I felt worthless before I decided to take a walk.

I was in a self destruct mode; had let seven days worth of study time go down the drain. So I concluded that I need a brownie or a pastry to cheer me up. But that would add extra calories and sugar into my already fragile system. I had to make room for these fancies; I had to walk a lot. I left my house and headed for a nearby park. My sudden dash out my house surprised a small family making their way towards their destination on foot. I felt sorry for a moment and kept walking towards the park. I entered the park and from the corner of my eye noticed someone sitting on the grass. But I did not dare to investigate any further. I knew from my experience that couples usually chose that spot for their romantic chit chat. The lights installed inside the park failed to illuminate that space thanks to a building. So fixating my eye on the ground I kept walking. I heard someone’s voice saying hello. A very few people know me in this neighbored; surely the speaker is addressing someone else. Than I heard a whistle directed towards me. Maybe someone is trying to mess with me. I could feel the adrenaline flooding my veins and my fists clenched involuntarily. I looked up and saw an innocent face of a police officer. He asked whether there was a gate on the other side of the park. I replied in affirmative and continued my journey. I turned a corner on the track that circumnavigates the park, and saw a dark figure approaching. I couldn’t make out the man’s face since it was relatively a dark corner of the park. When I neared towards him he changed his path, and went off the track. I kept walking. I was now on the portion of the track that runs parallel with the boundary of a textile industry. That portion of the track was wet. “I hope it isn’t wet with a carcinogenic chemical, I hope its just water”. I was still confused over the question “What the heck I am doing here?” I turned a corner and there right above me I saw an unusually large full moon decorating the sky. My heart missed a beat and the next moment my purpose in the park became crystal clear. I kept walking. I was passing my school and started thinking of all the missed opportunities, all the girls I didn’t date. “I don’t have any more good things to say in the MP class. I am not good with jokes either. Maybe next time I may do something different when called to the front of the class. I may do a trick of memorizing 50 random numbers in front of the class”. When I looked up again I was out of the park. Now I was making my way towards the bakery where my brownies and pastries were waiting. I stopped looking downwards and fixed my eyes skywards towards that full moon.” I envy the people of previous centuries. Unlike contemporary homosapien who allow fake plastic stuff to absorb their attentions and senses, men of bygone days looked skywards at night and felt gratitude for the presence moon. For the chill wind flowing after an absence of 9 months, they thanked their creator. I am alone and friendless in this fake plastic world. I am surrounded by paranoid androids with no ambitions what so ever”. I kept walking and reached an area crowded by people. “What stops me from slitting their throats? “Tick tock tick tock, that sound of ticking clock answers my question. I have got a faulty time bomb strapped to my chest. It’s faulty because it may jump to zero at any moment. 10 9 8 7 0! Bang! And the next person you see is that angel of death. I entered the bakery, selected brownies and pastries to buy, payed for my food, and felt gratitude for a moment after hearing the cashier say thank you. I made my way back towards my house. White powdery material illuminated the street in the dark. It hid the red blood of sacrificed animals. The air is filled with a scent of B.B.Q. I enter my house and realized that the scent was coming from my own house. I didn’t knew that, was presently surprised…..

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