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Competency 1: I used the competency of planning and delivery of work during the replacement phase of Performance Evaluation System

being used in the Eden Housing Limited. The Performance Appraisal System used in the company was ineffective and it only focusing on annual increments and could not support the objective method for evaluation of employee performance. It was at the sole discretion of departmental heads to distribute the budgets to its employees without considering the performances. Keeping this in view HR team devised new performance based system and make sure a system should be in place for recognizing and rewarding good performance and address poor performance. I along with my Head HR planned a new Performance Evaluation System by ensuring the relevant corporate risk management actions. Initially we have to face a lot of resistance from the other departments. But as a result of continuous counseling and in house training session the new system implemented successfully for the year 2009-2010. In the new system employees has to provide their agreed objectives / target for the next quarter, based on which the departmental heads can evaluate and take measures to improve the performance of an employee on continues basis. I actualized the vision of Head HR pertaining to Performance Appraisal System and independently devised effective Performance Appraisal Policy, procedures and forms and successfully implemented it in the company for the year 2009-10. Competency 2: I used this competency during my stay at Service Industries Limited, Muridkey Factory. The Factory Manager is of the view of personnel management and he does not support employee trainings and capacity building. He only recognize the need of training for technical persons working in the designing section or production section. He actually resists the training of other professional working in the departments like costing, planning, purchase account & finance and administration. He is of the view that they all have master degree in their relevant disciplines so there is no need to further educate them. In this scenario, I was the first HR professional hired at the factory level. I discussed the situation with my HR Head based at Head Office. As a result of continues efforts and use of my influential competency, I convinced the Factory Manager regarding the employee development programs and trainings. For this I keep him providing constructive feedback regarding training outcomes directly and through employees immediate Incharge which proved him that trainings had helped individuals in working effectively and meeting/cooping business and individual needs. During the resistance period I remain constructive and ensure alternative approaches to meet the challenge. Competency 3: I used this competency when I joined HR team in Eden Housing Limited in year 2009. We as HR team noticed that the company had very ineffective workforce planning & policies and wasting a lot of valuable resources by having appointed too many staff in different departments. To make workforce planning and organizational policies more

effective and to increase the acceptability of HR team and their initiatives, we revised the existing policies, developed and implemented new polices like LFA Policy, Grading Policy, Overstay Policy & Group Life Insurance Policy. Along with this I also took imitative to introduce Quarterly HR Newsletter. The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is enriched to extract the updated employee information. HR Web Portal was introduced to provide the information at employees desk i.e. (memos/ notices, attendance & leave record, salary slips, etc.) Orientation plans for new employee were introduced. We have to take the bold step of downsizing and introduced the concept of forecasting the future needs of manpower as per the activity volume at project sites. For all these major changes we first prepared the ground and convinced them for the upcoming changes. We did all this through listening and responding to constructive feedback, we initiates new ways of doing things, support individuals in their team during this period of change. We deal carefully with obstacles during this phase of strategic change and were able to manage it successfully. Competency 4: I used the competency of working with others during the up-gradation of existing HRIS (Human Resource Information System). For the modification / up-gradation of system I work closely with other members of my team and with colleagues of other departments, I seek MIS department support in managing and running the existing system and I through continuously working with others was able to present a acceptable system. This system now provide information on employee attendance & leave records, generates salary slips, provide complete employee record and history, etc. Important memos and notices can be placed in the new HR Webportal. During this modification phase of this new system I remain proactive in seeking support from other colleagues and departments and remain engaged effectively with MIS team to better understand their requirements in developing appropriate solutions and remain proactive in building a rapport with a diverse range of problems and staff. Competency 5: During the development and implementation phase of Performance Evaluation System in Eden Housing Limited I consistently work in close collaboration with others. We hold meeting with other departments and conduct briefings and in house training sessions and presentation to engage them to understand the concept of new Performance Management System. We highlight the key areas of the new system and deficiencies of the existing system. We develop guidelines and build a rapport with the department. I remain engage effectively with all departments to better understand their requirements and develop appropriate solutions / improvements in the new system. For this we make presentations which influence and have a positive impact in modifying this system. I also demonstrate the competency of communicating with others during the introduction phase of quarterly HR newsletter that caters information on quarterly HR activities, introduction of new joiners, employee training related activities and their feedback, important messages from chairman/directors, etc. To make this newsletter success I remain engaged effectively with others.