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execution: Alignment Mindset capabilities

The ArchiTecTure of excellence in STrATegy execuTion

Can each member of your organization summarize your strategy, and what makes it distinctive, in 30 words or less? If not, there is a missed opportunity to generate better results.
Translating strategy in to action is a critical issue for every leader today. In extreme cases, alignment stops with top management while the rest of the organization continues as is until or is left to interpret the change to the best of their ability. The main reason for this dysfunctional behaviour is the gap that emerges when one or more of the core elements to successful execution are missing. Through experience in working with world-class companies over the last 25 years, BTS has identified and successfully addressed the three core elements to enable successful execution. execution: Alignment Mindset capabilities

Companies that excel at execution skilfully practice rigour and discipline in the art of focus. The result of this is a translation of what makes the strategy distinctive into a limited number of mission critical behaviours that deliver results. Focusing on these high-leverage behaviours means separating the nice to have from the cant live without. Mobilising the organisation to develop role and level-specific capabilities fosters the clarity and excellence required for success.

BTS as a Partner in Execution

Consider again the core elements of execution; alignment, mindset and capability. Where is your organization strong? Where do you see gaps? Where do we go from here? Over time, simulations and discovery-based learning have emerged as the most consistently successful method of driving better results, faster in strategy execution. For over 25 years, BTS has engaged with organizations to systematically build alignment, mindset and capability. Each one of these engagements has been based on three core beliefs. Adults learn best by doing - Simulations and experiential solutions are the most effective way to help organizations understand, align and execute on strategies and business initiatives. Customization is critical - In-depth customization means that all information presented is relevant and actionable on the job. Continuously revalidate the line of sight to business results A results-focused approach is necessary to comprehensively and efficiently secure and measure business impact.

Within aligned firms you find a clear line of sight from the decisions and behaviours required to execute the strategy at an individual level, to the companys overall goals. Ultimately a firm alignment is the sum of each individuals alignment and achieved through two parts. Clear communication of the strategy framework; what is it and what makes it distinctive.

Immersion in the practice of turning strategy into action through role play or simulation. Missing either of these elements means leaving clarity of individual action to chance.

The relentless push for productivity and operational efficiency has in many cases frayed the intra-company and inter-personal connections vital for successful execution. Excellence in execution requires that those connections be restored to promote a spirit of collaboration and commitment. Creating the right mindset requires that individuals: Connect the strategy to their personal success. Feel engaged and passionate about why the strategy is necessary and critical. Believe that they have the capabilities necessary to be successful.

The outcome of this work is a work force equipped with a line-ofsight and a visceral understanding of the strategy, a positive and passionate mindset driving urgency and mastery of mission critical capabilities that underpin the strategy. Learn more and hear real business cases of successful execution at