decade of experience in this volatile market, trust us to obtain the lowest rate nancing available for you and your clients. We are a direct lending Mortgage Banker. We also can Broker loans through our portfolio program for tougher paper and outside of the box type lending. We look forward to working with you to meet your nancial goals! To nd out more about Mike Carvajal go to our website or just click here to see Mikes Prole. On behalf of ENA, Thank You Mike for being such a great addition to our network.

Debbie Matullo Pixie Vacations ENA Member since May 2011

Executive Networking Alliance

Should You Buy or Lease your next vehicle?

or trading in their vehicle to a local dealer. Instead, you simply turn in your vehicle at the end of the lease term and begin a new lease on a new vehicle, if thats the route you choose to take. Its a simple method some consumers find more attractive than the traditional used car sales or trade-in process.

the reduced payment option and end up losing control as well as the ability to maximize their retirement income.

The3 most common pension benet options are the following:

1) Life Income Option - with this option you receive the maximum lifetime pension payment. However, if you die rst your spouse receives nothing. 2) Joint and One-Half Survivor Option - with this option you receive alower lifetime pension payment. However, if you die rst your surviving spouse will continue to receive a lifetime pension equal to 50% of your pension benet prior to your death. 3) Joint and Equal Survivor Option - with this option you receive a signicantly lower lifetime pension payment. However, your surviving spouse will continue to receive 100% of your pension benet if you die rst. Federal law allows you to waive the "joint and survivor" annuity payout requirement with written consent of his or her spouse. This means that you can elect the maximum life income annuity payout at retirement. That sounds like a great option, but what would happen to your surviving spouse's income needs should you die rst? You can purchase a life insurance policy today to replace the pension income lost at your death. There are a few factors to consider in making the decision to purchase a life insurance policy for this purpose. First, make sure you are able to make life insurance premium payments so that the coverage stays in effect for your lifetime. Second, Does your pension plan provide for cost-of-living adjustment? If so, you may have to consider adjusting the amount of life insuranceto compensate for this loss after your death. Lastly,if your company's pension planprovideshealth insurance benets to your surviving spouse make sure they will continue to ifyou elect the lifetime income benet option? By working with a credible and trustworthy insurance agent you can calculate the amount of life insurance needed to continue the desired income for your surviving spouse. The agent will then review your options and the different types of life insurance to determine what ts your needs best. In most cases this not only provides the retirement income protection needed but also gives you more control over your pension benet. For more information on this article click here. Article By: Matt Matey

While a majority of consumers choose to purchase a vehicle by securing a standard auto loan, others prefer the aspect of leasing. In this section, we outline in detail the vehicle leasing process, including some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with various lease programs on the market today. We weigh the positive and negative aspects of buying versus leasing to assist you in making the best car purchasing and owning decision possible. Advantages of Buying

Disadvantages of Leasing To begin, most vehicle leasing programs have a yearly mileage limit. This means that you can only drive your vehicle a certain amount of miles every year without paying a penalty at the end of the lease term. Obviously, these mileage limitations wouldnt work for someone who drives their car long distances on a frequent basis or someone who doesnt want to be limited to the amount of miles they drive in any given month during any given year. However there are several lease programs that allow you to go 10,000 miles, 12,000 miles, or 15,000 miles per year. These programs work for almost everyone in the market. Otherwise no one would ever lease a new car. Another disadvantage to leasing is that at the end of the lease term, you dont own the vehicle. For some people, this is OK. For others, it doesnt make sense to make monthly payments for two, three or four years for a car they may never own. However usually your payments are less than a purchase and you will have very little maintenance costs during your lease. If you have questions or would like to know more click here. Article by: Jamie Goshorn

There are many advantages to purchasing a vehicle. First, you can modify your car in whatever manner you choose, including painting the vehicle and adding any after market accessories youd like. Whats more, some would argue that buying a vehicle versus leasing a vehicle is a more economical avenue from a dollars-and-cents perspective in essence, you may pay less for a vehicle during the lifetime of a loan than you do if you lease multiple vehicles over a cyclical period of years. To continue, there are no mileage restrictions associated with buying a car like there are when you lease a car. You can drive as many miles as youd like without ever having to pay penalties in mileage overage costs. Finally, when you purchase a vehicle outright, you have the exibility of selling the car whenever you want. Disadvantages of Buying While there are many advantages associated with buying a car, there are also some disadvantages. If your warranty expires and you experience mechanical problems with the vehicle, youre responsible for the repair costs. As your vehicle gets older, you can expect to incur repair and maintenance costs. Whats more, youre responsible for the logistics involved with selling or trading in your car at the end of your loan term. Finally, unlike owning a vehicle outright at the end of a standard automotive loan, leasing helps consumers avoid the hassles often associated with selling their used car to an independent third party

Pension Maximization: Take Control of Your Retirement Income

We all have to make important decisions throughout our lives. One of the most crucial decisionsthatwill affect the futurenancial security of you and your spouse is how your pension benet will be paid out for the rest of your life.

Typically you have two options and the decision is irreversible. The rst optionis you elect the maximum benet payable to you each month, but your spouse gets nothing upon your death. The second option is that you elect a reduced payment each month and your spouse continues to receive an income upon your death. Most people elect to take

Executive Networking Alliance

Executive Networking Alliance

Executive Networking Alliance (ENA) is an organization that was created to benet entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and hard-working people like you. It serves as a means to build relationships as well as an outlet to market and grow your business.

Executive Networking Alliance

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Issue # 1 November 2011