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QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE A senior supply chain executive with full P&L responsibilities along with a proven track record of success in driving efficiency and profitability through visible leadership, Lean Six Sigma, and metrics initiatives. Experienced in transportation networking as well as managing a start-up operations. Widely recognized for strong communications and driving measurable improvements in supply chain operations in diverse organizations.

Six Sigma Greenbelt - Kaizen - 5S Multisite Management 3PL Management Budget Development & Management Regulatory Compliance & Auditing Quality & Process Improvement Staff Development , Training & Leadership Information Technologies Applications Supply Chain Optimization Cost Control & Productivity Improvement Tactical & Strategic Planning & Implementation Materials Management & Product Deployment
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE COCA-COLA REFRESHMENTS, Houston, TX. Distribution Manager Led logistics, transportationt and material management organizations comprised of 250 employees. Total spend of $129M. Aligned and interconnected these departments to maximize corporate capital efficiency. Developed world class processes for product launch, demand planning, logistics and fulfillment resulting in 25% efficiency improvement and 33% reductions in costs. Minimized inventory by setting controls based on forecast vs. actual sales. Exceeded annual cost savings targets by 15% over a 9-month period by working closely with senior management team and targeted supply chain partners to optimize manufacturing model, including effective supply chain liability control mechanisms. Reduced inventory levels by 25%, and excess and obsolete materials by 30% through partnering and negotiating with suppliers and optimizing manufacturing facilities. WATTS WATER TECHNOLOGIES INC., North Andover, MA. (Designs & manufatures metals and plastics water control valves & products) 2007 - 2010

2010 2011

Director of North America Distribution Oversaw all Supply Chain Management for 8 operating distribution facilities with annual spend of $500M. Directed materials and distribution planning, inventory management and transportation management. Completed 9 major business improvement projects, including deployment of Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR), Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP), material replenishment, and factory scheduling solutions; and design of a global supply and demand planning process. Designed a PEX Facility which allowed domestic warehousing of temperature sensitive European product line. This storage solution increased sales by reducing lead-time to market and increased bottom line profits by reducing transportation costs by 25%.



Reduced International Container Freight Cost by over $600,000 over a year period by contracting two major service providers to handle all container shipments. Reduced inventory levels 15% by negotiating with suppliers to store and maintain higher levels of raw materials necessary during peak business demand.

HOME DEPOT, Baytown, TX.

2003 - 2007

General Manager Developed, implemented and monitored fulfillment activities required for the timely and efficient distribution and transportation of products. Responsibilities included two facilities Developed quality program for bulk carrier qualification, which was later incorporated into Home Depots Bulk Carrier protocol under "Responsible Care. Developed innovative supplier strategies that reduce total cost of ownership of products purchased by 25%. Negotiated contracts to outsource productions operations, saving $150M in expenses. Mentored departmental employees and advised Business Partners senior management and executive staff members on execution of highly complex procurement negotiations and contracts Received Cost Reduction Recognition for providing exceptional logistics support in developing Standardized SKU Dimension that improved transportation spend by $4.2M over a 2-year period.

HAYS IMS - Houston, TX (Data records management) 2001-2002 General Manager of US Operations Planned and directed the activities of products and materials distribution centers. Established strategic direction for distribution activities for US network. Reduced on-hand inventory by 22% in the first year, adopting Toyotas unique approach to lean management. Increased data entry incentive pay system that increased throughput and decreased costs by 17% by developing and implementing system modifications. Directed task force that improved inventory accountability by initiating use of bar code identification for facility tracking. TNT NORTH AMERICA - Houston, TX (3 Party Logistics, Warehousing, Trucking) 1997-2001 Operations Manager Directed the operations of the Compaq Computer facility by maintaining maximum efficiencies and controlling costs. Ensured excellent customer satisfaction through constant communication and responsiveness to their needs. Supervised top level inventory accuracy, on-time receiving and shipping. Managed the operations of multiple vendors. Improved product delivery time by 25% through implementation of a strategic distribution business plan. Led project team recommending the Warehouse Management System, which seamlessly integrated vendor owned products into the Compaq Company network. Developed quantitative and qualitative distribution practices that produced operational efficiencies. Planned and monitored daily labor needs based on immediate and forecasted sales revenue Directed the operation in an efficient/cost conscious to achieve our budgeted objectives EDUCATION PGD (Post Graduate Diploma), Transportation, University of London, London, U.K. BS, Business Administration, University of London, London, U.K. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTS/AFFILIATES/MEMBERSHIPS Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Warehouse Education Research council (WERC)