The National Academies Newsletter Oct-Nov.

Message from the president
Fall is in the air! As the color of the leaves on the trees will start to change, Toastmasters is already ahead with it's new bolder look as part of it's rebranding efforts to convey it's aesthetic vibrancy and the Toastmaster experience. I believe this effort will allow us to unite and grow in exciting ways. As your president, my top priorities for the year are to • Align the club strategy and activities with your goals and cater to your needs
o Our Fall "Lunch n Learn" session is a great way to help us understand you better I was recently invited to give a talk about our club to IOM staff as part of their "Perks beyond PPL" session and we had an incredible turn out We had a speaker from the US Senate Toastmaster's club at our last meeting.

• •

Improve our membership base by increasing our visibility and promoting more diversity

Invite speakers from neighboring clubs to improve cross pollination

Our outreach activities form the very fabric of these objectives. Let's work together and be proactive to leverage this wonderful platform and spread the word. Also, join me in congratulating Hilary Freer, AC-B, CL for sharing her success story with her colleague at work and inviting them as a guest to our last meeting. You could be next…I look forward to hearing your success stories and congratulating you at our next meeting. Don't forget our Membership Drive where you can win a 5$ Starbucks gift card for bringing in a new member and having them do an Icebreaker. Perfect way to begin Fall! Go team!!!
Sincerely, Priyanka Priyanka Komala, AC-B


• Hilary Freer, AC-B, CL received the Toastmaster of the Year award, thanks to her tireless effort of overseeing the Competent Leader program. Area 13 Governor Alyssa Smith-Keady was also present to thank Hilary. • • Susan Roberts completed her ice breaker speech. Dan Pasquini, ATM-B spearheaded a farewell to our remaining founding member Jewelene Richardson during our September meeting. Rosa Allen, CTM did an excellent job leading a special toast/roast table topics for Jewelene. Priyanka Komala obtained AC-B status. Deborah Young, CC created a Toastmaster welcome packet for

• • Left to right: Priyanka Komala, Hilary Freer, Alyssa Smith-Keady •

guests. Priyanka started a new listserv for guests. Priyanka Komala, AC-B was a contestant in the Table Topics and Humorous Speech in the Area 13 contests at AARP on September 27. She won third place in the Table Topics. Jessica Fomalont, AC-B, CL served as a judge.

New members
Thomas Jeffrey is originally from Missoula, Montana where he spent his youth exploring the beautiful outdoors of the Northwest. His greatest passion in life is traveling and experiencing other cultures first hand and has been fortunate to have traveled to 25 countries which has opened his eyes in terms of a worldview. He graduated from University of Wisconsin- Madison with dual degrees in International Global Economics and Political Science. After college, he taught English in Dongducheon, South Korea through a program sponsored by University of Wisconsin. Upon completion he moved to D.C. for a position at an international education association and came to the National Academies from the Canadian Tourism Commission in which he had the opportunity to work on projects related to the 2010 Winter Olympics in stunning Vancouver, B.C. Welcome Thomas!


Current initiatives:
• • Hilary Freer, AC-B, CL is currently working on a checklist for meeting roles: Jessica Fomalont, AC-B, CL posted the digitized Competent Leader forms at

Next meetings:
Meetings are noon to 1 PM unless otherwise specified. Oct. 20, Keck 205, Al Mattei, AC-B Nov. 17, Keck 205, Rink Van Der Have, CTM Dec. 1, Keck 201, Hilary Freer, AC-B, CL

Useful resources:
Club website: Toastmaster Agenda Template: (third item down) Communication Track Grid: Competent Leader Track Grid: Want to contribute to the next newsletter? Contact, Jessica Fomalont, AC-B, CL, VP-Public Relations at


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