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SAS Son Altesse Sophie or Her Majesty Sophie is our collection of glamorous and sophisticated handbags and accessories ideal for special occasions such as evening parties and cocktails. SOPHIE MARTIN PARIS You can never go wrong with the Sophie Martin Paris collection! With designs ranging from Signature, Classic and Casual, you will definitely find a style to match your every outfit, from daily work clothes to casual Friday. B&G B&G is the brand teenagers and young adults.You will definitely find new trendy styles to fall for with its fun, fashion forward, and elaborate designs. B&G clothes, bags and accessories definitely suit the modern young men and women. ALIVE Who says men cannot be as fashionable as women? With ALIVE garments, wallets, and bags, men who want to look good and up-to-date with fashion will not be able to resist! With choices from sporty to casual to formal, these items will definitely make you man enough. SOPHIE BEAUTY Be a SOPHIEsticated beauty for every occasion: SAS for parties, Koshize for a professional look, and Kluge for a more youthful look. Plus, skin care and personal care products specially made for Asian skin, for all ages and skin types!

Make your own fashion. Create your own business.

Welcome to Sophie Paris, your fashion and business solution!
Financial independence and free enterprise is yours for the taking with the help of the Sophie Business Opportunity! A fairly new entrant in the Direct Selling industry, Sophie Paris was founded in Jakarta in 1992 by French entrepreneur, Bruno Hasson. Starting from a home-based handbag manufacturing business it has boomed into Jakartas largest fashion company of its kind. In 2002, Sophie Paris opened its doors to the Philippine market and in no time at all, established itself as a signicant player in the countrys Direct Selling and Multi Level Marketing industry as being the best choice for quality fashion products. With a wide selection of French-designed high end bags, watches, accessories and clothes for men and women, as well as an array of cosmetics, skin care and personal care lines, Sophie products are undeniably of reasonable price AND of high quality.

This could also be YOU!

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With its highly competitive products, a lucrative compensation plan, efcient marketing tools, and a dynamic team dedicated to support its members and their business, Sophie continues to provide more and more Filipinos with a life-changing opportunity with the Sophie Solution.

Alcar Building, No. 888, EDSA Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines Tel: (02) 636-6603 | Fax: (02) 636-6604 Email: |

Sophie Paris Philippines

Start Your Sophie Business NOW!

Whether for personal use, running a small direct selling business or establishing a big scale Sophie Paris distributorship nationwide, you may build your business at a minimum age of 18 years by purchasing a starter kit for only Php 200. YOUR STARTER KIT CONTENTS 1. Membership Registration Form 2. Current Catalog 3. Membership Card 4. Members Manual 5. Sophie Solution Quick Guide 6. Sophie Paris Card Holder 7. Sophie Paris Door Banner

A healthy network means a healthy business and steady earnings. So build a healthy network and earn through the Super Sophie Bonus (SSB)*! The Super Sophie Bonus comes from a certain percentage of your Total Personal and direct active Partners Sales (TPPS). The percentage is determined by the bracket in which your Partners Group Sales (PGS) fall under, as illustrated in the Super Sophie Bonus Table.

Keep on building your business and network to achieve FRANCHISEE level and receive the ROYALTY BONUS*!
The most exciting and most rewarding bonus in the marketing plan, the Royalty Bonus is awarded to all Franchisees as compensation for building a healthy network and helping downlines achieve Franchisee level as well. You can earn Royalty Bonus from all Franchisees in your network and their partner downlines, starting from your First Level Franchisee Group Sales up to the Fifth.

JOIN NOW! for P200



The Higher Franchisee position you achieve, the bigger your royalty bonus will be!

Build your Sophie business and take advantage of these member privileges!

Personal & Partners Group Sales

PPGS (Net Price)

Super Sophie

Percentage Royalty from Franchisee Group Sales (FGS) Levels

FGS Level is determined by the level of each Franchisee in your network structure


PhP 560 - P3,499 PhP 3,500 - 10,499 PhP 10,500 - P17,499 PhP 17,500 and UP

2% 3% 4% 5%


Total Personal Sales (TPS) - the summary of all your purchases for the month in net price Total Personal and direct active Partners Sales (TPPS) - the summary of your and your Direct Active Partners Total Personal Sales (TPS) Personal and Partners Group Sales (PPGS) - the summary of your Total Personal Sales (TPS) and all your Direct and Indirect Active Partners Sales up to the infinite level* Franchisee Group Sales (FGS) - the summary of all your Franchisees PPGS Active Member - to be an active member and enjoy the rebates and royalties, you must have minimum Total Personal Sales (TPS) of PhP 560 net Junior Franchisee - level higher than Partner. For successful direct sellers or networkers, there are 3 ways to reach this level: (1) Total Personal Sales (TPS): PhP 10,500 net in one month (2) Total Group Sales (TGS): PhP 14,000 net in one month (3) Push-up: when 1 direct or indirect downline becomes Franchisee

Enjoy 30% LIFETIME EARNINGS and SAVINGS on all Sophie products for you and your family!
An Outright Member Discount of 30% on catalog price is granted immediately to all Sophie Members on product purchases in the catalog*. When purchasing products at the 30% Discounted Price, Sophie Members can re-sell the products to non-Members at Catalog Price and earn the difference.
e: ric : g P 0 ICE alo 1,19 PR ly t Ca hP TED on P N 3 OU 83 SC DI P

of FGS 1

of FGS 1

of FGS 1

of FGS 1

of FGS 1

5% 4%
+ + + +

5% 4% 3% 2%
+ + +

of FGS 2

5% 4% 3%
+ +

of FGS 2

of FGS 3


5% 4%

of FGS 2

of FGS 3

of FGS 4

2% 1%



of FGS 2

of FGS 3

of FGS 4

of FGS 5

% of Total Personal and Direct Active Partners Sales

Junior Franchisee
Requirements to Qualify Personal/Partners Group Sales Franchisees Group Sales Level 1 + 2

Silver Franchisee
(3-5 Direct Franchisees) P 7,000.00 or P 50,000.00

Gold Franchisee
(6-11 Direct Franchisees) P 10,500.00 or P 100,000.00

Diamond Franchisee
(12-24 Direct Franchisees) P 14,000.00 or P 200.000.00

Executive Franchisee
(25+ Direct Franchisees) P 17,500.00 or P 300,000.00

(0-2 Direct Franchisees) P 3,500.00 or P 20,000.00

*The Member Discount of 30% is only available on regular catalog-priced items, 10% discount will be granted for Oh-lala promo. and no discount will be given on Bazaar, marketing tools and special items.

To determine your Super Sophie Bonus:

1. Compute PPGS to get SSB percentage = TPS + all partners net sales
Partner 1 TPS: PhP 5,000 YOU PhP 8,000


Hard work really pays off with Sophie, especially when you share the business and the great products!

= 5,000 + (5,000 + 5,000 + 10,000 + 20,000) = PhP 45,000 > SSB is 5% of your TPPS 2. Determine your TPPS

The Royalty Earning Potential for different Franchisee positions is illustrated below using the 5x5x5 model in which a member recruits 5 Franchisees then further encourages each of them to duplicate themselves by developing another 5 Franchisees as well. Each Franchisee maintains a Personal/Partners Group Sales (PPGS) of Php 5,000 for a more realistic result.
No. of Franchisee per Level
*with PhP 5,000 PPGS each

FGS per Level


EARNINGS per Level

TPS: PhP 5,000

Partner 2 TPS: PhP 5,000

PhP 8,500

= TPS + all direct partners TPS = 5,000 + 5,000 + 5,000 + 10,000 TPPS = PhP 25,000


5 25 125 625 3,125

PhP 25,000 PhP 125,000 PhP 625,000 PhP 3,125,000 PhP 15,625,000

5% 4% 3% 2% 1%

PhP 1,250


200 0

Partner 2

TPS: PhP 2,500

DIAMOND Franchisee SILVER Franchisee

Direct Franchisees

Direct Franchisees

25 +

YOU TPS: PhP 2,000

Partner 3 TPS: PhP 1,000

GOLD Franchisee
Direct Franchisees


JUNIOR Franchisee

6 to 11

Direct ranchisees

12 to 24

All Active Members(1) will earn PhP 200 Honeymoon Bonus per new direct recruit who will purchase at least PhP 1,050 net worth of products within his joining month(2)!

PhP 5,000

Partner 3 TPS: PhP 10,000

3. Find out your Super Sophie Bonus:

PhP 3,500 All Partners Sales total PhP 20,000


PhP 18,750 + PhP 62,500


= TTPS x Super Sophie Bonus Percentage = 25,000 x 5% = PhP 1,250 > SUPER SOPHIE BONUS!


TPPS: PhP 25,000 Total Personal & Partners Sales

PPGS: PhP 45,000 Personal & Partners Group Sales


PhP 156,250

3 to 5

(1) To be an Active Member, you must have at least PhP 560 net TPS. (2) Joining month is the calendar month during which the New Member signs up.

* You must be an Active Member to enjoy this bonus.

* You must be an Active Member to enjoy this bonus.

Total Income: PhP 243,750