October 14, 2011 To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing to tell you about my friend and co-worker, Liz Deal. Liz is an accomplished musician and not only can she perform and understand all types of music, but she is a gifted teacher as well. She has taught piano lessons from her home for many years and continues to keep a steady schedule full of students - usually with a Waiting List. My own son, Mark Coughlin was a former student of hers. She taught him the basics of reading and playing music and instilled a love of music in his heart. This love of music has evolved into a current appreciation of the saxophone and playing in his school's marching and concert bands. Liz is also involved with a small women's trio called "Eternal". Eternal provides music for Women's Retreats, Bible Studies, The Great Banquet, and any type of gathering where music is needed. Her role in Eternal is to find music, arrange it, and then enhance it with guitar, drums, and strings via her keyboard. In addition, she adds her voice to make 3-part harmony. Sometimes her role in Eternal focuses on speaking - and she does so with passion and heartfelt words that inspire all who are in her presence. She has a _______ degree from Gordon Comwell Theological Seminary and as part of her requirements, I have witnessed her conduct an entire day-long Women's Retreat - where she was responsible for all of the planning, speaking, and music! She did a fabulous job and she is as comfortable in a speaking/teaching capacity as she is in a musical capacity. Last, she is a part-time professional accompanist for Fruit Cove Baptist Church and Mandarin Presbyterian Church. Because she is punctilious, affable, and easy to work with, she is always sought after - whether it be for speaking, teaching, providing one-on-one prayer, or music. She has strong organizational skills and manages a busy schedule, but has her priorities in line. I am honored to recommend Liz Deal with my highest approval. She would be an asset to any company or organization. If you are lucky enough to hire her, you will not be sorry. Sincerely, Karen B. Coughlin

3669 Reedpond Drive N. Jacksonville, FL 32223

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